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Reviewed: 09/14/04

The Sims= One of the best games ever made

The Sims is made by the same people who made the series of games entitled Sim City, a game in which you create and build up your very own city and create schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. The same people came up with an amazing game for the computer entitled The Sims. In the Sims, you create and take care of a family. You can create your own family or you can choose between one of the pre-made families in the game. You can make an adult and/or a child. You can create one person or you can create a whole family. Once your desired person(s) is/are created, it is time to either choose a pre-made house or you can purchase your own land and build a house from scratch. You get to choose EVERYTHING that goes with your house as well, the walls, wallpaper, floor tiles, etc. Let's look at some of the aspects of the game.

Sound 10/10 - The sound in this game is definitely superb and well done. The walking sounds on concrete sound completely different from when the Sims walk on soft floors like rugs. The water coming out from the shower faucets and bathtub faucets sound phenomenal as well and when the Sim washed his or herself it also sounds realistic. The phone rings are also well done. The eating even sounds very good. Although the snoring sounds from the Sims while they're asleep are a bit annoying, the sounds in this game are absolutely astounding. So for all this and then some, the sound department gets an easy 10/10 from me.

Game-play 8/10 - The game-play is pretty simple. You click on the sim you want to control and say you want the sim to use the toilet in the bathroom, you click on the toilet and a little menu will come up, providing you with two and sometimes three options. These options are Use, Flush and Clean. So you click on the activity in which you want the sim to do. As you can see, the game-play is pretty easy to handle but it can be a bit tough to handle sometimes as well. Like when your sim is done eating a snack, he or she will usually just put it on the floor and walk away. This will bring bugs into your house and you don't want that and if there is a table in the way you will have to rotate the camera so you can clearly see the garbage on the floor so you can click on it and make the sim throw it away. Because of some difficulty in certain situations in the game-play department, I take off two points, leaving an 8/10 for game-play.

Graphics 9/10 - The graphics in this game are pretty good, but they can be better. The character models in this game are well built and come in skinny as well as fat. And when the Sims open the refrigerator, if you close enough you can even see some materials you would see in a refrigerator in real life! The clothes also look very well done but some things don't look very good. For example, when the character models are running, such as to answer the phone, catch the car to go to work or to go to the bathroom, they don't look as good as they do when in normal motion. For this simple and little flaw, I take off one point, giving graphics a rate of 9/10.

Animation 9/10 - The animations in this game are done very well. Like when the character models sit they actually sit, not just go from standing to instantly sitting. You can actually see them bending down and sitting. And when getting into bed, when the Sims pull the blankets up and down the blankets actually move and don't just stay still. The animations are very well done overall and except for a few minor flaws I'd give the animations rating a 9/10.

Replay value 10/10 - Once you get on this game, it is pretty hard to get off. This is a pretty addictive game and as you play it more and more, you'll want to see what happens next in the daily lives of your characters. Just the fact that this game resembles basically our everyday lives is pretty cool and the things you can do in this game can keep you coming back for more and more. You'll make new family friends and reach multiple levels of success in jobs, relationships and even some of the skills you have, such as logic and charisma. The replay value for this game is very high and for that I give it a 10/10.

One of the biggest question that every gamer has about a game for any the computer is the simple question of buy or ignore. Well, in my opinion, the Sims is definitely not the game you would want to ignore. Why would you want to ignore this game? Although it's just a game about our daily lives, it is an extremely entertaining game and you'll be on it for hours.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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