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Strategy Guide by OFernando

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 07/09/1999

Battlezone Tips & Strategies

for Battlezone PC game by Activision
by Orlando C. Fernando (ocfernan@rochester.rr.com) 
Version 4.0 
Updated: July 9, 1999 

This guide shows some tips, strategies from my war adventures in Battlezone. 
This FAQ will grow as I gain more experience and receive any corrections. This 
guide also will try to
explain how to do some fundamentals not explained or explained badly (in my 
opinion) in the manual. :) Cheat tactics, mapmaking techniques, and advanced 
troubleshooting are beyond the scope of this guide. 

This guide assumes you are already familiar with Battlezone enough to play the 
training missions and a few of the first planets missions. It also assumes you 
have played in multiplayer a
few times and are familiar with "ping" and "lag". It is based on playing the 
game with the 1.4 patch in Windows 95 with a Diamond Voodoo1 3dfx I card and the 
large assets patch in
Windows 95 with a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card (although other patches will be 
referenced in the guide). 

UPDATE FROM 3.0: Large assets patch described; gamepad & music tips.
UPDATE FROM 2.0: Add-on maps and more multiplayer map and strategy tips.
UPDATE FROM 1.1: More multiplayer map tips.

This FAQ is also available at http://www.orlandofernando.com/bztips.html.

Table of Contents

1.Single Player Activity
   1.1 How can I skip the cinematic videos during the missions?
   1.2 Why don't I get all the vehicles as in the multiplayer with each mission?
   1.3 Can I save the game during a mission?
   1.4 Will these missions improve me for multiplayer?
   1.5 What is Instant Action? 
2.Multiplayer Activity in General
   2.1 Why don't I get all the single player units in multiplayer?
   2.2 What bizarre things happen in Battlezone with bad ping?
   2.3 How do I talk to only one person on the text screens?
   2.4 How do I talk during a live game?
   2.5 How do I talk to only one person during a live game?
   2.6 I get a "version mismatch" error when joining a game. Why?
   2.7 I get an error of missing some strange file when joining a game. Why?
   2.8 I get a "Can't join..." error when joining a game. Why?
   2.9 If I leave a live game, can I come back?
   2.10 I get "connection to game server lost" during a game periodically. 
Should I exit?
   2.11 How can I get new multiplayer maps? 
3.Multiplayer Strategy Activity
   3.1 Why is it called "strategy"?
   3.2 How do I join forces (ally) with someone?
   3.3 How do I break up with them (unally)?
   3.4 What defense building units need geysers and what doesn't?
   3.5 What buildings/structures need s-powers and what doesn't?
   3.6 My gun towers/s-powers are destroyed too easily. How can I optimize them?
   3.7: My scavengers and I are constant victims of minelayers/mine fields. 
        How can I cross them safely?
   3.8 I heard a sudden rumble/thunder, but my base seems intact and I get no 
       What happened?
   3.9 I heard a sudden rumble/thunder, and suddenly I'm losing units left and 
       What happened?
   3.10 I host a game. What's the pro/cons of each of the hosting options?
   3.11 My scavengers won't pick up anything! Why?
   3.12 My scavengers report no more scrap. Is that really it?
   3.13 I defeated all lives of an enemy, but his leftover units are still 
        Don't they always blow up when he/she is done?
   3.14 I joined a game and already no scrap is available! How can I survive?
   3.15 I host a game and enter it. No one yet arrives. 
        What preparations could I do while waiting?
   3.16 I left an empty vehicle near my barracks. Why won't a pilot come out to 
use it?
   3.17 Any tips for Corner Pocket?
   3.18 Any tips for Purgatory?
   3.19 Is there any general etiquette when playing strategy? 
4.Multiplayer Deathmatch Activity
   4.1 Why is it called "deathmatch"?
   4.2 How do I join forces (ally) with someone?
   4.3 My ship blew up. Where's my respawn vehicle when I land from an ejection?
   4.4 Is every powerup in every map? Where are some of these powerups?
   4.5 I can only pick pilots for some games. Why?
   4.6 Any tips for Mar's Rally?
   4.7 Any tips for Coliseum?
   4.8 Any tips for Odin's Eye?
   4.9 Any tips for Rings of Fire?
   4.10 Any tips for PacMan DM (add-on map)?
   4.11 Any tips for Titan Turmoil (add-on map)?
   4.12 Is there any general etiquette when playing deathmatch?
   4.13 What are some popular deathmatch variations? 
   5.1 How exactly does this sniping work?
   5.2 I can never snipe attempt in some of my games. Why?
   5.3 I keep aiming and I can't successfully snipe a vehicle in multiplayer! 
   5.4 Am I ALWAYS subject to 3 bullets until my next life? 
6.Weapons Tips
   6.1 I can't use my gun in my turret/howitzer/eagle lander! Why?
   6.2 I can't fire my image shadower/hornet. Why?
   6.3 How do I use this Phantom VIR? Don't notice anything.
   6.4 How do I use this RED Field? Don't notice anything.
   6.5 How do I group weapon hardpoints/fire more than 1 weapon?
   6.6 I get this bizarre sound when getting a powerup & can't get it. Why?
   6.7 Things keep hitting me from above! What weapon is hitting me?
   6.8 How do MITS mines work vs. M-Curtain mines? 
   7.1 What Battlezone directories should I backup?
   7.2 What joystick configuration do you suggest for gamepads?
   7.3 How do I get and use extra maps?
   7.4 What is this large assets patch I hear about?
   7.5 Can I play CD-ROM music while playing Battlezone? 

Section 1: Single Player Activity

1.1: How can I skip the cinematic videos during the missions?

During the animations both at the beginning of a mission (when the narrator 
speaks) and during any point in the middle of a mission, you can skip it by 
hitting the ESC key once it starts.

1.2: Why don't I get all the vehicles as in the multiplayer with each mission?

It's the game creator's intention. If you pay attention to the cinematic videos 
between missions along with the mission intro texts, they'll explain why you 
only have the few mobile units you
are provided, especially in the early NSDF missions. Likewise for building 
certain units (for example, you won't be able to build walkers until the NSDF 
discovers the enemy walker
technology on Venus. Seems logical.)

1.3: Can I save the game during a mission?

Yes. The entire mission does not have to be complete in order for you to save 
it. In fact, you could save the game just after the first few seconds of the 
mission if you wanted to (including
during a battle). Just hit ESC to go to the SAVE GAME screens. This is where you 
can also load an existing game if you feel you can't go on with the current one. 
Bear in mind that when
you reload a previous game, the exact same situation does not always happen. For 
example, on one reload, an enemy can suddenly attack from their base, while 
another time, an enemy
may not attack for a few minutes. So be wary at what point in the game you want 
to save. I do not advise saving in the middle of a battle.

1.4: Will these missions improve me for multiplayer?

Definitely. Several people advise beginners to play the first few missions (not 
just the training exercises) before playing multiplayer. You will slowly get the 
gist of using the different mobile
units and attacking the enemy as well as getting used to your 
joystick/keyboard/mouse controls. You run no threat of enemies sniping you when 
you destroy their vehicle. Also, some
enemies (including scavengers) don't exactly have the common sense to retreat 
when you clearly outnumber and outgun them. You have less activity to deal with 
at once. I highly advise to
listen to all the dialogues and read all the texts as they will go a long way in 
explaining the purpose of many of the units. Many people also report (because of 
some recon bugs in the
game) to turn strategy help off.

1.5: What is Instant Action?

Instant Action is another type of single player strategy which consist of only 
one mission and likely several objectives. It is basically like playing one 
normal single player mission. The retail
game itself, to my knowledge, does not provide any instant action scenarios. 
However, you can download these add-on mission maps made by others. BzArmory 2 
web site has a
handful among many other web sites. See section 7 for instructions on 
downloading add-on maps. 

Section 2: Multiplayer Activity in General

2.1: Why don't I get all the single player units in multiplayer?

Several of the units would be redundant for the multiplayer arena. The wind and 
lightning powers are simply offshoots of the s-power. Field HQs are variants of 
the supply units. Relics, of
course, have little use other than for design & aesthetics in multiplayer since 
there are no recon missions. With the number of different units you need to 
manage and operate, keeping the
units limited and simple is a micromanager's dream. :) 

2.2: What bizarre things happen in Battlezone with bad ping?

An enemy with bad ping won't affect the activity of your vehicle and units, but 
that of the enemy. Ships of players with bad ping will tend to stay in place and 
go in circles then suddenly
disappear. You may suddenly see a walker in one spot then suddenly "zip" over to 
another spot 50m away. If you fire at them with direct guns, damage may take 
time to register on their
vehicles (assuming you actually hit them and not their "lag" appearance). Lock-
on guns (rockets and missiles) may be hard to lock onto someone and/or suddenly 
lose their target upon
travel. I have had reports of high ping players also having trouble firing at 
the other enemies. Stationary units, on the contrary, will stay in place. I 
believe that when you attack them, their
damage still occurs quickly (can someone confirm this?). From my experience, I 
can chat to a high ping player during a live game. 

Chatting, however, may be affected when in the chat rooms. (Check to see if they 
have a ping either very high or of zero, which could also be attributed to the 
server performance.)
People usually ask high ping players in a game to exit and return, which 
sometimes corrects it. 

2.3: How do I talk to only one person on the text screens?

Select the person to talk to in the lower left box of people on-line. Type your 
text in your chat box, then click on the W box underneath the people on-line 

2.4: How do I talk during a live game?

Hit the accent/tilde key (the key left of the 1 key on English keyboards) to 
open a one-line chat box. Type away and hit ENTER to send. 

2.5: How do I talk to only one person during a live game?

Hit the accent/tilde key (the key left of the 1 key on English keyboards) to 
open a one-line chat box. Push the up or down arrow key to scroll through the 
direct player or team to chat to.
Type away and hit ENTER to send. It will remember the last person you talked to 
the next time you try to chat. To go back to chatting with everyone, use the 
up/down arrow key to
select TO ALL the next time you chat. 

2.6: I get a "version mismatch" error when joining a game. Why?

You don't have the same version of Battlezone as the person hosting that game. 
As of this writing (Oct 14 98), version 1.4 is the most up-to-date patch 
available for the game (1.5 for
some with certain configurations). I highly advise downloading the latest patch 
from the web, as most hosters tend to always use the latest patch available. (If 
you are upgrading from
1.31, be sure to uninstall the anti-cheat patch if you have one before 
installing 1.4.) 

If, however, you already have the latest patch and get this error, the hoster's 
game version is out-of-date. Better to move on to another hosted game with your 

2.7: I get an error of missing some strange file when joining a game. Why?

Did you also notice that there was no normal S, D, or P labels before the game 
name? The hosted game requires an add-on map which could be obtained from the 
web (if you wish to
play it). 

2.8: I get a "Can't join..." error when joining a game. Why?

Some causes are unknown. But one probable cause is that someone suddenly joined 
the game just seconds before you which closed the game up (the maximum number of 
game players
are reached). After accepting the error, watch if the max is reached when the 
screen refreshes. You may even find yourself exiting a game and reentering it 
only to encounter this error
too! (very frustrating) 

2.9: If I leave a live game, can I come back?

For the most part, yes (assuming everyone hadn't left the game by the time you 
returned). You may occasionally get the dreaded "Can't join..." error for which 
there's nothing that can be
done. :( 

2.10: I get a "connection to game server lost" during a game periodically. 
Should I exit?

No. You're merely losing the connection to the machine responsible for chatting 
in the chat rooms. It doesn't have an effect on your game. Once you start a 
game, it doesn't require
constant interaction between the players and the server. I do hear that it does 
break your connection if you get this message in the chat rooms (unconfirmed). 

2.11: How can I get new multiplayer maps?

Many web sites have multiplayer maps. The Bz:Armory2 site is among my favorites. 
The files required for a particular map are conveniently zipped up into one 
file. Instructions are
normally given in the zipped file's readme file. You basically unzip the files 
into your /BATTLEZONE/ADDON directory. You will also need to add a line at the 
bottom of your netmis
file (located in the /BATTLEZONE root directory) so your game recognizes the 
map. The line should also be contained in the readme file. (If you have the 
utility program MapAdder, you
can use this program instead to automatically manipulate the netmis file.) Once 
this is done, the map will then be available in your multiplayer game 
preparation screen (the one in which
you choose your tank). 

Section 3: Multiplayer Strategy Activity

3.1: Why is it called "strategy"?

This game mode closely resembles some of the single player missions involving 
the recycler. The goal of the game is to defeat all the enemy players' lives. 
You will have full access to your
recycler to build offenses, defenses, utilities, etc. to build a force to attack 
or defend from the enemy. The player list during the game (accessed by pressing 
the M key) displays the
people participating, their team numbers (valuable for allying with them), their 
deaths, kills, and remaining lives. Deaths are the number of times that player's 
units, including themselves, are
destroyed (not sure for APC pilots killed though). Kills are the number of times 
that player has destroyed a unit or other player. You lose a life if you 
yourself are killed on foot. So a
typical strategy game doesn't run as quickly as you may think. It can range from 
30 min. to even 4 hours depending on the map size, player skills, # of 
latecomers joining, and scrap

Of course, unlike the single player missions, YOU call the shots as to how you 
want to confront the enemy. Do you put out a full force of tanks on them? Do you 
partner up with someone
and build a dual fortress of a base? Do you spy on the enemy on foot to see what 
they got? Do you go in major scavenge and explore mode for a while? An 
assortment of preparations
and outcomes can happen. 

3.2: How do I join forces (ally) with someone?

Make sure you are in the live game (not the game chat screens). Hit the M key to 
show the player list. Note the team number of the person you want to ally with. 
Hit Y then the team
number. If you had reassigned the Y key to do something else, you could use CTRL 
[ instead. 

On the player list, the ally player statistics should turn blue, along with his 
units on radar and (in most cases) his flag above his units. Then, the other 
players will get a message that you
allied with a certain team number. Your friendlies will not attack your ally's 
buildings and units (including gun towers and turrets) although you are capable 
of it yourself (should you be so
mean and dishonorable). You can enjoy the benefits of their supply, hangar, and 
armory powerups but not their comm towers or scavengers. You cannot order their 
units nor order your
units to their nav beacons. 

Be aware that it takes two to tangle. The other person must ally with you too 
and you need to look for their chat message "ALLY WITH [your team number]". If 
you do not see that, they
have not allied with you. This would make them capable of attacking you and your 
base with your units not able to do anything about it (unless you unally, refer 
to next section). 

You can ally with more than one person (everyone in the game, if you prefer). 
However, once again, make sure they had all allied with you too. 

If you hit the ally key by mistake and didn't intend to ally with anyone, enter 
0 as a team number to complete the command and cancel the alliance. 

3.3: How do I break up with them (unally)?

Once you are allied with someone, you remain so unless you manually unally with 
them, one of you leaves the game, or the game is over. 

To unally, make sure you are in the live game (not the game chat screens). Hit 
the M key to show the player list. Note the team number of the person you want 
to unally with. Hit U then
the team number. If you had reassigned the U key to do something else, you could 
use CTRL ] instead. 

On the player list, the other player statistics should turn back to red, along 
with his units on radar and his flag above his units. Then, the other players 
will get a message that you unallied
with a certain team number. 

3.4: What defense building units need geysers and what doesn't?

Recyclers, factories, and armory units require geysers. Constructors do not. 

3.5: What buildings/structures need s-powers and what doesn't?

Gun towers and comm towers require s-powers. Supply units, Hangars, barracks, 
and silos do not. 

3.6: My gun towers/s-powers are destroyed too easily. How can I optimize them?

Be aware of 2 major characteristics of gun towers: (1) they can safely be 
destroyed long range by bombers and (2) CCA gun towers are pre-loaded with mere 
chainguns. With these
flaws in mind, be sure to have an armory boost the powers of your CCA gun 
towers. Consider flash cannons and/or blast cannons. Position s-powers between 
gun towers and your base
or a wall. Try to not position gun towers in open fields where bombers can 
clearly take them out hundreds of meters away undetected. Place them so that in 
order for bombers to start
firing at them, they'd have to come within gun firing range, such as around a 
bend in a path. Set more than one s-power per gun tower and try to have each s-
power serve more than one
gun tower. If you are chasing an enemy toward your base, try to chase them into 
one of your proud gun towers. :) 

3.7: My scavengers and I are constant victims of minelayers/mine fields. How can 
I cross them safely?

Look for the red dots on your mini map display (with CAPS LOCK). If you see 
them, order your scavengers either back to base or to follow you before they hit 
the mines. Another
possible giveaway of mine attacks are getting emergency beeps with your radar 
units blinking red, but only in 5-30 second spurts. Stepping on enemy mines 
counts as an enemy attack
according to your radar system. Mines can be destroyed by gunfire. I prefer to 
toss mortars since you can lob them over other mines and take out a set of close 
mines in one shot. Make
sure you keep back as your removing each one. 

3.8: I heard a sudden rumble/thunder, but my base seems intact and I get no 
warnings. What happened?

Another player has used the dreaded day wrecker on someone. The rumble occurred 
just as it dropped on its target. You may have seen it followed with a few or 
several status
messages that various units of the victim player are destroyed. Be lucky it was 
not you! 

3.9: I heard a sudden rumble/thunder, and suddenly I'm losing units left and 
right! What happened?

You were the victim of the dreaded day wrecker, a truly devastating weapon. 
Before the boom, you might have seen some sort of red object coming down (likely 
on your recycler).
That's the one! It spreads out significant damage over a certain meters radius 
of its target, including so many meters in the air. It is like a light nuclear 
bomb. If the enemy hasn't attacked
until this point, be prepared for a possible battle. Unless your units were in 
bad shape to begin with, one day wrecker usually can't finish off many of your 
units (but certainly put good
damage on them). A wise enemy will follow up with an attack of units. Sometimes, 
after an enemy attack, they may also decide to drop this hellish present, so 

3.10: I host a game. What's the pros/cons of each of the hosting options?

SYNC JOIN - This prevents anyone from entering the live game until the last 
person in the prepare screen launches a la MechWarrior 2 style. Red squares 
beside players on the Player
Status box indicate that they have not launched. When they do so, the square 
becomes green. Use this option if you are certain people will join your game 
soon and you want to start
everyone on fair ground scrapwise. The downside is, of course, having to wait by 
your computer for someone to come before starting to launch. 

Having it off allows people to come and go as they please, a la Quake 2 style. 
It definitely guarantees latecomers that may have less scrap to hunt for and 
choices of base placement. If
you want an early game advantage, turn this off. Usually latecomers will decide 
for themselves based on the game time that has passed and the amount of scrap 
they see available whether
or not they will stay. Most people usually don't mind entering a non-synced 

COMM TOWERS - Turning this off prevents building of communications towers by the 
constructor, making it difficult to spy on enemy units or plant a day wrecker 
from a very long
distance. It will force players to move closer to enemy quarters to plan their 

BARRACKS - Turning this off prevents building of barracks by the constructor. 
Players will have to closely regulate the number of attack units to produce 
since they are limited to the
pilots from the recycler (and factory if made). Once those pilots are killed, 
there's no way to have more. 

PLAYER LIMIT - Fewer people means more time to concentrate on the building of 
units and planning attacks. More people can create more fun or nightmarish chaos 
as there will be
more fighting for scrap and likelihood of surprise attacks from neighbors. 
Allies will probably form with 4 players or more (some add-on maps allow more 
than 4 players in the game). In
fact, I encourage allying by that point since they'll be less scrap distribution 
per player and too many people will be onslaught from wave attacks upon wave 
attacks from various players. 

PLAYER LIVES - Having few lives per person does not make the game very short as 
you may think. Remember that many of your units can be killed constantly, but 
ultimately it is the
kill of you the pilot that costs you a life. In fact, 5-life games can go on for 
quite a few hours! Having only one or two lives significantly will affect what 
units to produce and when to
attack. Protecting the recycler, in fact, becomes much less significant if there 
is only one life to protect. More offensive and quick attacks are likely in such 
a "sudden death" situation. 

SNIPING - There's quite a few hosts that turn this off, which disables use of 
your sniper rifle as a pilot on foot. In this scenario, once your ship gets 
destroyed, returning to a friendly or
unmanned ship and/or your recycler becomes a high priority. Pilot run-over 
deaths by enemy vehicles are significantly higher than when sniper-enabled. 
Keeping this off is also
recommended for a game of beginner players, as it gets quite discouraging to 
suddenly be sniped while sitting in your ship trying to slowly operate the 
command unit interface. Purists such
as myself prefer to keep this on as it gives a fighting advantage for pilots on 
foot vs. the powerful vehicles. 


3.11: My scavengers won't pick up anything! Why?

Did they report "no more scrap"? If so, they will remain idle (refer to question 
3.12) . Otherwise, they could have been sniped. See if you or another fellow 
pilot can enter the vehicle.
What if they reported "there is no scrap storage"? Your recycler could be 
undeployed and your silos could be full. A final most likely reason is that the 
scrap storage is full (which will not
be reported). Look at your scrap number status. Once you produce more units or 
silos (or order the scavengers elsewhere) they will move again. 

3.12: My scavengers report no more scrap. Is that really it?

Not necessarily, especially early in a live game. There may only no scrap 
visible to your radar. Once you venture out beyond your range to find more 
scrap, or units within your radar
range get destroyed, the scavengers will go back to work. 

3.13: I defeated all lives of an enemy, but his leftover units are still around. 
Don't they always blow up when he/she is done?

When all the player's lives are lost, the player goes to the Game Stats screen, 
where he can continue to chat with the other players. However, all his remaining 
units will not wipe out until
he/she leaves this screen to return to the general chat lounge. As long as the 
player is on the Game Stats screen (regardless of how many lives lost), his/her 
remaining units are still quite
active, snipable, and destroyable. 

If you are allied with this person, ask if he will stay in the Game Stats screen 
long enough for you to use his supplies, hangar or maybe snipe out a few 
vehicles to help you out. They may
not because while they are on the Game Stats screen, they cannot do much else 
but chat, so rarely expect a yes. 

If you are not allied with this person, try to snipe out some vehicles and 
quickly enter in and out of them quickly before the player hits the lounge. The 
vehicle will then be under your
possession. And because you claimed them quick enough, they won't go poof when 
his other units explode! 

3.14: I joined a game and already no scrap is available! How can I survive?

Always note the game time, maximum scrap available, and people list on the game 
preparation screen (where you pick your tank) before launching. Game times more 
than 30 minutes
and/or with light/moderate scrap and/or with several people in it are very 
likely to have little or no scrap. Some add-on maps, however, like Big Ass Moon, 
have a multitude of scrap,
allowing plenty of scrap if less than 4 people have joined the game for around 
30 minutes. 

So you decide, despite the odds, you want to join anyway. I personally like this 
sort of challenge occasionally because it causes you to severely regulate your 
scrap usage and evaluate
what units are most important for you in the game. 

Among the odds working against you are (1) competing with well-established 
armies, (2) leaving your recycler to a light or no defense, (3) a sudden attack 
without warning, even right
after you launch, (4) high likelihood of very little scrap, probably from unit 
destructions, (5) impracticality or impossibility of setting a comm tower. 

Before I continue, I HIGHLY advise not bothering to linger in such a game if 
either there are known cheaters, the map is very small with no volunteering 
allies, or sniping is diabled. You'll
only waste precious Battlezone playing time suffering massive frustrations! 

My plan launching into the game is to at least build an armory, then perhaps one 
offensive vehicle, then to equip your tank and the other with an ideal weapon. I 
would explore the
immediate area first to see if there's any scrap left before making a scavenger. 
Otherwise, it's a waste of a unit. You may have to be prepared to leave your 
recycler exposed. You may
even want to already pack it up so that in the event of an enemy attack, it's 
ready to move. 

Look at the player list to see someone that looks the least threatening (high 
deaths, little kills, 1-2 lives left) and attack them. If successful, you'll 
have new scrap to build some more (at
which point you can make a scavenger). Beware however, that better players may 
have their eyes on the same target as you, so watch the periodic killings status 
messages to see who's
killing who. And it doesn't hurt to consider allying with someone. (Losing 
players are especially longing for allies.) 

Each time you lose a life, you should have enough remaining scrap to make 1 
fighter per life when you respawn. Of course, the odds are worse now as your 
less likely to have enough
scrap to make your favorite weapons anymore. 

Finally, be prepared to spend significant time in the game on foot, sniping 
vehicles attempting to re-attack, or simply to escape. Escaping with a scavenger 
wouldn't be such a bad idea

3.15: I host a game and enter it live. No one yet arrives. What preparations 
could I do while waiting?

Aaah. Unlike entering a game late, you now have the best odds in your favor. You 
have the freedom to do whatever you want uninhibited by attacks or enemy 

For someone more the defensive type, I prefer to build chief units in this order 
while alone: (1) 3/4 scavengers, (2) armory, (3) constructor, (4) s-powers, (5) 
gun towers, (6) supply, (7)
silo, (8) barracks, (9) any offense/turrets with powerups. This assumes, of 
course, that you have enough scrap available to make them all. Powerup the gun 
towers if necessary. 

For someone more the aggressive type, I prefer to build chief units in this 
order while alone: (1) 3/4 scavengers, (2) factory, (3) some rocket 
tanks/bombers/tanks with powerups, (4)
some turrets with powerups, (5) armory, (6) barracks, (7) constructor, (8) 
hangar, (9) supply, (10) walkers, APC, or s-powers, (11) gun towers, (12) a nav 
beacon in each corners of
the map, (13) enough scrap build for a day wrecker. 

My intention here is to set up the immediate 6 or 7-manned destructive army 
first, then have a 2nd wave of more powerful forces (the remaining offensive 
units) to back them up. The day
wrecker could come just before or after your attack, and the set nav beacons can 
help plot that. 

As a host though, be careful not to be a scrap hog. Leave enough for others to 
want to join. You can instruct scavs to come back to base if they are going into 
a quadrant where other
players would launch (typically the other 3 empty corners of your map). 

3.16: I left an empty vehicle near my barracks. Why won't a pilot come out to 
use it?

I assume you have pilots remaining in your barracks to deploy. The problem is 
you are standing too close to your barracks. Back up or move away some distance, 
then you'll see a new
pilot pop out to commandeer the vehicle. 

3.17: Any tips for Corner Pocket?

I highly recommend placing gun towers or turrets near your base since there is 
such a narrow chokepoint entrance. This gives you freedom to attack/snipe 
visitors from the opposite
chokepoint (directly across the "street" from your base). 

3.18: Any tips for Purgatory?

Using the CAPS LOCK map view, regard the entire figure 8 map. You get a little 
scrap close to your base. However, the vast areas of scrap are toward the middle 
ends of the map. So
it will take quite a while for scavengers to retrieve considerable scrap. Use 
this to your offensive advantage. 

1) Place one or two gun towers at one of the middle ends of the 8 (where the top 
and bottom side paths join).
2) At the other middle end, or at the center of the 8, place a nav beacon. Have 
a minelayer lay some mines there.
3) Set a nav beacon halfway back to your base. Use this spot for the minelayer 
to retreat for a while to conserve some mines until the existing ones disappear. 
Send it back to lay more
afterwards if the territory is still enemy free. Won't the enemy scavengers be 
up for some surprises when they arrive to the middle area to retrieve scrap! 

3.19: Is there any general etiquette when playing strategy?

Here are general ones which most players will agree on. 

1) If a player calls for taking a few minutes to build their units before 
attacking them, respect them. It's usually because either everyone want to build 
early in the game first or this player
had just joined in very late without much to start out with. Violating that will 
guarantee a quick exit by that player. These sort of requests do not tend to 
happened very habitually anyway. 

2) If you kill a player's life yourself, then suddenly see him reappear as a 
pilot, consider if that is that player's respawn point (the spot that a player 
will reappear after he/she dies). If you
realize that is the case, back off of him or at least attack some of his/her 
other units so the player can have at least a fighting chance to do some moving 
or ordering. Mowing over a
respawned player 2 or more times may be considered cheap by some people. Use 
your strict discretion, especially if they chat to you themselves to stop 
attacking their respawn point. 

3) If you want to ally with someone, call it first (either to everyone or just 
that person) and wait for them to ally first. Take this from past experience. 
Many people are not familiar with
how to ally so you may need to explain it. As a courtesy, you might want to tell 
them you allied once you do so (they could tell from the status message, but 
beginners may not understand
it). Conversely, if someone asks you to join them and you want to, ally with 
them immediately. 

3a) Do not be a traitor to your ally. This can cause great heat and anger. If 
you made a general mistake attacking one of your allies (such as their pilots 
since they can be difficult to
identify by flag and without radar), apologize immediately. If you want to 
unally, tell them first. Very few people may be purposeful traitors to knock out 
your gun towers without
retaliation. I've had an ally walker sit by my supply depot picking away at all 
my defenses! If you suspect a cold traitor, declare it and immediately unally 
with them. 

4) Actually help your ally when you are allied. Don't be a lone wolf with a 
little extra protection. You can help in minor ways such as telling your ally 
your location so they can set their
base with you, giving them a spare vehicle if they are stuck on foot, making 
them some powerups from your armory, or even just telling them that you have a 
hangar or supply depot
available. If your base is pretty well fortified and defended, ask your ally if 
you can defend their base (alone or with a little offense/defense). The more 
active ways to help can involve
backing up your allied units attacking an enemy, protecting their scavengers, or 
warning them of an enemy's weakness or incoming attack. If you nearly annihilate 
a key enemy structure
(such as a recycler) before getting killed, alert your ally of that so that they 
could possibly finish the job. Any of these simple courtesies will significantly 
enrich both your gameplaying as
well as possibly making a new e-mail friend! 


Section 4: Multiplayer Deathmatch Activity

4.1: Why is it called "deathmatch"?

It is a terminology highly adopted from the Quake games meaning "free for all". 
All players are enemies. There are no allies (in most cases). Anyone can attack 
anyone else at any time.
When your vehicle gets destroyed, you are auto-ejected and a new vehicle will 
automatically respawn near your landing. If you are killed before entering your 
respawn vehicle, you will
reappear where you first started the live game. Depending on the game options, 
game ends after so many kills, time runs out, or you simply decide to leave. A 
non-timed live game can
run forever. 

4.2: How do I join forces (ally) with someone?

Unlike multiplayer strategy, you cannot (although the command will falsely 
appear to work). You could ask around during the live game if you want to form 
teams and just make sure you
always kill your enemy (use the T key to identify the player target you're 

4.3: My ship blew up. Where's my respawn vehicle when I land from an ejection?

If it's not in front of you, look behind you. If you are on a hill, it may be at 
the top or bottom of the hill. Listen for the engine to guide you. 

4.4: Is every powerup in every map? Where are some of these powerups?

Generally ammo and repair are on every map. The weapons powerups can be in some 
out-of-the-way places on some maps, especially the more powerful ones. Look for 
them on
hilltops or on the extreme corners of the map, even in lava! Note that some 
powerups may take longer to reset than others, but they always appear in the 
same spots on the map. 

4.5: I can only pick pilots for some games. Why?

These are sniper only deathmatches. You start out and remain as pilots, 
constantly trying to snipe out the other enemies. Most maps usually provide a 
non-ammo vehicle just so you can
enter and hop out to reset your sniper ammo. You can also score kills, however, 
by killing them with your standard plasma rifle (after many hits) or running 
them over with a vehicle.
Usually, these alternative means are not the main focus of the game. 

4.6: Any tips for Mars Rally?

If you go in as a rocket tank, you can't go wrong with a destructive Image 
Shadower/Pop Gun combo! Once you make your way around the long "track" to the 
main large area in the
northwest corner of the map, head east. At the west rock wall of the main area, 
there's some slopes to help you get atop a high cliff path running north to the 
northwest corner of the map.
Aside from some ammo, repair, and a splinter, you'll find a nice Pop Gun at the 
corner. Hornets, I feel, are useless in deathmatch, so replace its hardpoint 
with the Pop Gun. Group it with
the Image Shadower to be a lethal machine! Make sure you always run for the 
ammo/repair powerups after each kill (because you only get about 14 shots. If 
you are at the receiving end
of such a vehicle, get a Phantom VIR or RED Field to completely protect 

If you go in as a tank with 2 cannon hardpoints, consider picking up the blast 
cannon twice at the north section of the main area (near some narrow pointed 
peaks) and have them
grouped together. Once again you'll have limited ammo for this setup, but with 
well-placed blasts, you will reduce the enemy in 10 seconds! Each hit will do 
roughly 20-30% damage on
an average enemy vehicle! Do NOT bother with getting two flash cannons because 
it wastes ammo too quickly and requires a VERY steady fix on the enemy. 

4.7: Any tips for Colloseum?

If you MUST be an eagle lander for this map, plant yourself either at the very 
central top, or one of the extreme corners of the map. I've found these places 
to be the best in terms of most
exposure to the area to fire and (in the case of the corners) least turning 
involved. Those I think are the areas of best success rates (though still bad 
relative to the other vehicles in the

If you're always on the Pop Gun receiving end of an nightmarish walker perched 
at the central top, consider getting a SITE camera. Use the site camera to 
circle around the "stairs" find
the back of the walker and climb up the coliseum to it. Then start attacking 
away, strafing to always work your way around the back of it. (Perhaps a RED 
Field may be another Special
beneficial here?) 

4.8: Any tips for Odin's Eye?

In the center crater of this moon map is a mighty killing machine which packs a 
bolt buddy and SEVERAL comet-like missiles. The problem is getting the vehicle 
out of the crater, which
over a dozen MITS mines protecting it. If caught in any of these MIT mines, 
you're temporary missile or sniper bait until it explodes. And beware, they 
reappear after a few seconds!
When heading into the crater, jump out of your vehicle (you're not going to need 
it anymore anyway) and try to steer so you land right into the vehicle. Once in, 
you'll find one ramp which
you can use to get out. You will highly likely be stuck on a MITS mine at the 
foot of the ramp before exiting. Once at the top rim of the crater, make a left 
and soon make a right into one
of the low gaps between the crater peaks. You will have to jump jet to assist 
you. Once out, the fun begins. It turns into a contest to see how long you 
survive in your vehicle while going
on the killing spree. I suggest sticking to the west or northwest plains of the 
map since there's scattered ammo and repair power-ups to assist you. 

The other region to well note is a collection of weapons, ammo, and repair 
power-ups in a narrow east-west channel at the far southeast of the map. You may 
even begin the game there. 

4.9: Any tips for Rings of Fire?

Believe it or not, many battles will take place in the rings of lava themselves 
(in which you gradually lose energy). When hunting for others or trying to 
escape a final blow, drive around the
rings in either direction and you will constantly collect repair power-ups. 
Beware that in the center of the rings is also lava, except for the outer 
perimeters, just before you see the solid
red of the lava. Obtain the bolt buddy (in the southeast area of the lower ring) 
as quickly as possible to gain substantial advantage. 

Also, when ejecting as a pilot, ALWAYS land on the outer solid grey cliffs that 
surround the rings. If you do not land near the top grounds of these cliffs, 
you're respawn vehicle is likely
to roll down the cliff into the lava! 

4.10: Any tips for PacMan DM (add-on map)?

Noticed that all the weapons powerups are up on the hills? Take note of it! If 
you manage to grab the almighty Pac Tank APC, get two Flash Cannons. You will 
fry the enemy, especially
with ammo always near by. If you are a vehicle on the receiving end of this 
threat, pick up a Pop Gun and group it with your favorite cannon or missile 
weapon to match its firepower. 

4.11: Any tips for Titan Turmoil (add-on map)?

Credit goes to the creator of this map of mixed treats! There is a major variety 
of vehicles and powerups on this Venus medium-sized map. Two relics are here for 
target practice. ;)
Below gives you the flavor of the kind of things available: 

Vehicles- AT-Stabber Walker (northwest), L.Tank w/ Sandbag & TAG (northeast), 
standard Walker (in the southwest steel pit area atop one of the high 
platforms), Bomber (another

Weapons- Comet (southwest corner; try not to get stuck in the narrow channel), 
Bolt Buddy (northeast, north of the two relics), Pop Gun (north central), Solar 
Flares (central), Splinter
(west central). 


4.12: Is there any general etiquette when playing deathmatch?

Not really, due to the nature of the game. You may suspect that camping (a 
Quake-adopted term for staying by a powerup for a long time to fill up on ammo, 
repair, or weapons) may
be lame. It is not generally the case in Battlezone since (a) most players are 
constantly on the move and you could be a target fairly quickly and (b) you are 
an easy sniper target when
idle. If you choose to camp, pick a powerup spot away from the main grounds of 
battle, such as the lower steps of Pyramid or the highest rows in Colloseum. The 
center of the map,
especially the repair at the 4-pillar court in Pyramid is a hotbed of battle. 

4.13: What are some popular deathmatch variations?

Sometimes hosts like to put some added rules into a deathmatch game, which 
aren't enforceable by the hosting options themselves. It is left to the honor 
system of the players to respect
that rule(s). Usually the rule is obvious from the title of the hosted game. 
Below are approximate title names along with their rules. 

Turrets vs. Walkers- Probably the most popular spin on a deathmatch these days. 
You must either pick a turret or a walker. A US or Russian type does not matter. 
Walkers can only
attack turrets and vice versa. Walkers have the advantage of high impact 
weapons, immediate firepower and strong hull, while turrets have the mobility 
and smaller size for hiding. Playing
this on the Leap of Faith map is especially challenging with the presence of the 
rave gun weapon in the southwest area of the map. Top priority should be to get 
the rave gun, then to work
your way to the center plateau on the map (far easier done with a turret than a 
walker). From there you can target a wide variety of opponents throughout the 
hills. Because of the rave
gun's amazing splash damage (damaging players near it's hit radius), you can 
even take out a turret or walker peeking out or hiding behind a thin wall of 
rock. It is generally the first player
who gets a rave gun and occupies the center that will have a HUGE killing 
advantage, not to mention the plentiful ammo power-ups there. Take out any rave 
gun opponents first. If a
walker, watch out for turret rave gun rays since due to the poor visibility of 
the planet, you may not see the small turrets. If you cannot make it to the 
center plateau due to another player
already controlling it, perch yourself on a cliffside or somewhere on the lower 
banks. Do NOT stay at the clifftops where you are easy blast cannon and VERY 
easy rave gun bait! 

Cable Modem- The requirement is for all players to have cable modem service for 
their network gaming, assuring a lower ping game than those that include 
telephone modem players. 

Cheaters Welcome- Cheating is allowed in the game. This also implies an 
assumption for games not titled for cheaters: If a game title or host does not 
somehow specify cheating
allowed, ASSUME cheating is not allowed! It saves major headaches and anger from 
us non-cheating players, thank you. :) 

Scouts Only- Having only US and Russian scouts encourages a generally high 
cannon, low missile game, relying on precision firing and quick strafing rather 
than lock-ons. 

Bombers Only- Provides a slower combat version of Scouts Only. With slower 
movement and turning radius, it makes the game feel like a chess game full of 

[A Clan] vs. All- The host and some fellow players are part of a Battlezone clan 
(team of players agreeing to train and fight together on a routine basis). They 
are challenging anybody
else to attack them and only them to score points. Since clans are usually 
highly skilled players, the game winds up being quite a combat zone! 

Walkers Only- US or Russian Walkers only. Probably the closest variation to 
resembling a Mech Warrior game. With very predictable behavior involved, the key 
is to land all your
damaging shots on the enemy before they destroy you. A game more of quick direct 
firepower rather than evading and precision. 

Landers Only- One of the less popular and strangest variations of a deathmatch 
game. Aside from somewhat predictable behavior from the landers, you have some 
players flying very
high, then jumping out to do some "skydiving" shooting with other pilots. A 
strange and surreal experience. 

Section 5: Sniping

5.1: How exactly does this sniping work? 

Sniping works in all variations of single player and multiplayer games in the 
same way. While on foot, you can use a sniper rifle to instantly kill another 
pilot on foot or in certain units.
Then, you can steal their unit for your own use. To snipe a unit, switch to your 
sniper rifle and aim in the general direction of your target. Look in your 
sniper monitor and pinpoint the
glowing yellow dot on the unit or at the heart of the pilot on foot. That's your 
target. Shoot the target accurately, and it's success. If the unit was moving at 
the time, it will suddenly stop. If
you were playing the single player, the bright dot will turn a quick red before 
disappearing and you'll hear a light gushy sound of the pilot's organs being 
terminated. :) If you were playing
multiplayer, you'll also get a status message indicating you sniped someone. 

Players being targeted for a snipe receive no warning in any way. They have to 
find your little pilot self on their viewing screen to realize what you are up 
to. And to my knowledge,
computer pilots never snipe. 

It could also be your savior when a vehicle tries to run you over and you have 
no safety ground. With enough practice and bravery, its much worth the risk to 
face the vehicle head on
with the sniper rifle aimed at hand. That little "dot" becomes MUCH bigger as 
the target vehicle approaches you. You do run the risk, of course, of being run 
over before getting the shot;
even after the shot if you are too close to it at the time (the vehicle would 
run you over as it grinds to a stop and you would both lose a life). 

I have survived 2 out of 4 successful vehicle rundowns this way (the other two 
resulted in both of us getting killed :) A smarter vehicle driver would have 
killed the pilot with a weapon
such as a mortar or cannon while approaching. 

5.2: I can never snipe attempt in some of my games. Why? 

The host has disabled sniping. 

5.3: I keep aiming and I can't successfully snipe a vehicle in multiplayer! Why? 

Make sure you are aiming at a manned unit that has a snipe "dot". Building units 
such as factories and armory aren't snipable. Additionally, some vehicles such 
as walkers cannot be
sniped. If it is a vehicle that is snipable, that means it's unmanned. So no 
need to snipe it! Just take it away! 

It is harder to snipe vehicles from long distance as the "dot" is much smaller. 
This is even more difficult if the multiplayer has bad ping. Their units will 
zigzag on the screen to much to have
a steady "dot" target. For them, consider going for a stationary target or seek 
another enemy. 

5.4: Am I ALWAYS subject to 3 bullets until my next life? 
Not if you can find any unmanned vehicle to enter then hop out of again. 
Entering vehicles replenishes your bullets and repair. 


Section 6: Weapons Tips

6.1: I can't use my gun in my turret/howitzer/eagle lander! Why? 

You need to deploy it first. That means hitting the K key to plant yourself on 
the ground and set up your guns. The eagle lander takes a significant while to 
prepare (about 8-10 seconds)
so allow plenty of time. The howitzer preparation time is somewhat shorter, 
followed by the turret. Once set, you will be able to turn your aim again and 
start firing. 

6.2: I can't fire my image shadower/hornet. Why? 

These are lock-on rockets which require you to hold the mouse button and aim at 
your target. Get into range of your target and click and hold the mouse button 
at the target. Once you
keep on your target long enough (the hornet is more sensitive than the shadower) 
for your reticle to become red, release the mouse button to fire. If you turn 
around after a lock-on, it's
still fixed on, so it's OK to release it. The rockets have been known to fail 
when going around some solid walls. Also, be careful not to aim your reticle at 
your armory when getting more
ammo. It might accidentally fire on it. 

6.3: How do I use this Phantom VIR? Don't notice anything.

Phantom VIR makes you invisible to other players and lock-on weapons. Be 
cautious though that they can see your blue jets when you move around and jump, 
and they can still target
you with the T key to track if you are in front of them. 

6.4: How do I use this RED Field? Don't notice anything.

RED Field scrambles with the enemy's lock-on so they can't target you. They must 
resort to cannons, specials, or mortar tossing at you. 

6.5: How do I group weapon hardpoints/fire more than 1 weapon?

The manual and reference cards explanations may sound confusing, but it is not 
that hard to get accustomed to. Your weapons display on the lower right of your 
screen as 5 possible slots
to put various weapons. CTRL - F8 through CTRL - F12 turn on or off those 5 
slots (or hardpoints) in descending order (CTRL - F8 for the top slot, CTRL - F9 
for the second slot,

Simply hit CTRL - F8 to activate the weapon in the 1st hardpoint. (CTRL - F9 to 
activate the 2nd hardpoint, etc.). You basically pick which hardpoints you want 
to group together. If
you hit the same command again, you'll turn it off. (Use this, for example, to 
fire only one of a twin weapon like chainguns.) If the 5th slot does not have a 
weapon available, hitting CTRL
- F12 would have no effect. 

6.6: I get this bizarre sound when getting a powerup and can't get it. Why? 

If it is an ammo or repair powerup, you are already full and do not need any 

If it is a weapon, you do not have a hardpoint to carry that weapon. For 
example, you cannot pick up a RED Field if your vehicle does not have a Specials 

6.7: Things keep hitting me from above! What weapon is hitting me? 

That would be the work of a pop gun. You probably heard a distant launch of some 
object, then suddenly a whoosh of air coming toward you. If you looked up, you 
would notice the
pop gun rocket up the air, then suddenly drop from the sky towards you! 


6.8: How do MIT mines work vs. M-Curtain mines? 

MIT mines attract any vehicle, pilot, bullet, missile, or rocket that comes 
toward it, temporarily magnetizing its contents. The attraction lasts several 
seconds. An enemy trapped at one
can only fire at itself. Use this to your advantage to fire away at a stuck 
enemy. If you set one, be sure to leave its close vicinity within a few seconds 
or you will be drawn into it yourself. 

M-Curtain mines repel any bullet, missile, or rocket that comes toward it. 
Firepower essentially "ricochets" off the mines to the left or right. A ship 
behind or surrounded by a good set of
M-Curtain mines fairly safe. The mines last several seconds. 

Section 7: Miscellaneous

7.1: What Battlezone directories should I backup?

Within your Battlezone directory, these are the chief files/directories to 
backup. (This list is NOT exhaustive, but the materials that I definitely know 
should be backed up): 

netmis.txt- file containing all your maps general configurations (including any 
add-on maps) 

/GIDDI- subdirectory containing all your joystick configurations. Especially 
important if you made your own customized configurations. 

/SAVE- subdirectory containing all your saved single player missions and instant 
action missions. 

/ADDON- subdirectory containing all your downloaded instant action, strategy, 
and deathmatch maps. Includes the actual map designs, characteristics, and 
special accompanying sound
files and bitmaps and special vehicles (such as for PacMan DM). 

Most other files, in the event of an emergency reinstall of Battlezone, should 
be rejuvenated through the new install or re-obtained from the web. Please feel 
free to contribute to this
question if I had left any other uniquely critical files/subdirectories out. 

7.2: What joystick configuration do you suggest for gamepads?

I use a PC Power Pad Pro 6-button gamepad. (Somehow I just cannot get into 
joysticks for computer games!) For my style I only use 3 of the buttons, then 
use the mouse for the rest.
Gamepad buttons I use are for forward, stop & back, and jump. The forward 
throttle is conveniently my trigger button under the gamepad. The left and right 
pad directions are for my
turn left and turn right. I use up and down pad directions, believe it or not, 
for strafe left and strafe right. It allows me to push diagonal directions to 
circle an enemy while facing them
to fire. You get accustomed to it after a couple of training missions, trust me. 
The mouse movement will aim my target recticle. Left mouse button is to fire 
weapon. Right mouse button is
to select weapon. 

I have found only two disadvantages of this configuration: you will circle an 
enemy slower close range when in a vehicle with slow strafe speed (like a bomber 
or rocket tank); and I have
to take my right hand off the mouse when jumping in order to steer better, 
hindering my ability to fire. 

Send me an e-mail if you wish to have a copy of my joystick configuration file. 

7.3: How do I get and use extra maps?

BzArmory2 among tons of other Battlezone web sites have custom made maps for 
multiplayer strategy, multiplayer deathmatch (vehicles and sniper only), and 
single player instant action.
(To my knowledge, the game itself does not provide any instant action 

1) Download from the web site the collection of files for a particular map, 
usually in one zip file and named after the map. 

2) Unzip the files into your Battlezone /ADDON subdirectory. 

3a) (Either) add an extra line in your NETMIS.TXT file so the map will be 
recognizable by the game (many map authors provide you the line to type in in 
their README file). 

3b) (or) use the MAPADDER.EXE program, providing the map name when prompted, so 
the map will be recognizable by the game. You can also obtain MAPADDER from the
BzArmory2 web site. 

4) Perform any further installation instructions asked by you from the map 
author's README file. (There rarely is further instructions to do, but in some 
add-on map cases like
PacManDM, there are sky textures and vehicle "skins" that need to be 
additionally installed.) 

Then to run your new map, simply pick the new map when playing multiplayer (if a 
multiplayer map) or use the Bz Control Panel program (also available from the 
BzArmory2 site. See a
pattern?) to run your instant action maps. Bz Control Panel could also be used 
to run your multiplayer maps, but you'll be playing alone and you may see odd-
looking "spawn" beacons
and no power-ups (what fun is that?). However, it may be handy if you just want 
to test their existence before playing them "live" with others. 

7.4: What is this large assets patch I hear about?

For players fortunate enough to have a Voodoo or 3dfx video graphics card of 
(edition) 2 or better, you can download an addtional Battlezone patch called 
large assets (some refer to it
as version 1.5) so that you can get enhanced effects from your card. I believe 
that players of any second generation or later 3d card (like Riva TNT 2) can 
also take advantage of this
patch, but I have not confirmed that. If you have no idea what I'm talking 
about, you probably do not have that card in your computer. Some quite 
remarkable effects compared to the
1.4 version are listed below: 

1) After the single player/multiplayer ready screen, you launch into the game 
much quicker (i.e., much less time to wait for the level to load). 

2) The vehicles are better textured and several of them show light under their 
jets when they travel. Try following the scavenger in the first single player 

3) When you shoot successfully at vehicles with projectile weapons (cannons, 
mortars, etc.), small fragments will chip off the vehicle where you aimed. A 
welcome addition for multiplayer

4) When vehicles are severly damaged, trailing engine smoke is thicker. 

5) Vehicle destructions are much more explosive! Ships break up into parts more 
dramatically than the recycler does, leaving trailing black clouds of smoke that 
linger for quite a while.
Fiery explosions even also cause a spectacular ground swell which tosses your 
ship a bit if near the impact! 

6) Your pilot now does a somersault in the air after you are ejected from a 
destroyed ship. The sky twists in a roller coasterlike effect. 

7) Solar flare weapon powerup blinks. I do not believe all other special weapons 
do this. 

8) Certain powerful enemy fire (like rockets) will cause your vehicle to spin 
around 180 degrees or so if hit medium/close range. 

7.5: Can I play CD-ROM music while playing Battlezone?

By CD-ROM music, I am referring to other computer CDs, such as game CDs, that 
have music tracks on them. I have not been successful in playing music CDs while 
playing Battlezone.
It just plays nothing. 

You can play CD-ROM music as long as you do not host a multiplayer game nor play 
the singer player game. The game intro and credits are disabled. All other 
functionality is intact. The
CD-ROM will even change tracks during your multiplayer game.

Copyright 1999 by Orlando C. Fernando. This page is for personal use only. It 
may be openly distributed for nonprofit in whole or part, but authorship must be 

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