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Reviewed: 06/13/03 | Updated: 06/13/03

Another great game, not as good as the first, but hey, I still love it!

Yessire, the second Descent game in the series, made in 1995. How I came across this one was a bit different. It was during a computer show about a year after playing the very fun Descent I. When I saw this game, I was just jumping with joy and I wanted to buy it immediately. Do you just see the series fan developing in me?

So, you wonder if I thought this game was just as good, if not better than the first one?

Well, it was a mixed bag. On the one hand, I thought that the series could have been a bit more diverse than what this game proposed, but on the other hand...

- More Weapons
- More Enemies to Destroy
- More Ways to say ''Sayonara!'' to your foes
- More Challenging
- A fun Guidebot for whenever you are in a jam

Sold (for me anyway...)!

After installing it and trying to make it work for a few minutes, I started to play it.

The weapons... are more varied. With the old weapons from Descent I, there were new ones for Descent II. For instance, a new Super Laser (instead of the standard 4 levels, now there is 6!). Along with the Vulcan cannon is the new, very deadly Gauss cannon (be careful or you could hurt yourself). Along with the Spreadfire cannon was the super shotgun-esque Helix Cannon. Along with the Plasma cannon is a new, slightly advanced Phoenix cannon (wall-reflecting fun... until you accidentally ripped your hull apart from the shots, though great when used correctly). Along with the Fusion cannon, there is the all mighty Omega Cannon. This is the energy version of a Vulcan cannon. Be careful, or you will drain your energy and you would lack any kind of quick movement.

And the missiles? Well, beside the Concussive missiles, you have the Flash missiles (which, may I add, found to be very useless against the robots). Beside the Homing missiles is the Guided missiles, which I found to be one of the greatest ones. Why? Great for being a scout, great for being one of those ''close and personal'' (so to speak) weapons... maybe I'm just sick in taking personal pleasure of seeing the last moments in the robot before blowing them away. Beside the Proxy bombs is the Smart bombs. They seem to have copied the concept of the Smart missile and placed them inside these little packets of fun. After connection... globes of homing goodness go at the enemy! Hey, it blows them away, baby! Beside the Smart missile is the Mercury missile. At first they seemed to be just normal missiles. But, they hide a terrible little secret (at least, to the enemies, that is...) - they are fast. And powerful. This combination creates the best Concussive missiles. Too bad they didn't replace the concussive missiles... but I just can't bear losing those missiles... oh, well. Finally, beside the devastating Mega missile is... the Earthshaker missile. Not impressed? One shot of this will cause damage from one... no multiple Mega missiles! Guess what? That enemy is not going to be around much longer with this shot up their... uh... exhaust pipes!


Category Summary

The Scoring categories are...

Story - The mission or reason the game exists. Does the story give me the feel for the game? Or does it just seem to be ''there'' for no reason? If there is no story, the review will ignore this category.

Graphics - The presentation of the game. Does it work for the style of the game? Or does it seem ''out of place''?

Music - The songs of the game. Does it warrant a listen to? Or would I rather listen to something else?

Sounds - The sounds of the game. Does it bring out the game? Or does it just annoy me?

Gameplay - The handle of the game. Does it feel that you are in control? Or does it feel that ''leaps of faith'' would define the controls?

Fun Factor - The game's enjoyment. Would you enjoy the game? Or would it just bore you quickly?

Replayability - The possibility of bringing you back to the game. Are you going to play a game a month later to remember how good it was? Or just to see why you hated it so much?



''You are the Material Defender. You must stop the robots revolt across the galaxy.''

Yep. Standard sequel material. At least they gave you a cool warp-drive... at least it was cool until the end...

Score: 5/10


Well... besides being a bit enhanced from the first Descent game, I would say that there is little to write about. The new weapons are definitely worth the trouble, though.

Score 9/10


I know that CD music in games was new back then, but the music in this game via CD was... interesting. It kept switching between three or four tracks. Not too much variation. Interesting to listen to... I guess.

Still, you may want to get your own music for this game.

Score - 8/10


More great sounds! More of this! More of that! It's a good way of making sequels!

Score - 10/10


Well, if you expect simpler controls... look the other way, because the controls are practically the same. Yep. Listen, junior, it will take time, but the control will come through... eventually.

Score - 7/10

Fun Factor

- More ways to blow away a robot. Check!
- Easier time getting to the exit? Check!
- More robots? Check!
- More weapons? Check!
- More fun? Hmm... Check!

Score - 10/10


Though I am not jumping up and down like I was for the first Descent game, I still love the game. I would play it again... if I am not currently caught up playing the third game. I know what you all must be thinking... why play such an old game? Because I love the series. And besides, I need to complete a game to write a review about it.

Score - 10/10


Score Summary

Story - 5
Graphics - 9
Music - 8
Sounds - 10
Gameplay - 7
Fun Factor - 10
Replayability - 10

Total - 59/70

Overall Score - 8/10 (Okay, a bit more of a round-down, but...)

Recommendation - If you love the first game, buy it. If you are new to the series... buy it. Oh, yes, and make sure that when you do buy it, you keep the discs somewhere safe.

* Remember this review is my opinion only. You should make the final call on the game. *

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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