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According to experts, extreme trauma often results in multi-character development.
The stone belly of Undermountain below Waterdeep, plays home to horrific monsters, dark magics and unspeakable evils in the first AD&D action RPG game to offer multi-character development--Descent to Undermountain.
Coincidence? Decide for yourself. In this spell-ridden maze of dungeons and rips in the very fabric of reality lies the ultimate prize. The Flame Sword of the Spider Queen, the goddess Lloth. Stolen from her long ago, in a time when gods wrestled with the primal energies of creation, she would destroy all who would dare keep her from it. Will she now destroy you?
Based on the engine of the immensely successful Descent, all the horrors of the abyss come to life in 3D polygon renderings and superior graphics that pay frightening homage to detail. Advanced multi-player options allow you to risk the lives of up to three companions as you make the ultimate descent. 360 directional movement makes no apologies for shameless attacks from behind. So develop your character wisely. Trust no one. And find a good therapist. - May God be with you.
- Character development in over 20 different magic-ridden dungeon levels
- First AD&D RPG with 4 player modem/network option
- Full 3D, 360 first person action based on the hugely successful Descent engine
- 3D polygon monsters await you in frightening detail

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