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Sid Meier's Civilization, Computer Gaming World's Overall Game of the Year and Software Publishers Association's Best Entertainment Program, is now a multiplayer Windows game! With the new Sid Meier's CIVNET, you really can conquer the world. CIVNET lets you go online to match wits with strategy enthusiasts everywhere!
Choose solo play, try your luck in a hotseat game or play head to head via modem or on the Internet. Compete against up to seven players on a local area network or over a BBS.
- Challenge Players From Pittsburgh To Paris On The Internet. The modem and Internet features let you access millions of gamers worldwide. Now you can play in a turn based or simultaneous play mode.
- New Chat Feature. Talk with an individual player or all your opponents simultaneously. Form secret alliances and develop a strategy of global domination. Notify your enemies of their impending doom.
- New Streamlined Windows Interface. Take stock of your resources and manage multiple tasks quickly and efficiently in this fast-paced multiplayer environment.
- Create Your Own Online Persona. The King Builder feature allows you to customize your online character by choosing gender, nationality, clothing and weapons.
- It's Just Like The Original Civilization - Only Better! Manage every aspect of your cities, including resource allocation, defense production, morale and more. Play on Earth or use the new Map Editor to create unique worlds from a vast array of options - save your favorite landscapes and use them again and again.

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