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From the epic role-playing world of Daggerfall and Arena, springs forth a sinister tale of mortal conflict and triumph. The celestial citadel known as Battlespire has been ravaged by a black-hearted Daedra Lord. If this evil Lord and his minions can so easily brush aside an entire defending garrison of the Empire's Battlemages, how can you, a solitary hero, stand against them?
- Create your character using the acclaimed Daggerfall character design system, unrivaled power to custom-build the exact type of hero you want.
- Chat with, conspire and then betray your enemies. Mete out justice with sword and fyre. Battle fields so cunning they smell your blood, hear your footsteps, and track you like prey.
- Explore exquisitely detailed 3D interiors and exteriors. From ominous dungeons to towering castles, all rendered in splendid hi-res and hi-color.
- Wage war in multi-player mode! Team vs. computer, team vs. team or the ultimate Deathmatch via IPX or Internet.

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