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Reviewed: 02/23/00 | Updated: 02/23/00

Maxis delivers another great simulation!

The game: Build a house, and live out your own life. This game comes from the simulation experts developer, Maxis, who made all the previous Sim games.

Graphics: 8: You got a 3/4 view here and you can rotate the camera anyway you want. All the sims are detailed great, and the house looks great too, all the furniture, appliances are all detailed nicely. Of course, these graphics are not the highest in technology, they aren't even 3-D, and could've been easily pulled off a year or so ago.

Sound: 9: You got some great background music, fits the tone perfect for a sitcom television show. All the sound effects are done well from your house going up in flames, to you taking a dump in the toilet. Sound only gets a 9 instead of a 10 because I wish I could've had real voices speaking in actual English, not some dumb Sims gibberish.

Gameplay: 8: Well you can pick a family and live out there life, or create a character, of family, and start out your own life. You first gotta find a job by reading the newspaper, you start off with a good deal of money so you can buy furniture, appliances, and other services for your house. Then sometimes your neighbors stop by and you can visit them, or run into them if they're walking down the street. Once you meet them you get there phone number and can call them up to talk. You can form relationships, and even get married too. You got rating meters so you know how you're doing like hygiene(imrpove by taking shower, washing hands), energy(improve by taking a nap), relationships(improve by talking on the phone), and there's rating meters for a whole bunch of other categories. The first time I went through this game I only lasted about 5 days, because when I decided to cook some dinner, a grease fire occurred, and while waiting for the police to come over, I tried to extinguish it, and got caught in the fire and died. So this game just doesn't go on and on, it can end at any moment.

Replay Value: 8: If you're one of those gamers who can't pick up and play, there's a tutorial mode that explains all the game's controls and how to live your life, the game only takes about 30 minutes to learn, but you'll easily get hooked on it, there's just so many possibilities to live out your life, like as a rich guy, a thief, a doctor, and so on, the possibilities are endless.

Overall: 8: Another great, unique, game by Maxis. If you love the other Sim games, then I strongly recommend you pick up this title, because you will not get disappointed.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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