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Reviewed: 02/20/02 | Updated: 02/20/02

Who says old games aren't good?

Though the game may be old, that doesn't mean it's not good. The sequel to the award winning Descent is great. The storyline is continued in this thrilling saga ...

Plot: 9

Being continued from the previous game, Descent II is more than a sequel. This time you're thrown into strange, Alien worlds. The objective of the game is still the same: Destroy as many robots as possible, and then destroy the main reactor of the mine. The opening cinema of the game, really gets you into it, and the ending leaves you in suspense. I won't ruin the surprise.

Graphics: 10

For a game this old, the movies, ships, robots, and powerups couldn't look better. In Descent I, the movies were, in short: terrible. This time, when you escape via the main reactor, you're treated to a very well detailed cinema showing your ship bursting out of the mine shaft seconds before the mine atomizes itself. Everytime you complete a world, you're treated to a small, but sweet cutscene. Like above, the opening cinema is awesome, and the ending cutscene is well worth the challenge.

Music/SFX: 10

Heck, I loved the Descent I soundtrack. It was original MIDIs, and they had one for every level. You get less music in this game, but it's still suspenseful, and adds realism to the game.

Challenge: 9

Parallax and Interplay made this a great game, indeed. The levels start off small, simple, and with few, weak robots. After you complete the world, however, there are more puzzles to be solved, and more, smarter robots to face off against. The reactor becomes more secluded, and heavier guarded, and you'll find out that the Exit shaft is harder to get to than before. Luckily, a new addition to the Descent Series is, The GuideBot. Tell him what to find, and he's gone. He can find the keys, the reactor, the exit, powerups, robots, where your powerups are (if you died), and more. Want _THE_ challenge, tell him to leave you alone.

Another new style robot is the ThiefBot. You guessed it. I have never seen greater A.I. in a robot than this guy. Found in all the normal levels except the last, he will sneak up on you, take your favorite weapon, and run like the wind. His speed is awesome, as is his shielding. He provides a great and interesting challenge.

Replay Factor: 6

Sorry. The only replay value this game has is the multi-player, which is quite good. Up to eight can go at it in a deathmatch, or team up with a few friends and beat the mines together. You could also try to master the ''Insane'' difficulty level, if you think you're really good.

The Final Word

I am a Descent Freak. I have Descent I, Descent I Levels of the World, Descent Expansion, Descent II, Descent II: Vertigo, Descent Level Creator, and the D3 Demo. All great games, and you should buy them. Well worth the money. Buy it ... NOW!!

Overall Score: 9.0
(Not an Average)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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