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Guide and Walkthrough by Lord Haart

Version: 0.64 | Updated: 01/25/2000

Crusaders of Might and Magic
Walkthrough and FAQ v0.64
by Lord Haart (LordHaart@yahoo.com)

This is a little thing I put together mainly for criticism at this point. It 
includes a small walkthrough for the first few levels of the game, as well as 
monster bios for the first monsters you will encounter. Both will be completed, 
as well as the addition of a weapon and armor chart, and a list of magical 
items. The locations of all the spells will be disclosed. This guide will only 
appear on www.gamefaqs.com, and will only appear in it's finished form on 
									Lord Haart

Walkthrough (Squire)

Western Stronghold

	You start here as a captive of the legion, and the two skeleton warriors 
who are in charge of you fall quickly to your quick wits. After you have the 
sword and shield head left and follow the passage till the end where you will 
fight spiritual warrior and find a healing potion. Retrace your steps and head 
down the other path. take the corner and before you know it, you'll find 
yourself releasing the captain of the guard, a crusader that bids your journey 
to the Citadel to talk to the leader of the Crusaders, Celestia. So that is 
where you will have to go. But first and foremost you have to make good your 
escape. Search his cell to find a potion of healing. Then continue down the 
passage and climb the stairs to find yourself face to face with a skeleton 
warrior. Slay him and all others that follow and take the right passage to come 
out into daylight. Look around and you will see a large, but closed gate. Now, 
you just have to open it. Look right and you should see another skeleton 
warrior. Kill him and operate the switch to get the gate to open. Run and pass 
through the gate. You may be attacked while doing this. If you are, face your 
opponent, then open the gate again. Run outside to freedom.

The Trip To The Citadel

Right after you exit from the Stronghold, head right and pick up the gold and 
the speed potion. Then head back and go the other way. Beat up the skeleton 
warriors and take their longswords. You can sell them for 120 gold pieces each 
at the armoury in town. You can't get lost here. Just continue going straight 
and you'll hit a cabin. There are three skeleton warriors to slay (one is 
inside) and head into town. Talk to everyone you meet and continue going 
straight. Sooner or later you'll hit the last two buildings in town (they are 
the ones after the sunflower garden). The one on the left is the armoury. Sell 
your extra weapons and buy a suit of scale armour. Then continue until you hit 
another cabin. A skeleton ghost hides behind it, so you should kill it. There 
are also some other skeleton warriors to the right of the cabin (as seen from 
the way you get there), as well as the entrance to the Catacombs. You can't go 
in yet, so go back to the cabin and head out the third way. Just follow that 
path until yo get to another junction at which pnt you should go right first to 
take out a skeleton warrior camp. Then take the left way and continue going 
straight until you hit a bridge. Walk over the bridge and you will see a boat. 
Talk to the lady there to get a lift to the citadel.

The Citadel

Get off the boat and head into the large room. Walk directly across the room and 
enter the middle room. Go down the stairs and exit the room. You'll be in a 
large circular chamber, head right until you see a door on the left wall that is 
flanked by tow guards. They'll tell you that Lady Celestia is expecting you and 
you can open the door. Go in and up the stairs to find yourself in her throne 
room. She'll tell you that she wants you to get the Horn of Shattering from the 
dwarves of Corantha so you can blast the Stronghold's walls down. Visit the 
armoury (up to you to find) and return to the ship. Talk to its captain again to 
get a lift back to the mainland.
	Quickly head back to the third cabin (the first one before you hit the 
section with the armour shop) and go to the Catacomb's entrance. Enter it now

The Catacombs

	The Catacombs are littered with treasure for the eager Crusader to find. 
They are dark and guarded by many skeleton warriors and skeleton ghost.
	Here is a quick way to get through, while getting all the treasure at the 
same time. At the start there is a sort of "bridge" in the centre. Follow it 
till it starts going down and into another hall. Before entering the hall go 
either to the left or right and go all the way to the end, directly under where 
you started to get some gold and a healing potion. Then by heading back to the 
unentered hall, but by going under the bridge, you will find another dark 
passage, under the bridge of course. Follow that passage, down the stairs and 
into a larger room. There is a healing potion in one of the room's corners. Then 
pull the switch to cause the floor to cave in. Go down to the sunken floor and 
head into the new passage under the switch. Meet the lightning blast of a 
skeleton ghost and introduce him to the second death. Grab the Thunderous 
Hammer, which is simply the most powerful weapon you have found to date. Head 
back up to the bridge and into the previously unentered hall. Head right and 
into the little passageway in the right wall. Follow the passage to the end and 
open the chest to get a Shield of Swiftness in Action. Head out of the 
passageway and continue down the hall. Go up the stairs and dispatch the 
skeleton warriors. 
	Take the nearby stairs to the catacombs themselves. Dispatch all the 
skeleton warriors, then head towards the far wall. Take a right, then two lefts. 
Continue down the hall until you find a break in the wall on your right. Use the 
wooden planks to go down. Pick up the potions and head to the small passage 
under the planks to get a heavy mace. Return to the room where you got the 
potions and go under the other arch. Go straight and take a left when the hall 
runs out. Continue until the corridor opens up into a natural cavern. Continue 
going forward and mow down all the skeletons in your way. It's pretty straight 
forward. It all changes when you hit the overturned wagon.; At that point, equip 
your biggest, baddest bashing weapon, preferably the Thunderous Hammer and 
proceed forward cautiously. This is the first encounter you will have with the 
earth elemental. They are immune to slashing weapons and can rip you to shreds 
in seconds. There is a second in the mushroom patch farther on. They take about 
two to four hits to slay. After you kill the two, continue on your way until you 
see a bridge. Jump onto it and walk carefully. If you need to, hold shift to 
walk. When at the end jump down and kill the skeleton warriors. Then go right 
and open the chest to get the Amber Ring of Quickness. Equip it and then take 
the left path. Jump onto the second bridge, continue on until you get to the 
third bridge at which point you will undoubtedly see a swinging bridge. Continue 
past it and you will soon see a second such bridge. Make a timely jump to get 
onto the bridge and then jump onto the other side. On the right there is a chest 
with a Stone Skin Spell Book within it. Get it and hurry back to the other side 
of the swinging bridge. Continue the way you were leading until the natural 
caverns end and halls can once again be seen. 
	There is a skeleton warrior right on the inside to the left, so remember 
to take him out. Continue and you'll find yourself walking on a "spiral bridge" 
over nothing. Skeleton Warriors guard it, so you'll have to knock them all down. 
At the end, turn left and slowly climb down the side. Watch out for the two 
earth elementals. Kill them before they have the chance to return the favour. 
Continue down and get the Fire Ball Spell Book. It's floating in midair for some 
reason or another. After having grabbed it, head back up to the foot of the 
bridge, where you descend into the darkness. Enter the beginning of the hall 
	Go straight down the hall, but stay wary of the skeleton ghost. Continue 
until the path splits to the left and right. At this point, return to the top of 
the stairs where you can jump onto the ledges on either the left or right sides. 
Looking down the stairs, jump onto the ledge on your left. Follow the narrow 
ledge to the end of the hall where, there on your left, is a niche. Enter it and 
open the treasure chest. Return to the top of the stairs and take the opposite 
ledge. The third niche has some floating gold and a metal Shield of the 
Crusader, which greatly enhances your defences. Head back to the ledge and 
continue on your way. The second last niche has a skeleton ghost inhabitant who 
is wearing banded armour, an improvement over the scale armour you should be 
wearing. Go back to the stairs, then back to the diverging path. Take the left 
fork. Go into the smaller door. Continue down the stairs and clear the larger 
room from it's inhabitants. In one of the two sets of shelves lies Mica's Key. 
Pick it up and go down the other passage. Ignore the alcoves and destroy the 
skeleton ghost. Take both the left and fright branches and kill the earth 
elemental at either end. Go back to the last door you opened and open the door 
on the right - you have to equip Mica's Key to unlock the door.
	Follow the new passage and kill all skeletons that you find. You'll hit 
the gate. Open it to enter the Duskwood.

The Duskwood

	Heal yourself and be prepared for some rough housing with the locals - the 
dashers. They attack you in groups of twos and threes and can kill you quite 
easily if you don't defend yourself. Use your fire ball spell to damage groups 
of charging dashers.
	When you begin here, simply head straight - there is no where else to go 
but back. Continue until you see a sign post. This ,means that there are ogres 
ahead. So be careful! Run into the glade and slay as many ogres as you want then 
go to any of the two signless paths and work your way to the next sign post. The 
ogre there has a shield of Quality. Continue along the path until it loads up 
the next area.
	Keep following the path until the area widens. A dasher here is carrying a 
Heroism Spell Book. You are now in the Dasher Village. Kill the remaining 
dashers in the area and head to the area directly opposite from the way you 
entered the village. Follow the path until it splits into two. Since you want to 
go to Corantha head right. Straight leads you to the Eastern Stronghold.


	Go straight and talk to the dwarven guards to learn that they are 
suffering from civil war. Continue and cross the bridge. Enter the fort and 
check the shops. Continue by going straight across from the hall you just 
entered the square by and follow the road until you see an opening in the right 
hand wall. Go through it and into the circular room. Pick up the three potions 
and the Stone Skin Spell Book from the bench then go into the other room to talk 
to the counsellors. They "ask" you to retrieve their prince who is being held 
captive in the mines. Go back to the road and continue on your way to get to the 

Corantha Mines

	Go straight and jump down. On the bridge over the lava there is a Torch 
Light Spell Book. Go straight and you'll meet a pair of hostile dwarves. Kill 
them and you'll meet a pair of hostile dwarves. Kill them and you'll see that 
you are at a junction. Either path takes you to the right place. The only 
difference is the resistance down both corridors. Down the right path you'll 
fight earth elementals and down the left path you'll only fight dwarves. Take 
whichever you want! The left way is easier, so when you go down it, you will 
quickly come to an intersection where there is a ramp on the left. The ramp 
leads back to the last junction, so go straight ahead until it loads a new area.
	Go straight until you hit a larger room. From here go straight across into 
the corridor (the other is blocked) and continue until you hit a room with 
bubbling lava at the bottom. Jump to the lower ledge to get another Fire Ball 
Spell Book. Then proceed to the next ledge. Go straight and battle the sextet of 
dwarves that converge on you. Then take a left, then another left at the next 
intersection. Then continue on until you come across a room with a floor of 
lava. There you'll battle your first fire elemental. Attack it with a blunt 
weapon. After you've killed it, jump across the little platforms to get to the 
other side. Continue until you get to a large room with a fire elemental in it. 
Kill it and head to the cut stone wall near the lava. Jump up and catch hold of 
it and continue going until you hit a large room with both a fire and earth 
elemental in it. Kill them and head to the cell to rescue the prince.
	With the prince in tow you quickly make it back to the council hall to 
discover that you need to return the Scepter of Regency before you can get the 
Horn of Shattering. The Scepter of Regency was stolen by the Ogres of Duskwood.

Duskwood Revisited

	Leave Coantha and head left at the first intersection. Continue heading 
straight, past the town until a new area is loaded dup. At the first 
intersection you come to head right and kill the first ogre you see. He drops a 
Soul Drink Spell Book. On the left you'll soon see a little opening. Head in 
there to battle the ogre leader and to get the King's Scepter and the Dasher 
Necklace. Hurry back to Corantha. When you get back to the Dasher Village look 
on the left side and you'll see a wagon. Pick up the Mace of the Righteous.

Back to the Citadel
	After you've given Dain the Septer of Regency and gotten the Horn of 
Shattering, head back to the citadel.
	The Duskwood is full of enemies again, so kill them all. When you exit the 
Dasher Village (on your way to the first part of the wood) there is a dasher 
carrying a Heroism Spell Book. Pick it up after you kill him. Right before the 
entrance to the Catacombs there is a giant ogre. Kill him for lots of 
experience. Enter the Catacombs.
	On your way stop off where you got the Fire Ball Spell Book to get the 
Mace of Unbridled Faith. After the spiral bridge there is a dark mage that is 
carrying the Fist of Necros and the Boomer Axe. After you exit the natural 
tunnels and get up to the main floor you'll be swarmed by skeleton spirits and 
skeleton ghosts. There is also a spirt warrior here. Kill him to get the 
powerful Shadow Blade. You can get a Vampiric Shield and a Blade of Hunger from 
where you got the Shield of Swiftness in Action. Finally, on the bridge near the 
exit there is a Lightning Spell Book. Quickly runout and head to the ship. 
You'll get transported to the Citadel.
	Go talk to Celestia and she'll tell you that several of her Crusaders have 
gone missing in the Glaciers. Ursan was their leader. Well back you go to the 

Compendium of Monsters

Skeleton Warrior

	The skeleton warrior will from the brunt of the forces arrayed against 
you, at least at the beginning of the game. They are the least powerful soldiers 
in Necros' Legion of the Fallen, yet they can still TKO you in seconds, if they 
are in large groups or you simply leave your guard down!
	They are usually armed with a common weapon, such as a longsword or mace 
and a shield. They take a single hit to kill, at least on squire difficulty, and 
usually offer up no defence. They do become harder when confronted in groups, so 
being defensive and timing your strikes carefully is the key to victory. Single 
skeleton warriors may dodge your blows and counterattack, if you assail them 
from too far.
	Dead skeleton warriors are worth practically nothing in experience and 
they may drop Potions of Healing or gold when they die. Both are valuable 
commodities that you shouldn't pass up.

Skeleton Ghost

	Skeleton ghosts look like skeleton warriors, except that they are 
partially translucent, ie. you can see through them. They are armed slightly 
better than their weaker cousins and often hold Potions of Greater Healing and 
other rare equipment.
	In combat you have to bring the battle to them, because they'll wait for 
you to engage them. Instead they'll sit there, letting their guards hack you to 
pieces, while they themselves sit tight and hurl spells at you at will. In melee 
they are a bit more defensive than the regular skeleton warriors. They time 
their attacks to get through your defences, so you are better off killing them 
right after they cast a spell since they are defenceless.


	The dashers live in the Duskwood. They are extremely agile and quick and 
usually attack in groups of two or four. They make fierce opponents and they 
tend to swarm you from three directions. It's a good thing that they have no 
qualms about slaying their own comrades to get a strike at you, so try to keep 
them all in front of you!
	Dashers carry Healing Potions for you to pick up after their deaths, but 
not always. They are usually armed with rocks tied to sticks, or as they un-
imaginarily call it, the Dasher Weapon.


	Big ugly brutes. They stand taller than you and simply say "Bye bye!" when 
they die and after such things. They arm themselves with axes and clubs. They 
pack a wallop when they hit and they take multiple hits to lay flat. Plus they 
ambush you in groups, bing the thieves they are. You are much better off aiming 
a fire ball at an ogre group then charging in recklessly.

Earth Elemental
	Earth elementals are dumb old rocky beasts. They charge in and try to 
smash you to pulp. And they tend to do just that. They smash you, they mash you, 
then they smash you some more.
	Furthermore, slashing weapons bounce off their rocky armour, as well as 
partially slashing weapons. Use a warhammer or mace to mush them first. Use air 
spells on them to smash them more easily.

Fire Elemental

	Fire Elementals look like earth elements, except they are bigger, meaner, 
and evese. They can kill you in seconds with their large fists, so don't get too 
close to them. They are immune to fire of all kinds and they are weak to water 
attacks. Otherwise a couple strikes from the head of a warhammer to their head 
is a sure way to kill them.

Dark Mage

	Dark mages look like really buff skeletons from far, but they look more 
frightening from close up. They cast spells at you, like Soul Drinker and Fire 
Ball and usually carry cool items. They are hard to kill and I have as of yet 
fought only three of them so I can't tell you more.


	Short stocky creatures that live in Corantha. Most are good, but you'll 
soon meet up with the Ironpick Clan, the group that kidnapped Prince Dain of 
	There are two types of dwarves. The shorter ones are armed with Warhammers 
and better amour. The taller ones have leather armour and wield pick axes. The 
shorter ones are harder to kill as you have to remember that you have to aim 
down or your weapon will pass over their heads. Neither are particular hard to 
kill they are like short skeleton warriors with skin, muscles and beards.	


	Also referred to as spirit warriors, these are translucent warriors that 
are almost invisible to the eye, except for their weapons. This changes later 
when they use Shadow Blades at which point they are almost completely invisible!
	Killing them is no problem when you have seen them, so beat them into the 
ground when you see them! No mercy!

Weapon Description

	Longsword: +10 Slash damage. Just a plain old sword found almost 
everywhere dropped mostly by skeleton warriors. They are worth 120 gold pieces. 
	Longsword of Quality: +14 Slash damage. Harder to find they can be bought 
from the weapon shop either at the Citadel, or at Corantha, but only the first 
time you visit them. These weapons are valued at 300 gold pieces.
	Lonsword of the Crusader: +20 Slash damage. You can buy this sword at the 
weapon shop in the Citadel for 700 gold pieces.
	Broad Sword: +10 Slash, +5 Bash damage. This sword can sometimes be stolen 
from skeleton warriors. They sell for 150 gold pieces.
Blade of the Morning Prayer: +12 Slash, +3 Bash, +10 Light damage. This sword 
can be bought in the Corantha shop after the return of the Scepter of Regency.
Shadow Blade: +10 Slash, +5 Bash, +15 Dark Damage. These blades are semi-
translucent and are sometimes dropped by spirit warriors. They are only worth 10 
gold pieces.
	Blade of the Burning Heart: +10 Slash, +3 Bash, +10 Fire damage. This 
blade can be found on a daemon's body somewhere between the Citadel and the 
Western Stronghold after you bring back the Horn Of Shattering. It is worth 750 
gold pieces.
	Blade of Hunger: +10 Slash damage. They seem to be the standard weapon of 
some demons and lizardmen. You find one in the Catacombs when you have the Horn, 
and there is also one in the back of the first town's weapon shop when you have 
the Horn. They sell for 1000 gold pieces each.


	Axe: +5 Slash, +5 Bash damage. These axes are carried by some skeleton 
warriors and the better part of ogres. They are worth 100 gold pieces.
	Battle Axe: +8 Slash, +5 Bash damage. These axes are carried by many 
different enemies. They are worth 150 gold pieces.
	Axe of the Western Storms: +8 Slash, +8 Bash, +8 Air damage. You can buy 
this axe in Corantha for 450 gold pieces, but only when you first enter.
	Winter's Axe: +8 Slash, +6 Bash, +6 Water. This weapon can be bought in 
Corantha after the return of the Scepter of Regency. The price? 350 gold pieces.
	Boomer Axe: +20 Bash damage. This axe is the first ranged weapon that I 
found. You get it from the first demon you kill in the Catacombs when you return 
with the Horn. It's worth 1600 gold pieces. Even though it's a cool weapon, I 
recommend selling it, because in melee it's an awkward weapon. After you've 
thrown it, and try to attack again, you'll draw another weapon. And the axe will 
strike you, most likely in the head and rebound off you - possibly off a ledge 
or into water, or anywhere else that it is inaccessible.


Mace: +10 Bash damage. This weapon is carried by some skeleton warriors. You can 
also buy it in the first town for 100 gold pieces.
	Heavy Mace: +8 Slash, +14 Bash damage. Some enemies towards the middle of 
the game use this weapon. It sells for 150 gold pieces.
	Mace of the Righteous: + 10 Bash, +10 Light damage. Found in the Duskwood 
when you are looking for the Scepter of Regency. It is lying by a wagon in the 
Dasher Village. It is worth 900 gold pieces.
	Mace of Unbridled Faith: +10 Bash, +14 Light damage. An awesome weapon to 
disarm and slay skeletons and spirits. You find it in the Catacombs, where you 
once found a Fire Ball Spell Book. It's worth 1200 gold pieces.


	Warhammer: +16 Bash damage. A weapon used by dwarves and sometimes, but 
not often by skeleton warriors. They are worth 200 gold pieces.
	Obsidian Hammer: +15 Bash, +10 Earth damage. You can buy this hammer in 
the Corantha shops for 100 gold pieces. This bargain is only available when you 
first enter the city of the dwarves.
	Drujer's Wrathful Hammer: +30 Bash, +6 Earth damage. This warhammer costs 
1100 gold pieces in Corantha's Weapon shop after you've returned the Scepter of 
	Fist of Necros: +10 Bash, +15 Dark damage. Found after you kill your first 
demon, this hammer is worth 10 gold pieces.
Thunderous Hammer: +15 Bash, +10 Air damage. This weapon is found in the 
Catacombs and is rather important at the start of your quest. It's worth 800 
gold pieces.

Other Weapons

Halberd: +20 Slash damage. Rare weapon. Worth a measly 50 gold pieces.
Morning Star: +5 Slash, + 10 Bash damage. A rare weapon that sells for 200 gold 
Pick Axe: +9 Slash damage. A weapon used by dwarves. Sells for 50 gold pieces.
	Calder's Pick: +16 Slash, +4 Bash damage. Costs 600 gold pieces in 
Corantha's shop after the return of the Scepter.
	Hellstar: +5 Slash, +10 Bash, +1 Fire damage. Costs 500 gold pieces in 
Corantha after the return of the Scepter.


	A hero can equip one suit of armour, one shield and two rings at a time. 
It is recommended that you wear your armour in a way that maximizes your 
protection from weapons, as well as from the elements. Some pieces of armour 
enhance your skills and are prized for this attribute.

Armour or Mail

Scale Armour: +10% vs Slash, +10% vs Bash. The first suit of armour you get in 
the game. It costs 150 gold pieces, or one and a quarter longswords in the first 
Banded Armour: +19% vs Slash, +19% vs Bash. You get your first suit of banded 
armour in the Catacombs. It sells for 250 gold pieces.
	Light Plate Mail: +30% vs Slash, +30% vs Bash. Available in the Citadel's 
shop for 400 gold pieces, but only after Drake has the Horn of Shattering.
	Banded Mail of Reason: +19% vs Slash, +19% vs Bash. You can buy this suit 
of mail for 1100 gold pieces after yo have returned with the Scepter in 
Corantha. It adds a bonus of +5 points to your Intelligence, which also ads to 
the potency of your spells and your mana total.
	Dragon Scale Armour: +50% vs Slash, +50% vs Bash, -20% vs Light, -20% vs 
Dark. This suit of armour is for sale in the Citadel for 1600 gold pieces. It is 
powerful against physical attacks, but weak against some magic spells and 
weapons like Shadow Blades.
	Plate of Elemental Protection: +30% vs Slash/Bash/Air/Earth/Fire/Water. An 
awesome suit of armour than can be bought in Corantha after the Scepter has been 
attained. The price is 1600 gold pieces.


Wooden Shield: Found everywhere. Blocks only weak blows. Cost 30 gold pieces.
Metal Shield: Found everywhere. Blocks all but the strongest blows. Costs 50 
gold pieces.
	Metal Shield of Quality: Up to a +9% bonus against Slash and Bash attacks. 
Valued at 500 gold pieces.
	Shield of Enviable Health: Available in Corantha's shop for 650 gold 
pieces as soon as you find the place. A bonus of +5 is applied to Drake's 
	Shield of Sanctuary (Metal): Up to a +19% bonus to your defences against 
Slash and bash attacks. Costs 1400 gold pieces in Corantha's shops after the 
Scepter has been procured.
	Shield of the Crusader (Metal): Up to a +18% bonus to your defences 
against Slash and Bash damage. Found in the Catacombs. Worth 900 gold pieces.
	Shield of Swiftness in Action (Wooden): This shield grants Drake a +5 
bonus to his speed ability. Found in the Catacombs - worth 650 gold pieces.
	Reflective Shield (Metal): Worth 800 gold pieces. I believe that it 
reflects spells when yo block against them, but I'm not sure. Found in the first 
town after you return with the Horn.
	Vampiric Shield (Metal): Found in the Catacombs when you have the Horn. 
Worth 2000 gold pieces. Probably protects the holder from Soul Drink spells and 
their equivalent.


Amber Ring of Quickness (600): +5 bonus to speed. Found in the Catacombs.
	Dragontamer's Ring (400): Up to a +25% bonus to Fire defence. Bought when 
you first get to Corantha.
	Jade Ring of Thought (200): +5 bonus to Intelligence. Found on your second 
trop through the Catacombs.

Tips and Tricks

1. Need cash? Take all the weapons and armour your opponents drop and sell them. 
At the beginning of the game this a very useful practice. It allows you to 
gather thousands of gold pieces that you can use to buy magical items later on. 
This is your major source of cash.
2. Search all the corpses you find (or help create) for special items and 
potions. All potions will be invaluable later on.
3. Save often. The game has a quicksave and quickload feature (F5 and F7 
respectively.) Save regularly to save time and your nerves!
4. Learn which weapons work best on each foe. Some enemies are immune to certain 
types of weapons (Slash, Bash) or against certain elements. Always carry at 
least two weapons, one that is totally of the slash type and one that is totally 
of the bash type. Also carry weapons of various element persuasions. Don't rely 
too much on a single element - you might encounter an enemy that is resistant or 
immune to it!
5. Never leave an enemy standing - a living enemy is a dangerous enemy! They 
might attack you the next time you pass or they might simply attack your back. 
This also allows you to gain more expensive and raise your levels quicker.
6. Explore every area thoroughly. Exploring helps you find more stuff and more 
creatures to kill. Even though I detail a specific path through the game, feel 
free to explore off the detailed path. I recommend you try to find your own way 
7. Learn how the spells work and how they can be used to your benefit. For 
example, throwing a fireball at an enemy from a distance is fine, but is it as 
effective when they are close? Not really. Most enemies can survive a single 
fireball and it leaves you defenceless. It's even more dangerous to use one 
against a group of creatures! But, on the other hand, a fireball aimed at your 
feet will likely damage the area around you and would likely blow them all back, 
allowing you to strike quickly or escape. A lot of spells have multiple uses.
	8. Stay on the defensive when attacking a group of enemies. Let them 
create 	their own openings in their defences. It is simply easier to wait 
and let them 	make their own mistakes.


	You get spells finding spell books hidden throughout the realm of Ardon. 
These are three spell books for each spell (except for Torch Light) and each 
subsequent use of a spell book increases the level of the spell, either making 
it more versatile or more powerful.
	For further description on spell book location refer to the walkthrough.

Torch Light
	Level 1: Phantom Glow
You start the game with this spell. It simply makes light in a scroll radius 
around you.
	Level 2: Torch Light
The level 2 version has double the light radius of Phantom Glow. The book can be 
found at the beginning of the Corantha Mines on a bridge over some lava.

Fire Ball
	Level 1: Flame Strike
		Throw a small ball of fire at an enemy. Found in the Catacombs.
	Level 2: Fire Ball
		The fire balls seek targets. Found on a ledge in the Coranthan 

Stone Skin
	Level 1: Stone Skin
Found in the Catacombs in the swinging bridge area. Temporarily raises your 
armour class versus bashing and slashing weapons.
	Level 2: Granite Armour
The book is sitting on a bench in the City Council Hall in Corantha. Raises your 
armour class more than the level 1 version.

	Level 1: Heroism
Increases Drake's Might. Found on a dasher's body when you first enter the 
Dasher Village.
	Level 2: Champion's Breath
Increases both his Might and Speed scores. Found on another Dasher's body after 
you have the Horn of Shattering. This dasher guards the path beyond the Dasher 
Village (on your way to the Catacombs).
Soul Drinker
	Level 1: Life Leech
Found on an ogre's corpse when going for the Scepter of Regency. Damages the 
enemy and heals you a bit. May reverse if the target has no life force!

Lightning Bolt
	Level 1: Sparks
Hits a single target. Found on your way out of the Catacombs when you have the 
Horn. It's right near the exit (the one where you leave to get to the Citadel.)

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