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Reviewed: 03/14/00 | Updated: 03/14/00

A fire is burning through the strategy world

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Firestorm

In a time of Real Time Strategy game war, not just within the games, but with other games as well, there come along a few great games. Tiberian Sun has to be one of them. Most people played the game and said to themselves ''How could C&C get any better?'' Well it just got better! Firestorm continues the raging war between GDI and NOD. By now if you're considering buying Firestorm you know that in the end of Tiberian Sun Kane is killed, Cabal is dismantled, and the Temple of NOD is left in ruin. That is right where Firestorm picks up. As GDI you try to decode the infamous Tacitus left behind in Kane's temple. As NOD Cabal takes over the Brotherhood of NOD strived for world domination.

Gameplay: 9
The interface of the game remains the same with the addition of the ''select all units of same type'' hot key. Sever new units have been added to increase both sides' power. GDI gains Drop-Pod units, The Juggernaut (a cross between a Titan and an Artillery), a mobile EMP, and a few enhanced units. Nod gains the mobile Stealth Generator, Cyborg Reaper, and both sides gain Mobile War Factories along with other units.

Story: 10
Picks right up at the end of Tiberian Sun.

Graphics and Sound: 7
Nothing really new in the graphics department, but a few new songs have been added along with a set of Desktop Themes (about time).

Replayibility: 10
Logging onto Westwood Online makes the game never ending. A new feature had been added, World Domination Tour, with divides North America into territories with set game settings. During the day GDI battles NOD in 1vs1 or 2vs2 games on 4 disputed territories. At the end of the day whichever side wins the most battles in a disputed territory wins that territory and the battle lines shift.

Buy it?
If you love the C&C series this game is a must. It's added units make it a great addition. It's worth the $25.

Overall: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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