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Robert Prince (also known as Bobby Prince), the sound designer and composer for both Doom I and II has used a recording of a young girl saying "why" for the Arch-Vile's death sound effect. He then pitch shifted the recording down and mixed it with other sounds.

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The final boss of the game, from Map 30: Icon of Sin, utters a garbled message as you teleport into the room. If you play said message backwards it says, "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero". Indeed, if a player activates the 'no clip' cheat and walks behind the wall on which the boss is held they'd find an object that looks like the head of John Romero, co-founder of ID Software and one of the main designers of Doom.

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Doom II was released in 1994, the same year in which Kurt Cobain (singer of the band Nirvana) committed suicide via a shotgun. It is unknown if the "Nirvana" map, which contains a shotgun in the starting area, is an intentional connection to Cobain.

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Connection to Other Media

Numerous musical tracks of the game contain samples of real-life classic rock and heavy metal tracks. The following tracks of the game are (possibly) inspired by these songs:

Running From Evil (Maps 1 & 15) - "Hangar 18" by Megadeth
Shawn's Got the Shotgun (Maps 7, 19 & 29) - "South of Heaven" by Slayer
Into Sandy's City (Map 9) - "Sex Type Thing" by Stone Temple Pilots
The Demon's Dead (Maps 10 & 16) - "After All the Dead" by Black Sabbath
Waiting for Romero to Play (Maps 18 & 27) - "This Love" by Pantera
Message for the Archvile (Maps 20 & 26) - "Skeletons of Society" by Slayer
Bye Bye American Pie (Map 23) - "Them Bones" by Alice in Chains
Adrian's Asleep (Map 25) - "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains
The Ultimate Challenge/The Ultimate Conquest (Map 32) - "YYZ" by Rush & "Mars, the Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst
Intermission Music - "Thela Hun Ginjeet" by King Crimson
Endgame Music - "The Spectral Sorrows" by Edge of Sanity

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