• Cheat Codes

    To use the Daikatana cheat codes, start the game with the command line parameter as +set console 1

    When in the game, press ~ to bring up the console and type in your desired code.

    Add Weapon 1weapon_give_1
    Add Weapon 10weapon_give_10
    Add Weapon 2weapon_give_2
    Add Weapon 3weapon_give_3
    Add Weapon 4weapon_give_4
    Add Weapon 5weapon_give_5
    Add Weapon 6weapon_give_6
    Add Weapon 7weapon_give_7
    Add Weapon 8weapon_give_8
    Add Weapon 9weapon_give_9
    Adjusts mouse sensitivity, where X is the value preferred (menu only allows upto 20).sensitivity X
    Binds command to keybind [key and command]
    Boost Attributesboost all
    Camera focuses on next sidekickcam_nextsidekick
    Change game speed, 1.0 is defaulttimescale [#]
    Disable All Cheatscheats 0
    Enables cheats (requires a map reload or game start).cheats 1
    Enables more advanced AI (i.e. Enemies will swarm, open doors, etc.)sv_aiwander 1
    Enables seeing through walls.gl_ztrick 1
    Focus Camera on Next Enemycam_nextmon
    Gives the player "The Ultimate Gashands" weapon (only works on Episode 1).weapon_give_gashands
    God Modegod
    Increase acroboost acro
    Increase attackboost attack
    Increase Health by 1,000health 1000
    Increase Health by 1,000,000health 1000000
    Increase Health by 10health 10
    Increase Health by 10,000health 10000
    Increase Health by 100health 100
    Increase Health by 100,000health 100000
    Increase powerboost power
    Increase speedboost speed
    Increase vitalityboost vita
    Infinite Ammog_unlimited_ammo 1
    Kill All Enemiesmassacre
    Level selectmap [level name]
    No Clippingnoclip
    Select game serverconnect [server]
    Take a Screenshotscreenshot
    Toggle Cameracam_toggle
    Toggle clean map loadflushmap [0 or 1]
    Toggle flat-shaded polygonsr_drawflat [0 or 1]
    Toggle game engine messagesdeveloper [0 or 1]
    Toggle line drawinggl_polylines [0 or 1]
    Toggle rendering speed displayr_speeds [0 or 1]
    Toggle surface lightmapsr_fullbright [0 or 1]

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt, PiIsARational, and Starky27.

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  • Level Codes

    Use one of the following entries with the "changelevel" or "map" codes.

    Acropolis 1E2M4A
    Acropolis 2E2M4B
    Acropolis 3E2M4C
    Acropolis 4E2M4D
    Acropolis 5E2M4E
    Alcatraz 1E4M1A
    Alcatraz 2E4M1B
    Alcatraz 3E4M1C
    Athens 1E2M3A
    Athens 2E2M3B
    Athens 3E2M3C
    Beneath the Rock 1E4M2A
    Beneath the Rock 2E4M2B
    Catacomb 1E2M2A
    Catacomb 2E2M2B
    Catacomb 3E2M2C
    Crematorium 1E1M4A
    Crematorium 2E1M4B
    Crematorium 3E1M4C
    Crypt of Nharre 1E3M5A
    Dungeon 1E3M3A
    Dungeon 2E3M3B
    Dungeon 3E3M3C
    Gharroth's Throne 1E3M6A
    Icelab 1E1M6A
    Icelab 2E1M6B
    Icelab 3E1M6C
    Lair of Medusa 1E2M5A
    Lair of Medusa 2E2M5B
    Lair of Medusa 3E2M5C
    Lair of Medusa 4E2M5D
    Lair of Medusa 5E2M5E
    Lemnos Isle 1E2M1A
    Lemnos Isle 2E2M1B
    Lemnos Isle 3E2M1C
    Marsch 1E1M1A
    Marsch 2E1M1B
    Marsch 3E1M1C
    Mishima Labs 1E4M4A
    Mishima Labs 2E4M4B
    Mishima Labs 3E4M4C
    Mishima's Hideout 1E4M5A
    Passage 1E3M2A
    Plague Village 1E3M1A
    Plague Village 2E3M1B
    Plague Village 3E3M1C
    Processing 1E1M5A
    Processing 2E1M5B
    S.E.A.L. Training Center 1E4M6A
    S.E.A.L. Training Center 2E4M6B
    Sewer System 1E1M2A
    Sewer System 2E1M2B
    Solitary 1E1M3A
    Solitary 2E1M3B
    Tower of Crime 1E4M3A
    Tower of Crime 2E4M3B
    Tower of Crime 3E4M3C
    Vault 1E1M7A
    Vault 2E1M7B
    Wyndrax Tower 1E3M4A
    Wyndrax Tower 2E3M4B

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

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