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Lead the new Alpha Wolf Squadron in a series of death-defying campaigns over land and sea to rescue POWs, battle giant mutant insects and foil the evil General Plasto's plans to take over the world!

Pilot 3 toy 'copters loaded with Guided Missiles, Air Mines, Napalm, Depth Charges and Bottle Rockets.
Battle your friends online! Multi-player mode gives you 8 unique levels and 3 styles of game play.
Soar through 20+ single player missions in 10 worlds including the Tropical Citadel, the Sandbox, the Garden, the Alpine Village and the Bathroom.
Fight new races of mutant insects including killer roaches, acid-shooting houseflies and fire ants - that really shoot fire!
Defend the skies against the Tan Army and battle Submarines, Destroyers, Anti-Aircraft Guns and Mutant Insects.
Auto-combat Assist mode for intense two-button control or customized keyboard settings.

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