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You are the high-level Commander making decisions from your own war-ravaged tank. Lead your U.S. troops on a mission to gain control of a superior alien technology in the true "space race" against the Soviets...or cross enemy lines to the Soviet side. It's all under your command.
Full-Scale 3-D Action
Pilot one of 25 anti-gravity war machines, and wield 25 devastating weapons--including mortars, mines, and the Thumper Device which triggers on-the-fly earthquakes on the morphable terrain.
Complete Strategic Control
Coordinate full-scale attacks with over 30 unique units, such as tanks, infantry and mobile assault turrets. Call in artillery, deploy wingmen and manage resources--all from within your tank.
Dynamic First-Person Immersion
Lose your vehicle in battle, bail out, parachute to safety; then use your sniper rifle to take over another unit. Switch vehicles right on the battlefield of one of seven distinct moons or planets!

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