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Guide and Walkthrough by Chiasm

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/27/2003

            ,ZWWB@MM8;          ;BMMMZ
          2MWZ0MMr      M            BM8
        aM0XaMW         M.             rMa
      :M8SrMM          W08               XM
     rMZ;aMi           M@M                 Z
    0MZ7WM            M  M
   ;82:ZM            iM  B
   MZXZM.            M   .0
  M2rZBM            S2    M
 SZSX0B             M     M
 @27ZZM        MMM7X      ;X
 B27ZSW         , MM       W
 0ar02W           @ Ba    iM      :ZZ:.
 0ZXW8M          W.     : W:M ia0B:
 Mai82B         :0   ,W.07@.M:M :
 M2:ZZM         M    7M0BW:,8 ZiB  raM 0S88 ;i:
 7@2;8@,       a   SMM.  M0aMZ.       :   ;a8,:i
  WarZMM       MMMMr :  MZ  i  ,2
   MZ:BMr     MM            :M  ,MMX
   ;MZ;@M:   M;              M  , 0MM
    XWX:0M:  Z               8i     7MMZ   i7
     iMBiXMZ                  M       i   @S
       MMS.BMr                Zi        7M7
        iMBXiZMS              SZ      7MB
          XMMarXWZi                7MMM
             8MMB22a@2Xi;,.  .:2MMMM;

Guide v1.1 (8/27/2003)

Anachronox v1.01 [with incomplete info on v1.02 build 45 changes]

  The game's version number can be found in the bottom left corner of the
  screen when viewing the main menu.

  Yes, v1.02. Joey Liaw, aka "chinaman", one of the programmers for Anachronox,
  spent spare time over the course of the last two years single-handedly fixing
  bugs and enhancing the game with an unofficial but very much appreciated

  Additions/changes include: the backslash key speeds up gameplay, a taxi
  service to get around the Bricks, new and better filesystem, new save and
  cinematic menus, and allowing the game to be played off the hard drive.

  Mirrors for the upgrade patch can be found at:


  The official patch to version 1.01 is no longer necessary; The new patch
  contains the same fixes as the official patch, and will install regardless of
  whether the official patch is present. Install build 44 first, then build 45.

  To play the game off the hard drive, first do a full install from the cds,
  then install the 1.02 build 44 and 45 patches. Find the batch file you're
  using to start the game and add "+set cddir" and the path to your install
  directory before the "%1". For example, "+set cddir c:\games\Anachronox". The
  files from cd2 (gameflow.dat, graphics.dat, maps.dat, models.dat, and
  textures.dat) can be moved to another directory, but this is the simplest way
  to set it up.

[Guide notes:
-This is intended to be viewed in a monospace font (like Courier). Without one,
a couple of crude ASCII maps (plus the above logo) will look like a jumbled

-This is my first walkthrough, so yeah it's not the greatest. I don't think it
turned out too poorly for a first attempt, at any rate.

-This may be the last update, as well. It's been almost 4 months since the
first version, which is well out of proportion to how little was added. Plus,
another guide (which is much more complete than this one) has popped up at
Gamefaqs. My primary motivation for making this in the first place was that
Gamefaqs didn't have any complete guides. Now that it has this guide (with
roughly the last 2/3 of the game covered) and a full walkthrough by JMerrill,
I don't feel much of a need to go on with it.]

=A - Table of Contents=

A - Table of Contents (Looks like you found it.)

B - The Walkthrough
-1- Sender Station One
1.1 - Obtaining the FTM
 1.1.1 Upper Routubes
 1.1.2 Lower Routubes
 1.1.3 Red Light District
 1.1.4 Slutopia
 1.1.5 Orange Navel
 1.1.6 Slutopia
 1.1.7 Cold Sweat Sex Machine
1.2 - Obtaining the TDD
 1.2.1 Sender Station
 1.2.2 Science Museum Ducts
 1.2.3 Science Museum Exhibits
 1.2.4 Commons Area
1.3 - Head to Hephaestus

-2- Hephaestus
 2.1 - Getting into the Tower
  2.1.1 Platform Area
  2.1.2 Entertainment District
 2.2 - The Keys of Cavatum
  2.2.1 Lower Tower
  2.2.2 MYSFAC
  2.2.3 Lower Tower (2)
  2.2.4 Entertainment District (2)
  2.2.5 Lower Tower (3)
  2.2.6 Entertainment District (3)
  2.2.7 Lower Tower (4)
 2.3 - The Fluid Density Analyzer
  2.3.1 MYSFAC (2)
  2.3.2 Sluice Gates
  2.3.3 Lower Tower (5)
 2.4 - Machinery Repair
  2.4.1 Levant Entrance
  2.4.2 Lower Levant
  2.4.3 Lower Tower (6)

-3- The Villain Ship and Democratus
 3.1 - To Limbus
  3.1.1 Sender Station - Lounge
  3.1.2 Villain Bay
  3.1.3 Villian Ship
  3.1.4 KSC Grimacer
  3.1.5 Villain Brig
 3.2 - The surface of Democratus
  3.2.1 Whitendon
  3.2.2 Commiteon
  3.2.3 Canyon
  3.2.4 Abandoned Base
  3.2.5 Tensil
  3.2.6 Temple of Gorr
  3.2.7 Tensil (2)
  3.2.8 White Caves
  3.2.9 White Caves - Lair
  3.2.10 Whitendon (2)
  3.2.11 Chamber Area
  3.2.12 Votowne
  3.2.13 Republic Inn
  3.2.14 Sender Station
-4- Limbus
 4.1 - Exploring Limbus
  4.1.1 Wilds of Limbus
  4.1.2 Sagentane Crevice
  4.1.3 Sesostris

 4.2 - Battle for Sesostris
  4.2.1 Part 1 - Lance of Vigil
  4.2.2 Part 2 - Bridge of Betrayal
  4.2.3 Part 3 - Cliff of Casting
  4.2.4 Sesotris, post-battle

-5- Anachronox
 5.1 - Roweidekhalicon
  5.1.1 South Anachronox
 5.2 - Preparations
  5.2.1 OneGate: Station
  5.2.2 One Gate
 5.3 - Detta's Fortress
  5.3.1 Grounds
  5.3.2 Basement
  5.3.3 Fortress - Ground Level
  5.3.4 Fortress - Upper Level
 5.4 - Detta
  5.4.1 Detta Suit
  5.4.2 Detta and MysTech
 5.5 Final Battle: Dark Servant

C - Tricks/Cheats

D - Debug Mode

E - The Party

F - To Do

G - Help Wanted

H - The Movie

=B - The Walkthrough=

This currently picks up where mps274's walkthrough (at Gamefaqs) leaves off.
The party has just infiltrated the Virulent Hive, beaten the Hive Queen, and
saved Democratus.

As an aside, I rarely tell you to save during this guide. I'm assuming that you
are already saving at every TimeMinder you run past, if not more often.

-1- Sender Station One
You're now back in the Lounge in Sender Station. If you want a little extra
cash, now's the time; check the cheats section of this guide. If you want loads
of money and don't mind abusing a glitch, check the same section.

Pick Rho by agreeing to help her.

New Goals:
-Find a Field Transduction Module
-Contact Kevester in the Red Light District for the FTM
-Find a Tachyon Decay Detector

Pick anyone else for a third party member (I recommend Democratus, if you're
going after all the Tacos), and exit the Lounge. Head to the Routubes.

**Subquest: Toy Flyer
Near the entrance to the docking area of Sender Station is a boy named Beebly.
He's standing by a tree, and looking for a toy flyer he's lost. Look straight
up to find it sitting high in the tree. Use Democratus' Tractor to get it down.
Talk to Beebly again and offer to trade. You get a Bugaboo cartidge for Boots'
game system back on Anachronox.**

1.1 - Obtaining the FTM
 1.1.1 Upper Routubes
The enemies in this area look the same, but are stronger than when you were
last here. At the bottom, you'll find the area where a dead drug dealer was
lying before(which was part of a Detective Rukh subquest). Have Rho analyze the
paper on lying near the sparking panel, and she'll figure out how to operate
the door. Click the panel to open the door, and head to the lower tubes.

 1.1.2 Lower Routubes
Watch for two Batts in this section, after the Gorian Drug Runners on the right
side of the ramp, and on the platform with the Mad Gorians. At the bottom is an
intersection. To the left (after you pick a lock) is the Underworks, and to the
right is the Red Light District. Head left for a couple of optional items, or
right to continue on with the game.

**Subquest:Sender Station Underworks
Bring along Democratus for a Taco in this section. There's a Healgrease
Complete on the ground to the left, a bit before the Gorian with the recipe.
Another is in a corner on the right a bit after the Pipe Mimic battle. If you
have Democratus with you, you can Tractor a toy from below and to the right of
the path near the MugMugs (the white furry creatures). Give the toy to the left
MugMug and you'll get a Taco. The other MugMug wants moss.

Sunder Moss: Circlet of Safety
Hive Moss: Resonance Crystal (Democratus weapon)
Hero Moss: MugMug Sluggicell
Wild Moss: Verdun War Medallion

At this point you won't have Hero or Wild Moss, so you'll need to come back
here when you find them.**

 1.1.3 Red Light District
Random stuff to do: At some point, head to the upper level, and make sure to
talk to the Brebulan in the entrance to Not Even Mildly Legal a couple times
for fun. Bathroom humor at its finest. More important to the game, in the
corner between two large green neon lights (and under a Booze -N- Condoms sign)
is a tunnel to Tubby's Grease Shack, which has TimeMinder Tears and three
flavors of Healgrease for sale. Across the room, there's a Taco on the shelves
behind the counter. Click on it, and Wet Louie, the cashier, will offer it to
you for $50. There's a Healgrease Complete in Pile O Hunks in the corner by the
woman in red.

**Subquest: You can earn some money and a new weapon for Boots in Pile O Hunks
by talking to Pleshman Feddler (the blue alien in the corner) and asking how to
earn money, then pick the first choice. You have to hit the left or right
movement keys in the order shown at the top of the screen and before time runs
out. Talk to Pleshman again, and you'll get up to $200 depending on how you do.
If you do get $200, talk to Pleshman again for a Stargent Turboblaster.**

**Subquest: There's a Brebulan named Brozek in Cold Sweat Sex Machine who'll
pay $250 for Gorian recipes. The cooking Gorian in the Underworks has one.**

**Subquest: Detective Rukh quest 3
I haven't done this one myself yet, but Detective Rukh is available around this
time for a third subquest. This time he's somewhere in the Red Light District.
Complete a task for him and you'll get Boots' Master Level Lockpick skill.
Thanks to Anders Strmberg for the info.**

In the main area, find the Brebulan and human talking in front of Live Nude
Brebulans. The human is named Pool God, and he has info that'll get you on the
trail to Kevester.

-New goal: Find Sam Schlung at Mistress Marina's.

  Mistress Marina's is above Live Nude Brebulans. Inside is Sam, sitting on the
steps to the right. He tells you (among other things) where to find Kevester.

-New goal: Find Kevester in Slutopia.

 1.1.4 Slutopia
  Head in, and go right at the intersection. Kevester is sitting in the corner
with a briefcase next to him. Talk to him, and you'll get another goal.

-New goal: Find Kevester's wedding ring in the Orange Navel, room 2.

 1.1.5 Orange Navel
  When you walk up to the door, your helpers decide to stay behind. Go
downstairs and talk to either of the women by the bar. Pick any "activity", and
follow her upstairs to room 4. When she stops inside the room, talk to her and
say you're leaving. Go to room 2 and pick the lock. The Bipidri on the bed will
cough up the ring. Grab the Taco and head back to Slutopia.

 1.1.6 Slutopia
  Talk to Kevester to learn where to find an FTM.

-New goal: Talk to Phunkee Collins in Cold Sweat Sex Machine for an FTM.

 1.1.7 Cold Sweat Sex Machine
Phunkee Collins is the bartender in the corner. If you want them, there are two
regular Healgreases on the sinks in the Male and Other bathrooms. Talk to
Phunkee for a cutscene.

After Stiletto does her thing, you get the FTM.

- New goal: Take the FTM back to the rest of the party.

Back to the Lounge. As soon as you exit into the open area of Sender Station,
turn around and look to the right of the door you just exited. Behind the tree
is a flower with a Lifeflower Petal.

1.2 - Obtaining the TDD
 1.2.1 Sender Station
As soon as you enter the Lounge, you'll get a cutscene, during which Pal leaves
to retrieve the TDD on his own. Head down a level to the museum. Use Comptalk
on the panel to the left of the door and head inside.

 1.2.2 Science Museum Ducts
Walk up to the door on the right and it'll open. Open the vent in the wall.
Inside is a maze. Work your way to the elevator and cross over it, then check
nearby for a panel to use Comptalk on. In this area, those let you toggle the
elevator positions. Toggle them, then look for a dead-end with a spout pointing
downward. That lets you jump down to a lower level. Once there, check where you
couldn't go before for another panel to use Comptalk on. Toggle the elevators
again, go through where you couldn't before, and look for a panel on a higher
level(just across a gap behind it is a TimeMinder). Toggle the elevators one
last time, and head across to the TimeMinder. Keep going past the TimeMinder,
then through a fairly dark area until you get a cutscene.

 1.2.3 Science Museum Exhibits
When you get control again, climb the boxes on the right side of the exhibit.
Use Comptalk on the panel in the back(all this practice...you should be pretty
good at Comptalk by now). Choose to make the cleaning bot inactive, then
continue climbing across the bot and several more boxes to the entrance.
Another short cutscene, and:

-New goal: Take TDD to the rest of the party in the Lounge.

 1.2.4 Commons Area
On the way back, Stiletto will take over, and you'll get to try out her World
Skill. If you make it, there's a Healgrease Complete waiting just around the
corner to the right. Now head back to the Lounge for a few interesting bits of
plot development.

1.3 - Head to Hephaestus
Talk to Grumpos and he'll automatically join the party.

-New goal: Meet the Grand Mysterium on Hephaestus.

Pick another party member, and head toward the Sender Station Station.
Optional: You might want to hit the Vend O Mart on the way for a Powerbelt Cell
for Stiletto and anyone else who needs one. There's also a Bag O' Glodents for
Democratus to grab with Tractor inside Sendormitory.

In SSS, you can get a Taco and 2 subquests. The man standing under the Customs
sign on the right side needs cash, and he'll sell you a Taco for $503.

*Subquest: Brebulan's Pills
The Brebulan in Gate 4 is having trouble breathing, and needs the pills he
dropped in the Commons area. They're in front of the Vend O Mart, behind the
tree. Reward: $250.*

*Subquest:Spiker's Bracelet
A Spiker named Frankie is standing by Gate 3. Talk to him and he'll tell you
he's exploring a new spike soon, and wants you to take a present to his
girlfriend. She's all the way back on Anachronox, in Frank's Flophouse. Put
Democratus in your party so you can complete the next subquest along the way.
Take your shuttle (Gate 6) back, and talk to Wanda in room D. If you're wearing
the bracelet, you'll have to take it off. You'll get Wanda's Note to Frankie,
which, true to it's name, needs to be delivered to Frankie. Head back to Sender
Station and talk to him for $500.*

*Subquest: Democratus' Master Level World Skill
Take Democratus to Frank's Flophouse. Put Democratus in the lead and talk to
Ambassador Ashdown, who's standing by the counter. Agree to listen to his
speech. That's it.*

Enter Gate 6 and click the doors at the end. Onward, to Hephaestus.

-2- Hephaestus
2.1 - Getting into the Tower
 2.1.1 Platform Area
You start here. Talk to Grumpos and he'll suggest splitting up.

-New Goal: Find a way into the Mystech Library.
There's a Healgrease on the back side of the Arrival/Departure sign. Nearby is
the Tram to the Entertainment District, but it's currently under repair. Looks
like you hoof it.

Along the way, you'll pass through a small town. Take the ramp UP and watch the
left side of the path for a door that "Seems Interesting". Pick the lock.
Inside is a transparent woman(who seems unaware you just broke in to her
home...). Upstairs is a MysMe Microbelt and a chest you're not skilled enough
to lockpick.

Head back outside and down to the lowest level. Past the TimeMinder on the left
side of the area is Ed's House of Crap. Noteworthy items Ed has for sale are
the Battlebot Shocksphere Upgrade and the Mysteria Gold Shieldcells. Use the
Upgrade on Pal for a new Battle Skill: Teslatus Sphere.

Back by the TimeMinder is the door to the Entertainment District.

 2.1.2 Entertainment District
Optional Pickups: These are roughly in the order you'll come across them as
you travel through the Entertainment District. There's a piece of MysTech on a
ledge above Mi Cocian. This probably requires Democratus. You can get a
Lifeflower Petal from the flower by the kids sitting around the blue glowing
MysTech. Just past that, an Annulet of Alertness is sitting by the entrance to
Fu Cazzie. A TimeMinder Tear awaits near the TimeMinder by the bungie platform.
After the arcade is an unnamed fast food outlet. On the ground near the railing
is a BlastSack. Inside the Eco Bar is a Taco sitting on the bar itself.  In a
corner to the left is Brother Dag. He has a garbage can, er, "magic bag" you
can reach into for prizes. Possible prizes: Healgrease, Vestrina Cube, Bolongo,
Ipangi Crystal. Further on, watch the left side for man in a black suit. He'll
give you a LifeCursor LightTrail, which temporarily creates a trail behind the
cursor. Talk to him again to turn it off. At the split with the down-angled
ramp, go right to find Proximity Beam Defense Plans in a chest. The man nearby
is a reporter with a subquest. You won't be able to complete it for some time,
so just make a note of him for now.

Diversions: Somebody inside Jim's Drums is enjoying his circus music just a
bit too much. You can play two arcade games in this area: Bugaboo, a
Galaga/Galaxian clone, and Pooper, where you avoid enemy shots while
collecting...well, let's hope they're really just crystals.

If you just want to get on with the game, follow the "Tower" signs until you
see Le Sommeil. Around the corner inside, there's a man sleeping on a couch.
Take the Delivery Slip sitting on the table behind his suitcase(thank you ever
so much for that, PlanetAnachronox). You can sleep here and heal Boots for a
whole loonie by talking to the man behind the counter. Otherwise, leave.

Take the right branch where the path splits. Run around the corner and up to
the Worker Drone. Talk to him; he'll see that you have the Slip and leave to
start packing cargo. Run down to the lower level and activate the elevator,
then run back up and into the cargo hauler.

2.2 - The Keys of Cavatum
 2.2.1 Lower Tower
Walk up and around over your starting position, then down to the door.

One trial and two deals later...

New Goals:
 -Complete two tasks for access the Library:
  -Find the Three Keys of Cavatum
  -Find new fluid for the Fluid Density Analyzer

[A warning about this area: one of the monks causes a glitch that will keep
you from progressing in the game if you talk to him twice. If I find out which
one or how exactly it happens, it will be added here. For now, don't talk to
any of them more than once. This was probably fixed in Patch 2, but I don't
know for certain.]

[Note: It seems the criminal here can be one of two people: Brother Liseria or
Sister Angela. If your game randomizes to Angela, substitute her name for
Liseria and vice versa for the following directions.]

If you get lost, there are guides who can give you directions. They stand by
the walls, and wear simpler getups which include a hat with a crooked point on
top. I also use the bookshelf by Babbit (beside where you first get control
back) as a reference point.

Talk to Abbot Babbit (ha) and:

New Goal:
 -Investigate the crime scene

The Shrine of Weeping is to your right as you face the bookshelf. Around the
back is some Crime Scene Grit on the floor. For reference, the door past
the TimeMinder nearby is the one you came in, and the path heading away from
Babbit's bookshelf leads to a door that opens onto the Entertainment District.

New Goal:
 -Take the grit to Babbit.

Babbit doesn't think much of you or the grit. He suspects Norman Malloy, and
will walk you to an elevator that leads to him. Before taking the elevator,
run over to the tunnel transport and grab the Tunnel Transport Grit off the
floor. Talk to the man standing by it - Restlin Brewster. Then go back to the

New Goals:
 -Norman Malloy is a suspect
 -Follow Babbit

 2.2.2 MYSFAC
Enter the door ahead. Follow the path to a room with 4 metal columns
(generators) and a Levant Drone(worker bot). Norman is behind one of the
generators. Talk to him and get a new suspect.

New Goal:
 -Sister Angela is a potential suspect

 2.2.3 Lower Tower (2)
Return to Babbit's bookshelf. Go past it(to the left if you face it directly).
Sister Angela is the middle of the three women by the pedestal.

New Goal:
 -Brother Liseria had reason to steal the Keys

Take the hall behind Sister Angela, and take the door on the right, beside the
guide. Make a right in this room, and watch for a door with a candle in front
of it on the left side. That is Brother Liseria's room.

New Goal:
 -Thomas Litton has motive

Thomas is standing in the hallway that faces Babbit's bookshelf. He's the guy
standing on the left side with a bowl of food and a jug.

New Goal:
 -Brother Flammarion may be able to ID the grit

The guides can't help you find him, but it's not too hard to get to him. Find
Sister Angela (go left at the bookshelf). Either hall heading out of this
room has a ramp. Take either one, and you'll find a second ramp. At the top is
a library. Brother Flammarion is by the table in the center.

New Goal:
 -Confront Restlin Brewster

Restlin is the man working on the tunnel transport, where you found some grit.
Talk to him and he confesses to what happened. Go back to the Tower. Fatima
will pop up in front of the door to tell you to get help.

New Goal:
 -Get someone you brought with you to help

 2.2.4 Entertainment District (2)
[Note: I had Grumpos and Stiletto here. Your mileage may vary on who chooses
to help investigate.] Grumpos tells you he's flattered, but to find Stiletto
instead. When you do, she'll rejoin the party.

New Goal:
 -Distract Liseria in order to search his quarters

 2.2.5 Lower Tower (3)
Click Brother Liseria's door as Boots, and he'll tell Stiletto to sneak in the
back way. Go to the right and open the large window. After climbing up, go
around the ledge to the left, then open the window to enter Liseria's room.
The view will jump back to Boots. Pick either choice, and you'll go back to
Stiletto. You'll hear a click every second, to let you know that time is
short. Run to the front room, and click the note sitting next to a book on a
shelf along the right wall. As soon as you pick it up, the view shifts back to
Boots, and Liseria says good night. Go over to the window Stiletto climbed out
of, and talk to her.

[Note: I had a major glitch occur here [using game v1.01], where Boots ended up
outside the game world every time Stiletto grabbed the note. If you have this
happen, save (a new slot might be a good idea), then use the debug menu's Find
Location/Goto Location to move to X 350, Y 1700, Z 128. Save here, then restart
without debug mode. Debug mode is described in section D.]

New Goal:
 -Find Brother Gray at the Eco Bar
[or Sister Felicia, if Angela was the criminal.]

 2.2.6 Entertainment District (3)
The Eco Bar's entrance is above Brother Dag and his Grab Bag. Brother Gray is
at the bar. Buy him a drink. [Felicia is to the left, if you're after her.]

New Goal:
 -Search Gray's room (room 3) at Le Sommeil

There's an elevator inside Le Sommeil, past the TimeMinder. It opens as you
approach. Room 3 is on the second floor. Pick the lock, and there they are,
right out in the open on the bed. Click them, and:

New Goal:
 -Tell Abbot Babbit where the keys are

There's a Healgrease Complete on the fourth floor at the end of the hall.

 2.2.7 Lower Tower (4)

Talk to Babbit, and you're finally done. With the first half.

*Subquest: Prayer Chamber Pictures
If you follow the ramps in this area upward, you'll come to a small library.
Along the back wall is a large door leading to an area called the Upper Tower.
In this area is a spiral ramp with 9 doors leading to prayer chambers. Step
inside each door and take a picture of the room (just look straight ahead
through the camera). Return to Botnik (a reporter in the Entertainment
District - he's by the loading dock where you gave the Delivery Slip to the
Worker Drone robot) and he'll buy the pictures for a total of 900 loonies.
Thanks to Hammerhead and Maarten van Weers for info on this.*

2.3 - The Fluid Density Analyzer
 2.3.1 MYSFAC (2)
Ride the elevator by the transit tunnel down to the MYSFAC. Travel down the
same path as before, but keep going past Malloy. The door just after him leads
to a split in the path; go right. Continue down to a man standing in a fork in
the path. To the left are the Sluice Gates, but you need a code, and the man
who knows it, Peter Brown, won't tell you until you complete a task. He gives
you Sulfuron Gas Survival Gear.

New Goal:
 -Replace 4 magma siphon filters.

[Note: This may be skippable. The code to the Sluice Gates appears to always be
49665, and it works before you replace the filters. It's possible, though
unlikely, that this could cause story and/or goal screen errors.]

[Glitch Note: If you do decide to go down to replace the filters, it's possible
trigger a glitch by leaving via the ladder, then reentering the filter area.
The toxicity meter may disappear completely, allowing you to concentrate on not
getting lost.]

Climb down the ladder on the right. To the upper left of the screen are 4
filter icons, representing the 4 siphons left to find. To the upper right is a
toxicity meter. Keep that from reaching 100% by hitting F11 to reset it
periodically. At the beginning and at each siphon is a map. Click it and pause
to get an idea of where you're going. Each white ball on the map is a siphon,
which looks like a small metal door with a ring around it in the game. To my
knowledge, you can use the respirator as often as you want, so don't panic if
you get lost. Just follow a wall until you find a map. Once all 4 filters are
replaced, head back to the beginning (a small green bar to the bottom left on
the maps) and click the ladder to leave.

Talk to Peter again to get the code.

 2.3.2 Sluice Gates
Follow the right side. The first door you find requires a security card, but
the second will open. Inside is a platform. Move that platform around to the
high walkway to the left of the camera. Walk over to the lever sitting on some
crates and pick it up. Take the platform over to the small alcove near the
ceiling across the room. Put the lever in the panel on the wall, then ride the
platform down to the sample station in the middle of the lava. Hit the button
to retrieve a sample. Take the platform back up to the walkway where you found
the lever. Push the button, and the sample will open the door.

 -Optional: There are three doors in the first area that need a Security Card.
They have: a Healgrease Complete, 3 Healgrease, and a Bag o' Glodents.-

On the bottom level of this room, all the way around in the corner, is a
MysFac Security Card. Enter the large cylinder. Hit the button to start a
countdown. Run out the door and up the ramp one level, then into the cylinder
to another button. Hit that one and run out and up again. This time look for a
door by a large window. Hit the button, run up the steps, and keep going. Look
for a panel along the way. Click it and choose Dispense then Exit, then head
out to the main area. Don't worry if the timer runs out. Go back to the ladder
and exit.

New Goal:
 -Take the fluid to the Abbot

 2.3.3 Lower Tower (5)
Talk to Babbit. Another cutscene, and:

New Goal:
 -Bring Stiletto to the Library

Go to the Entertainment District and talk to her, then bring the party back to
the Library. Talk to Grumpos for a primer on Elementals.

New Goal:
 -Talk to Abbot Babbit for a meeting with the Grand Mysterium.

There's now an Elementor entry in the menu. More on that when I figure it out.
Return to Babbit and talk to him.

2.4 - Machinery Repair
 2.4.1 Levant Entrance

New Goal:
 -Fix the machinery deep in the Levant

Not a great map, but it took a few minutes to make, so it's staying.

      (3)Distributor Pad   (2)Aux Gen Pad
                |               \
                |                \----Stalac Titan
                |(1)Bridge Pad   |
                |                |
          Dead  |  Explanation   |
          End   |     |          |
           |    |------          |
           -----|                |  Lava Frogs
                |                | /
                \                |/   (5)Access Gate
                 \               /      /
                  \  (4)Gate Pad/      /
                   \           /      /

After a cutscene, you're in the Levant, with 3 choices for a way to go. First,
go through the left tunnel. A few seconds in, a path leaves to the left; ignore
it. Shortly after, a path goes off to the right. Near the end of this branch is
a pad with info on this area("Explanation" on map), and at the very end is a
BlastSack. Back up the ramp, follow the tunnel until you find a monitor along
the right wall(1). Click it, then click the gray bar at the bottom left of the
popup to extend a bridge. Turn around and run back to the 3-way intersection.

Now for the middle tunnel. As you run along, another tunnel heads off to the
right. At the end is a Lava Frog battle. It's nothing you can't handle, but
it's entirely optional. A metal ramp soon curves upward to the right. At the
end is an Annulet of Alertness. On the ground after the ramp is a BlastSack.
Follow the main tunnel to a split. To the right is another optional battle,
this time with a Stalac Titan. He's more like a miniboss, as he does more
damage and takes lower beat damage than normal enemies. He's vulnerable to Bane
and Psy Slave MysTech, and possibly others. To the left of the branch is the
bridge you just activated. The Fire Salamanders and Fire Frog shouldn't be too
difficult. Down the steps on the other side is a Healgrease. Turn left, and
walk over to the small tower with the grating on it. Pick the lock and Boots
will fix the wiring inside. Now use the panel nearby and activate the Auxiliary
Generator(2). Finally, run all the way back to the beginning, then down to the
end of the left tunnel. Activate the Distributor via the pad there(3), then
return to the 3-way split. At the entrance to the center tunnel is a pad(4);
use it to activate the Access Gate. Finally, mosey over to the right tunnel and
through the gate(5).

 2.4.2 Lower Levant

This one's a little cleaner.

(4)Primary Pump  (3)Primary Power
      \              |
       \  (6)Onward  /
        \     |     /  (1)Circuit
         \    |    /     Breaker
          \   |   /        |
           \ (5)Comp Sys   |            \/            /---(2)Bridge          
  \           /              \         /               \       /

First, a Lava Frog battle. Then, take the right tunnel, and head left at the
split. The chest at the end has one of each Healgrease type. The gate nearby
has a lock you can pick. Inside, the chest has a MsyFac Circuit Breaker(1).
Head back to the nearest intersection and take the other branch(to the left
when you're coming from the Circuit Breaker chest). Fight the Fire Crawlers,
then get a Beetle from the bug mound. Continue to a pad for the Power
Bridge(2). Power it up to extend a bridge in front of you, and head back to the

Take the left tunnel. A room or two later is a split. Bear right. Check the
mound on the left side of the next room for a Beetle. Inside the shack is a
TimeMinder and a pad for the Comp Sys, unpowered and currently useless. Keep
going to find the bridge you just activated. Around the corner is the Primary
Power pad(3). Turn it on like the others to automatically replace the circuit
breaker and power up the Primary Power Generator.

Backtrack and take a right at the split. A Stalac Titan is in the middle of the
path, unavoidable this time. Further along, run past the ramp by the TimeMinder
to find a BlastSack. Fire Salamanders await at the top, beside a pad for the
Primary Pump(4). Kill them off and activate it. At the end of this branch is a
Fire Frog fight, apparently optional, though good for experience.

Finally, turn around and take the first left. Enter the shack and activate the
Comp Sys pad(5). The MysTech is a Banewave. It's back past the Primary Pump, in
the room with the Lava Frogs. The tunnel(6) that was opened is right next to
the shack.

 2.4.2 Lavatic Pump
This should look familiar if you've played the demo. Two battles start things
off. The first contains Fire Crawlers and a Golem. The second has Fire
Salamanders. Grab the 3 Batts from the chest, and continue on. Down the ladder
is a pair of Golems. I found Psy Pull spells to be very useful, since they make
the target attack its friends. Down another ladder, a Bouge Bangle can be found
in a chest. Behind the chest is a CobaltCrawler, which is a bug for elemental
use. Give the TimeMinder a friendly pet, and head down. It's best to have Boots
in the lead for this one.

Boss: Magmatos
First are two HexcephalusMinions. They shouldn't be too difficult. The real fun
begins when they die. Magmatos shows up and summons three more. To keep Boots
alive, have him use his FatimaScreen Battle Skill ASAP. Also, it helps to kill
off the minions, since Magmatos won't summon more. Move your helpers back, so
they're by the panels on either side of the arena. Note that Magmatos can
attack either of them there, for 800 damage. Activating both panels causes two
streams of cold air to hit Magmatos, dealing 2000 damage. There are two golden
claws that rise in front of the streams, but what it indicates, I have no idea.
It seems that you have to hit each switch again to deactivate them, then yet
again in order to cause damage again. Keep using the air, and after around
14,000 damage he'll go down.

 2.4.3 Lower Tower (6)
Talk to Abbot Babbit (yep, by the bookshelf again) then sit back and enjoy the

-3- The Villain Ship and Democratus
3.1 - To Limbus
 3.1.1 Sender Station - Lounge

New Goal:
 -Get to Limbus

If you try to leave the Lounge without Democratus in your party, he/it/they
will insist on tagging along.

[Note: Currently, this walkthrough assumes you take Rho as the third party
member. There is a split in the storyline coming up, where this third
party member makes a difference in what area you'll go through. More will be
added later about the areas for Stiletto and Pal.]

*Subquest: Proximity Beam Defense System
If you got the Proximity Beam Defense System from the chest on Hephaestus, take
Democratus to the Sender Station Gold Deluxe Palatial Royal Penthouse Suites
hotel. To the right of the stairs inside is Engineer Recator. Talk to him twice
as Democratus. Choose to construct the Proximity Beam Defense System. This
enables a new Battle Skill: StareDown.*

Take your shuttle from Gate 6, and pick Limbus. A great cutscene follows.

New Goal:
 -Follow the clues to win Rictus' game

 3.1.2 Villain Bay
Run upstairs to the area with the hologram. Note the 5 configurations the
hologram takes on, and their order; It's needed later. Of course, the solution
to the puzzle which uses this info is also contained in this walkthrough.

On the panels overlooking your shuttle is a blinking button. Press it
to open the door with the face downstairs. Go in.

 3.1.3 Villian Ship

The map you get from the computers is as follows:

    a     b     c
   ----- ----- -----
  |     |     |  D  |
  |E    <     <     |   Floor 3
  |     |     |  F  |
   ----- ----- -----

    a     b     c
   ----- ----- -----
  |     |     |     |
S |     >     |C    |
  |     |  G  |  D  |
   --^-- ----- -----    Floor 2
  |     |     |     |
M |E    >     >     |Goal
  |     |     |     |
   ----- ----- -----
  |  A  |  B  |  F  |
P |     >     |     |
  |     |     |     |
   ----- ----- -----

     a     b     c
   ----- ----- -----
  |     |     |     |
S |     |     |C    |
  |     |  G  |     |
   --^-- ----- --^--
  |     |     |     |
M >     >     |     |   Floor 1
  |  A  |     |     |
   ----- ----- --^--
  |     |  B  |     |
P |     <     >     |
  |     |     |     |
   ----- ----- -----

S,M,P - Starboard, Middle, Port. Define rows.
a,b,c - Define columns.
Floor - Which level of the ship.
^,<,v,> - Doorway to next room on same floor.
A,B, etc. - Stairways. Think of them as warp points, connecting pairs of

[Note: I recommend activating shield Battle Skills as soon as you start most of
the battles inside. Especially watch Boots, since if he's in the lead, he'll
take the brunt of the damage. To find out where you are, check one of the many
computers. The holograms along the way here are used in a puzzle later. If
you're looking to do this yourself, write down a description of each and a note
of the enemy type in the room. If you just want to get out of this area, my own
crappy descriptions are here with the answer.]

You start in 1M-a with El Pintos. There's a yellow beetle mound in 1M-b, and a
purple in 1S-a with El Pintos. The other exit leads to 2P-a, with more El
Pintos. There's only one way to go from here, to 2P-b, which has Devil Slugs.
Take the door down to 1P-b. In here is a door glowing red. It's currently
secure, so go through the door across from it. Watch the ground carefully on
the left side of this hallway. Behind one of the fins jutting out from the wall
is a Theta Squarewave Crystal, which is a new weapon for Democratus.

In the next room, 1P-c, are members of the Insanito Brigade, called Bad
Persons. Beat them and head to 1M-c, with a red cross on the floor, purple gas
shooting from the walls, and more Bad Persons. Next is 1S-c, with two Orange
Roughys. They take only a few hits to kill, but they have high agility. There's
a Healgrease Complete in the chest by one of the purple energy columns in this
room, and another can be Tractored down from a shelf.

The next door leads up to 2S-c. More Orange Roughys, then a door up to 3-c. In
here are Krapotron Brutalbots, which wouldn't be bad individually. As a pack,
they're difficult. The red security door is locked like the last one, so take
the door to the right as you look at the security door. Room 3-b is devoid of
enemies, though it does have an Antiwinky Annulet. It's on a ledge to your left
as you enter, by the column. Use Tractor to grab it.

Head in to 3-a, and a cornucopia fight. Like before, none of the enemies are
tough individually, but you won't have that luxury. After the fight, face the
door you entered through, then look behind the crates to the right for a Taco.
Use the computer, and pick the option between the camera and exit buttons.
Match up the type of enemy with its hologram:

El Pinto: Round cage with 6 vertical bars connecting 2 halves
Devil Slug: A hanging wide-screen tv
Insanito: A vague chair shape, with a large hook on the back.
Roughy: 4 panels hanging down off the lower portion
Brutalbot: Another chair-ish shape, with 2 slats on the back angled upward

Not the best descriptions, but hopefully close enough to get you through the
door. If not, you'll have to backtrack and write down which was found where.

Optional: The security door from 3-c to 2P-c leads to another mixed group and a
chest that requires Master level Lockpick. Currently unknown what's inside.
1P-b leads to 1P-a, containing a locked chest with Beef Bracers inside.

Take the door in 3-a down to 2M-a. 2S-a yields another mixed bag of foes. 2S-b
has a Superhero Shieldcell in a chest. The other door leads down to 1S-b, where
you can Tractor a TimeMinder Tear from the top of the left shelf. Before you
leave, grab Hero Moss sitting to the right of the door.

Head back to 2M-a. It's a straight jog to 2M-c via 2M-b. The green door is
locked, and is opened by the computer nearby. Remember the morphing hologram
back at the beginning? The solution here is to select the enemies in the same
order that their corresponding holograms appeared in the morphing one. The
combination needed is Brutalbot, Slug, Insanito, El Pinto, Roughy.
(Thanks to PlanetAnachronox for the combo, and stewcraft for the how-to.)

Open the door, and watch as the door ahead changes from green to gray during
the load screen. :)

 3.1.4 KSC Grimacer
The door appears to be a dead end, so run up then down the ramp in the corner.
Three Brutalbots and an El Pinto later, take the door nearby. The way is
thankfully uncomplicated, so just run until you find a large room. Hang a left
and run down to the bottom floor. The next door is in the back left corner from
the ramp. Inside, the left door leads to a cramped cargo area with an Elementor
Host. The second door leads to Rictus, who (depending on your view) has either
the best or worst bad-guy line ever.

Boss: Rictus
No MysTech, eh? It's Beat attacks and Battle Skills all the way. Rictus does
serious damage, but appears to have low defense. Stare Down works quite well.
After around 10,000 damage, he'll move the group to close-range and summon two
Brutalbots and two Cosmic Machines. If you destroy the Brutalbots, he summons
more help, so just focus on Rictus. When he hits zero hp, the battle ends.

 3.1.5 Villain Brig
New Goal:
 -Escape the brig

There are several people you can talk to here for background info and items.
Talk to Amazing Force-O, the hulking white creature who's walking around, for a
Beef Bracer. Amanuensus, a white and orange alien in a blue jumpsuit, has info
on Krapton and many superheroes. A small white alien named Headwork can make
you telepathic. You can read many people's minds, including Krapto the Hero
Hound, who's thirsty.

To continue on, pick up Krapto's Water Dish. Take it across the room to
Creepfood, who's in need of a little sweat gland relief. Massage him, then get
telepathic if you haven't done it yet. Take the full water dish back to Krapto,
and talk to him to find out where Invisolad is hanging out.

New Goal:
 -Find Invisolad by the entrance door

Stay psychic. Read his mind until he fixates on a number. Remember it. Over by
a button marked EPB is Dr. Hush-Hush. When you're not telepathic, He says he
knows the code to the cell holding Paco "El Puño" Estrella, who's most capable
of breaking out of here. However, he won't give it to you. Read his mind, and
he'll think about the code, except he doesn't quite remember it. Notice that
the first two digits never change. Those two are correct, and the second two
you just got from Invisolad. Type in the code on the keypad to Paco's cell.

3.2 - The Surface of Democratus
 3.2.1 Whitendon
New Goal:
 -Report to the Burgomaster

More familiar scenes from the demo. Look for a TimeMinder ahead and to the
right. The building beside it is the Burgomaster's Manor. Inside, take the door
on the left to meet Burgomaster Bennings. Pick whatever answers you want.

New Goal:
 -Photograph the crime scene

Afterward, pick the lock on the upstairs door to the right and grab the Rapid
Wristlet off the table. The crime scene is inside a house. There's a woman in a
blue dress standing out front of it. Grab a cyan beetle nearby, and head in. A
Healgrease sits on the floor inside the son's locked room. Outside, you'll see
drag marks leading away from the house. Follow them, and take a picture of
where they stop beside a tree. Before you go, stop in front of the crime scene
house. Stand at the bottom of the steps, above the ramp. Look on the ground by
the tree near you, and you should see a gun lying on the ground. It's a
Stargent HandCannon. Now have the Burgomaster look at the picture, and he'll
ask you to check the town's perimeter. Turn 90 degrees left just outside the
manor door, and run under the path you took before. At the end is an open area.
Look around the walls for a gap in the fence. Photograph it and return to the

New Goal:
 -Rest at the Fairweather Inn

The Inn is right where you found the gap in the fence. Inside is a familiar
dog. Talk to the man behind the table past the group of people for a room and
an interesting cutscene. If you manually removed your psychic ability by
talking to Headwork a second time back in the Brig, he mentioned reliving
painful memories as a side effect. This particular memory will make more sense

 3.2.2 Commiteon
A second cutscene starts immediately after, involving Paco.

New Goal:
 -See if the soldiers will give you something to drink

To your left as you face the gate is a rather large gun. Talk to the soldier
below it.

New Goal:
 -Report to Sergeant Major Sargent

Look for the large spinning dish. Sargent is standing next to it.

New Goal:
 -Report to First Lieutenant Bibere. Field code: SCOWL

Currently unknown if the code is randomized. I believe you have to talk to each
person in order to be able to use the correct code on the next. Bibere is near
a corner of the base. From the gun and TimeMinder at the beginning, follow the
green laser fence back to the rock wall. Look by the landcrawler here for

New Goal:
 -Report to Captain Militaratus. Field code: WRATH

Militaratus is near the entrance gate.

New Goal:
 -Report to Major Tweedy. Field code: SPITE

Face the gate, then follow the fence to the right to the corner of the base.
Tweedy is by another officer who's working with a bug on the ground.

New Goal:
 -Report to Colonel Irdgaff. Field code: ANGER

What is it with these happy field codes? Anyway, this one is annoying, because
you actually talk to Sergeant Wormwood. He's under the tent beneath the dish.

New Goals:
 -Save the little girl in the installation
  -Find location of installation
  -Find a way out of base camp
  -Sergeant Major Heten might help. Field code: GROWL

Heten is right next to you, looking at the computer. He tells you that the
fence keeps going down to half power, and that if the alarm goes off again,
he'll go check it. Go back to the gate, then to the right until you see a
smoking machine. Walk around to the panel and use Paco's World Skill,
Ragemight. Run back to where Heten was and check the computer. To the lower
left is a small box that tells you that today's code is CAGE. Check the small
pad (called a KeyNote) sitting on the keyboard for the code to the gate.

New Goal:
 -65712 is the gate code

Type the code into the pad by the gate, and hit the enter button.

 3.2.3 Canyon
Pet the TimeMinder for a TimeMinder Tear. This area, apart from being the most
shallow canyon I've ever seen, is straightforward. Fight through the SandMites
and Venenos. When you find the second TimeMinder, hug the cliff face to the
right. After your next fight, look for a Healgrease Plus on the ground by the
ledge. Two more fights where you're outnumbered, and it's on to the next

 3.2.4 Abandoned Base
The beams will hurt you, but only 10 damage per hit. The mines inside the base
also do only 10 damage, though they're patrolling a section you don't have to
walk in. Go through a door on the right side. Wait on the stairs until the gun
retracts, then run under it to a generator. Use Ragemight on it to disable the
gun. The next corridor is guarded by a laser-sighted gun. Use the supports for
cover, and run to the next when the gun retracts. The door to the right
contains the generator for the gun you just went past. Turn around and go
straight under the gun. In the garage, look for a chest under the vehicle. It
has a Phantomfist. Look in the that room for a ramp leading up. Through a door
and at the end of a hall, you'll find a control room. A blue screen on the
right opens the shutters, and a red switch labeled "Security Doors Shut" raises
an elevator. Save, then look at the map, then get ready to run. When you hit
the switch, a timer appears. Run to the back of the garage, then to the large
door on the right. Open it and run through to a small door on the right. Take a
left on the other side, then just run. You'll take a little damage from the
guns, but don't stop until you're in the elevator. Open the door, run a bit,
and enjoy another cutscene.

 3.2.5 Tensil
New Goal:
 -Find a civilized city to regroup with the party

As soon as you open the doors, turn right and look between the building and the
wall for another Elementor Host. Across the way is a green bush on the ground.
Pick the berries on it. Behind the water dropping into the trough is a green
beetle mound. On the ground behind the fruit stands is a PoisonTempest MysTech.
A Silver Leaf sits on the lip of the well. Another lies behind the pair of
trees sitting with boulders on the right. From there, follow the right wall
around to a BlastSack. In the courtyard, check the bush in by the child for
more berries. Face the nearby door and turn left. All the way by the far wall
and behind a column is another Silver Leaf. Turn back the way you came and make
the first left, then go left around the temple. The alien in the corner has a
leaf. Threaten to hit him twice and he'll give you a Silver Leaf. Continue out
through the doors. Talk to the alien and give him a Silver Leaf. Check the bush
by the him for some more berries. At the other end of the bridge, look to the
right between 2 columns for another Silver Leaf. Go back across and through the
door, then around the temple to Grand Cheiftainess Hedala. Talk to her.

New Goal:
 -Find four golden leaves

Head back to the main part of town. Talk to the first alien on your left, and
trade 4 Silver Leaves for a Gold Leaf. Turn around and run for the dead end
where you found a leaf. Look for a bird on the ledge. Click it each time it
lands, until it flies to the fruit. Wait until the owner turns to shoo it away,
then check the brown bag hanging on a pole nearby for a Gold Leaf. Run back and
talk to Sakima, who's in front of the fruit stand where you found the MysTech.

New Goal:
 -Find 12 ripe Ziffinberries for a Golden Leaf

Run back to the water cascading into the trough. Click the water and choose to
soak a Ziffinberry. Do that twice more, then return to Sakima for the last Gold
Leaf. Check the bag by him for a Healgrease Complete. Return to Hedala.

New Goal:
 -Retrieve the Shii-nei artifact from the Temple

 3.2.6 Temple of Gorr

Puzzle 1:
You can talk to the ghost and analyze the glyphs on the sign and for hints.
Look in the alcoves for an eye symbol. Push that stone first, then turn around
and look at the central dais. The next stone to push matches the symbol that's
pointing your direction via the stone triangles on the floor. Push the next
stone, turn around and look again, and keep going until you open the door.

Solution(my game; may be randomized): Eye, Star, Claw, Sun, Wheel, Moon.

Puzzle 2:
Next floor. Another set of glyphs and a ghost. Look at one symbol, then clear
the niche across from it and find the block with the same symbol, but with
light and dark reversed on it. Place the block across from the symbol.

Solution(my game; again, may be randomized):
Facing away from ladder. Dark and Light refer to symbol itself, not background

Closest:  Dark Wheel     Dark Eye
Middle:   Dark Sun       Light Claw
Farthest: Light Star     Dark Moon

Puzzle 3:
Down the stairs. Turn left and step on the button to raise the ramp. Turn
around and run down the hallway to a large room, then look to the right on the
ground along the wall for a Tesseract Impactor. Run back to where the ramp was.

Another glyph set, another ghost. The ghost is more helpful than the glyphs,
though I still never found a better solution than trial and error here. The
gaps are obvious enough to avoid, but you can't always see where you're
walking, and some boards drop you for seemingly no reason. Any insights are

My solution:

Puzzle 4:
Glyph and ghost again, with vague hints on walking carefully. I think the
goal here is to walk carefully along the line on the floor, but I never managed
to avoid taking damage. The darts hardly hurt, so I suggest just running

Puzzle 5:
Next up are Whirling blades. The glyphs tell you the obvious: the main path
isn't the way to go. Turn around and head for the torch above. If you run
straight past it instead of turning up the way you came in, you'll find a
hidden path along the wall. Follow it around and under to a ladder. Click the
ladder at a lower height to climb down. (If click it too high up, you'll climb
up instead, to the back side of the blades.)

Puzzle 6:
Glyph, ghost. Walk in the paths of light. If you wander into the shadows,
you'll take minor damage. Stay in the light as you go through the two doors.

The last glyph and ghost. I think the moon is supposed to drop on you if you
run, but I never caused anything bad to happen no matter what I did here. Run
up to the artifact and Rho will realize it's actually MysTech - Baneslaught.

 3.2.7 Tensil (2)
Talk to the Cheiftainess again. You can keep the MysTech if you're dishonest by
saying you didn't find it. Or you can choose to tell her you found it, and
she'll take it. Either way, you'll get a map.

New Goal:
 -Get to the nearest human village

Run back through the first set of doors to the very beginning of the area.

 3.2.8 White Caves
New Goal:
 -Search for the missing boy

Back to Boots. Check by some rocks near the TimeMinder for a FreezeMeNot Loop.
The enemies shouldn't be too difficult.

 3.2.9 White Caves - Lair
In the chest by the first fight is a Supershot, which gives Boots a new Battle
Skill: Aerial Trigger. The Grumpy Bunny fight is the last one before...

Boss: Wimpa
You get a couple easy hits, then he gets mad and grows. I recommend using
FatimaScreen early on in this fight. Wimpa does serious damage. In fact, you
may want to back up to avoid his melee attack. If he growls but doesn't attack,
MOVE. His next attack drops chunks of ice from the ceiling, and it hurts. Keep
shooting him from a distance and using Aerial Trigger and he'll die soon enough.

 3.2.10 Whitendon (2)
New Goal:
 -Report to Burgomaster

Talk to him and you're done.

 3.2.11 Chamber Area
New Goal:
 -Stay at the Republic Inn

One of the council members in the chamber behind you will give you an Old
Ducalion Shieldcell. You should already have much better shields, though.
Sergeant Guff, who is standing outside the other door of the room you start in,
will give you a Taco.

 3.2.12 Votowne
Around the back side of the ramp is a TimeMinder. Back in a corner nearby is a
paper lying on the ground. It's Nuclear Defense Plans Page 4. In the second
half of Votowne, run down the right ramp and check in the corner for Page 3.
After the Administration Centre on the left, watch for a dark area on the
right. In a corner in there is Page 2. In the area near the Republic Inn, look
between the ramp to the non-functional door to the next area and the wall to
the right for Page 1.

[An odd note before you continue on. If you look up to the roof across from the
Republic Inn, you can see a small figure standing up high. If you cheat and fly
up to him, he'll talk about being abandoned after a change to this map. This
area was changed after the game was released to fix some errors, and by now
you've noticed the odd senses of humor the writers have.]

 3.2.13 Republic Inn
To the left is one man standing by a column. If you took any pictures using the
panels on the ramps in Votowne, he'll trade you items for them. Talk to the man
behind the desk for another cutscene with more background info.

New Goal:
 -Return to the rest of the party in the Lounge on Sender Station

Return to your shuttle.

 3.2.14 Sender Station
Take Democratus to the GDP hotel to the scientist that helped before. He'll
build a Nuclear Armament Defense System, which enables a new Battle Skill:
Missle Barrage.

*Subquest: Firecage MysTech
This requires Democratus' Master Level Tractor. As you enter the Entertainment
District on Hephaestus, watch for the ceiling to open up to the sky. As soon as
it does, turn left and look above for a sign that says "Mi Cocian". Get up
there and look above the hall you entered through for a piece of MysTech. Use
Tractor, and it's yours.*

Form a party of at least two people who can deal serious damage, and take your
shuttle to Limbus.

-4- Limbus
4.1 - Exploring Limbus
 4.1.1 Wilds of Limbus
New Goal:
 -Look for something intersesting, and watch for the probe

Look along the wall by the starboard side of your shuttle for a small green
object on the ground; it's Wild Moss. Face the wall and turn right, then run
forward and watch for a flower that will give you another Lifeflower Petal. In
this area is a group of six Wall Clams. They have high defense and damaging
attacks, but low life. Any Battle Skills that hit multiple enemies will help
here. This is not a necessary battle, but you'll want the practice, because the
next group you can't run past. Find the shorter pair of pillars and run through
the cleft in the rock wall behind them. You'll find the aforementioned
unavoidable Wall Clams. Look in a corner to the left before you leave for a
TimeMinder Tear. Run up the brown path, and watch the left side when it starts
downward. There's a Two-Function Host by the wall.

 4.1.2 Sagentane Crevice
Enemies: The Crevice Slugs are a pain because they have so much life. The
Killer Hyraxes should die in one hit if you can manage to hit them. Luckily
they can't dodge Battle Skills.

Check the wall behind the first enemy group for an obsidian beetle mound.
There's a another Lifeflower Petal sitting on a flower to the left of the three
Hyraxes. A passage runs off to the right from the three Clams. Follow it for a
Healgrease Complete, a Clam and Slug fight, and another Healgrease Complete.
Keep running and you'll find the brown path, but back closer to where you
entered this area. Turn right to get back on track. There's a BlastSack along
the right wall by the fight with a Clam and two Hyraxes. Follow the cave to six
Sagen-Kra. They can trade out with their friends behind the barrier, and while
in the back row they heal quickly. The person in the middle of your party will
be the target of an attack that infers a status ailment that makes them attack
the rest of the party (Psy Slave?). Focus on one of them at a time. They're a
pain, but you get 42,000 exp and a cutscene for your trouble.

 4.1.3 Sesostris
That name again is Simonuseveticoure Terenisquarenthicalicus. Anyway, walk up
to Santadramangetricus (he's the leader from the cutscene; he's standing nearby
and wearing pale red) to find out what the three major points of the city are.

New Goals:
 -Examine the Lance of the Vigil at the Pillars of Sesostris
 -Examine the Bridge of Betrayal
 -Examine the Cliff of Casting

Head past him and through a door. On the left is a passage blocked by spears.
This leads to the Cliff of Casting. Don't talk to the guard by it just yet.
Look by the fountain near the door you entered from for a yellow beetle mound.
Continue on to another door, but turn around before you instead of going
through it. Look across from it for a smaller door where three soldiers are
asking for new equipment. Remember this for a subquest after you fight off the
invaders. Head through the large door, and watch for another spear-lined
opening on the left, which leads to the Lance of Vigil, but hold off for a
minute. Go through the next large door and watch the right side for a small
door. Inside is an Inn. The Limbusonian behind the second desk will give you a
Firestorm MysTech, a Stargent Sleepshank (Stiletto weapon - Good), and Stargent
Bladerangs (Stiletto weapon - Great) [Note: I left and returned after the
invasion and got these. He may have other items for sale at this point.]
One floor up is a Healgrease Plus behind the first door on the right. On the
top level in the first room is a Crimson Stone, which only Paco can pick up.
It can be irradiated somewhere to form another item.

the Inn. You can continue on through the far door to talk to more Limbusonians
for a bit more background, eventually ending up in the throne room. Of note
here is a book on the front bench for Rho to read. It's the Limbusonian
Archentome, and reading it teaches her Pocket Singularity, her last Battle
Skill. Now you'll have to backtrack.

Head up to the Lance of Vigil. In the space just before the spiral staircase,
watch for a Three-Function Host on the ground. Run up the spiral staircase to
the Pillars of Sesostris. Talk to the Limbusonian to learn that the Lance of
Vigil is really a large cannon. One of your party will have to stay here to man
(or woman, or robot, or planet) it. Your weakest fighter should stay here.

Return to the entrance to the Cliff of Casting. Talk to the guard and pick
someone to stay and defend it.

This is your last chance to save for a while, so you may just want to take it.
Also check your hp and heal yourself if you didn't stay at the Inn. Continue to
backtrack with your last character, and take the door by where you started in
Sesostris. It leads to the Bridge of Betrayal. After the load screen, talk to
the first guard you walk past and your last party member will stay to defend
the bridge.

[Helpful Glitch Note: If you hold F2 while each area loads or when you click
through the Battle Booty screen, you can save. This seems to be a glitch where
you have control for a split second. It's not intentionally in the game, but it
can keep you from having to repeatedly sit through earlier cutscenes if you die
on a later fight.]

4.2 - Battle for Sesostris
 4.2.1 Part 1 - Lance of Vigil
Shoot down as many ships as you can. The shots go a bit below where you'd
expect, and you don't get much time to practice your aim. Watch the meter at
the bottom, because if the gun gets too hot it goes into a mandatory cooldown,
which means more missed ships.

 4.2.2 Part 2 - Bridge of Betrayal
Here you'll fight Korethorians. Your Limbus Soldier helpers are basically there
to take some focus away from you. Either or both of them can and likely will
die, but if your party member dies it's game over. Also, I had bad luck here
with normal attacks, as the enemies would dodge them about half the time. As
with the Sagen-Kra, focus on one enemy until it falls. The Knights appear to
have a bit less hp than the Sergeants.

 4.2.3 Part 3 - Cliff of Casting
The same fight as last time, with your third party member.

 4.2.4 Sesotris, post-battle
New Goal:
 -Check the locals, regroup, and find Santadrimangetricus

Grab your party member from the Bridge and turn back toward the city.

*Subquest: The Twin-Scaled Underplate and Grumpos' "Excellent" weapon
The Limbusonian who issues armor wants to get a Twin-Scaled Underplate back
from a Soldier he lent it to. The soldier is in the Sagentane Crevice area,
along the small walkway that had the Healgrease Completes and the Clam & Slug
battle before. The entrance to the walkway is along the left wall as you leave
town. Talk to the Limbusonian for the Underplate. Before you head back to town,
run down the slope to a strange glowing object. It's a Stargent Enerstrike, an
Excellent level weapon for Grumpos. Now return to the Limbusonian in town. Talk
to him once to return the Underplate, then a second time to receive a special
offer: $8000 for a Vigil Safecell. It holds 504 NRG, and while it has no shield
rating, it does protect against Dark Servant powers. Thanks to stewcraft for
the Underplate and Enerstrike locations.*

*Subquest: Baby Hyraxes
[Note: Currently incomplete. I've found 8 of the 10. There seems to be a glitch
in this quest in 1.01 that is fixed in 1.02, so it may be impossible without
the new patch.]
Janterzinkothquodelle, the Limbusonian just outside the armor issuer's room,
wants you to catch 10 Baby Hyraxes. He hints that they have patterns, and they
do. They run along the same paths constantly, from one barricade to another, at
long intervals (30 seconds or more). They're fast, and you need to be close, so
you'll have to be standing on their path as they run by. It helps to save
repeatedly until one is about to run by to avoid waiting for their next pass.

-1 Face the door to the Inn, then turn left and run to a pair of blocked doors
across the path from each other. One Hyrax runs from the right to the left.
-2 This one also runs into the left door, but comes from a door up the ramp in
front of you.
-3 From the Inn door, turn right. This one runs along the lower ground to the
right of the large door, from near the door to a nearby corner.
-4 Follow the path through the large door. Along the right wall is another
blocked door. Hyrax 4 runs from there to the spears around the Lance of Vigil
-5 Head through another large door to the area with the Cliff of Casting
entrance. The Hyraxes in this area run out from under the benches. This
particular Hyrax runs from under the bench closest to the Cliff entrance.
-6 This one starts under the bench beside the obelisk where 3 Limbusonians are
writing about their loved ones, and runs to the Cliff entrance spears.
-7 Hyrax 7 starts in the armor issuer's room, behind the observer. This one
runs to the bench beside the beetle mound.
-8 Pass through the next large door. This Hyrax hides in the boards in the
right corner near the TimeMinder and runs up the ramp and into the room with
four fires in the corners.
-9  Unknown
-10 Unknown

Return them to Janterzinkothquodelle for a Regenergy Round.*

Head to the throne room and talk to Santadrimangetricus. Time for some more
plot-building via a cutscene.

New Goal:
 -Find Roweidekhalicon on Anachronox

Run back to your shuttle and you'll find 6 Korethorians guarding it. They get
lots of attacks in per round, but at least you can have characters heal each
other. Battle Skills that hit all enemies help here. Once they're down, head
back to Anachronox.

-5- Anachronox

*Subquest: Taco
In the Platform Area (where your shuttle is parked) is an elevator. Between
floors 3 and 4 is a Taco in a niche along the wall. Democratus' Tractor can
get it. Thanks for Anders Strmberg.*

5.1 - Roweidekhalicon
 5.1.1 South Anachronox
As you'll hear, martial law has been declared, and a curfew is in effect.
Several Nox Guards are on patrol, looking for you. They aren't bright enough to
know who you are, so they won't pester you. Your goal is a familiar bar:
Rowdy's. Walk in for a cutscene.

[Side Note: Is Travis Kelli (at the entrance to Rowdy's) one of that
duplicating superhero's clones? He looks it.]

New Goal:
 -Regroup in Sender Station and prepare for Detta

At some point, Zordo's Gun Palace has acquired an AutoTargeter and a
BladeSleeves Merc Suit. Buy then use the AutoTargeter on Boots for his fourth
Battle Skill, Cap, and the Suit on Stiletto for her BladeFan skill. Buy either
or both and Zordo will throw in a MysTech he thinks is broken. It's another
Two-Function Host. Use Tractor on the object above the exit to Gordo's for a
Cordicom Powerbelt Cell.

 5.1.2 Lounge - Sender Station
Talk to Grumpos. Whether you have him join the party or not, you'll get:

New Goal:
 -Head to Anox Tours and get tickets to OneGate

Now's a good time to get any items and subquests you might have missed (taking
Hero Moss and Wild Moss to the MugMug, for example).  Set up a team and take
Rho's shuttle to Anachronox.

*Subquest: ???
In the Tenements area of the Bricks (the map with the entrance to Frank's
Flophouse), follow the ramp down instead of taking the elevator. Around the
back side is a flying alien. If you talk to him as Grumpos, he appears to give
you a crystal of some sort, but I can't figure out what item it is. It doesn't
seem to appear in my inventory. More later if I can get it to work.*

Get to the Anachronox Tours area. If you have Rho's Master Level Analyze, use
it on the computer as you pass it if you haven't already. Keep going and enter
the Tours building. Find the machine you used quite some time ago to buy
tickets. Use it as anyone other than Boots (he'll be told he has insufficient
funds) and your lead character will say something about using the shuttle to
sneak into One Gate. Pick that choice, then buy a One Gate Shuttle Pass. You
can cheat this a bit and use the pause key to get a good price. Keep pausing
and looking at the price. The best seems to be around $4900, so when it's
paused on that, hit the buy button and it'll take. Sneaky.

Turn right and run through the gate. At the split turn right and talk to Mad
Kaleb, who you might remember as the man who's a bit too aware of where he
really is. He'll give you a PsySummon Harmonic, which is a PsySlave MysTech.
Turn around and head for the North Platform, then walk up to a transporter when
it stops.

5.2 North Anachronox
 5.2.1 OneGate: Station
Look for a ramp down under the exit door. Below is a man named Parvenute, who
has some pricey goods for sale. Noteworthy among them: Regenergy Round, which
regenerates the wearer's hp slowly during battle; "Great" level weapons for
Boots, Rho, and Pal; Freeze, Nuts, and Poison MysTechs; and Dettacorps Personal
Shieldcells, with 504 NRG, throughput 368. Sadly, the shieldcells have no
shield rating, so no life bonus in battle.

Head back up and out the exit door. Pass through the exit gate and down a ramp.
When you find 3 vehicles parked, look for a small incline downward in the
street. Stand at the bottom facing it then look to the right side. A Taco is
hiding in the corner there. Now leave through the large door.

 5.2.2 One Gate
Around the corner ahead you'll find a pair of GEAS Nox Guards. They're not
particularly difficult (provided you can take the damage), but you'll find that
the arrangment places your lead person in the way of the other two, preventing
all three people from hitting the same foe. Beat them and head on to a Pax
Guard, who has about the same amount of hp as the Nox Guards. After him is a
combination of the last two battles. As with the first, your lead character
will prevent the others having lines of sight to all enemies. Any Battle Skills
that stun enemies will help. Once one enemy is down, one of your party can
move, and you can concentrate all attacks on one enemy at a time. Beat them and
head onward. Watch the left side. In a corner before two Pax Guards is another
Three-Function Host. The Pax Guards themselves shouldn't be much trouble.
Luckily, this time everyone has line of sight to all foes, so stun one if you
can and attack the other. Once you beat them, run down to the TimeMinder.

When you run past it, Fatima will pop up (and make you jump, if you're like me
and not expecting it) and ask if you're ready. You can't turn back after this,
so you may want to save here on a new save slot. When you're ready, pick Yes
and head in.

You'll need to form two teams. You'll use both, so don't just hoarde the good
people in one and the characters with weak weaponry in another. Hit Accept when
you're ready.

5.3 - Detta's Fortress
 5.3.1 Grounds
New Goals:
 -Find the Keystone
 -Find the basement entrance

Use Shift+Tab to switch between the teams.

Boots' Team:
As soon as you run down the stairs, look to the right. You should see a door
with a big "D" and a TimeMinder beyond a gate. Go around the left side of the
gate, and watch your right for an opening just after the trees. You can either
go in here to continue, or go fight a couple battles to test your party
configuration. To fight, follow the paved pathway. Your first battle is with
two Robottacks. Battle Skills help, especially ones that stun the enemy. Beat
them and find the ramp up in the dark corner. Follow it around to a lone Pax
Guard. Then return to the D door and go in.

The bars beside you are how you came in. Turn around and head past the
TimeMinder and up the ramp. Roll past a second TimeMinder and up to an opening
in the wall.

Stiletto's Team:
A Robottack battle is optional in this area, but it might be a good idea to
fight anyway, just to make sure your second team can also handle them. To fight
them, go left up the stairs. They're near the front gate. Return to the
beginning and follow the right fork. When you find a TimeMinder, turn around
and enter the door with the large D on it nearby.

 5.3.2 Basement
New Goal:
 -Search everywhere for entrance to the fortress

Stiletto's Team:
Go forward and through an area with a glowing blue floor. [You can extend the
bridges in here by using Throw Loonie on a switch high on the left. The door
codes can be found on a small split off the path that goes down to the right
and under the main path. There are enemies inside most of the rooms, but no
incredibly important items.] Continue on, fight off three of Detta's Goons, then
look for a hallway that leads to the next room. Next to the hallway, running up
the left wall, is a ramp. Climb it and run to the end for a Glodent Colony,
worth 512 NRG. Run back down, then follow the hallway to a lowered area of the
floor. Down the steps is a sleeping guard. Frisk him for a piece of paper.

New Goal:
 -Note: "TODAY'S FACE and 1 2 3 6 8 11 13 22"
[May be randomized.]

Go back up to floor level, and look for a green door in this room. Beyond it is
the wine cellar. Note the funky purple liquid spilled in here. Walk up to the
door by the TimeMinder switch to Boots.

Boots' Team:
Head forward for a battle with three Detta Goons. Not much I can say, just
watch your health, because these guys hurt. The previously-mentioned tactic of
stunning some enemies to concentrate on one helps here. Beat them and look for
a silver door with a yellow stripe down the center. You'll have to really use
your lockpicking skills since they give you the standard 35 seconds, but for 4
tumblers instead of 3. Once the door opens, follow the ramps down. Look in the
corner near the bottom of the second one for a Healgrease Plus. Down the hall
is a KeyNote sitting on a pipe on the right. Continue on to three Head Detta
Goons. (Finally, some revenge against the guy that beat you up and threw you
out a window way back when.) Continue on to a gap. Switch to Pal.

Take the stairs around the corner down to the floor. Hack the left terminal
with Comptalk, then pick Login, then Fortress, then Bridge, and finally Move
Chasm Bridge.

New Goal:
 -Find the code to open the entrance

The right terminal has some info on how to read the info that each group of
guards has received. Exit out of the computer.  Go right and down the short
ramp. Stop at the bottom of the ramp and look on the ground to the left for a
NutsSlapshot Harmonic. Return to the computer and switch back to Boots.

Boots' Team:
Look at the bridge, and notice that it has a lower part and an upper part. Run
across the lower part. When you hit a wall, turn left. Watch for some crates
near a faint purple glow. Check behind them for a Healgrease Plus. Continue
down and you'll find another KeyNote on a ledge, an yet another inside a green
room. Take the other exit out of the green room and you'll fight two Detta
Goons and a Head Detta Goon. After the fight, pick up the paper on the ground.

New Goal:
 -Flyer: "Coho Torque Beef Plaza. The choice is clear."
[May be randomized.]

Also look for a Healgrease Complete among the crates. Now head back to the top
where you turned left at the wall before. This time, climb up above the path
you entered from, and run up so you're near the upper part of the bridge.
Switch to Pal.

Move the Chasm Bridge again and switch back to Boots.

Boots' Team:
Run across the upper bridge. Just past some falling water, look behind the
crates for a Bag o' Glodents. Turn left and look along the wall for a ramp
down. Fight off three Head Detta Goons. If you have Democratus in this party,
use Tractor on the MysTech above the bars to get a FireStorm Harmonic. [Judging
by the difficulty the skill presents, I'd say this requires Master Level.] Run
back up to where you found the Glodent Bag, and look for the chains supporting
the bridge. Stop here and switch back to Pal.

Move the Chasm Bridge once again, and switch to Boots.

Boots' Team:
Cross the bridge and enter the door. Open the door ahead and check the computer
for part of the Fortress Access Code Cypher.

[I screwed up the game a bit here, and the goals for the rest of the game
wouldn't display. They'll have to be added later.]

Exit this room and turn right. Enter the next room for another part of the
Cypher, then the next room for the last part. The fourth and last room has a
TimeMinder by the entrance. The computer inside will decode the message. You'll
get a new goal about using the info from the computer. Switch back to Pal.

Look at the numbers you got from one of the papers. Follow the instructions
from the Cypher for picking the correct numbers from left to right. (For me, it
said to use only odd numbers.) Check the computer and pick the Fortress entry.
Count up from 1 at Astro and choose the words corresponding to the four
numbers. Two doors will open, and an elevator will drop down. Move Pal onto the
elevator and he's done with this area.

Walk both teams into their doors to finish.

 5.3.3 Fortress - Ground Level

Boots' Team:
Walk forward and fight three Goon 1's. Open the door to the indoor pool. In
here is a Goon 2 (weren't they Head Detta Goons just a couple minutes ago?)
with two Goon 3's. Kill them, and you'll find a regular door and a "1" door.
The first leads to a garage with two Insane Mechanics and a Robottack. Behind
the vertical pipe by the tail end of the limo is a piece of MysTech: SlowVicer
Harmonic. Return to the "1" door. (There's a set of windows along the top of
one wall where your two main teams can see each other, by the way. Not really
important, just neat.)

Stiletto's Team:
First, two Robottacks and a Head Detta Goon. I used my first TimeMinder Tear
ever in this battle, due to this being my weaker team. Anyway, open the doors
nearby and head down to a "1" door.

Hack the terminal and hit Login, then Info. You'll get a new goal from that
when you exit. Also hit Security, and Security Level 1.

Move both teams through their doors. The doors will have closed in the short
time it took to wait for the camera movement and to switch teams, but you have
only to walk up to each door to make it open.

Stiletto's Team:
Check the KeyNote on the floor to your left for a goal. Enter F-A-C-E on it.
Important info from the KeyNote: Medium Security Door Access is 4 17 1 2 5 6

Boots' Team:
Check the computer for another goal. Follow the same instructions as in the
last section (odd numbers for me) to pick the numbers and the corresponding
words. (Quasar, Astro, Eternal) The generator will shut down, allowing both
teams to progress. Wave to the other team on the way across the bridge (or
not), and go through the doors into the Goldfinger room. Use the computer near
your entry point to let open level 2 doors so Pal can move on to the next
computer. (I think there's a Glodent Colony here too.) Switch to Stiletto.

Stiletto's Team:
The doors at the far end won't open, so turn left and enter those doors
instead. Someone kindly left a Healgrease and a Healgrease Plus on the table
for you. The computer closeby has info on the liquid you found spilled earlier
(and in the container across the room). Good old mad scientist-type
experimentation. Gotta love it. The other door here must vary from game to
game, depending on your party makeup. I had Paco in this group, so I used
Ragemight to knock it down. Inside is a TimeMinder Tear.

Hack the terminal. One option will let you activate an elevator. Do it. Exit
out the door at the bottom, and take the right pathway to the end. Use the
computer to activate the Fluid Plates.

Stiletto's Team:
Click the rail platforms to climb aboard. At the other end is a set of
incubation pods, as mentioned on the computer in the preceding room. Around to
the right is a path into the center of the pods. Use the computer there to send
pods to Boots' team. It also has some more background info on the experiments.

Boots' Team:
Enter the pods.

 5.3.4 Fortress - Upper Level

Stiletto's Team:
Head through the open door and find a computer along the left wall. Use it to
open the Workshop Door in the AC Chamber. Continue on across a high walkway to
a "2" door.

[I'm not sure on what exactly is necessary in this sequence. I had a door
mysteriously unlock, and I'm not positive if I missed it somehow, or if you
have to activate something else to open it.]

As Boots, use the computer to open the airlock, unlock the CI chamber door, and
activate the AC Chamber platform. Switch to Pal.

Move into the airlock and activate it with the pad inside(it's gray, so it
blends in well). Ahead is the stasis room. The computer here has more info on
the soldiers. Turn left and you'll find another airlock. Hit the pad inside.
Since you already raised the platform for this place, roll across it and into
the AC Chamber. Open the Security Level 4 doors (which for some reason have 2's
on them...), then head toward the large door. Pal will get nervous, and you'll
receive a new goal, which is likely something about waiting for the rest of the
party. Backtrack to the first airlock, and open it to the side with the steps.

Boots' Team:
Head through the open door and up to a battle with three Goons. Beat them and
talk to the Floater they had cornered. It's K'Conrad Khk, who ratted you out to
Detta. Strangely, he decides to sell you the things he's stolen from Detta
instead of just giving them to you. Thanks a lot. He doesn't have anything
special, though. Just stuff you might want to stock up on, like Healgrease and
TimeMinder Tears. Look for another door across from where you entered, and
follow it down to a familiar area. Enter the airlock and activate it. Move
Boots' team and Pal to the second airlock and switch to Stiletto.

Stiletto's Team: Go through the door and look for a button on the left. Hit it
and run down the ramps. If you explored with Pal, you know this is right above
the second airlock. Run in and activate it, then move everyone to the big door.
The TimeMinder here is your friend.

Before you walk Boots or Stiletto up to the door, equip Boots with the Vigil
Shieldcell you should have received on Limbus (from the Underplate subquest).
This is the last chance to equip items, and the shield will help on the final

5.4 - Detta
 5.4.1 Detta Suit

Boss: Detta Suit
Boots and Stiletto against Detta and two mechanics. This one is currently quite
difficult because Stiletto does very little damage. Hopefully I'll find her
other Battle Skills and weapons at some point.

Back to the battle: Two characters and no MysTech. FatimaScreen is a necessity
here. Detta likes to target Boots. Take out the mechanics, then go after the
Detta Suit's legs. When a leg is close to dying, it starts sparking, and when
it's dead fire appears.

 5.4.2 Detta and MysTech

Boss: Detta - MysTech room
You get your MysTech back for this one. Detta still likes to target Boots, so
watch his health. When you damage Detta enough, the block he's hiding behind
crumbles and he runs to another. Each time he does so, he switches to more
powerful MysTech.

Time for a cutscene. Nothing big happens here...yeah, right. WTF?!? You WHAT?!?
THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?!? *pant pant* Okay, so that's not good news.

5.5 Final Battle: Dark Servant

Boss: Elemental Spheres and Dark Servant

Well now. Somehow your party will get poisoned, despite not being directly
attacked. And this isn't some weak poison; it's like being poisoned five times
over, so you take multiple hits per round.

Your mission: crack open the spheres. Each character starts in front of a
sphere of their preferred element. Concentrate attacks on one sphere at a time.
When the targetted sphere takes enough damage and fades out, have the character
standing closest to its spot step forward ASAP. If that character doesn't step
forward at the first opportunity, the Dark Servant summons another sphere, and
you have to start over attacking that sphere. You'll want to focus on the
elements for the characters that are currently active, of course.

Each time a party member steps forward, a light shines around them, and their
spot in the active party is taken by one of the reserve members of the party. I
believe Boots' sphere can freeze people for a time, so if that happens try a
TimeMinder Tear to get that person moving again.

Keep moving people up to stop the boss from summoning spheres, and when you
finally get your last person up close and personal, the ending cutscene kicks
in. Whew.

And sadly, that's where it ends. The Chatagra are loose in the previous
and the now six-person party heads after them. Please let us find out what's
next, Eidos.

=C - Tricks/Cheats=

==Infinite Money==
There are two ways to get as much money as you want without fighting for it.
Both involve the traderbots located around Sender Station.

-The first (and more honest) way is to compare the buy and sell prices for the
 five items that the traderbots deal in. Each item has a different buy and
 sell value at each bot, and if you jot down the values, you can compare and
 find which item you can buy several of from one bot and sell to another.

[This second method may have been fixed in 1.02.]
-The second way apparently involves a glitch, and requires you to have at
 least one Lifeflower Petal and a small amount of money. Buy at least one
 Shumfoofa Shell from any bot, then pick the bot's "sell rare items" option.
 Near the bottom, the game will list your Lifeflower Petal and value it at 25
 loonies, but at the top, where you pick the item to sell, it will say "Sell
 Twin-Scaled Underplate". When you click that, you'll sell one of your
 Shumfoofa Shells, but get the money for the Underplate, which is no less than
 $5000. Each. You may get sent to the standard sell menu after selling one
 Shell/Petal/Underplate, but you can keep picking the "sell rare item" choice
 and earning money as long as your Shells hold out.

 Note that this may have been fixed in v1.02.

=D - Debug Mode=

This is what it all comes down to. There's a lot to this, so I gave it its own
section. Open up the directory you installed Anachronox in, then open
(install dir)/anoxdata/configs. Depending on your game version, you'll have to
follow different directions for the next step.

v1.0 or 1.01 of Anachronox:

 Use a basic text editor to edit Default.cfg.
 Ignore the rather large warning from Uncle Squirrel, and scroll down to a line
 that says "set debug 0". Change it to say "set debug 1". Save that file, then
 make a new file called "movement.cfg" in the same directory. Put the following
 text in it:

bind m "invoke 1:86"
bind , "invoke 1:87"
bind q +moveup
bind z +movedown
bind n "noclip"

 Save movement.cfg and launch Anachronox.

Game v1.02:
 In the root directory of your C drive (C:\), make a file called
 "anox_local.cfg". Enter "set debug 1" as the first line, then the same list
 of bind commands from a few lines up. You may also want to add a command to
 bind "+superfast" to a key. (I use "bind mouse2 +superfast"). Superfast is the
 command used to speed up the game when you hit backslash, and that's not the
 easiest key to reach for. Save the file and launch Anachronox.

The first thing you'll see is a bunch of developer mode messages. You might
also hear the windows error sound a couple times; Ignore it. Load a game as
usual, then hit tilde (The key to the upper left of your keyboard, just below
Escape) to bring down the console, which is described more in the next section.
If you're playing v1.0 or 1.01, type "exec movement" (minus the quotes) into the
console to execute the movement.cfg file you made earlier.

For 1.02, anox_local.cfg is loaded automatically when the game starts, so no
extra step is needed to run it. Unfortunately, you can't change maps with the
new debug menu as you could in 1.01. For that, you'll need to use the "map"
console command, which is also described in the next section.

Now Q acts as a jump key, N turns off clipping (letting you fly around,
through, and even outside the current map - use the standard movement keys
along with Q and Z), M calls up a debug menu, and Comma removes the menu.

The Console
A direct link to the inner workings of the game, the console lets you run many
special commands and really dive into the game.

The Page Up and Page Down keys scroll the messages in the console, and Home and
End jump to the oldest and newest messages. The Up and Down arrow keys scroll
through the commands you've previously entered into the console.

Some important console commands:

cmdlist  -  Lists all possible commands for the console

cvarlist  -  Lists several variables in the game.

battlewin  -  When used during a battle, you win instantly.

noclip  -  Lets you move through any surface and turns off gravity. Use regular
           controls along with Q and Z (or any other keys you bind to "+moveup"
           and "+movedown") to move around anywhere on the current map

bind  -  Attach a command to a key. "bind k toggledebug" would cause the
         toggledebug command to be executed every time you hit the K key. Any
         command you bind will be lost when you exit Anachronox, so if you want
         to always have a command available, edit anox_local.cfg and add your
         bindings there.

exec  -  Usage: "exec ConfigFile" execute a config file. Without a path, the
         game checks (install dir)/anoxdata/configs for ConfigFile and executes
         the commands inside. As of 1.02, it's preferred to edit anox_local.cfg
         to make changes.

timescale  -  Usage: "timescale x" Replace x with a number to change the
              overall speed of the game. Regular speed is 1. Values from 0.1 to
              0.9 slow the game down, and values 1.1 and above speed it up.

clear  -  Clears the console window

toggledebug  -  Turns the extra info and fps counter off. It also disables the
               console key, so bind this command to a key ("bind i toggledebug"
               for example) so you can exit the console and turn the messages
               off. Whenever you need back to the console, hit the toggledebug
               key again, then tilde.

screenshot  -  Takes a picture of the current game screen, but adds the text
              "Debug screenshot" to the center of it. The picture is in Targa
              (.tga) format, and is written to
              (install dir)/anoxdata/screenshots. Can be bound to a key to
              take a picture without the console in the way. These pics are
              900K each.

anox_screenshot  -  Takes a picture, without the text in the middle. Can also be
                   bound to a key to avoid having the console in the picture.
                   Again, the pics are 900K each, so watch the space if you're
                   saving quite a few of them.

invoke  -  This command is used for many things in the engine, especially for
           dialog windows. Each window has a bank and an entry in that bank. For
           example, the cheat menu is bank 1, entry 86. Thus, when you type
           "invoke 1:86", it calls (or invokes) that window.

quit  -  Shuts down the game

map  -  Can be used to load any area of the game. The cheat menu in 1.01 has a
        better option than using this command. In 1.02 you'll need to use this
        if you want to warp to another area. Changing maps manually can create
        problems with the game flow; just a warning.

Area names to use are:

black         A giant black square area. Used as a background area to load at
              the beginning of the game. Not intended for standard gameplay.
sphere        Used in intro cinema
sphere3       Used in unknown cinema (possibly launch of shuttle to Sunder)

rowdys        Rowdy's Bar
bricksb       Bricks - Platform area
bricksc       Bricks - Casinox
bricksc2      Bricks - Junkyard (Ghalla's, exits to Eddie's junkyard, Tenements)
bricksd       Bricks - Fountain Spiral
whacks        Whackmaster Jack's Temple of Beating
mmuseum       Mystech Museum
zordos        Zordo's Gun Palace
hovel         Eddie's junkyard
tenements     Tenements
grumpos       Tenements Building 5 (where Grumpos' apartment is)
franks        Frank's Flophouse
mystech1      Upper alien tunnels
sewagic1a     Sewagic Rapids (boat minigame - doesn't work when loaded)
mystech2      Lower alien tunnels
tours         Tours area
tours2        Inside Anachronox Tours building
onegatestn    One Gate Station
onegate       One Gate (streets leading to Detta's fortress)

senderss      Sender Station Station (gates area)
scommons      Sender Station commons area
scommonnight  Sender Station commons area, nighttime
sendormitory  Sendormitory
museum        Theoretical Science Museum
museumnight   Theoretical Science Museum, nighttime (when Pal sneaks in)
slounge       The Lounge of Commerce
vendomart     Vend-O-Mart
pay2pray      Pay2Pray temple (not intended to be loaded this way - use
              vendomart instead)
routubes1     Upper Routubes
routubes2     Lower Routubes
mugpath       Sender Station Underworks (long path leading to MugMugs)
redlight      Red Light District
sexmach       Cold Sweat Sex Machine (where Stiletto danced)
slutopia      Slutopia
orange        The Orange Navel
tubbys        Tubby's Grease Shack
braintrain    The shuttle Boots and Grumpos take early on from Sender Station
              to Sunder (to meet with Rho).

starport      Callosum Starport
sunstrip      Path leading to/from Rho's Sanctuary
labbuilding   Bowman's Santuary area on Sunder
braintrain-b  Unknown. Looks like a test map of Sunder.
servicetunnel Service Tunnel (part of escape route)
cine1         Game Over screen from getting caught in Sunder's split
cine2         Part of Sunder split cinematic
cinedem       Appears to be area used in the amusing cinema about drifting
              through space after Sunder is destroyed. The cinema doesn't work
              if you warp to it, however. With noclip you can fly outside and
              find the shuttle floating by itself. Click the door and it opens
              right up to outer space. That doesn't seem safe.

Virulent Hive:
cinehive      Area used for the Going to the Hive cinema
hivebay       Hive invasion (shooting minigame)
hive          On-foot area inside hive
cinehive2     Area used for post-Hive invasion cinema

slevant       Used for cinematic flybys of Hephaestus
hephpoor      Hephaestus landing area and slums
hephaestus    Entertainment District
mburger       Moon Burger (fast food restaurant in Entertainment District)
hephtower1    Main section of Tower of the Grand Mysterium
hephtower2    Upper Tower (with the 9 prayer chambers)
hephfactory   Mystech Factory
hephpipes     Toxic gas-filled area (maze where you replace 4 filters)
hephlava      Sluice Gates

ballotine     Pal's area on Democratus surface
baltown       more of Pal's area
baltownr      still more

crevicelanding  Landing area on Limbus
crevice       Path leading from landing area to Sesostris

fortressgrounds   Grounds around Detta's Fortress
basement      Inside basement of Detta's Fortress
fortress1     Detta's Fortress, Ground Level
fortress2     Detta's Fortress, Upper Level

kraptonbay    Map used for Rictus intro plus landing bay (doesn't work
              correctly when loaded this way)
kraptonmaze   Rictus' ship (maze section)
krap2         Looks like an unused copy of kraptonmaze without sprites
krapton       KSC Grimacer (area leading to fight with Rictus)
kraptonjail   The Brig you're thrown in after the Rictus fight

levant1       Mysterium Levant (upper area of Levant)
levant2       Lower Levant (middle area of Levant)
levant        Lavatic Pump (bottom area of Levant)

limbus        Sesostris
pillars       Lance of Vigil
limbusdome    Map used in Sesostris post-battle cinema (with explanation of
              The Vigil, Chatagra, Vyre)

chamber       Ruling council chamber in Democratus ring
votowne       Votowne (Democratus ring commons area)
republic      The Republic Inn
warshipbay    Path leading to Sparrow starfighter
flashback     Used for the dreams of the car chase and crash involving Boots,
              Fatima, and Stiletto
  Rho's area:
tensil        Town of Tensil
temple        Tensil temple
  Stiletto's area:
waukees       Waugees forest (yes, the map name is spelled "waukees")
doren         Part of Stiletto's area on Democratus
greattree     Great Tree in Waugees Forest
  Boots' area:
whitendon     Whitendon
whitecaves-a  White Caves entrance
whitecaves-b  White Caves
  Paco's area:
commiteon     Army camp
comhills      Canyon section
commbase      Deserted army base where Paco rescues Gannie

cineend       Contains all the rooms used in the cinematics before and after
              the last battle. You start by the Dark Servant, so you can get
              a good up-close look at him.

Debug Menu

[Note: While you can bring up the debug menu during battles (in 1.01 anyway),
it seems to be disabled until after the fight ends. You'll have to go through
the rest of the fight with a useless menu in the way. Also, this section was
written for the 1.01 debug menu. The new menu in 1.02 is more simplified and
fairly straightforward.]

-View/Edit Player Stats
Lets you edit members of the current party. Can change max hp, character level,
and World Skill level. World Skill 1 is regular (Skilled), and 2 is Master.
Other values seem to default to Skilled.

-View/Edit Inventory
You can add many items from the game to your current inventory. With Add Item
marked, double click an item name to add it to the inventory. Or, remove items
by double clicking them with Remove Item marked.
  -Beat Weapons:
Add or remove weapons.
Yes, you can add (or remove) any MysTech in the game. Have fun.
Add/Remove any of the various shieldcells. I haven't checked what the best is,
but the Superhero one is certainly up there.
Access to all the auxiliary items in the game. Of particular interest are the
Bracers of IDDQD. If you remember what that code did way back in Doom (hint:
invincibility), you'll want these right away.

-View/Edit Global Variables
Apparently lets you view and edit the variables from the "cvarlist" command.
There are plenty of other ways to cheat, and if you really want to edit
variables, you should probably use the console anyway, since you have direct
access to "cvarlist".

-Choose Map
A much easier way to move around than the "map" console command. You can't warp
to Detta's Fortress with this, unfortunately.

-View/Edit Quest Status
If you can guess the shortened name of a quest, you can add or remove it.

-Edit Party/Money
Change the lead character, or remove people from the party and add others. Also
lets you edit your money, which is always fun.

-View/Edit Battle Weapons / Skills
Add/remove items (somewhat redundant, with the inventory view/edit option), or
add Battle Skills. If you add a second instance of a skill, you'll end up with
two or more of the same skill in the list during a battle.

-Dump Stats, Vars, Skills and Inventory
Was likely intended to save all that info to a file for debugging purposes, but
was never finished.

-Adjust Controls
Allows changing of mouse sensitivity. These options and more are on the options
screen, so there's no real need to use this.

-Find Location / Goto Location
Shows current location (X, Y, and Z coordinates) and lets you enter new values
to move around the map. It's a good idea to turn off clipping before this,
since if you end up ouside the map you'll just start falling. The game does
keep you from getting too far outside the game world, but it's best not to push

-Start at Story Section
Jump to various points of the game story-wise.

-Beam Value Checker
No idea. This seems to exit when you click anywhere in the window.

-Old Debug Menu
A less organized debug menu, with a few different options.

-Random Game Names
Brings up a window with various names for games from "Mintendo". Doesn't seem
to have a purpose.

-Generate a Buncha Vars
Seems to generate several new useless variables. Maybe intended to test memory

Remove the menu. A key bound to "invoke 1:87" is better, in case you want to
remove the menu during a battle.

=E - The Party=

 Real Name: Sylvester Bucelli
 AKA: Sylvester "Sly" Boots, Sly Boots

 World Skill: Pick Lock
 Master Level: Solve all Detective Rukh cases

 Preferred MysTech: Freeze

 Weapons                Rank   Where
 -------                ----   -----
 Old Vistin Pistol      Poor   Starting weapon
 Vistin Octogun         Fair?  Votowne
 Vistin Three-Beam      Fair?  Vend O Mart
 Stargent Turboblaster  Good   Dance well in Pile O Hunks (Red Light District)
 Stargent Handcannon    Great  On ground near crime scene house in Whitendown

 Battle Skills       Where
 -------------       -----
 FatimaScreen        Starting skill
     - Reduces damage Boots receives

 FlashBlind          Solve Kewp's murder for Detective Rukh (on Anox)
     - Blinds target so it won't attack

 Aerial Trigger      Pick up Supershot in chest in White Caves - Lair
     - Damages all enemies

 Cap                 Buy AutoTargeter in Zordo's Gun Palace
     - Damages one enemy

 Real Name: Grumpos Matavastros

 World Skill: Yammer
 Master Level: ???

 Preferred MysTech: Bane, PsySlave

 Weapons                   Rank       Where
 -------                   ----       -----
 Vistin StaffCap           Bad        Starting weapon
 Vistin Blader Staffhead   Fair       On way to prototype starship before Hive
 Stargent Enerstrike       Excellent  Sagentane Crevice, after invasion

 Battle Skills       Where
 -------------       -----
 Yammer              Starting skill
     - Halts target

 StaffSweep     Say yes to alien talking about "Fives" in Whackmaster Jack's.
                Meditate in Sender Station with crystal.
     - Damages all enemies

 HealField      Have Grumpos talk to man at top of Vend O Mart. Meditate with
                crystal received.
     - Heals all active party members


 Real Name: PAL-18

 World Skill: Comptalk
 Master Level: ???

 Preferred MysTech: Nuts

 Weapons                 Rank    Where
 -------                 ----    -----
 Cordicorps Spikeclaw    Poor    Starting weapon
 Cordicorps Shockclaw    Fair    Man with damaged PAL unit in Anox Tours
 Cordicorps Shockshot    Great   Buy from Parvenute in OneGate Station

 Battle Skills       Where
 -------------       -----
 Windmill Dash       Starting skill
     - Damages one enemy

 Teslatus Sphere     Buy Battlebot Shocksphere Upgrade from Ed's House of Crap,
                     Hephaestus town area



 Real name: Rho Bowman

 World Skill: Analyze
 Master Level: ???

 Preferred MysTech: Poison

 Weapons                  Rank       Where
 -------                  ----       -----
 Mobius Wave              Poor       Starting weapon
 Static Pulse Injector    Fair       ? (Vend o Mart, maybe?)
 Tesseract Impactor       Great      Temple of Gorr, below puzzle 3

 Battle Skills       Where
 -------------       -----
 Scanalyze           Buy Theories of Asagan on top floor of MysTech Library
     - Tells target's current and max hp

 MysShield           Buy Mysteria Scientifica, same location
     - Reduces damage taken

 Plasma Wall         Starting skill
     - Damages all enemies

 Pocket Singularity  Read Limbusonian Archentome in Sesotris throne room
     - Damages one enemy

 Real name: Democratus

 World Skill: Tractor
 Master Level: Talk to scientist in Frank's Flophouse, listen to lecture

 Preferred MysTech: Winky

 Weapons                   Rank       Where
 -------                   ----       -----
 Planetbeam Crystal        Fair       Starting Weapon
 Resonance Crystal         Good       Give MugMug in Underworks some Hive Moss
 Theta Squarewave Crystal  Great      In a hallway in Rictus' ship

 Battle Skills       Where
 -------------       -----
 Tractorhold         Starting skill
     - Halts one enemy

 Stare Down          ???
     - Damages one enemy

 Missle Barrage       Find all four pages of Nuclear Defense Plans in Votowne
                     (after Rictus). Talk to scientist in GDP hotel, Sender.
     - Damages all enemies


 Real Name: Serenata Iniwa
 AKA: Stiletto Anyway, Sera

 World Skill: Throw Loonie
 Master Level: ???

Preferred MysTech: ?

 Weapons                Rank   Where
 -------                ----   -----
 Vistin Double Blades   Fair   Starting weapon

 Battle Skills       Where
 -------------       -----
 Blade Fan           Buy BladeSleeves Merc Suit from Zordo
     - Damages all enemies

 Pain Pirouette      Starting skill



Real Name: Paco Estrella
AKA: Paco "El Puno" Estrella, The Fist

 World Skill: Rage Might
 Master Level: ???

 Weapons        Rank    Where
 -------        ----    -----
 Spinsucker     Good    Starting weapon
 Phantomfist    Great   Under car in abandoned base on Democratus

 Battle Skills    Where
 -------------    -----
 GroundPound      Starting skill
     - Damages one enemy

 RadiusRage       Starting skill
     - Damages all enemies



=F - To Do=
-Put in name of cutscene where each is mentioned in the walkthrough
-Walkthroughs for Stiletto, Pal on the Democratan surface
-Description of Elementor system (possibly, depends on my actually figuring it
-Walkthrough from beginning through Hive (possibly, depends on time/interest)
-More complete list of weapons, as I sold some before writing names and
 descriptions down (oops), and I must have missed some others along the way.

=G - Help wanted=
Nothing specific right now. If I screwed something up horribly, or if you have
another strategy or more info to add on something, please let me know.

=H - The Movie=

Unlike many other games that have been made into movies, this time it was done
correctly. No, it's not live-action. Jake "Strider" Hughes, the Producer and
Cinematic Director for Anachronox, took the many cutscenes from the game and
edited them together along with a little in-game footage to form a movie. For
some background info on it as well as download links, visit

=I - Credits=
The Anachronox Team   -  Take a guess why. Here's hoping Eidos makes a sequel

PlanetAnachronox.com  -  The biggest site dedicated to this game. Thanks in
                         particular for that @&$^#*% Delivery Slip on Hephaestus

John Rittenhouse - For his Dat Extract tool

Miguel Malvar Molina  -  Sender Station traderbot money glitch, submitted to

Jonathan Mathews  -  Creator of ASCII Generator, which handily converted the
                     Anox logo to text - http://go.to/ascgen/

Machinima.com  -  For spotlighting The Movie

Jake Hughes  -  For creating said movie

id Software  -  For Doom. Hey, I mentioned it above, and it's a good game.

CJayC  -  For Gamefaqs.com, which should need no introduction

Walkthrough info submissions:

stewcraft  -  Method for finding the solution to the green door on the villain
              ship; location of Twin-Scaled Underplate, Stargent Enerstrike,
              Vigil Safecell; Hyrax subquest; confirmation of Sluice Gates code;
              filter glitch; info on Hephaestus criminal randomization

Phillip Robinson - Info on the Prayer Chamber photography subquest

Maarten van Weers - More info on the Prayer Chamber subquest

Anders Strmberg - Detective Rukh's third quest and the Taco in the elevator
                  shaft in the Anox Platform area.

Contact and Legal issues

jrwag, hotmail. I get more than enough spam, so you'll need to put it
together. Please put "Anachronox" or "Anox" somewhere in the subject so your
message isn't lost among the junk.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may only be reproduced for personal, private use. It may be used on
any website, provided it is presented whole and unedited, and is not being used
for profit. Contact me if you wish to use it for any other purpose. I doubt
I'll say no, but get permission first.

Copyright 2003 Jacob Wagner=

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