• Cheat Codes

    To create an item use this code, CLUAConsole:CreateItem(xxxxxx,#####)
    Where (xxxxxx) is the item code, and ##### is how many of them you would
    like created (from 0 to 65535)

    Fire Agate GemMISC16
    Kylees DaggerDAGG07
    Morning Star +1BLUN07
    Wand of Magic MissilesWAND03
    A PeladonMISC96
    Abela the NymphMISC68
    Acid ArrowAROW04
    Acid ArrowSCRL95
    Action RingRING09
    Adventurers RobeCLCK14
    Agannazars ScorcherSCRL1B
    Agni Mani NecklaceAMUL06
    Algernons CloakCLCK08
    Amulet of Metaspell InfluenceAMUL16
    Amulet of Protection +1AMUL14
    Ancient ArmorMISC82
    Andar GemMISC22
    Anderis JournalSCRL5R
    Angel Skin RingRING16
    Animal Friendship RingRING03
    Animate DeadSCRL2D
    Ankheg Plate MailPLAT06
    Ankheg ShellMISC12
    Aquamarine GemMISC33
    Arrow +1AROW02
    Arrow +2AROW11
    Arrow of BitingAROW05
    Arrow of DetonationAROW06
    Arrow of FireAROW08
    Arrow of IceAROW09
    Arrow of PiercingAROW10
    Arrow of SlayingAROW03
    Arrow or DispellingAROW07
    Balduran's Log BookBOOK87
    Bandit ScalpMISC86
    Bassilus Holy SymbolMISC04
    Bastard SwordSW1H01
    Bastard Sword +1SW1H02
    Battle AxeAX1H01
    Battle Axe +1AX1H02
    Battle Axe +2AX1H03
    Black OpalMISC38
    Bloodstone AmuletAMUL13
    Bloodstone GemMISC20
    Bloodstone RingRING15
    Bluestone NecklaceAMUL05
    Bolt +1BOLT02
    Bolt +2BOLT06
    Bolt of BitingBOLT04
    Bolt of LightningBOLT03
    Bolt of LightningSCRL1K
    Bolt of PolymorphingBOLT05
    Bone WardstoneMISC2L
    Boots of AvoidanceBOOT04
    Boots of GroundingBOOT05
    Boots of SpeedBOOT01
    Boots of StealthBOOT02
    Boots of the NorthBOOT03
    Bottle of WineMISC61
    Bottle of wineMISC1A
    Bowl of Water Elemental ControlMISC53
    Bracers of ArcheryBRAC04
    Bracers of BindingBRAC11
    Bracers of Defense AC 6BRAC03
    Bracers of Defense AC 7BRAC02
    Bracers of Defense AC 8BRAC01
    Brages BodyMISC65
    Broken ArmorMISC58
    Broken MiscellaneousMISC59
    Broken ShieldMISC57
    Broken WeaponMISC56
    Bruns Dead SonMISC67
    Burning HandsSCRL68
    Butter knife of BalduranMISC1B
    Chainmail +1CHAN02
    Chainmail +2CHAN03
    Champion StrengthSCRL5E
    Charm PersonSCRL69
    Chelaks BodyMISC90
    Chew ToyMISC63
    Childs BodyMISC54
    Chill TouchSCRL82
    Chromatic OrbSCRL83
    Chrysoberyl GemMISC30
    Cloak of BalduranCLCK05
    Cloak of DisplacementCLCK03
    Cloak of Non-DetectionCLCK06
    Cloak of Protection +1CLCK01
    Cloak of Protection +2CLCK02
    Cloak of the ShieldCLCK20
    Cloak of the WolfCLCK04
    Clumsiness RingRING04
    Color SpraySCRL70
    Compass WardstoneMISC2K
    Composite Long BowBOW01
    Composite Long Bow +1BOW02
    Cone of ColdSCRL2F
    Contaminated IronMISC87
    Cures Critical WoundSCRL61
    Cursed Plate mail armorMISC99
    Dagger +1DAGG02
    Dagger +2DAGG03
    Dagger +2, LongtoothDAGG04
    Dagger of VenomMISC75
    Dart +1DART02
    Dart of StunningDART03
    Dart of WoundingDART04
    Dead CatMISC62
    Defensive HarmonySCRL5B
    Delornas SpellbookMISC71
    Delornas StatueMISC70
    Detect EvilSCRL86
    Detect InvisibilitySCRL87
    Dezekiels ScrollSCRL5S
    Dimension DoorSCRL1V
    Dispel MagicSCRL1E
    Dopplegangers WardstoneMISC2A
    Duke Eltans BodyMISC55
    Durlags gobletMISC98
    Dwarven Rune WardstoneMISC2M
    Dwarvens Rune WardstoneMISC2N
    Eagle BowBOW08
    Edwins AmuletMISC89
    Electricity ProtectionSCRL05
    Elixir of HealthPOTN17
    Farmer Bruns SonMISC66
    Female BodyMISC79
    Fire Opal RingRING18
    Fire ProtectionSCRL06
    Fire Resistance RingRING02
    Flail +1BLUN03
    Flame ArrowSCRL1F
    Flame StrikeSCRL62
    Flame SwordSW1H11
    Flamedance RingRING17
    Free ActionSCRL58
    Freedom PotionPOTN45
    Fuernebol WardstoneMISC2E
    Full Plate MailPLAT04
    Full Plate Mail +1PLAT05
    Garnet GemMISC34
    Gauntlets of DexterityBRAC07
    Gauntlets of FumblingBRAC08
    Gauntlets of Ogre PowerBRAC06
    Gauntlets of Weapon ExpertiseBRAC10
    Gauntlets of Weapon SkillBRAC09
    Ghost ArmorSCRL1T
    Ghoul TouchSCRL1C
    Girdle of BluntnessBELT03
    Girdle of MasculinityBELT05
    Girdle of PiercingBELT04
    Gold NecklaceAMUL10
    Gold PieceMISC07
    Gold RingRING10
    Golden GirdleBELT02
    Golden PantaloonsMISC47
    Greagans HarpMISC2P
    Greater MalaisonSCRL5I
    Greenstone AmuletAMUL17
    Greenstone RingRING14
    Halberd +1HALB02
    Halberd +2HALB03
    Heal WoundsSCRL56
    Heavy CrossbowXBOW01
    Heavy Crossbow +1XBOW02
    Heavy Crossbow of AccuracyXBOW03
    Helm of BalduranHELM07
    Helm of Charm ProtectionHELM06
    Helm of DefenseHELM04
    Helm of GloryHELM03
    Helm of InfravisionHELM05
    Helm of Opposite AlignmentHELM02
    Helsharas Artifact FragmentMISC69
    Hentolds DaggerDAGG08
    Hide ArmorLEAT10
    Hold MonsterSCRL5O
    Holy cloakCLCK21
    Horn Coral GemMISC35
    Hulls Long SwordSW1H12
    Improved InvisibilitySCRL1Y
    Insight PotionPOTN43
    Invisibility RingRING05
    Invulnerability PotionPOTN40
    Islanne WardstoneMISC2C
    Jade RingRING13
    Jasper GemMISC23
    Key to River PlugMISC83
    Kiel WardstoneMISC2D
    Kiels BucklerSHLD20
    Kiels HelmetHELM14
    Kings TearsMISC44
    Knaves RobeCLCK18
    Knaves RobeCLCK12
    Koveras RingRING25
    Laeral\'s Tear Necklace (3000 gp)AMUL12
    Large ShieldSHLD05
    Large ShieldSHLD15
    Large Shield +1SHLD06
    Large Shield +2SHLD19
    Large Shield +4SHLD07
    Larlochs DrainSCRL84
    Leather ArmorLEAT01
    Leather Armor +1LEAT02
    Leather Armor +2LEAT03
    Leather Armor +3LEAT09
    Letter ASCRL2I
    Letter BSCRL2J
    Letter CSCRL3D
    Level 1 exit WardstoneMISC2B
    Level 2 exit WardstoneMISC2G
    Light CrossbowXBOW04
    Light Crossbow +1XBOW05
    Light Crossbow of SpeedXBOW06
    Lock of hair from KirindaleMISC2O
    Lock of Nymphs HairMISC51
    Long BowBOW03
    Long Bow +1BOW04
    Long Bow of MarksmanshipBOW07
    Long SwordSW1H04
    Long Sword +1SW1H05
    Long Sword +1SW1H24
    Long Sword +2SW1H06
    Lynx Eye GemMISC17
    Mace +1BLUN05
    Mage Robe of Cold ResistanceCLCK09
    Mage Robe of Electrical ResistanceCLCK11
    Mage Robe of Fire ResistanceCLCK10
    Magic MissileSCRL77
    Magic ProtectionSCRL07
    Magic Protection PotionPOTN34
    Magic Shielding PotionPOTN35
    Magical BookBOOK01
    Male BodyMISC80
    Mallet handleMISC95
    Mallet headMISC94
    Manual of Bodily Health +1 ConBOOK03
    Manual of Gainful Exercise +1 StrengthBOOK04
    Manual of Quickness of Action +1 DexterityBOOK05
    Mareks AntidotePOTN47
    Master Thievery PotionPOTN36
    Medium ShieldSHLD03
    Medium ShieldSHLD13
    Medium Shield +1SHLD04
    Melicamp the ChickenMISC49
    Mental DominationSCRL5A
    Mind Focusing PotionPOTN37
    Minor GlobeSCRL1Z
    Mirror ImageSCRL96
    Mirror withMISC02
    Mirrored Eyes PotionPOTN38
    Miscellaneous HistoryBOOK10
    Mithril Chain Mail +4CHAN06
    Monster SummonSCRL1L
    Monster Summoning 2SCRL2A
    Monster Summoning 3SCRL2G
    Moonbar GemMISC40
    Moonstone GemMISC27
    Morning StarBLUN06
    Mulaheys Holy SymbolMISC85
    Mysterious LiquidPOTN48
    Necklace of MissilesAMUL01
    Nesters DaggerDAGG06
    Neutralize PoisonSCRL59
    Normal BookBOOK09
    Nymph CloakCLCK07
    Oil of Firey BurningPOTN13
    Oil of SpeedPOTN14
    Olilukes sphereSCRL5J
    Onyx RingRING12
    Pearl NecklaceAMUL11
    Perception PotionPOTN39
    Petrification ProtectionSCRL15
    Plate MailPLAT07
    Plate Mail +1PLAT02
    Plate Mail +3PLAT08
    Plate Mail ArmorPLAT01
    Poison ProtectionSCRL08
    Polymorph OtherSCRL5L
    Polymorph SelfSCRL5M
    Potion of AbsorptionPOTN18
    Potion of AgilityPOTN19
    Potion of ClarityPOTN21
    Potion of Cloud Giant StrengthPOTN06
    Potion of Cold ResistancePOTN22
    Potion of DefensePOTN24
    Potion of ExplosionsPOTN26
    Potion of Fire Giant StrengthPOTN05
    Potion of Fire ResistancePOTN02
    Potion of FirebreathPOTN27
    Potion of FortitudePOTN28
    Potion of Frost Giant StrengthPOTN04
    Potion of GeniusPOTN29
    Potion of HealingPOTN08
    Potion of HealingPOTN25
    Potion of HeroismPOTN09
    Potion of Hill Giant StrengthPOTN03
    Potion of InfravisionPOTN30
    Potion of InsulationPOTN31
    Potion of InvisibilityPOTN10
    Potion of InvulnerabilityPOTN11
    Potion of Magic BlockingPOTN33
    Potion of Stone Giant StrengthPOTN12
    Potion of Storm Giant StrengthPOTN07
    Power PotionPOTN41
    Protect from LightningSCRL5C
    Protect from MissilesSCRL1N
    Protect from PetrificationSCRL73
    Protection +1 RingRING06
    Protection +2 RingRING07
    Protection from AcidSCRL03
    Protection from EvilSCRL78
    Protection from EvilSCRL5D
    Protection from the ColdSCRL04
    Quarterstaff +1STAF02
    Quarterstaff +3STAF08
    Rabbits FootMISC88
    Rainbow Obsidian NecklaceAMUL07
    Raise DeadSCRL63
    Red PotionPOTN15
    Regeneration PotionPOTN42
    Remove CurseSCRL5G
    Resist FearSCRL94
    Ring of EnergyRING20
    Ring of FollyRING23
    Ring of HolyRING22
    Ring of InfravisionRING21
    Robe of the Evil ArchmagiCLCK17
    Robe of the Good ArchmagiCLCK15
    Robe of the Neutral ArchmagiCLCK16
    Rogue StoneMISC45
    Ruby RingRING19
    Scimitar +1SW1H22
    Scimitar +2SW1H23
    Scimitar +3SW1H15
    Scimitar +5SW1H16
    Scroll of ClumsinessSCRL11
    Scroll of FoolishnessSCRL12
    Scroll of StupiditySCRL18
    Scroll of Summon MonsterSCRL14
    Scroll of UglinessSCRL13
    Scroll of WeaknessSCRL10
    Sea ChartsMISC1C
    Shadow ArmorLEAT08
    Shadow DoorSCRL2H
    Shandalars cloakCLCK22
    Shandalars WardstoneMISC2H
    Shandon GemMISC32
    Shield AmuletAMUL15
    Shocking GraspSCRL80
    Short BowBOW05
    Short Bow +1BOW06
    Short SwordSW1H21
    Short SwordSW1H17
    Short SwordSW1H07
    Short Sword +1SW1H14
    Short Sword +1SW1H08
    Short Sword +2SW1H09
    Short Sword of BackstabbingSW1H10
    Silver dagger - WerebaneDAGG09
    Silver NecklaceAMUL09
    Silver RingRING11
    Skull of KerephMISC77
    Skull of KerephMISC81
    Skull TrapSCRL1P
    Skydrop GemMISC21
    Sling +1SLNG02
    Sling +3SLNG03
    Small BoxMISC03
    Small ShieldSHLD01
    Small ShieldSHLD11
    Small Shield +1SHLD02
    Soultaker DaggerDAGG10
    Spear +1SPER02
    Spear +3SPER03
    Spell BookBOOK02
    Spell ScrollSCRL02
    Sphene GemMISC37
    Spider BodyMISC60
    Spiders BaneSW2H06
    Spirit armorSCRL5K
    Splint MailCHAN04
    Splint Mail +1CHAN05
    Staff MaceSTAF06
    Staff of StrikingSTAF05
    Staff Spear +2 STAF07
    Star Diopside GemMISC31
    Star SapphireMISC41
    Stone PotionPOTN46
    Strength PotionPOTN44
    Studded Leather ArmorLEAT04
    Studded Leather Armor +1LEAT05
    Studded Leather Armor +2LEAT07
    Studded Leather Armor +2LEAT06
    Studded Necklace with Zios GemsAMUL04
    Sunstone GemMISC18
    Sword of BalduranSW1H18
    Tchazar GemMISC24
    Teleportation WardstoneMISC2F
    The CandleMISC74
    The Claw of KazgarothMISC72
    The Dream PotionMISC76
    The Horn of KazgarothMISC73
    Throwing AxeAX1H04
    Throwing Axe +2AX1H05
    Throwing DaggerDAGG05
    Tiger Cowrie Shell NecklaceAMUL08
    Tome of Clear Thought +1 IntBOOK06
    Tome of Leadership and Influence +1 ChrBOOK07
    Tome of Understanding +1 WisBOOK08
    Travellers RobeCLCK13
    Turquoise GemMISC19
    Two Handed SwordSW2H01
    Two Handed Sword +1SW2H02
    Two Handed sword +2SW2H08
    Two Handed Sword +3SW2H07
    Two Handed Sword, (Berserk)SW2H03
    Vampire TouchSCRL1Q
    Vampires RevengeSW1H19
    Violet PotionPOTN16
    Wand of FearWAND02
    Wand of FireWAND05
    Wand of FrostWAND06
    Wand of HeavenWAND11
    Wand of LightningWAND07
    Wand of Magic MissilesWAND12
    Wand of Monster SummoningWAND10
    Wand of ParalyzationWAND04
    Wand of PolymorphingWAND09
    Wand of SleepWAND08
    War HammerHAMM01
    War Hammer +1HAMM02
    War hammer +2HAMM03
    Wardstone ForgeryMISC2I
    Wardstone of forgeryMISC2J
    Warhammer +4HAMM04
    Water OpalMISC39
    Waterstar GemMISC28
    Winter Wolf PeltMISC01
    Wizardry RingRING08
    Wolfsbane Charm +2 vs LycanthropesAMUL18
    Wyvern HeadMISC52
    Ziose GemMISC29
    Zircon GemMISC25

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

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  • Cheat Keys

    Press one of the following keys after enabling the "CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()" code:

    Jump to pointer[Ctrl] and J
    Play selected FMV squence[Ctrl] and A
    Select FMV sequence[Ctrl] and S
    Turn around[Ctrl] and F
    View final FMV sequence[Ctrl] and B
    View game statistics[Ctrl] and D

    Contributed By: freakunique.

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  • Cheats

    Once you have edited the baulder.ini file then type in these codes by CTRL+TAB
    these codes ARE case sensetive.

    adds 500 gold to inventoryCheats:Midas()
    Creates 5 healing potions, 5 neutralize poison potions, and 1 stone to flesh scroll.Cheats:FirstAid()
    Creates a CowKill spell iwhenyou are near a cowCheats:CowKill()
    Creates a friendly Drizzt.Cheats:DrizztDefends()
    Creates a hostile DrizztCheats:DrizztAttacks()
    gives all the items needed for final main questCheats: CriticalItems()
    Marks entire area as explored.Cheats:ExploreArea()
    Moves your characters to mouse cursor positionCheats:Hans()
    Summons 10 killer chickens who defend youCheats:TheGreatGonzo()

    Contributed By: lilobaggins and undeadloser.

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  • Cheats for creating creatures

    enter at the console menu

    Candlekeep Watcher (Not Hostile)CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Watch")
    Creates a CowCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Cow")
    Creates A GhastCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Ghast")
    Creates a GnollCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Gnoll")
    Creates A KoboldCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Kobold")
    Creates An Eagle (Completely useless)CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Eagle")
    Creates An XvartCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Xvart")
    Creates AolnCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Aoln")
    Creates ArkanisCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Arkani")
    Creates Bentley Mirrorshade InnkeeperCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Bentley")
    Creates CanderousCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Cander")
    Creates DederCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Deder")
    Creates DreppinCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Dreppi")
    Creates ErikCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Erik")
    Creates ImoenCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Imoen")
    Creates JondalarCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Jondal")
    Creates MordaineCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Mordia")
    Creates OspreyCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Osprey")
    Creates PardaCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Parda")
    Creates PhlydiaCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Phlydi")
    Creates TethtorilCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Tethto")
    Creates Thunderhammer The SmithyCLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Taerom")

    Contributed By: Diablo1.

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