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FAQ by Westwood

Version: 2.8 | Updated: 09/23/1996

                           Westwood Studios Official
                  Command & Conquer Frequently Asked Questions
                        Last Update: September 23th, 1996

                                  Version 2.8


All information contained herein is copyright 1995,1996 by Westwood
Studios.  You are allowed to distribute it freely, but not to make changes.    


--- PART 1 : GENERAL INFORMATION -------------------------------------------

1.1    What is Command & Conquer?
1.15   What is Command & Conquer Windows 95?
1.2    What is Command & Conquer: Covert Operations?
1.3    System Requirements.
1.4    Is this Dune III?
1.5    When is the game going to be released in North America?  Elsewhere? 
1.6    Are there screenshots or maybe a Demo available to download?    
1.7    Can I play Command & Conquer against a friend? 
1.8    Will Command & Conquer support MY sound card?

--- PART 2 : GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT GAME PLAY -----------------------------

2.1   How many units are in the game?
2.2   Are the air units similar to the ones in DUNE II?  Can I control them? 
2.3   How many missions are there in Command & Conquer?
2.4   Am I limited in how many units I can create? 
2.5   Can I create teams of units?   Is it easy to do? 
2.6   Do I need to buy two copies for multiplayer games?
2.7   How is the computer A.I. in comparison to other real-time games? 
2.8   Is it possible to team up with or against friends on a network?

--- PART 3 : PLAYING THE GAME ----------------------------------------------

3.1   Special keyboard shortcuts - not in the manual. 
3.2   Miscellaneous Hints/Tactics.
3.3   Any cheat codes?
3.4   Charts for obtaining units.
3.5   Charts for obtaining structures.
3.6   Description of Multi-player crates.  

--- PART 4 : PLAYING THE GAME WITH KALI ------------------------------------

4.1   What is KALI?
4.2   How do I get the KALI software?
4.3   How to set up KALI to run COMMAND & CONQUER.  

--- PART 5 : PLAYING ON MPLAYER AND TEN ------------------------------------

5.1   What are MPlayer and TEN?
5.2   How do I connect?

--- PART 6 : MODEM/NETWORK HELP --------------------------------------------

6.1   Sample Modem INIT strings you can use.  
6.2   How to increase modem performance.
6.3   Network notes to remember.
6.4   Networked CD-ROM drives, and Multi-CD changers.

--- PART 7 : TROUBLESHOOTING -----------------------------------------------

7.1   What to do when the game doesn't want to work.
7.21  Notes regarding Windows 3.1 and 3.11 with Command & Conquer.
7.22  How to get Command & Conquer installed under Windows 95.
7.23  How to get Command & Conquer running with Windows 95 and 8 megabytes.
7.24  Improving video playback performance under Windows 95.
7.25  How to fix modem problems under Windows 95.
7.26  Other Windows 95 issues.
7.3   Mouse is not identified, or does not behave correctly.
7.4   Divide Overflow error upon installation.
7.5   Command & Conquer Patch file (1.19p).
7.6   Known sound card issues.
7.7   Running C&C in OS/2 Warp
7.8   C&C in Windows NT

--- PART 8 : GETTING HELP --------------------------------------------------

8.1   How to Order Command & Conquer.
8.2   Contacting Westwood Studios directly. 
8.3   Our Internet WWW and ftp sites.

--- PART 9 : IN THE FUTURE -------------------------------------------------

9.1   When is Command & Conquer: TIBERIAN SUN (part 2) going to be released?
9.2   What is Command & Conquer: RED ALERT?
9.3   Where can I get extra missions for Command & Conquer?

GENERAL INFORMATION ******************************************************** 


   Command & Conquer is a real-time strategy-combat game developed by 
   Westwood Studios, the creators of DUNE II.  

   The Press Release :


       Imagine a brutal, devastating conflict of global proportions. 
       Now imagine it all fitting on two CDs.

       Introducing COMMAND & CONQUER, from the creators of DUNE II.
       A frighteningly realistic glimpse into the near future, when the 
       planet is divided between two forces battling for world domination.

       Players can fight for a peacekeeping alliance called the
       Global Defense Initiative.   Or their mortal enemy, a terrorist 
       organization called the Brotherhood of Nod.   Either way, they'll 
       have their strategies tested in a real-time world, complete with 
       over 60 minutes of intense full-motion video and 3-D rendered 
       graphics that are as visceral as they are visual.   Which of 
       course, is unfortunate for those with weaker stomachs.

       COMMAND & CONQUER's real-time combat system is designed to be 
       deep and meaningful, yet accessible.   Those familiar with 
       Westwood's earlier award winning strategy game DUNE II will 
       remember the ease of use in a fast-paced race of destruction and 
       mayhem.   However, we've made a few modifications you might want 
       to look into...

       Build and better your bases, unite or divide your forces, develop 
       and utilize guerrilla tactics and a wealth of potent electronic 
       hardware, and make sure that "Reduce the Opposition to pulp" is at 
       the top of your list of things to do today.

       As one person put it... 

            "The attention to detail is exemplary - it's like having a 
            fully-functioning miniature world-gone-mad crawling with 
            armies of intelligent beings, all secured in a big glass box, 
            and all at your disposal."


    Command & Conquer for Windows 95 offers the same exciting gameplay
    that can be found in the DOS version, with a few very cool additional

       * SVGA graphics let you see more of the battlefield than before.
         All graphics, menu bars, and units have been redesigned with
         SVGA in mind.  Movies have a Hi-res look and feel too!

       * Built-in Internet Head-to-Head support.   Westwood was the first
         company to support multi-player gaming over the Internet through
         it's game server since October 1995.  Now, you can find your
         friends (and enemies) via our chat system, and start internet C&C
         games with a click of a button.

    We expect C&C Windows95 to be out soon after Command & Conquer:
    Red Alert.


    COVERT OPERATIONS is a mission disk for COMMAND & CONQUER which will
    be released in three different languages.   It includes following

    * 7 new GDI and 8 new NOD missions.
    * 10 new multiplayer maps.
    * 7 new songs in Redbook Audio format - so you can pop it in your CD
    * Automatically patches your copy of Command & Conquer to the newest
      version available.

    You can find out more about COVERT OPERATIONS by visiting the Westwood
    Studios Web site at http://www.westwood.com.


     Command & Conquer (2 CD-ROMs) requires at least the following system 
     configuration :

          CPU:     486/66 or higher.
          RAM:     8MB total, 6MB free XMS or EMS, 560KB conventional RAM.
                   HD space: 30MB.
           CD:     2xCD-ROM drive.
        SOUND:     Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, 
                   Sound Blaster AWE32 and 100% Sound Blaster compatibles, 
                   Gravis UltraSound, Gravis UltraSound MAX, Ensonic 
                   Soundscape, Roland RAP-10, ESS Audiodrive, Microsoft 
                   Sound System, Gold Sound Standard, Pro Audio Spectrum.
      DISPLAY:     MCGA graphics (256 color, 320x200 pixel resolution).
        MOUSE:     Microsoft Mouse or 100% compatible.
          DOS:     5.0 or higher.
      WINDOWS:     3.1 or higher.

      For multi-player:

       SERIAL:      2 players over minimum 9,600 bps modem, 14,400 bps
                    modem or higher recommended.  2 players over null 
                    modem connection.
      NETWORK:      2-4 players over IPX compliant network.

      Command & Conquer will stream and mix all music directly from the CD 
      with sound effects in the game.  Any Soundblaster compatible card 
      capable of playing digital audio will be supported.   Audio quality 
      for both 8 bit and 16 bit cards is nothing less than superb.

1.4 Is this DUNE III?

     Command & Conquer is not DUNE III.   The only item borrowed from our 
     earlier real-time strategy game is the cool interface, and even that 
     has been updated.   The game engine has been totally rewritten to 
     support more units and an enhanced artificial intelligence.

1.5 When will Command & Conquer be released? 

     Command & Conquer is available world wide NOW.    Check with 
     A local software store for a release date if you don't see it, since
     there have been many reports of stores running out of stock.

     We appreciate everyone's patience while we finished work on C&C. 
     Thanks again for your support.   

1.6 Is there a demo or screenshots available? 

     Yes!   A demo of Command & Conquer is available now.   Please visit
     our web site (www.westwood.com) for the game files.

     There are also .AVI movies, screenshots, and music clips from either 
     our ftp site at ftp.westwood.com or our web site at www.westwood.com.

1.7 Can I play Command & Conquer against a friend? 

     Yes.   C&C will support Network, Null Modem and Modem play.   Network 
     mode allows four players to go head-to-head.   A computer opponent can 
     also be added to increase any game by one more player.   

     Each player must have one of the Command & Conquer CD-ROM's in their 
     system before play can begin.

1.8 How about my GUS/ProAudio Spectrum/Whizbang 3000 sound card?  Support? 

     We will not support any card in direct or "native" mode.   Our new 
     sound drivers enable us to play and mix music and voices directly 
     from the CD-ROM.   Instead of hearing a computer generated version 
     of a guitar or drums, you'll be hearing the real thing right off 
     the CD.   Command & Conquer is one of the first Westwood products 
     to support DDA (Direct Digital Audio).     

     If your card is capable of playing digital sounds (and most 
     cards are), you should have no problem with sound support.

GAME PLAY SPECIFIC QUESTIONS *********************************************** 

2.1 How many units are in the game?

     Lots.  There are close to 50 different units and structures in the 
     game.   Each side has different units, different strengths, etc..   
     We have played here at Westwood quite often to ensure that the game 
     is perfectly balanced.   

2.2 Are there air units which I can control? 

     Yes.   As stated before, this is not DUNE II.   A10's, Transport 
     helicopters, planes, and other attack craft will be able take orders 
     to land, take off, pick up troops, bomb,  etc..   In Command & 
     Conquer, you have real-time control of almost all units.

2.3 How many missions are in C&C?

     In total, there are around 50 missions.   However, the missions 
     differ depending on which route you take in the game.   Finishing the
     game playing both GDI and NOD doesn't mean that playing the game again 
     will be the same.

     Roughly, it will take you about 15 successful missions to complete 
     the game using each side.   

     There are also specially designed multiplayer missions which are 
     configurable in a variety of ways.   You can play against any 
     combination of computer/player opponents (up to four players) 
     simultaneously.   One person cannot play by themselves in multiplayer 

2.4 Am I limited in how many units I can create? 

     No.   When programming DUNE II, we had to stick to limited memory 
     requirements.   Now, your only limit is the amount of money you 
     have to buy reinforcements, (and how long you can keep your troops 

2.5 Team Mode (?)

     Yes, teaming units will be enabled in Command & Conquer through a very 
     simple procedure.   Click on a portion of the screen, hold down your 
     mouse button and draw a box around the units you wish to team up, then 
     let the button go.   It's that easy.   And, you can select a whole 
     screen of your units to create a team if you wish.   There really 
     isn't any limit.

2.6 Do I need to buy two copies of the game to play on two computers? 

     We have designed the game so that you won't need to buy two separate 
     copies of the game in order to play with a friend.  You can give away 
     one of your CDs so that you can both play over the modem. In order to 
     play the normal game, you'll need both CDs.

     The reason we're doing it this way is so that you can enjoy the 
     multiplayer aspect of C&C more easily.  Although we could have 
     designed it so that two copies of the game must be purchased in 
     order to use multiplayer, we are hoping that if we treat our fans 
     right, then they will in turn treat us right.

2.7 How is the computer artificial intelligence compared to other games?   

     Since Command & Conquer was written from scratch, we were able to 
     implement a completely new artificial intelligence.  Instead, expect 
     a new adversary which will attack, retreat, regroup, attack again, 
     and probe your base for weaknesses.  Helicopters will invade, and 
     troops will pour through your walls all too often. 

     This game will not be easy.

2.8 Team Mode (Alliance) option.

     Because so many of you asked for it, we decided to make it so that 
     you can team up with (or against) your friends in multiplayer mode. 
     Teams can be of one to three players, and of any type (GDI or NOD).   

     You will not be able to control your team members' units, but you will 
     have access to his refinery, helicopter pads, and other resources. 
     Most importantly, your units will not attack one another when they 
     come into direct contact.

PLAYING THE GAME *********************************************************** 

3.1 Special Keyboard Shortcuts

     C&C has a range of keyboard shortcuts and extra features which are 
     keyboard driven. These are intended for the advanced player and are 
     not essential to normal gameplay. They are, however, very cool:

     Unit Control:

        G        : Guard Area
                   Select a group of units and then hit G to put them into 
                   Guard Area mode. In this mode, units will patrol and 
                   open fire on any enemy units that come within range.

        X        : Scatter Units
                   This causes a selected group of units to scatter 
                   (for example, to make themselves into more difficult 

        S        : Stop Unit
                   Causes a unit to stop in its tracks.

     Keyboard Shortcuts:

        F7-F10   : Map Bookmark System
                   Use CTRL+F7-F10 to place a bookmark, then use 
                   F7-F10 to jump to that spot.

        <CTRL>-# : Team Creation
                   Use CTRL and a number key (0-9) to mark a group 
                   of selected units as a team.

        0-9      : Team Selection
                   Selects a pre-marked team (see Team Creation) as the 
                   current active group.

        TAB      : Open/Close Sidebar

        H        : Automatically selects and centers the view around your
                   construction yard.

        N        : Your next unit on the playing field is selected and the 
                   view is centered about it.

        R        : Allows resigning in single player mode as well as

        <HOME>   : Centers the view around the currently selected object.

        <ALT>-#  : If the <ALT> key is held while pressing a team number,
                   the specified team will be selected and the view 
                   centered over the team members. This is identical to 
                   pressing the team number and then pressing <HOME>.

     Multiplayer Options:

        A        : Alliance
                   Select an enemy unit and hit A. This causes your units 
                   to treat all the units of the allied side as friendly, 
                   as such you will not be able to target them. Note that 
                   this is not a reciprocal arrangement and your new ally 
                   must explicitly do the same thing to your units. This 
                   is a toggle and hitting A for a second time will cause 
                   you to declare war on your old ally.

        R        : Resign from Multiplayer Game
                   If all hope is lost you can resign, or surrender, by 
                   hitting the R key. This causes all your units to explode 
                   in a spectacular manner, thus depriving your enemy of 
                   absolute victory! It should be noted that anyone using 
                   this option in other than hopeless situations will be 
                   considered a wimp by their opponents and will be 
                   endlessly taunted in subsequent games. Probably.

      Cursor Modifiers:

        CTRL     : Force Attack
                   Holding down the CTRL key forces your cursor into
                   the target cursor. This allows you to target your own 
                   units, amongst other things.

        ALT      : Force Move
                   Forces your units to move when they would normally
                   just stand and fight. This is useful with tanks against 
                   enemy infantry, for example. Try it and see.

        CTRL+ALT : Guard Area or Unit
                   Select a group of units and then CTRL+ALT click on a 
                   building, this forces your units to patrol the area 
                   around the building looking for the enemy. They will 
                   engage the enemy if found. If you CTRL+ALT click on 
                   another one of your units (for example, the harvester) 
                   your selected units will guard that unit as it moves 
                   around the map.  This also applies to enemy units, 
                   which is perhaps not so useful.

3.2 Quick Tips/Tactics.

    a) Using Chem Troopers.

          Chem troopers are only available in multi-player mode.  Chem
          troopers do one and a half times the damage of flamethrower
          infantry units, and can walk through tiberium without taking

    b) Building a Nuclear weapon in NOD single player missions.

          To allow your Temple of NOD to launch nuclear missiles in the
          final battle, you will need to retrieve the crates on levels
          6, 8, and 12.   If you do not find the crates before finishing
          the mission, the nuclear missile will not be available.  You
          may have to sell or destroy enemy buildings to get a few of
          the crates.

    c) Selling buildings.

          Selling a building will get you 50% of the purchase price.  Do
          not sell your construction yard!

    d) Capturing enemy buildings.

          By capturing an enemy building, you not only have the option
          of selling it for money, but you can build units and structures
          that you wouldn't normally be able to do with your own

3.3 Cheat codes

    There are absolutely no cheat codes for Command & Conquer.   This 
    means that...

    1)   There are no cheat codes.
    2)   No cheat codes were included.
    3)   We didn't want to include any cheat codes.

    No amount of begging will result in something that doesn't exist.

    Also, a warning to those who would plunder our code in an attempt to 
    cheat in multiplayer mode.   Any attempt to change the software through 
    devious means will result in an out-of-sync error every time you try
    to connect to someone else.   We have conducted several tests to 
    confirm this.

3.4 Chart for creation of units.

    Here's a chart for the creation of units in Command & Conquer.
    The number in parenthesis next to the unit number is the tech level
    required in multiplayer mode.

  | GDI UNIT         | TECH LVL |              PREREQUISITE              |
  | Minigun Infantry |        1 | Barracks                               |
  | Grenade Infantry |        1 | Barracks                               |
  | Rocket Infantry  |        2 | Barracks                               |
  | Engineer         |        3 | Barracks                               |
  | Commando*        |        7 | Barracks, Advanced Comm Center         |
  | Humm Vee         |        2 | Weapons Factory                        |
  | APC              |        4 | Barracks, Weapons Factory              |
  | Medium Tank      |        3 | Weapons Factory                        |
  | MRLS             |        7 | Weapons Factory, Adv. Comm Center      |
  | Mammoth Tank     |        5 | Weapons Factory, Repair Bay            |
  | Chinook*         |        6 | Weapons Factory, Helipad               |
  | Orca             |        6 | Weapons Factory, Helipad               |
  | MCV              |        7 | Weapons Factory, Adv. Comm Center      |
  | Harvester        |        2 | Weapons Factory, Refinery              |
  | Ion Cannon       |        7 | Adv. Comm Center                       |

  For NOD units...

  | NOD UNIT         | TECH LVL |              PREREQUISITE              |
  | Minigun Infantry |        1 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | Rocket Infantry  |        2 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | Flamethrower Inf |        1 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | Engineer         |        3 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | Chem Warrior*    |        7 | Hand of Nod, Temple of Nod             |
  | Commando*        |        7 | Hand of Nod, Temple of Nod             |
  | Nod Buggy        |        2 | Airstrip                               |
  | Recon Bike       |        2 | Airstrip                               |
  | Light Tank       |        3 | Airstrip                               |
  | Artillery        |        6 | Airstrip                               |
  | Flame Tank       |        4 | Communications Center, Airstrip        |
  | Stealth Tank     |        5 | Communications Center, Airstrip        |
  | Chinook**        |        6 | Helipad, Airstrip                      |
  | Apache*          |        6 | Helipad, Airstrip                      |
  | MCV              |        7 | Weapons Factory, Temple of Nod         |
  | Harvester        |        2 | Weapons Factory, Refinery              |
  | Nuclear Strike   |        7 | Temple of Nod                          |
  | SSM Launcher*    |        7 | Temple of Nod, Airstrip, Obelisk       |
  | APC*             |        4 | Airstrip, Hand of Nod                  |

  * Available in multi-player missions only.   May be available in single
    player missions as unit given to you at start of mission or as a
    mission objective for capture.

 ** The Apache is a special case. To get them in later solo missions, you
    will need to capture a GDI construction yard. They are available as
    above in multiplayer games.

3.5 Chart for creation of structures.
    This chart details what the requirements are to build structures in
    C&C.   Note that in single player missions, you may not have access
    to advanced buildings until later in the game.

  | GDI STRUCTURE    | TECH LVL |              PREREQUISITE              |
  | Const. Yard      |        1 | None (all buildings require this)      |
  | Power Plant      |        1 | Construction Yard                      |
  | Barracks         |        1 | Power Plant                            |
  | Refinery         |        1 | Power Plant                            |
  | Tiberium Silo    |        1 | Refinery                               |
  | Guard Tower      |        2 | Barracks                               |
  | Adv. Guard Twr   |        4 | Communications Center                  |
  | Weapons Factory  |        2 | Power Plant                            |
  | Repair Pad       |        5 | Power Plant                            |
  | Comm Center      |        2 | Refinery                               |
  | Adv. Pwr Plant   |        5 | Power Plant                            |
  | Adv. Comm Cntr   |        7 | Communications Center                  |
  | Helipad          |        6 | Barracks                               |
  | Sandbags         |        1 | Construction Yard                      |
  | Chain link Fence |        1 | Construction Yard                      |
  | Concrete Wall    |        1 | Construction Yard                      |

  For NOD structures..

  | NOD STRUCTURE    | TECH LVL |              PREREQUISITE              |
  | Const. Yard      |        1 | None (all buildings require this)      |
  | Power Plant      |        1 | Construction Yard                      |
  | Hand of NOD      |        1 | Power Plant                            |
  | Refinery         |        1 | Power Plant                            |
  | Tiberium Silo    |        1 | Refinery                               |
  | Turret           |        2 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | SAM Site         |        6 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | Airstrip         |        2 | Refinery                               |
  | Repair Pad       |        5 | Power Plant                            |
  | Comm Center      |        2 | Refinery                               |
  | Adv. Pwr Plant   |        5 | Power Plant                            |
  | Temple of NOD    |        7 | Communications Center                  |
  | Helipad          |        6 | Hand of Nod                            |
  | Obelisk of Light |        4 | Communications Center                  |
  | Chain link Fence |        1 | Construction Yard                      |
  | Concrete Wall    |        1 | Construction Yard                      |
  | Sandbags         |        1 | Construction Yard                      |

3.6 Description of crate contents in Multi-player mode. 

    Here is a brief explanation of the contents of crates in multi-
    player mode.

      MONEY          Random.  Can be in any amount up to $2,000.

      NUKE MISSILE   Equivalent of nuclear strike using Temple
                     of NOD. One shot only.

      REVEAL MAP     Uncovers the entire map for the player.  This
                     applies to the radar screen, as well as the
                     onscreen map.

      STEALTH        Will stealth any unit that discovers this
                     crate, as well as all units and structures
                     within a 50 foot radius.

      EXTRA UNITS    Random.  Can be any GDI or NOD unit.

      HEAL ALL       Heals all of your units and structures to 100%

      ION CANNON     Equivalent of ion cannon using the Advanced
                     Communication Facility. One shot only.

      NUKE STRIKE    Directs a Nuke Strike against the location of
                     the crate retrieved.   Very bad.

      BOMB           Explodes on contact.   Not good.

      HIDE MAP       Hides the entire map, except for your units.

      VISCEROID      Releases a Tiberium-spawned Visceroid into the
                     playing field.   Attacks randomly.

   If your base is completely gone, there's a chance you can make a
   quick comeback!   You must have at least $2,400 and no structures
   of any kind left on the map.   There is an excellent chance that
   the next crate you find will contain an MCV.

PLAYING THE GAME WITH KALI *************************************************

4.1 What is Kali?

    Kali is a program written by Jay Cotton which allows you to play
    network games using the IPX protocol over an Internet SLIP or PPP
    connection.  We have been playing C&C over KALI for a few months now,
    and it seems to work quite well.

    However, remember that we cannot provide technical support for KALI
    in any way.   If the words "IP Address", "ping", "slip/ppp" and
    "IPX" are unknown to you, this entire concept may be a little over your

    Again, neither Westwood Studios nor Virgin Interactive
    Entertainment can offer support for those of you wishing to
    experiment with the KALI software.


4.2 How do I get the KALI shareware package?

    You can download the newest KALI software and other files you need at:


    While you're there, download PPP.ZIP and PING.ZIP if they're available.
    These programs are what you will need to dial into your Internet
    service provider and establish a PPP connection.    There are SLIP
    and network card drivers available as well.

    Remember, this program is shareware.   If you find it useful, we
    suggest you support Jay Cotton in his future programming endeavors
    by registering your copy.   

4.3 How to set up KALI with C&C

    First, I'm not going to go through the entire process of explaining
    how to set up KALI to dial and connect to your Internet service
    provider.   There are examples that will show you how to do this
    in the KALI files.

    1.   Get the KALI software from the ftp site mentioned above.  You will
    also need PPP.ZIP.

    2.   Configure the PPP driver software to connect to your provider.
    There are excellent examples on how to do this included within the
    PPP.ZIP file.

    3.   After connecting to your ISP, set up and use KALI to connect
    to Kali Central (     This is where you'll meet others
    to play Command & Conquer.   After connecting you should see a list
    of other people connected, and the games that they're currently playing.

    Now here's the tricky part...

    PPP and KALI take up a lot of low memory.   The trick will be to load
    your MOUSE, CD-ROM drivers, PPP, and KALI, and still have enough memory
    left to run Command & Conquer.   If you're not using Windows 95, this
    should be a piece of cake.   If you ARE running Windows 95, I would
    suggest a boot disk with something similar to the following :


         DEVICE=A:\SBCD.SYS /D:MSCD001 /P:220 /E   (may be different for you)


         MSCDEX.EXE /D:MSCD001 /V /M:15    (may be different for you)
    You can copy your drivers to your boot disk, or load them off your
    hard drive, it really doesn't matter.   However, if you are using
    Drivespace, you will have to disable it by hitting F8 when your
    computer boots up, then select "Step by Step confirmation" and skip
    any Drivespace or Windows drivers your system tries to load.   If you
    try to load Drivespace, you probably won't have enough memory left
    over to run Command & Conquer.  Make sure that C&C isn't stored on
    the compressed drive, or you won't have access to it!

    Command & Conquer can work in as little as 425K of free lower memory.
    You can probably load your PPP driver low, and your KALI driver high,
    and have enough depending on what the size of your drivers is.   If
    needed, you can rename your GAME.DAT file to GAME.EXE and execute it
    instead.   Your available memory, mouse, and sound system will -not-
    be checked for incompatibilities and we cannot guarantee that C&C
    will run on your system by running GAME.EXE instead of C&C.EXE.   But,
    you can give it a try, since it works for most people.

    After you have loaded your CD-ROM and mouse drivers, loaded PPP.EXE and
    KALI, run Command & Conquer and select the Multiplayer (Network)
    game option from the main menu.   You should see others playing C&C, or
    you can start a game of your own and wait for others to join you.  If
    KALI Central, or wherever you decide to log in to is very busy, it's
    probably best if you set up your own virtual network with the other
    players.   Use KCHAT, the Kali chat program to arrange this.

    If anyone has information they would like to add to this section,
    please feel free to email it to me.

Playing with MPlayer and TEN ***********************************************

5.1 What are MPlayer and TEN?

    WESTWOOD STUDIOS has signed agreements with MPLAYER and THE TEN NETWORK
    to deliver multi-player Command & Conquer action to the Internet! Unlike
    modem head-to-head games, both services will support multiple games of
    up to 4 players each over a PPP or SLIP connection. MPLAYER and TEN have
    websites on the Internet where you can find more information on pricing
    and service availability (see below). And don't be surprised if you see
    some of Westwood's best C&C players online on both services. We like
    stopping by to refine our skills, as well as hear your comments and

    As with Kali, neither Westwood Studios nor Virgin Interactive
    Entertainment provide technical support for MPlayer or TEN. However,
    both services have a tech support hotline and email address that you
    can use to get help:


 MPlayer   (408)342-8844    http://www.mplayer.com/help/tech/tech-form.html

 TEN       1-800-8040TEN    http://www.ten.net/betazone/email.htm

5.1 How do I Connect?

    You will need a few things to connect to either MPlayer or TEN:

        1) A PPP or SLIP Internet connection

        2) Windows 95

        3) The services' respective software

    MPlayer is currently available in the continental United States and the
    metropolitan areas of southern Canada. MPlayer is accessible from Alaska
    and Hawaii if you have a T1 connection, but a modem connection may be
    inadequate for satisfactory game play.

    TEN is currently available to residents of the continental US and Canada.

    For full machine requirements, to register for the services, get your
    free software sent to you and see the service rates, visit the web pages
        MPlayer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . http://www.mplayer.com

        Total Entertainment Network (TEN) . . . http://www.ten.net

    Full instructions for the software's installation and use is available
    at these sites and in the documentation that comes with the services'

    Both services will update you to a special online version of Command
    and Conquer automatically when you sign on. This will in no way effect
    your copy of C&C for solo or head-to-head play.

MODEM/NETWORK HELP *********************************************************

6.1 Modem Initialization Strings

    As detailed in the manual, we seem to get best modem
    performance with modem data-compression and error-correction
    turned off. You can do this by going to the serial game
    settings dialog and entering the appropriate init. string
    for your modem. This should be entered on the host (dialing)
    machine, the guest (receiver) should use ATZ. If you use these
    init. strings the modem speed may have to be set to the exact
    speed of your modem, for example 14,400 bps or 28800 bps. Here
    are example init. strings for some popular modems:

    Modem                                        Init. String
    US ROBOTICS SPORTSTER 9600/14400/28800 . . . AT&M0&K0
    DIGICOM SCOUT 288VFCi  . . . . . . . . . . . AT\N1
    BEST DATA SMART ONE 14400  . . . . . . . . . AT\N1
    HAYES ACCURA 28800 . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT&Q0
    SUPRA 14400  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT\N1
    PRACTICAL 14400  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT&Q0
    ZOOM 28800 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT&Q0
    BOCA (ALL TYPES) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT &Q6
    TRUST  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT &Q6 %C0
    MAESTRO 28.8 FAX V.34  . . . . . . . . . . . AT &F &D2 S95=45
    ACEXX 19.2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT Z \N %C
    CREATRIX PHONEMASTER . . . . . . . . . . . . AT \N0 %C0
    MWAVE  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT \N0 %C0 "H0 -SSE=1
    GVC  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT &F /N1

    If you have had success in using a modem that is not on this
    list, please send us the init. string you're using, and we'll
    add it to this list!

6.2 How to increase modem multi-player performance.
    With music playing during a modem game, there is a possibility
    of pausing or very slow game play. For optimum performance, 
    music volume under the options menu should be set to zero 
    (far left), this is the default setting. The game speed should
    be satisfactory with sound effects on and music turned down.

    If you have a 486 system with an external modem you might
    experience pausing or very slow game play. This is due to
    the 8250 UART chip which is in most 486 class machines, this
    chip causes the CPU to work harder in null modem and modem
    games. There are several work-arounds: 
         1. Turn off both music and sound effects in the setup program 
         prior to playing the game. This will improve performance at
         the expense of losing all game sounds. 
         2. Install an internal modem. These modems have their own
         UART chips which are designed for higher performance.
         3. Install a high performance serial card in your system.
         If you are using a 14400/28800 bps external modem with 
         your 486 class system you should seriously consider installing
         a high performance serial card. These cards usually have a 
         16550A type UART chip which outperforms the 8250 UART in all 
         serial communications applications by buffering data more

6.3 Network notes to remember.

    For multiplayer network games we strongly caution you to use a
    homogeneous network environment - that is, to use the same type 
    of IPX compliant network drivers (e.g., IPX, IPXODI etc.) on each
    system. We have found incompatibilities between drivers from
    different manufacturers so you should bear this in mind if you
    are having network game troubles.

    C&C should work with any IPX compliant network but we have found
    problems running with Microsoft MSIPX.COM. We strongly recommend
    that you avoid MSIPX and use either IPX.COM from Novell, or use
    IPXODI drivers compatible with your card. If in doubt you should
    ask your network administrator to upgrade your system.

6.4 Networked CD-ROM drives and Multi-CD changers.

    C&C does not support multiple CD-ROM drives or CD-changers and assumes
    that you only have one CD-ROM drive. If you have more than one CD-ROM
    drive, you should insert the C&C CD you are using into the first CD
    driver letter. For example, if you have drives E:, F: and G:, your
    C&C CD should be inserted into the E: drive.

TROUBLESHOOTING ************************************************************

7.1 What to do when the game doesn't want to run...

    Command & Conquer has been tested on hundreds of computers.   If
    you're having a problem, it probably has something to do with the way
    your system is set up.

    Steps you should take :

         1.   Read the README file located on the CD-ROM.   It contains
              valuable information about certain sound cards, Windows,

         2.   Read the troubleshooting section of this document!  If it
              seems to be a common problem that people are having, chances
              are you will find it answered below.

         3.   Check our web site or your favorite online service for
              the newest version of this document.   You may also want to
              check the message areas to see if anyone else has had
              trouble similar to yours, and has already found a solution. 

         4.   Write or call us!   You can reach Virgin Interactive
              Entertainment customer support by dialing 1-714-833-1999.
              Be sure to have your computer up and running, and get
              ready to spill your guts about the type of system you're
              running C&C on.  This includes listings of your AUTOEXEC.BAT
              and CONFIG.SYS files.   You can write to us via email at the
              services mentioned later in this document.   Be sure to
              send all the same information mentioned above in your mail.

7.21 Notes regarding Windows 3.1 or 3.11 usage with Command & Conquer

     C&C uses special code to launch itself from the Windows icon
     and will attempt to close any active Windows applications prior
     to running. You will not be able to access other Windows programs
     when C&C is active.
     This greatly enhances the performance and playability of the game
     on 486 class machines.

7.22 How to get Command & Conquer working under Windows 95.

     To install under Windows 95, follow these four easy steps:

         1)  Click START/RUN, type D:\SETUP.EXE (where D is your CD-ROM
             drive); type ENTER.
         2)  Follow instructions in setup program as normal.
         3)  When installation is finished, restart Windows 95 to
             initialize the C&C icons.
         4)  Start C&C using START/PROGRAMS/WESTWOOD/C&C.

7.23 Running C&C with Windows 95 and 8 megabytes of memory.

     If you only have 8 megabytes in your machine, you may need to make
     some modifications to allow C&C to run on the desktop.   Below is
     a step-by-step instruction manual for beginners to make the
     necessary changes...

         a)  Start Explorer and go to the directory where you installed C&C.
         b)  Find the C&C.EXE file, and right click it.
         c)  Choose CREATE SHORTCUT from the menu.
         d)  When the shortcut appears, drag it to the desktop.
         e)  Right click on the shortcut you just made.
         f)  Chose PROPERTIES from the menu.
         g)  Click on the MEMORY tab.
         h)  Look for the section that says EXPANDED (EMS) MEMORY.
             It should have 'Auto' in the window. Click the arrow next
             to the 'Auto' and scroll down until you see NONE.  Click this.
         i)  Look for the section that says MSDOS PROTECTED MODE (DPMI)
             MEMORY.  It should have 'Auto' in the window.  Click the
             arrow next to the 'Auto' . Scroll down until you see 16384. Click
         j)  Hit APPLY, then OK.
         k)  Start the game through the shortcut you have just created.

7.24  Improving video playback performance under Windows 95.
     The performance of C&C in a Windows 95 DOS box is slightly
     slower than in a real DOS environment. You can improve movie
     playback performance by following these step-by-step instructions.

          a)  Go to the START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL menu.   
          b)  Double-click on the SYSTEM icon.
          c)  Click the PERFORMANCE tab, then click the FILE SYSTEM
          d)  Click the CD-ROM tab.
          e)  You will see a slider labeled SUPPLEMENTAL CACHE SIZE.
              Slide the slider all the way to the right.  Remember
              however that increasing your cache size reduces the
              memory available to the rest of the system while in
          f)  Next, look for a window labeled OPTIMIZE ACCESS
              PATTERN FOR: In the window, choose the one that best
              describes your CD drive (single, double, triple, quad
              and higher speed drive.)
          g)  Click the APPLY button. You will get a window asking
              you to restart your machine. Do so.
          h)  Once you have restarted, run the game normally. This should
              also increase the performance of any other CD title you have.

7.25  How to fix modem problems under Windows 95.

     If you find that you have trouble connecting during modem play, or
     get sync errors when you connect, there are a few things you can do
     to solve this problem:

     a)  Check to see that the port setting in Windows 95 is correct
         for your modem. Windows defaults to 9600 baud.  You will want
         to change the default baud rate to 57600.   To do this:

         2)  Double click the SYSTEM icon, click the DEVICE
             MANAGER tab.
         3)  Click the plus sign next to the PORTS listing.
             Double-click on the right COMM port for your modem.
         4)  Click the PORT SETTINGS tab. The window at the top (BITS
             PER SECOND) is the baud rate for the port. Set this
             for 57600 baud.
         5)  Click OK twice to close both windows. You may have to
             restart Windows.

     b)  Make sure the error correction and compression on your modem
     is turned OFF. Check the README file that came with Command and
     Conquer or this document for a list of Modem initialization strings
     that will accomplish this (copy the initialization string for your
     modem in the README file to the init string box in the modem setup
     screen.)  If your modem is not listed in the README, you will need
     to check your modem manual or call the manufacturer for your modem
     to see how to do this.

     c)  If you simply cannot get Command and Conquer to connect
     correctly in Windows 95, reboot to DOS mode and re-run the game. Be
     sure that your sound card and CD-ROM drivers are loading in DOS.

     d) Check your modem type. If you have a Plug and Play (PnP) model, you
     must load the DOS drivers in your Config.sys or Autoexec.bat file in
     order for the game to detect your modem (since C&C is a DOS game). If
     you have a WinModem, you will not be able to use C&C-DOS in multi-player
     games using that modem, since those models are not compatible with DOS

7.26  Other Windows 95 issues.

     Autodetecting Soundcards in a Windows 95 DOS box:
         Because the Windows 95 DOS box is really just emulating
         DOS (Windows continues to run in the background) you may
         experience problems autodetecting your sound card in this
         mode. There are two things you can do to address this:
         1. Do not autodetect, but pick your soundcard manually and
            enter the correct PORT, DMA and IRQ settings, or
         2. Run through Windows 95 DOS mode, as detailed below.

     Running through Windows 95 DOS:
         If you can choose REBOOT AS MSDOS from the START/SHUTDOWN
         menu and then still access your CD-ROM drive in that mode,
         we recommend running in that environment and installing from
         the DOS prompt. Whether you can do this or not depends on
         having the correct drivers loaded in the DOS environment.

     Windows 95 System Agent with C&C:
         The System Agent software, that is available for Windows
         95 (Plus! pack), can cause peculiar behavior with the C&C 
         setup process. If the setup program, when run from the hard
         drive, proceeds with a complete reinstall, then stop the 
         System Agent software.

     Screen savers in Windows 95:
         If you have a screen saver enabled while playing a modem
         game in Win95, C&C will timeout the modem connection and
         your modem game will lose its connection. To disable the
         screen saver use the following procedure:

            1. Click the "START" button on the TASKBAR
            2. Under the "FIND" menu item, select "FILES OR FOLDERS"
            3. In the "NAMED" field, enter "C&C.EXE"
            4. In the "LOOK IN" field, enter the drive letter
               where C&C is installed
            5. Click the "FIND NOW" button
            6. Click the right mouse button on the C&C.EXE that
               you are using
            7. Select the "PROPERTIES" menu item
            8. Click on the "MISC" tab
            9. In the "FOREGROUND" field box, deselect the "ALLOW
               SCREEN SAVER" check box.
           10. Click the "OK" button

         The next time you run C&C the new settings will take effect.
         There is no need to reboot your system.

7.3 My mouse isn't detected, or doesn't work correctly.

    If you encounter any problems with the mouse, such as erratic
    movement, etc., the first thing you should do is update your mouse
    driver.   Problems with the mouse, although rare, are almost always
    caused by older mouse drivers.  Contact your computer manufacturer
    or local software retailer for information on obtaining the latest
    mouse drivers for your computer.

    Many players have discovered that only the install program is
    incompatible with their mouse driver.   Install C&C without loading your
    mouse driver, then exit and load your mouse normally before playing the


7.4 Divide Overflow upon installation of Command & Conquer.

    If you get a Divide Overflow error when running the INSTALL or SETUP
    programs on the CD-ROM, you have two methods of correcting this

         1.   You can update your mouse driver.   The C&C installation
              software is not compatible with older mouse drivers.
              Contact your mouse manufacturer for information on obtaining
              the new driver for your mouse.

         2.   Unload the mouse driver when installing C&C.   A mouse is
              not required for installation.   When you are finished,
              load the mouse driver normally and run the game as the
              instruction manual indicates.

7.5 Command & Conquer Patch File (1.19p) & Revision History

    Westwood Studios will issue a patch to upgrade your 1.07 version of
    Command & Conquer to 1.19p.   You will be able to download this patch
    through the Westwood Studios web site, or the ftp site.

 1.07   --> Initial Release Version

 1.18P  --> Fixes disconnecting problems with Windows 95 and modem 

        --> Addresses US Robotics modem connect problems at 14400 or
            28800 baud.

        --> Fixes palette problem with the Diamond Viper video card. If
            you experience new graphic problems with the video movies, 
            then add the following entry to the CONQUER.INI file. The 
            entry must reside in the "[Options]" section. Example:


        --> Addresses the fact that briefings and cutscenes do not 
            appear under certain conditions.

        --> Fixes a bug with selling silos and receiving incorrect
            refund amount. Fixing this bug requires all versions
            playing in a multiplayer game to be identical. If there
            is an older version attempting to connect to the new
            version, then the new version must be "downshifted" into
            behaving identically to version 1.07. This is accomplished
            by adding the command line option "-o" to when running
            the C&C.EXE executable. To apply this command line option
            when playing from Windows 95, use the following procedure:

             1. Click the "START" button on the TASKBAR
             2. Under the "FIND" menu item, select "FILES OR FOLDERS"
             3. In the "NAMED" field, enter "RUNGAME.EXE"
             4. In the "LOOK IN" field, enter the drive letter
                where C&C is installed
             5. Click the "FIND NOW" button
             6. Click the right mouse button on the RUNGAME.EXE that
                you are using
             7. Select the "PROPERTIES" menu item
             8. Click on the "PROGRAM" tab
             9. In the "CMD LINE" field, add " -o" to the end of the
                line so that it looks like:

                C:\C&C\RUNGAME.EXE -O

            10. Click the "OK" button

            When playing from Windows 3.1, use the following procedure:

             1. In Windows, select the "Command & Conquer" icon.

             2. Select the "File" menu. Then select "Properties...".

             3. At the end of the command line add " -o". The line 
                should look similar to this:

                C:\C&C\RUNGAME.EXE -O

             4. Now click on the "OK" button.

            The next time you run C&C the new settings will take effect.
            There is no need to reboot your system.

        --> Adjusts cost of Nod turrets to $600.

        --> Fixes problem with not receiving the nuclear missile
            when the special crates are found in certain Nod

 1.19   --> On those missions which feature the Temple of Nod, some
            people have experienced difficulty when trying to fire
            the nuclear weapon. This version addresses that problem
            by ensuring that the weapon is available on those missions.
            If you have a saved game from one of these missions you
            can get the nuclear weapon by loading the saved game and
            then restarting the mission.   

        --> Some people discovered a way to cheat using versions 1.18P
            and 1.07 such that it is possible to place a structure at
            any position in the map, breaking the normal adjacent
            building rule. This has been fixed in version 1.19 but you
            should be aware that 1.19 still connects to 1.18P and 1.07,
            so a person cheating with the older versions (if connected
            to the version 1.19) will cause a modem or IPX game to fail
            with a "Games are out of sync" message.

 1.20   --> This is the version that has been released with Covert
            Operations. Version 1.20 addresses everything in the previous
            patches. If you have Covert Operations, you don't need to
            obtain or install the patches.

 1.22   --> Hitting the 'S' key to stop a building from selling but getting
            men (the "infinite minigunner" bug) is fixed.

        --> A .pif was added that automatically sets the DPMI memory setting
            from AUTO to 16 MB (for Win95).

        --> Prevents Covert Ops from downgrading the patch.

    Some of you have reported other errors not listed in this FAQ
    sheet.  If you're having trouble, please let us know!   We will
    need the following information : 

         a) Machine Configuration (RAM, Processor, Video card, etc.)
         b) Operating System (Windows, DOS, Windows 95, etc..)
         c) AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files in text format.
         d) Modem type, and speed (if applicable).

    Be as thorough as possible in your message, then email everything to

7.6 Known sound card issues

    C&C utilizes sophisticated techniques to autodetect your sound card.
    Because of the vast number of machine configurations possible on PC's,
    C&C may not autodetect your sound card or it might misidentify the card.
    For this reason you should treat the detected card as a suggestion only.
    If you know that the detected card is definitely wrong you can override
    the selection and pick the correct card from the SETUP program.
    If you select a sound card that is not present in your machine, your
    machine may lock-up, or the sound card may stop responding. Either of
    these situations may be corrected by simply turning off the computer,
    waiting 15 seconds and then turning it back on.

    Windows 95
    See the Windows section below for sound card notes.

    Creative Labs - Soundblaster 1.0/1.5 card
    These early Soundblaster cards do not support some of
    the features which are built into later versions of the
    card. This may result in lower audio quality on
    these cards.
    Soundblaster Compatible Cards
    The Soundblaster code in C&C is written for 100% Soundblaster
    compatible sound cards made by Creative Labs. If you have a
    Soundblaster compatible sound card from another manufacturer
    you may experience stuttering or popping in the sound, or even
    no sound at all.

    If you are unsure of the correct Port, IRQ and DMA settings
    for your Soundblaster compatible card, try typing SET from
    the DOS prompt. If your machine has been configured with a
    BLASTER environment variable in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file you
    should see a line similar to:

    SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 T4

    The number after the A (i.e., 220 in this case) is your port address;
    the number after the I (5 in this case) is your IRQ and the number
    after the D (1 in this case) is your DMA channel setting. Armed with
    these numbers you can go ahead and manually select your soundcard
    from the SETUP program and enter the Port, IRQ and DMA in the boxes
    when prompted. If you have a Soundblaster 16 or AWE32 soundcard and
    you are having difficulty with autodetection, these same comments
    apply except that you may have to enter the number after the H as
    your DMA setting, depending on your configuration.

    Compaq Computers
    Some Compaq machines may not autodetect the installed sound
    card.  If this occurs, try selecting Sound Blaster Pro/Pro2
    from the SETUP program.

    Sound Galaxy Basic 16
    This Soundblaster compatible card can sometimes be incorrectly
    autodetected as a Soundblaster Pro or Soundblaster 16, causing
    unpredictable results. We recommend that you manually select
    Soundblaster and enter the Port, IRQ and DMA values that
    correspond to your card. See the comments under Soundblaster
    compatible cards above.
    ESS AudioDrive
    Under certain circumstances the autodetect code can incorrectly
    identify this card as a Soundblaster 16. If this occurs you will
    need to override this driver by selecting ESS AudioDrive with
    the correct values for your system.
    Adlib Gold
    Under certain circumstances the autodetect code can return
    incorrect Port, IRQ and DMA settings. If you are having difficulty
    obtaining sounds on this sound card try manually selecting the
    card in the SETUP program and entering the correct Port, IRQ and
    DMA settings.
    Golden Sound Pro 16
    We have found that better results may be obtained on this
    sound card by reducing the game volume from the in-game
    sound control menu. Volume levels should be set to about
    half way.
    Some Gravis Ultrasound owners may experience audio clipping
    and/or reduced game performance.  We recommend that you turn
    the volume for musical scores all the way down (off) to see
    if this helps.

    If you continue to have trouble with your soundcard please
    consult the troubleshooting section of your soundcard manual
    or contact Westwood technical support as described at the end
    of this document.

7.7 Running C&C in OS/2 Warp

    Westwood does not support or test products with OS/2. These settings we
    supplied by a customer (thanks to Thomas Infortunio) - use them at your
    own risk.

    "In general, the game runs without flaw when using these notebook
    settings. On a rare occasion there may be anomalies with sound i.e.
    repetition of dialog, or stuttering of music, however, these are more
    likely caused by OS/2's treatment of the soundcard as opposed to a game
    problem.  I have had no problem running modem games from the same OS/2
    DOS VDM.  Any notebook setting not shown (and some that are) can be
    assumed to retain their default values."
    -Thomas Infortunio

    Audio_Adapter_Sharing   - Required
    Com_Direct_Access       - Off
    Com_Hold                - Off
    Com_Receive_Buffer_Flush- None
    Com_Select              - All
    Dos_Background_execution- Off
    Dos_Break               - Off
    Dos_Files               - 60
    Dos_High                - On
    Dos_Rmsize              - 640
    DPMI_Dos_API            - Auto
    DPMI_Memory_Limit       - 16
    DPMI_Network_Buff_Size  - 8
    EMS_Memory_Limit        - 0
    HW_Timer                - On
    Idle_Seconds            - 60
    Idle_Sensitivity        - 100
    Int_During_IO           - On
    Session_Priority        - 32
    Video_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP  - Off
    Video_Retrace_Emulation - Off
    XMS_Memory_Limit        - 0
    XMS_Minimum_HMA         - 0

7.8 C&C in Windows NT

    Command and Conquer for DOS is not compatible with the Windows NT
    operating System.

GETTING HELP / ORDERING INFORMATION ****************************************

8.1 How can I order C&C or other Westwood products? 

    In the United States, call....................1-800-874-4607.

    Everywhere else...............................1-619-490-9070.  

8.2 How to contact Westwood Studios

    You can email Westwood Studios at :


    Mail to my account (virtualted@westwood.com) has been incredible
    since the release of Command & Conquer.   Your response to our
    technical support staff here at Westwood can get back to you
    much more quickly than I can.

    Westwood has online support available through America Online
    Compuserve, GEnie, PRODIGY, and the Westwood BBS.   After
    connecting to these services, simply do a search for "WESTWOOD" or
    "WESTWOOD SUPPORT" and you'll find our section.   Check your
    manual for exact instructions.

8.3 Westwood FTP / WWW site.

    You can get to our web site at :  http://www.westwood.com

    We now have 2 FTP sites at     :  http://ftp.westwood.com

    and                            :  http://ftp2.westwood.com

    You can also access our BBS
    via Telnet at                  :  bbs.westwood.com

IN THE FUTURE **************************************************************

9.1  When will "Command & Conquer II: Tiberian Sun" be released?

     "Coming Soon."   We expect to release it late in the fourth quarter
     of 1997.   As soon as details are available about the game, we will
     let everyone know through the Westwood Studios WEB site.   Tiberian
     Sun is an entirely new game, not a data disk for C&C: Tiberian Dawn.


     RED ALERT is the next Command & Conquer game from Westwood Studios, and
     is expected to release in the 4th quarter of 1996.  A FAQ for RED ALERT
     will be released later on that covers the details of this PREQUEL to

     You can find out more about RED ALERT at the Westwood Studios web site:

9.3  Where can I get extra missions for Command & Conquer?

     COMMAND & CONQUER: COVERT OPERATIONS features a variety of -very-
     difficult GDI and NOD missions, along with 10 more multiplayer maps
     for additional modem and network campaigns with friends.

     You can find out more about COVERT OPERATIONS at the Westwood Studios
     web site:  http://www.westwood.com.




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