2D ArtMike D. Haynes
2D ArtistFab Bianchi
2D ArtistMarx Myth
3D ArtMike D. Haynes
3D ArtChristopher Seher
Additional 2D ArtSteven Giesler
Additional 2D ArtChristopher Seher
Additional 3D ArtBryan Baldwin
Additional 3D ArtPhilip Bronikowski
Additional 3D ArtSteven Giesler
Additional 3D ArtLisa J. Gosselin
Additional 3D ArtMarx Myth
Additional 3D ArtPaul M. Naglic
Additional 3D ArtNorman Thibault
Additional ProgrammingTimothy W. Brooks
American VoicesMike Avinger
American VoicesFab Bianchi
American VoicesTimothy W. Brooks
American VoicesMichael S. Forbes
American VoicesAlan P. Grady
American VoicesMike D. Haynes
American VoicesGregory L. Lipscomb
American VoicesMarx Myth
American VoicesChristopher L. Port
American VoicesChristopher Seher
Art Director & Design AssistanceMike D. Haynes
Assistant Designer & Programming DirectorChristopher L. Fort
Design AssistanceAlan P. Grady
Design AssistanceMark Havens
Game Concept & DesignTimothy Brooks
Game TesterChristopher T. Curry
German & Secondary Character VoicesChristian Beck
German & Secondary Character VoicesHans Hansen
German & Secondary Character VoicesBrennen Munro
German & Secondary Character VoicesLeane Norton
German & Secondary Character VoicesAlan Schiff
Hardware SupportBrian T. Hrabec
Lead ArtistChristopher N. Seher
ProducerRobert L.Hrabec
ProgrammerMike Avinger
ProgrammerGregory L. Lipecomb
ProgrammingChristopher L. Port
Project ManagerTimothy W. Brooks
SoundJim Crew
Writer & QAAlan F. Grady
WritersTimothy W. Brooks
WritersMir Haynes


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE.

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