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Explore a nightmarish environment, scrounge for supplies, and battle the undead in Outbreak -- an online co-op/offline survival horror game. The clock never stops as you attempt to manage an extremely limited inventory with a murderous horde on the hunt. Choose between acquiring additional weapons, healing items, or necessary tools for progression. You have only one life. Make it count!


* Cross platform: Play co-op with Windows, Mac & Linux together!
* Friendly play: 4-player online co-op multiplayer featuring voice chat.
* Cut the cord: All modes playable in offline single-player with pause support.
* Campaign Mode: Play the entire story alone or in up to 4-player co-op!
* Nightmares Mode: Narrative hardcore single-player story mode.
* Onslaught Mode: Fight waves of endless enemies alone or with friends!
* Offline backup: Optional Partner AI bot in solo Campaign & Onslaught modes.
* Dark atmosphere: Explore a deserted hospital infested by the undead.
* Brutal difficulty: Your character only has a single life; includes 3 difficulty settings.
* Limited inventory: Decide which items are worthy, and which should be left behind.
* Expansive arsenal: Defend yourself with a multitude of firearms and melee weapons.
* Challenging puzzles: Scour each room to solve puzzles and learn about the outbreak.
* High replayability: Semi-random enemy and item layouts make every playthrough unique.
* Distinct survivors: Seven playable heroes with unique attributes and starting equipment.
* Essential equipment: Earn during play and trade with other players.
* Play your way: Customizable gamepad, mouse and keyboard controls.
* Worldwide multiplayer: Cloud-based backend with region selector means no NAT issues.

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