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Reviewed: 11/11/03

Geez, why doesn't a thought bubble appear over my head when I want something?

Ah, yes, the Sims. It was a very long time before I hopped on the Sims bandwagon. In fact, I just bought the Deluxe Edition earlier this year. I, before, had no motivation to get it, but one day I just found that my sister had wanted it, and was very interested in it, so I had given it a try. And, I don’t regret it. Yes, it was the best selling PC game of all time. And there are many good reasons for that…

The Sims is a virtual reality game that simulates… real life?! Yes, The Sims takes on a new style of play in it’s original, fun game… there are many good reasons why I love this game and still play it after almost a year later. The Sims can interact together, play with things, and need eat, sleep, and other things, just like in real life. Let’s delve deeper into the game…

Let’s check out the graphics, first. The graphics are very detailed and smooth. The characters look nice when they do stuff, like walk, eat, and nap. It’s all nice and smooth, but at times it looks a little funny. The backgrounds are very good. The grass, water, hills, and landscape are very nice looking, and look great despite being 2D. The indoor items, walls, and floor look very nice. The items are incredible looking at times, and the walls and floor are very smooth textured. But there is one major problem here… the slowdown caused by the graphics. If you have a slow computer, or are on a laptop, it will slow down major, thus causing you to turn the quality down. So, including that, the graphics get a 9/10.

Now, the sound and music. The music is just… god, it’s just… terrible. >_< It’s very annoying, and repetitive, and annoying, and repetitive, and repetitive… and not very well composed, either. It WILL cause you to turn the music off, definitely. The build mode music isn’t as bad, though. (you’ll find out what build mode is, when you buy the game.) The sound effects aren’t as bad. They’re nice, and add a feeling to the game. The click-y and action sounds are nice, and the sound effects from items are nice, and realistic. And finally, there’s the SimSpeak, the sounds that Sims make when talking. It depends on your tastes, really. Some might find it nice that the Sims speak like this. Others might find it particularly annoying, either because of the noise (I can understand), or because they want them to speak English (I’d personally hate it if they spoke English). With the great sound effects, the OK voice, and the terrible music combined, I’d have to say 6/10 overall. It’s OK, but there’s room for improvement, definitely.

And then, there’s the control, which is very simple, easy to learn, and comfortable. There are also multiple was to do stuff, but all are easy to perform. If you like clicking, go with that. But, if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, use them. Overall, the control is excellent, and it gets a 10/10.

Finally, the gameplay… it gets a 10/10, no questions asked. Oh, you wanna know why… Well, first, the game is very fun, but sort of has a steep learning curve. The Sims is a real life simulator, like I said before. You get to control the Sims and their actions. You can play with probably 100+ objects. There’s TV, music, food, dance… all sorts of things that you can do with the Sims. But, there’s a game there, too. It’s not all just play, it’s work, too… First, you need to be able to fulfill eight different meters at once. If you don’t, bad things will happen. Doing these things will either help, or destroy, the amount of energy, fun, and other things that the Sims have. There are a TON of social interactions that Sims can have with others… you get to greet and meet Sims, and become friends – or enemies – with that Sim. Like I said, the gameplay gets a 10/10.

The replay value is really great. You can make Sims, and SimFamilies. You can choose their age, looks, personality… and then you can build, and furnish houses, with tons of different items. You can enjoy playing with families for weeks, and even months. There’s no end to the game, it goes on. You can make as many houses as you want, so, make away! The replay value is superb, and gets a 9/10, since there will be times that you won’t feel like playing.

Overall, The Sims is a very satisfying experience. With the awesome gameplay and replay value, you can enjoy this game whether you’re softcore or hardcore, and whether you like simulation games or not. I suggest buying the game, or at least giving it a try… The game itself gets a 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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