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Giant Ant Mission Guide by ShadowWangTang

Version: Final | Updated: 07/09/2001

                       *~Red Alert Counterstrike Giant Ant Missions~*
                                 Developer: Westwood
                              Platform: PC, DOS/WINDOWS                         
                         Author: Joshua "ShadowWangTang" Kim

                                Date: 7 / 9 / 01

                                 Version: Final
                       E-Mail: ryudohazuki85@hotmail.com







6. FAQ



This FAQ is copyright to Joshua Kim It may NOT be used in
any magazine or any type of publication without my permission. 
It may NOT be used for profit. This FAQ will only 
allowed to appear at the following sites:





If you feel that there is an error, please e-mail me at 



This is the second FAQ I ever wrote. This FAQ is for the 
Red Alert expansion, Counter Strike. There is a little 
secret in this game that unlocks a whole new different
campaign. It is a very cool campaign and I think the 
developers threw it in just for fun. This FAQ contains 
Spoilers so read at your own risk!


Unit Name: Scout Ant
Color: Brown
Attack: PincerGrab
Description: A big giant brown ant.

Unit Name: Fire Ant
Color: Red
Attack: Fireball
Description: A big giant red ant.

Unit Name: Warrior Ant
Color: Red
Attack: PowerPincerGrab
Description: A big red giant ant.

Unit Name: Pupae
Color: White
Attack: Hatches into ants.
Description: A white egg.

Unit Name: Queen Ant
Color: Red
Attack: Lays Eggs.
Description: A enormous, ugly ant with an
oversized butt.


One of the allied bases suddenly 
lost contact. Right before it did 
they sent a message about giant ants.
They told you to investigate and to 
find out what happened at report 
what had happened. Something was there...
It came from Red Alert.


(Note: To access the ANT missions, hold SHIFT and click
the top right speaker on the Red Alert title screen.)

Stage 1

You start out with 5 soldiers and a Ranger. If you wish, 
you can explore the area with your units. When you find your
base (which is Northeast of where you are), a time limit of
30 min will begin. Immediately fix your base up and produce 
some Rangers to defend your base. When the swarms of ants 
come, they will attack your Ore Truck and your base. Use your
trusty Rangers and get rid of them. Keep some Rangers at the
ore fields and put the on guard mode, just in case some 
ants come. After 30 minutes, some tanks and a MCV will arrive.
Just wait a little and mission will be accomplished.

Stage 2

Guide your MCV to your base and escort it with the tanks for defense.
Set up your Construction Yard and quickly build some more Camo Pill
Boxes for protection. Build all the usual. Then build many Tanks and
Rangers. Build some APC's now you are ready. Since you have to evacuate
two villages with civilians to the far northwestern island, you just
need to send your little army to the far northeastern part of the map.
See that village? As soon as you cross the bridge with your little army,
blow it up with force fire from the tanks. Quickly load the civilians
into the APC's and send them back to base for now. Take your tanks back
to the base and build more APC's if needed. Locate the village that is 
at the east and do the same to what you did to the other village. Then 
build some more tanks and you'll find many ants moving out of the two 
bridge island. Eliminate the bridges with your tanks and destroy any 
remaining wandering ants. Move your transport and drive the APC's to
the Transport and load them. Move the Transport to the other island.  
Unload the APC's. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 3

You will start out with an MCV and some units. Deploy your MCV and build
the usual. In a little while some civilian/scientists will come to help 
you. Kill all the ants near your base and quickly send a civilian to gas
the nest. Then put the civilian back where it was. Now, across the two
bridges, lies another nest! Get an APC and some tanks and put a civilian
into the APC. Do a mini tank rush and deploy the civilian and gas up the
nest. Return the civilian to the APC and rush back. Then, blow the bridges
to kingdom come. Now, send your tanks and APC up where you'll encounter some
more killer ants. Kill all that you can see until you find another nest in the
north. Gas it up. Return the civilian to its cozy room. When you venture to the
left a little, you will find a practically wrecked soviet base and Fire/Warrior
Ants swarming around it. Kill them and deploy the civilian and take him to the 
top left of the base to gas it up. Since the Soviet base is so wrecked, it would
be a shame not to capture it. Send 2 Engineers (in an APC preferably) and capture
the Soviet Barracks and completely fix it with the other engineer. Produce more 
Engineers with these Barracks and conquer all the buildings you want, like the 
Power Plants and such. Up there, refill your arsenal of tanks with the War Factory
(if captured) and send them south (along with the Civilian APC). You will find a LOT
of ants and blow them away and deploy the Civilian and gas up the nest. Mission

Final Stage   

You start out with many soldiers, Rifle Infantry, Rocket Soldiers, Medics, Flame
Throwers and Stravros. Two soldiers that you have no control of will bravely fight
off two ants and destroy themselves and the ants. Take a few reinforcements of
Stravos and some other soldiers to the left. Kill all ants and head down in to a
little chamber with a control panel. Use Stravos to activate the generator so you 
could turn on the lights. As you proceed, go north. Kill all ants (pretty hard).
Go west a while defending yourself and head down. Go though some more corridors 
until you see tons of ants and the fat queen pumping there herself. Use raid (j/k)
and kill all the ants. After that, concentrate on the queen then the eggs. By then,
a Mammoth Tank reinforcement will arrive. Get rid of any other ants of eggs you
might have missed. Mission Accomplished.


Q: I can't find the Giant Ant Mission campaign! How do I access it?

A: Hold Shift on the title screen and click the top right speaker.

Q: Can these missions be accessed by the Aftermath?

A: No, It is a Counter Strike exclusive.

Q: How many ant types are there? 

A: There are 4 types.

More Questions? Then e-mail me at  ryudohazuki85@hotmail.com .

7. Updates

3 / 23 / 01 - Added about everything.

7 / 9 / 01 - Final Version

Copyright (c) Joshua "ShadowWangTang" Kim

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