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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Sequel to Descent.. inherited some virtues, made some all new mistakes

First, I am a Descent fanatic, so I am biased towards the series as a whole. Perhaps relatively rating the three, I would say the first was my favorite...

Many people bring issue to the Descent series with vertigo... well, if you randomly press keys, yes, you will get vertigo. If you hit them in a coordinated manner like anyone not suffering from an epileptic fit, you should be able to control just fine, thence no vertigo. That said, lets get on to the game!

... I will presume a familiarity with the mechanics of Descent or Descent 3 and compare...

Descent two offers far more obfuscated and elaborate maps than Descent 1 did, which I'm sure a number of people were asking for. I, however, was not one of them. Fortunately, with the sequel, Parallax implimented many brilliant enhancements to help you get around in the sprawling labrynths... the guidebot, the markers, and levels with a coherent design philosophy. Again, I must announce another bias... I have done a good amount of tinkering in the AI field... and found that Descent's artifical opponents weren't all that tactically brilliant, even on the hardest difficulty settings.Do not confuse my words, though, you will have a challenge surviving them.. just because you know what's coming doesn't mean you'll know when, or which. The weapondry changes in 2 didn't sit too well with me, but since they kept the main set, I was happy. In some ways this doesn't even begin to compare to D3, with the capabilities, the graphics, and so forth.

Then again, you may be curious how your friend who played D2 "back in the day" is able to shred you in D3. Definately a hoot, and considering last I saw you could pick up a package deal of D1, D2, maps, and the map editor for $10... it was a steal. If you have time and want to get better at D3... I recommend this game heavily. I also would recommend this to anyone who wants familiarity with how to play the underground areas well in D3. On its own... its merits are that it has some fairly impressive complexes, and its always good for a pick up game of Everyone gang up and try and frag Tal. Emphasis on the try. Good hunting.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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