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Guide and Walkthrough by Starmasta

Version: 1.5 Final | Updated: 03/03/2007
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      ___  ___     __ ___   __  _____  __  _____  __   __ _____
     /  / /_  \   /  \\  \ |__||   __||__||   __||  | \  \\____\
    /  / ___|  | /   / \  \    |  |       |  |   |  |  \  \ _____
   /  / /   _ / /   /__ \  \   |  |       |  |   |  |   \  \\____\
  /  / /__  \  /  _____\ \  \  |  |       |  |   |  |    \  \
 /  / ___|  | /  /        \  \ |  |       |  |   |  | __  \  \ _____
/__/ /_____/ /__/          \__\|__|       |__|   |__||__|  \__\\____\

 _________ ____    _____  _____     ____       ___   _____   ______
|        //    |  /     ||     \   |    \     |   | |     | |      |
|_______//    /  /    __||__    \   \    \    |   | |     | |______|
        /    /  |    |      |    | |\\    \   |   | |     | 
       /    /   |    |      |    | | \\    \  |   | |     |
      /    /    |    |      |    | |  \\    \ |   | |     |  _____
     /    /     |    |      |    | |   \\    \\   | |     | |     |
    /    /      |    |      |    | |    \\    \\  | |     | |_____|
   /    /       |    |      |    | |    | \    \\ | |     | 
  /    /        |    |      |    | |    |  \    \\| |     |      
 /    /________ |    |__  __|    | |    |   \    \\ |     |  ______
|    //       /  \      ||      /  |    |    \    | |     | |      |
|___//_______/    \_____||_____/   |____|     \___| |_____| |______|

Game: Battlezone
System: PC
Author: Ryan Caird
GameFAQs username: starmasta
Written in: MS Word
Copyright (c) Ryan "starmasta" Caird
Last updated: Sunday, March 4, 2007

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This FAQ is written solely and exclusively for the afore-mentioned 
websites and any other websites owned by CNET Networks. Any website 
not owned by CNET Networks and not specified above is not allowed to host 
this FAQ. Any website that does without written approval be me, the author, 
is in breach of copyright and is therefore open to prosecution under the 
current laws. This FAQ is not to be shown outside of home or public 
libraries. This FAQ can be reproduced in part or full without written
consent from me.

Version History
Version 0.2       FAQ first submitted. Up to mission 6. 
Version 0.65      Up to Mission 8, finished Vehicles and Weapons.
Version 0.7       Added Ideal Team Sizes section.
Version 0.71      Reformatted guide, up to Mission 10.
Version 0.9		Added FAQ, up to Mission 12.
Version 0.925     Up to Mission 14.
Version 0.95      Up to Mission 16.
Version 1.00      First complete version of this guide! Added ASCII art at     
                  the top, finished ALL the NSDF missions. Added the real   
                  vehicle names.
Version 1.5		Added the Additional Strategies to each mission.

||1) CONTENTS ||

1)	Contents

2)	Intro

3)	Walkthrough
  a)	Mission 1
  b)	Mission 2
  c)	Mission 3
  d)	Mission 4
  e)	Mission 5
  f)	Mission 6
  g)	Mission 7
  h)	Mission 8
  i)	Mission 9
  j)	Mission 10
  k)	Mission 11
  l)	Mission 12
  m)  Mission 13 
  n)  Mission 14
  o)  Mission 15
  p)  Mission 16
  q)  Mission 17
  r)  End Cutscene

4)	Vehicles

5)	Weapons
  5.1)  Cannons
  5.2)  Rockets
  5.3)  Mortars
  5.4)  Special
  5.5)  Other

6)	Ideal team sizes

7)	FAQ 

8)	Credits & Contact

|| 2) INTRO ||

Sorry this update took so long to get out, I was busy doing other stuff, 
mainly practicing my tennis, putting up some art on DeviantART, and playing 
either Kingdom Hearts II or Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask. Ah, who am I 
kidding. No-one cares. No-ones reading this.

This is a walkthrough for the PC game Battlezone, one of the most 
underappreciated games of the late '90s. This is written assuming you 
are already familiar with the interface of the game.


The walkthrough here is for the NSDF or Stars and Stripes of the game.

a) Mission 1: 

In front of you are 4 vehicles: a scout ship, a bomber, a light tank 
or regular tank. Get into anyone of these by walking into it. I 
suggest the regular tank because it is reasonably fast and comes with 
good weapons, perfect for destroying weak little scouts. 
Go right a bit past the other ships and you should see an object 
that slightly resembles a TV antenna on the right of a building. Pick 
this up by driving through it. It is the mighty RAVE GUN, which if 
shot continuously, sounds a bit like a music track. 
Press Q to change to the Rave Gun, then 5 to access the 
Recyclers unit list. Select Scavenger and it will be built. The 
scavenger will automatically search for available scrap.

Follow it to the nav beacon and you will get told that hostile forces 
are approaching you. A target reticule should appear on your screen. 
Go towards the fighter and blow it sky high. Then head back to the 
scavenger and take out another fighter that's following it. 

You will get a message telling you to go back to base. Follow the 
scavenger home then you will be sent out to protect another one. Take
out the enemy following it and then follow THAT Scavenger home.


b) Mission 2:

Go towards the red dots on the radar. Destroy them as quick as you can
allowing minimal damage to the command tower. When one is down, the 
other will flee. Take him out before he can get to the "turret 
mountain", which is a small mound surrounded by turrets. 

The Recycler command is now active. Send it to a geyser. Build 3 
turrets, and then get them to deploy on the hill just in front of the 
C.T. Build another 2 and get them to deploy on the corners facing into
the base. Build 2 more and deploy them facing the entrance to the base
in front of the solar array. Build one last one and get that to deploy
on the hill beside the Recycler. You can build two more if you want. 

After a while of fighting off Soviet attacks you will get a message 
telling you to rendezvous with extra forces at the solar array. Meet 
them then leave them there and then 1 more attack should come. 

A cutscene will then show a large Soviet force landing on the moon.
You will be ordered to then escort 2 A.P.C's carrying all ground 
personnel to the NSDF launch pad. Select the tank and scout and get 
them to follow you. Stay in front of the APCs as they go. 

On the way 4 Soviet turrets will block you, so just destroy them and 
continue on your way. Then get to the launch pad.

ADDITONAL STRATEGIES: Destroy the CCA Turrets at the turret mountain before the 
transports leave. That way you won't have to destroy them on the way.

c) Mission 3:

Order the Factory and Recycler to go to geysers. When they are both 
deployed, use the Recycler to build a Scavenger or 2 or 6. When you 
get enough scrap, then build 3 turrets, and then arrange them in front
of the Recycler facing the front hill. Build another 2 and put them 
on the left of the factory so they are facing the edge of the back 

Then build a Tug with the Factory, and 2 Scouts with the Recycler. 
Build 3 Tanks with the Factory, then defeat all the Soviet 
attacks that will soon come through. 

Eventually you will get a message to go out to recon a nav 
beacon. Select Nav Beacons on the command menu and select 5: 
Investigate Nav. Order your Tug to follow you and go to Nav 5. 
Destroy both of the enemies and order your Tug to pick up the relic 
they where flying around. Order your Tug to follow you and head back 
to base. You will get a confirmation saying that you have returned 
the relic. Fight off a few more fighter waves and your done.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: Order the Recycler to a different set of geysers, do 
above, and if you fell like it, destroy the CCA Base. Just make sure you DO 
destroy it, because otherwise you fail the mission.

d) Mission 4:

Order your brand new Armory to deploy on a geyser, then order your 
Recycler to follow you while you follow the Armory. A bit past its branch-
off is another spot with 2 geysers. 

Order your Recycler to deploy on one of them and build a couple of 
Scavengers. After raising the "funds", build a few turrets, about 4,
arranging them across the entrance to your Recycler branch-off.

Build a Factory and order that to deploy. Build 4 Tanks with it to 
help defend the "base". Build another 5 turrets with the recycler and 
1 more to place between the recycler and factory. 

Order the 5 turrets to follow you. Go to Nav 1: Volcano. Deploy 4 
of the turrets on the left hill as you enter the main place 
(I mean to the left of the beacon, not actually inside the volcano) 
and the other on the right. 

Go into the volcano to find that it isn't a volcano at all. Jump the 
ledge and go down to the structures. Target the big one in the middle 
with T and inspect it with I. You will then be told to defend the 

Go back up the ridges to your turrets. Soviets will then 
attack. Defeat them all, using the Armory to heal and re-ammo the 
turrets as needed. After a few waves they will send in bombers. 
Destroy them before they get into range of the structure. Remember, 
this is the only time they will come on the right, and they pack a
punch. But when they are destroyed, the mission ends.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: As well as turrets, take a few Howitzers to the Volcano 
with you. I wouldn't recommend it though. They are only good for long-distance 

e) Mission 5:

Order the tanks to follow the Recycler and then get that to go to a 
geyser. Exit the canyon you are in and go left towards the reticule 
"5th Platoon". On the way a new reticule will pop up labeled "object". 
Go to this "object" and after a cutscene target/investigate with T/I.

A reticule labelled Starport should popp-up on the screen. Go towards 
it and on the way you will encounter 2 turrets guarding a canyon. 
Destroy them and go inside the canyon to find a Howitzer. This will 
rain hell on your base so destroy it. Then go to the Starport and T/I
all 3 buildings. 

A cutscene will then show a patrol coming through the starport. 
Destroy it and wait for the recycler to deploy. First up, because you 
only have 5 scrap, build a Scavenger to collect more. Build another 
one when you can. Then, finally, when you can "fony up the dough",
build 3 turrets to defend the recycler, and during or after that you 
will be told to go to the CCA base and recon their launch pad. 

With the 3 turrets deployed, go through the starport until you find a 
canyon guarded by a CCA turret destroy it and enter the canyon. You 
will quickly find yourself at a 3-way junction. Take the left one and
ignore the 2 separate branches you will soon find. Ignore all enemies,
they will only take time. After the 2 branches you will find yourself 
at another junction. Take the left one. Ignore the seperate branchs, 
and you will find yourself in a large area. Guarding another canyon 
are 2 Gun Towers. Go past them as quick as you can. Follow this one, 
ignore the tanks in the corner, and you will find yourself in the CCA 
Base. Go past the recycler and turrets to the launch pad. T/I it, then
go back to base. Just reverse right and lefts until you get to the 
3-way, then take the single. This will lead you to the starport. 

Order the Recycler to pack up, then go to Nav Dust Off. If the CCA 
squadrons follow you through, take out as many as you can till the 
recycler gets there.


f) Mission 6:

For this mission, you pilot a Rocket Tank. The Sandbag doesn't do much
so change to the Shadower.

Order the Armory to a geyser. Set the turrets up around it, facing 
into the gap. 

Order the tank and scout to follow you. Go NW up the alley, keep going
up to the point that you have to turn right, destroying the 2 enemies 
on the way. Turn right and keep going till you see a B on your radar. 
Go to the B and now 2 more tanks are under your control. Order them to
follow you. 

Turn left into the alley next to the one you are in. Open the Nav 
Beacons menu and select CCA Outpost. Follow the alley until you are 
attacked by 2 Soviet fighters. Take one out and then the other will 
run. Take him out as quick as you can. Continue to follow your radar 
to the Nav beacon and stop about 200m short of it. 

There are 2 Gun Towers guarding the entrance to the outpost. Select 
the Hornet rockets and lock on to them. Wait for the lock to turn red,
then fire away. When both are down, enter the base. Let the other 4 
take care of everything else, you go straight forward to a tower 
labeled Radar Array. Destroy it with Hornets and then bug out. 

The Recycler and Factory commands should become available now. Order 
them both to deploy and then get the recycler to build a Scout and the
factory to build a tank. A swarm of CCA fighters are about to attack,
so build as many as you can. When they attack, take them out (duh!) 
and then press H to jump out of your rocket tank. Order one of the 
regular tanks to pick you up. Then get everyone to recycle and then 
build aplatoon of tanks, which means build as many tanks as possible. 

Push Caps Lock on your keyboard to change the radar view. You will see
to the far east 2 separate valleys. One lets you go through
undisturbed straight to the CCA base, the other has a couple of 
turrets but lets you destroy the factory. Because the factory won't 
help them much anyway, go for the undisturbed passage, which is the 
further east one. At the end is the CCA base. 

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: You can always take the other passage, then set up your 
Factory there and make many attacks at the base. Or you can relocate your base 
to the site of the CCA Outpost, it's a real good spot.

g) Mission 7:

Order the recycler to deploy and then get the constructer to build an 
S-Power along the ridge to the right. Build 2 gun towers next to it to
defend the base. 

Order the recycler to build a factory. Build another platoon of tanks,
with a few bombers mixed in as well. While this is going on, select 
CCA base in the Nav Beacons menu. When the platoon is completed, head 
off North to the CCA base with them in tow. There are 3 access routes to the
base. All 3 are guarded by Soviet "Walkers", a new weapon which is 
slow, cumbersome and has crazy high defenses along with crazy powerful
weapons. However, these can be defeated by simply going around them in
circles care of the strafe buttons, and shooting them to bits. They 
only target you, so the others can help. But if you want to be sure, 
take the left one, because the walker there has returned from 
destroying an NSDF Recycler, and so has low ammo. 

But when you are through, destroy the CCA base. It is very well 
guarded, however, so you may need to make a couple of attack runs at 
it. Another strategy is to take the Factory along with you. Deploy 
this in one of the routes towards the end and then it will let you 
make your attack runs a lot more frequently, rather than having to go 
to the other end of the map.

When the base is destroyed, you will be ordered to go and find some 
ancient Chthonian ruins. Go there (a reticule pops up) and T/I it. 
Mission complete.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: Build a few escorts, then order the Constructor to 
recycle and the Recycler to pack up. Order the escorts to Protect Recycler,then
order THAT to follow you. Take the far right passage and at the end you should 
find 2 geysers. Set up the recycler there and build another factory. Then 
proceed to make attack runs at the base. Beware of Walkers on the way, you 
might find one or to.

h) Mission 8:

Go forward to where the Armory is waiting among other units. Order the
armory to a geyser and then a cutscene will roll. Order the 
Constructor to build a Silo next to the armory, and then a hangar 
close to that. 

Order the Factory to Nav 1: Choke Point. When the constructor is done,
let the hangar heal it, then order it to follow you. Go to Nav 1. 
Build an L-Power and then a Gun Tower near the factory, then go up the
hill to the right. You should see an alien relic on the ground. 

A Nav Camera will be dropped there. To the left of it is a narrow-ish
ledge that you can go along. Go along it until you see a Howitzer. 
Destroy it and just past it is a ground thing that resembles a jump. 
Speed towards it then use your jump thrusters to fly across to the 
next Howitzer. Destroy that and continue. This one is one a lower 
ledge to the right of where you jumped to. Go down to this ledge and 
destroy the Howitzer. Use your thrusters to go back up and on the 
radar you should see that there are 2 rows of hills. Go through and 
jump, attack, destroy again, until all 6 are down. Now it's time to 
worry about the CCA base. 

Go back to your factory and build about 7 tanks. Behind your factory 
is like a raised alley, or a "hill-path". Go up this and before you 
get to a couple of gun towers is a route leading off to the right. 
Down here is the base. Go in and wipe them out. Congratulations, apart
from scavengers and the convoy, Venus is secure. Now go back to base 
and build 3 bombers. 

Assuming you came back along the raised alley, to your right is 
another passage. Order all your forces to the entrance there, and then
get the Constructor to build a couple of Gun Towers on the raised 
alley, assuming by some miracle the CCA get through your massive 
defense force. After a while they will come through. When they are all
destroyed, you should see the relic that you found on Mars among the

Build a Tug and order it to pick it up. Then go back to Nav 1. 


i) Mission 9:

Deploy your Recycler and get the Flash Cannon. Order the Recycler to 
build a Factory then a Scout. When its done, order the Factory to 
deploy. Then get it to build a Tug and a Tank.

Order the Scout and Tank to follow the Tug and the Tug to follow you.
Go off up the road to the SW, then take the branch that goes off to 
the right. Continue going past the geyser, up the hill and then along 
the ledge to the relic. Order the tug to pick it up. When its done 
that, go back along the ledge, down the hill, past the geyser, 
continue along then go to the branch on the left to get back to the 
Recycler. This is one of the shortest missions in the game, not to 
mention easiest.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: None, unless you want to destroy the CCA base. By all 
means, go ahead.

j) Mission 10:

This is an escort mission to bring home the relics. Assign the Light Tank 
and Tank 1 to Transport 1 and Tank 2 to Transport 2. The Transports will 
start moving automatically. 

Follow the Nav Beacons, staying ahead of the transports. A short distance 
along the way you will find a CCA turret. Destroy it. You may then notice 
one of the transports leaving the main trail. It is piloted by a CCA person 
and is stealing the relic. Ignore it and continue on your way. 

A short distance from the first turret is another, except this time a 
fighter is with it. Take them both down and then you will get the message 
about the renegade transport. Continue on and when you get to Waypoint 2 
the convoy will stop. This is because there is a Walker, a Turret and a 
Fighter on the other side. The fighter will come over so destroy it. 

Order the Armory to build you a Splinter mortar, an SP- Stabber and a couple 
of health and ammo packs if you need them. Get the splinter and the packs 
and then launch a couple of splinters over the hill. This should get the 
attention of the Walker so be quick and destroy it with the SP. Remember, it 
has really strong weapons so take it down ASAP. Then deal with the turret. 

The convey should start moving again. This time, stay with them. Eventually 
you will arrive at the launch pad, only to see it destroyed by CCA tanks. 
Don't bother with trying to get there before them, they arrive when you get 
the message. If you take them down before they destroy the launch pad, it 
will self- destruct. But either way, it goes down. Destroy the 2 tanks and 
wait for the second Launch Pad to be established.

When it is, the convoy will set off again. Defend it from CCA fighter 
attacks which will come along the way, until you arrive at the launch pad. 
Mission complete.


k) Mission 11:

Jump out of your tank. Go down your alley then left and down a hill. A bit 
to your right are 2 large mounds. In between them is a small gap. Go through 
that gap. Then continue straight forward. Then you should see 2 hills with a 
large gap between them. Again, go through said gap. A little in front of you 
should be the Checkpoint Tower. Wait for a CCA fighter to come in and stop 
by the barracks. Change to Sniper Rifle and shoot the little orange glowing 
dot in the cockpit. You have just killed the pilot. Get into it before the 
person from the barracks.

A cutscene will now show the 4 targets you must go to in order. You can 
check which one next in the objectives list. Go right through the gaps in 
the hills and then fight again along the path. You should soon find yourself 
in a narrow path between 2 hills. Follow it along the whole way. If you see 
2 dots on your radar passing the exit, STOP!. Wait for them to pass then 
leave the alley. 

Go left and after a while you will find 2 turrets. Go past the 2 turrets and 
you should see another checkpoint tower. Stop in front of it and T/I it. Now 
some extra Nav beacons are available. Select checkpoint 3 which is the 
Turret Silo. Go towards it and you should see a very big mountain. In front 
of you is a path through the mountain. Go through it. Eventually you will 
come to the turret silo. Switch to slow movement because if you bump into 
anything then they will start chasing and shooting at you. 

Go back the way you came to the checkpoint tower. T/I it again and select 4 
which is the factory. Go around the mountain you were at before and after a 
while you will see a branch with an incline on one side. Go through that 
branch and up the incline to find a fork. Take the right one to get to the 
Factory. Change to slow again. You will get the all-clear so go back to the 
checkpoint tower.

T/I it again and choose 5, the scrap silos. Go towards it, which is a 
straight line including up an incline, then slow again as you get there. 
Receive the all-clear, do a 180 and go back in a straight line to the 
checkpoint tower. T/I it one last time.

Select Nav 6. Go between the 2 mounds and forward to where the turret is. 
Make a right and follow the path to the left. Go down it and you are now at 
the Communications Tower. Destroy the 2 tanks and then move into the Com 
Tower's shadow to begin uploading. When the uplink is complete select Nav 1. 
Go there as fast as you can because now the entire Soviet force is coming 
after you. 

Go back out the same alley and make a left. Then turn right and follow the 
hill. At the end go left past the turret. Continue straight and pass another 
turret. You should soon get to a fork. Take the right and continue up the 
incline. Soon you should see another hill. Go up that hill and continue 
towards the nav beacon. Soon you will get to an almost vertical incline. Go 
right and off the hill when you get there. Continue towards the nav beacon. 
When you get there, congratulations. Mission complete.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: Instead of completing the checkpoint route, go straight 
to the Communications Tower. This is quicker but the tanks there attack you 
straight away.

l) Mission 12:

Order the Recycler to deploy, then build a Scavenger or more. Next build a 
Constructor for which to build Gun Towers. First, order it to build an
S-Power out front of the "inlet", as it were, towards the back. Then build 
a couple of Gun Towers in front of it. 

When you can, build a Factory. Order the Recycler to pack up, and then 
deploy the factory on its geyser. So that the Scavengers can still drop off 
their scrap, build a Silo at the back behind the factory. 

Order the Factory to build about 4 tanks. Then order it to Pack Up then 
Recycle. Your probably wondering why, it's so that you can relocate base 
without too much hassle. You don't have to do this, but it'll let you have 
Recycler, Factory and Armory deployed at the same time, and you won't have 
to go as far to reach the CCA base.

Lastly, order the Constructor to Recycle (don't worry about needing to 
deploy the Recycler, they recycle at the Silo). Order the tanks to follow 
the Recycler, then order that to follow you. Now, we go.

Leave the base and make a left past the gun towers. Follow the side hill up 
to when you get to a slope down. Go down that slope. At the bottom turn 
right and you should see 2 hills. Go through the path to the right of the 
hills. At the end of that real short bit, you should see a big open space. 
At the end of that space is another few hills. Again on the right is another 
path. Again go through that path. Continue forward and you should see a 
Checkpoint Tower, the same one at which you snipered the CCA pilot to get 
his fighter. Go past this and you should soon find yourself by a hill. Go 
left when you get to this hill and you should arrive at a fork with 2 
turrets. Destroy the turrets and take the left fork. Follow it and after a 
little while you should see, on your radar, a red dot with 3 white ones 
surrounding it. This is your new home.

Order the Recycler to deploy on one of the geysers. Chances are you've met 
some resistance, so order it to make you some ammo and repair packs. When 
you are fully fixed up, build a Constructor and a couple more Scavengers. 
When you can, build a few gun towers around the new base. 

Now we are going to find the CCA base. For some reason, for me, it's harder 
to find with my team than without. Before you leave, press P to deploy a nav 
beacon so you know where your new base is. Push Cap Lock to change radar. 
"Above" your base is a big cluster of dots. That is the Com Tower you had to 
find last time. To the left of it there is what looks kind of like a 
rectangle with a deformed right side. This is the CCA base. Go there by 
yourself and you should see an opening with a hill on one side and a VERY 
narrow path on the other. Drop another Nav beacon there and then go back to 
base. Build a team of tanks and then go to the recently-dropped nav beacon. 
Go up the hill and you should see a small mound with a tank in front of it. 
To the left you should see a group of 4 Soviet Howitzers, and on the right 
is the Factory. Expect A LOT of resistance here so be ready and well armed. 
Destroy the factory and anything else. Mission complete.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: Leave the base where it is. This is annoying though 
because eventually a few Soviet Howitzers find a hill beside your base and make 
it their own, and theirs only the one geyser there. Best to relocate.

m) Mission 13:

Order your Recycler to deploy. Build a Scavenger or 2, and then build a 
Constructor. On the right of the Recycler is a line of geysers. Just past 
the furthest is where you should build an S-Power, then build a couple of 
Gun Towers. After your Scavengers get enough scrap, build another couple of 
Gun Towers and S-Power to the LEFT of the recycler. Build a Gun Tower facing 
in to the base from the front G.Ts, then a Factory with the Recycler. Again, 
when scrap is in sufficient supply, build an APC, 2 Scouts and 2 Tanks.

Select Nav Rescue 1 on the Nav Select menu. Order your Scouts and Tacks to 
follow the APC, then order it to the rescue point. Stay out the front of the 
APC on the way there. When it gets there, the APC will stop on the Nav 
Beacon. The 3 people will congregate on the APC, then disappear. Don't 
worry, they are inside the APC. They will say something, then a new reticle 
will pop up on screen for Rescue 2. Order the APC there, again staying ahead 
of it. ON the way you might get attacked, so fight it off. Again, when you 
get there, the APC will stop on the beacon. The same will happen as before, 
the people will say something, and a reticle will appear labelled Rescue 3. 
Order the APC there. On the way, you will meet resistence in the form of 2 
puny turrets. Wipe them out and continue on. Pick up the people then go back 
to base. 

Fight off any attacks if they come. These will be in the form of the new CCA 
weapon, the Fury. These will jump HUGE distances, so if you get in a fight 
with one away from base, decide to leave and go back to base, it will 
probably be there before you. Eventually you will get a message that the CCA 
have surrendered, and you have been charged with picking them up. You might 
want to add a few Bombers to your escort to be safe, because you will meet a 
LOT of Fury resistence. When your escort is complete, order it to follow the 
APC and order that to the nav CCA Rescue. It will stop out the front of a 
barracks. The CCA people will board the APC and then go back to base. 
Mission complete.


n) Mission 14

I REALLY hate this mission. Why? Because all you do is pick up scrap. That's 
it. And defend Scavengers, but that loses its thrill quite quickly. Oh well, 
its gotta be done. Order your Recycler and Scavenger to follow you. Wait at 
the Nav beacon until the CCA forces arrive. Order them to follow you too. Go 
along the ridge the CCA came from, and at the end make a left. You should 
see a Hanger, a Gun Tower, and a Field HQ. Order the recycler to deploy on 
the geyser closer in to the hanger, and then build a scavenger. Order your 
Constructor to build an S-Power to go with the Gun Tower. Build another 
Scavenger and collect scrap for a while. You may want to build a few Silos 
to a) increase your maximum allowance and b) so the scavengers don't have as 
far to go. You should also probably build a few Gun Towers closer to the 
Recycler, as you can expect a LOT of Furies to attack, so expect to have to 
build a LOT of scavengers. 

Soon you should get a message to rescue some NSDF survivors. They are at Nav 
5: NW Geyser. If you so desire, this is also a good place to relocate your 
base, if it so behooves you. The survivors you rescue consists of 1 
Scavenger, 1 APC and 1 Turret. Not much use except the Scavenger, and even 
then not much. Just wait a while with at least 1 silo built. When you 
collect enough scrap, mission complete.


o) Mission 15

This is a big improvement on last mission. This one actually involves 
fighting. Order the Factory and Recycler to deploy. Don't bother the Armory, 
there aren't enough geysers, and it's not really important. You should have 
enough scrap to last a while, but there's no harm in thinking ahead. Build 2 
Scavengers and then build about 3 Gun towers in close range to the Recycler. 
Try to have them all powered by 1 power source. Actually, make it 2. Then 
build about 2 by the Factory.

To the right of where you started is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 
wraparound mountain. It goes all the way around the "once-was" CCA base, now 
Fury manufacturing plant. The 3 small entrances there are guarded by 2 Fury 
Boltmines each. These shoot an ?electric? beam at you, which slowly damage 
you and prevent movement. The best thing I've found to deal with these is 
the MDM Mortar. Aim at the boltmine, fire, when it stops press fire again. 
Do this until they are both gone. If you wish you can go around to all 3 
entrances and do this, but the Soviet people do this themselves. Because in 
this mission, they help you.

With the Factory, build 4 Howitzers. Then, with the recycler, build 3 
Turrets. Last of all, build 1 Tank and 1 Scout. Take the Scout and Tank with 
you through the entrance and destroy any Furies there. Don't even try the 
Gun Towers, you will get shot to bits. When the area is secured, order the 
Howitzers in and deploy them in a line, just out of the wall. So it would be 
a little like this:

     \              /
 \    \____________/    /
  \   G p        p G   /
   \ G p          p G /
    |                | 
    |       Ha       |
    |                |
    |                |
     \   p  HQ  p   /
      \___G    G___/
          |    | THHHHT       /
\         |    |   T         /
 \                          /
  \                        /
   \____________      ____/

G = Gun Tower
P = Power
Ha = Hanger
HQ = Headquarters
H = Howitzers
T = Turrets

Forgive the suckiness, I'm not very good with ASCII maps. Words, maybe, but 
not maps. The barrier goes all the way around, but you get the idea. Order 
the Howitzers to fire on the Hanger. With 4 firing at once, it shouldn't 
take long. Oddly enough, that is what makes the Furies. A hanger. Now that 
is something that you wouldn't think of. The turrets should be able to 
handle the Fury attacks on the Howitzers, and believe me, you will get them. 
But they take damage from firing their own weapons, so no biggy. And tadah, 
your mission is done.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: After deploying and fortifying the main base, cruise 
around the side of the hill surrounding the Fury base and destroy all 
boltmines. That way, the CCA fighters, tanks, scavengers, tugs and walkers can 
get in.

p) Mission 16

This is one of the more confusing missions. You are now on the moon Achilles 
(I'm not sure if it even really exists) and you have to destroy the 7 Power 
Towers powering a field of Boltmines guarding the Fury manufacturing plant. 
The towers appear on your screen as labelled target reticles. 

You start off in a large enclosed area with your Recycler, Factory, 2 
Turrets, 2 Tanks, a Light Tank and a Scout. You also have a reasonable 
supply of scrap, so order the Recycler and Factory to deploy then build a 
Constructor. Follow up with a couple of Scavengers. There is only one 
entrance to the base (for some reason the Furies don't go OVER the walls) so 
build 2 S-Powers and 3 Gun Towers. On the high point of the entrance walls, 
deploy the turrets, one on each side. Now that that's done, pick spots in 
the base to build a Hangar and a Supply. You will definitely need them. 

Now we go tower hunting. All you have to do is take the tanks, light tank 
and scout with you, and go to each of the reticles. It doesn't matter which 
order. At each one there is also 2 Fury Tanks, which are the same as regular 
Furies except these can take more damage and can't jump. Just rove over to 
the towers, blow up the Furies then blow up the Towers. Return to base as 
needed, either to repair and reload or to get a new tank should your old one 
be destroyed. When all are down, the boltmine field will be destroyed.

Head back to base. Odds are your team is in bad shape so order them to 
recycle. Now you will want to do a Heavy Strike (see below), or if you're 
too lazy to scroll down, 5 tanks, 2 APCs and 3 Bombers. When your team is 
finished, wait until you have enough scrap, then build an Armory. Order the 
Factory to Pack Up and then order the Armory to deploy on the Factories 
geyser. When you have enough scrap, build a Day Wrecker Bomb. Order it to 
deploy to Nav 2: Fury Base.
Immediately take you team to just outside the main entrance to the Fury base.

Wait for the Day Wrecker to hit, then immediately take your platoon in to 
attack. Select the APCs and choose their targets; they can't deploy by 
themselves. Expect reasonably heavy resistance. The reason it's only 
reasonably heavy is because most of the Furies are out attacking you base, 
or getting destroyed by the Gun Towers. Still, there is about 7 Furies 
there, which may make life difficult. But when the Furies are destroyed, 
turn your attention to the small structures. These are the Factories power 
supplies. Blow them to smithereens, and then mission is complete.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: After you have destroyed the towers, you can pack up 
your base and Relocate to where the set of 2 towers were. This is a lot 
closer to the base so you can make more attacks without a lot of travel time.

q) Mission 17

I think this is the most annoying mission ever. And as the last, it is also 
the hardest. You are tasked with destroying the transport which is going to 
take away the remaining Furies before the moon explodes. The reason it will 
explode is because the power supplies you destroyed last mission tapped the 
moons core for power. With the supplies gone, the moon has become unstable.

You start of in a little "gully" type thing, with a Factory, Recycler and 2 
Tanks. A cutscene will roll showing the 2 access routes to the transport. 1 
is shorter, more direct but has more Furies. The other is longer, narrower 
but has less Furies. Build a Scout and jump out of your tank. Order the 
Scout to pick you up. This is because once the transport is destroyed, you 
have 3 minutes to get back to the Recycler. 

Take the longer route. It will take a while, but eventually you will arrive 
at the transport. Make sure you avoid all Furies on the way. There should be 
about 3 Furies there already. Destroy them and deploy 2 Nav Beacons, spaced 
out a bit. Order the Recycler to build an Armory, then pack up the Factory. 
Order the Armory to deploy on the factories geyser, then get it to deploy 
about 6 Health Packs to 1 of the 2 Nav beacons, and about 6 Ammo Packs to 
the other. 

Now we will destroy the Transport. To be truthful, you don't destroy the 
transport, you destroy its thrusters. These take A LOT of damage, so it's a 
good thing you got the ammo reloads deployed. While you are destroying them, 
the Furies will continuously crash the party. This is why we got the Repair 
things. Reload and Repair as needed, making more to deploy if you need them. 
After a while, you will have destroyed all 4 thrusters, and a timer will 
start. That's how long you have to get back to the Recycler. Its also the 
hardest bit.

Take the exit away from the remaining transport and take the wide fork. You 
should get a message telling you to take the other fork because it has fewer 
furies, but ignore him and continue on. Make sure you don't pause even for a 
moment on the way, because when you pause, you will be tempted to destroy 
the Furies. This takes time, so don't pause. When you get there, wait a 
moment, and the mission will end. Congratulations, you have just completed 

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES: Take a team with you.

r) End Cutscene

Achilles is destroyed. You see a ship soaring away from the blast, and a 
voice plays. A flash to an asteroid. "History comes full circle. Sometimes, 
humanity survives. I wish the best to those who find a fallen meteor. Who 
uncover a little secret. Who follow the trail. Who reconstruct my 
nightmare." Flash to a black-and-white picture of a blimp with Battlezone 
written on it, with a bunch of signatures, and a group of people sitting in 
front of it.

From these, you can piece together that the person who speaks while missions 
are loading is your character.

|| 4) VEHICLES ||

These will be written as scores out of 10 for speed, maneuverability, 
armour and other notes. They should help you decide which vehicle to 
use for each mission.

a) Scout
NAME: Razor
SPEED: 9/10
ARMOUR: 5/10
This is the fastest ship you can use. It has 2 cannon hardpoints and 
1 rocket hardpoint, and comes preloaded with 2 miniguns. It isn't very
reliable in full-on dogfights, but is perfect for recon missions.

b) Tank
NAME: Grizzly
SPEED: 7/10
ARMOUR: 8/10
This is probably the most well rounded craft in the whole game. Decent
speed, decent maneuverability and high endurance make this perfect 
for the full-on dogfights in which the scout was lacking. It has 2 
cannon hardpoints, 1 mortar and 1 special. Comes with AT-Stabber, 
Minigun, MDM Mortar and Thumper.

c) Light Tank
NAME: Bobcat
SPEED: 8/10
ARMOUR: 6/10
This is more like a scout tank, which should be used for escorting 
scouts on recon missions. It is faster and more agile than a regular 
tank, but can't take as much and so is less reliable. Comes with 1 
cannon, 1 rocket and 1 special. AT-Stabber, Hornet and Solar Flare 

d) Rocket Tank
NAME: Wolverine
SPEED: 6/10
ARMOUR: 9/10
This is less agile than the afore-mentioned vehicles, but it can take
more damage and is pretty reliable. It comes with 2 rockets, 1 mortar
and 1 special. Shadower, Hornet and Proximity Mine, but doesn't come 
with a mortar weapon so get your armory to make you one.

e) APC
NAME: Rat Pack
SPEED: 3/10
ARMOUR: 10/10
This vehicle is best used for strikes against gun towers and other 
fixed emplacements. It has no hardpoints, but comes pre-loaded with 5 
soldiers with miniguns. Press K to deploy them and then get out. It 
can take a lot of damage so it can get in deep into enemy territory,
but don't risk it without heavy escort.

f) Bomber
NAME: Thunderbolt
SPEED: 8/10
ARMOUR: 8/10
This is best used to take out fixed emplacements along with APCs. It 
is fast but hard to turn and can take a lot of damage. 1 cannon and 2 
rocket hardpoints, 2 rockets on the rocket hardpoints and you will 
have to manually make the cannon.

g) Walker
NAME: Sasquatch
SPEED: 1/10
ARMOUR: 12/10
This is a pure assault vehicle. It is slower than a Scavenger, more
unstable than a Bomber, and can take more damage than an APC. It has 2
cannon hardpoints and one Mortar, with dual AT-Stabbers and a Pop-Gun.

|| 5) WEAPONS ||

These will be rated out of 10 on damage, fire rate and range. These 
were tested in a Tank and a Bomber. If you choose to use dual of 1 
weapon, double the damage, or add them together if using dual 
different weapons. To use dual weapons press L.

+5.1) Cannons+

a) AT-Stabber
Damage: 5/10
Fire Rate: 8/10
Range: 7/10

b) Minigun
Damage: 3/10
Fire Rate: 10/10
Range: 5/10

c) SP-Stabber
Damage: 7/10
Fire Rate: 6/10
Range: 8/10

d) MAG Cannon
Damage: 2-10/10
Fire Rate: 9-0/10
Range: 6-9/10
This has varying degrees of power range and fire rate. It all depends 
on how long you hold the fire button. Just tapping it looses 5 weak 
shots while holding it for about 7 seconds unleashes 1 BLOODY POWERFUL
shot. I don't want any emails about this.

e) Flash Cannon
Damage: 9/10
Fire Rate: 10/10
Range: 4/10

f) Blast Cannon
Damage: 9/10
Fire Rate: 5/10
Range: 8/10
This is only available in CCA missions

+5.2) Rockets+

a) Shadower
Damage: 5/10
Fire Rate: 2-5/10         )
Range: 10/10               \
---------                    |
b) Hornet                   /
---------                  /
Damage: 9/10              /
Fire Rate: 1-4/10         )
Range: 10/10               \
                            \_________________These 4 Rockets must 
--------                     |
c) Comet                    /                  LOCK-ON!!!!!!!!!
--------                   /
Damage: 10/10             /
Fire Rate: 4/10           )
Range: 10/10               \
-------------                |
d) TAG Cannon               /
-------------              /
Damage: 7/10              /
Fire Rate: 6/10           )
Range: 10/10

e) Sandbag
Damage: 0.5/10
Fire Rate: 3/10
Range: 5/10
This just slows down the target and slows down their auto-healing, 
also does miniscule damage.

f) Rocket
Damage: 9/10
Fire Rate: 5/10
Range: 8/10

+5.3) Mortars+

a) Mortar
Damage: 4/10
Fire Rate: 4/10
Range: 7/10

b) MDM Mortar
Damage: 6/10
Fire Rate: 4/10
Range: 7/10

c) Pop Gun
Damage: 6/10
Fire Rate: 4/10
Range: 9/10

d) Splinter
Damage: 0-9/10
Fire Rate: 0/10
Range: 3/10

+5.4) Special+

a) Solar Flare
Damage: 6/10
Fire Rate: 1/10
Range: 1/10

b) M-Curtain
Damage: 0/10
Fire Rate: 1/10
Range: 3/10
This is more of a shield, it deflects all weapons except for Flash 
Cannon. This is only here because you might just get hit by your own 
or a reflected attack.

c) MITS Mine
Damage: 0/10
Fire Rate: 1/10
Range: 2/10
If you pass over this, you will stay there. It will explode eventually
doing a teeny bit of damage.

d) Proximity Mine
Damage: 2/10
Fire Rate: 6/10
Range: 3/10

e) Thumper
Damage: 4/10
Fire Rate: 5/10
Range: 10/10

f) Phantom VIR   
This is just for bypassing Gun Towers, it makes you invisible.

g) SITE Cam      
Good for observing enemy movements, as you can see through terrain.

+5.5) Other+

||Day Wrecker Bomb||
Damage: 7/10
Fire Rate: N/A
Range: 20/10


This is the only bomb resembling thing in the game. It does 
significant damage over a very large area, so be sure to follow up 
with a Heavy Strike immediately after it hits! (See next section)

|| 6) Ideal Team Sizes ||

This just explains what you should have and how many depending on what
situation your in, such as recon or full on war.

a) Perimeter Recon Mission
Here you want fast light ships that are easy to handle, and so can 
flee very quickly.

Scout x1
Light Tank x2

b) Inside Recon Mission
What this is is just like a Perimeter Recon, except you are getting 
in very close to the enemy base and possibly entering it. For this you
need a bit more durability with a couple more escorts.

Scout x1
Light Tank x2
Tank x1

c) Exploration
This is when you are going to check the lye of the land, but you don't
know if the CCA are there already.

Scout x2
Tank x3

4) Light Strike
This is the thing where you want to make many attacks at an enemy 
base but you don't want to take ages manufacturing, so the attacks 
aren't really big.

Light Tank x2
Tank x3

5) Standard Strike
This is when you want to do significant damage in about 2 separate 

Scout x2
Tank x3
Bomber x2

6) Heavy Strike
This is stronger and larger than a standard strike, it's when you want
to take down the base in one attack rather than 2 or 5. 

Day Wrecker Bomb x1
Tank x5
APC x2
Bomber x3

If you do one of these be sure to attack straight after the Day 
Wrecker hits! This will ensure a fair bit of damage over a wide area 
and they won't have much time to auto-heal!

|| 7) FAQ ||

a) Where are the health and ammo packs?

Health and ammo packs are only made by the Recycler and Armory, there aren't 
any spread out across the level.

b) Why can't I build (insert vehicle here)?

The most likely reason is that you don't have enough scrap. If that's the 
case, build a scavenger and let it collect some. Otherwise you haven't built 
the manufacturer of that particular vehicle, or you already have enough of 
them. You can only have 10 offense, defense or utility vehicles and 10 of 
Constructor-built thing.

c) How do you complete (insert mission here)?

This is a walkthrough. Read it. If its not there, then most likely I haven't 
typed it up yet.

d) Is this a good game?

Why did I write the walkthrough for it?

e) I can't connect to any multiplayer servers! Why?

Can't help you there. See OFernando's Strategy Guide for that.

f) Do I have to follow what you say to complete the mission?
You don't have to follow it, it is just what I find easiest to complete each 
mission. When I have submitted a 100% finished copy of this, I will go back 
and try and find some additional strategies.

g) I noticed that you say CCA and Soviet as if they are the same thing. Why?

Because they ARE the same thing. The CCA is Russian, and this is set during 
the Cold War, so then the CCA is a Soviet organization.

h) I can't build a Gun Tower, yet I have enough scrap and a Constructor! 

There are only 2 possible answers I know of. One is that you haven't built a 
power supply yet. To be built or work, they need either an S-Power or L-
Power, and can only be built within a 50m radius of it. The other is that you 
already have 10 of them. 

i) Where are the weapon pick-ups?

All weapons are made solely and exclusively by the Armory. I believe there 
are pickups in multiplayer, but I don't know for sure.

j) Where is the Rave Gun?

This is available ONLY on Mission 1 for NSDF. Maybe in multiplayer, but 
again, I don't know for sure.

More FAQs will come when I think of them. No, they weren't actually asked. 
So I should probably rename this Miscellaneous. 


Me for writing this

Grandma for the 50 bucks to buy this

Ashleigh (my sister) for letting me use her PC to play this awesome 

CjayC for the awesome site GameFAQs and for hosting this FAQ

EB Games for selling this to me

Inferno2 - He helped me alot in making this FAQ a lot better. He 
pointed out how to make it more interesting, helped make it seem like
I actually tried (which I did), and was the main critique of the FAQ.

For any comments/suggestions/questions email them to me at: 

Sorry about that, that's to stop all the spambots that rove the netscape 
days. Just make sure its all lowercase, remove the slashes and make the (at) 
and the (dot) .. 
Be sure to put something in the heading such as "Battlezone Walkthrough"

Please don't send me any viruses, because I have a nasty one on one of
my disks and so I would hate to send it to you. Also, contact me if you see 
on any site other than the mentioned ones, especially on CCC. From what I've 
heard, "Dave" isn't the nicest of people, taking peoples guides without 
permission and altering them any way he likes.


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