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Reviewed: 11/02/02 | Updated: 11/02/02

The seven deadly sims! And 43823523763275 expansion packs!

You may know of Sim City, the game where you build your own city, have perfect control over it. You may have heard of Sim Theme Park, where you built your own park. A bell might ring for Sim Golf. All these games (and many more) you build stuff, and the only problem was that you could never control the people inside your creation. However, The Sims lets you take control of the lives.

You can either build a house from scratch by using tools (walls, floors and wallpaper etc) and then create the people. How do you create people? Well you select their gender, persionality, wether they are an adult or child, heads, bodies, names and colour of their skin. You make a small or large family Then you give them $20,000 to spend. You can either buy a house or build one.


For your house, you can buy many stuff for it, for example everyday objects like beds, cabinates, pictures. You can pick luxery items such as weight benches, computers, book shelves and even fun items such as a playground, swimming pool or a goldfish tank. You can buy plants, lamps, trees, everything. Heck, you can even buy the kitchen sink! Basically, you see something you want, you buy it! If it is not there, you buy one of the many expansion packs.

The list is endless in The Sims (well it is, which explains why there is so many expansion packs), you can do anything you want. You control one of your sims in your house, let them cook dinner, set themselves alight, turn on lamps, feed the fish, get a job, have relationships, choose their sexuality (really!) and phone up the police for no reason.


However, fun is what all of us need, but all of us need energy, food, hygine, jobs etc. To make sure that your people do not starve to death, you need to tell them to make food by clicking on the fridge, take a bath or shower to keep them clean and use the computer or newspaper to find out jobs. Using the phone you can invite people round (your sims friends who are your other sims but in different houses) whom sometimes bring presents and food, you can phone for a Pizza or fire brigade if you need to. The best thing about it, you can try to make one eat twenty pizza's, and if they do so they will not become fat or skinny if you do the reverse, they stay exactly the same.


Charisma is a true skill for the sims. Of course, you need to make them look nice and smell nice, make them take hour long showers, brush teeth, socialise andwash hands. You can hire a maid to clean and wsh up for you at ten dollars a hour and a repairman and gardener for roughly the same price.


One of the most successful things in the Sins, I mean the Sims, is creating the perfect relationship. With a fellow housemate or neighbour, you can get them in to a relation ship, man and women, woman and woman or man and man, it is up to you, you can do anything such as have a ladies man having seven women on the go or a woman having a secret relationship with Brad next door when Stan is at work, it is like a living soap opera.


Even better is when the other sim(s) find out the secret affairs and a brawl kicks in, there becomes hatred towards sims, fighting and refusing to talk, but relationships can be built up with a couple of jokes or a present.


The worst thing (and best thing) about the sims is the lifespan. It is addictive, however you will get bored of it after a couple of weeks, you will leave it alone for a month or two, then you will play the game again for about a month then leave it again before coming back to it. That is what happened to me, addicted to The Sims each time I came back for another go.


There is another bad thing too. There is too many expansion packs! Instead of a direct sequel, The Sims feels like an unfinished game, there is one expansion with different items and clothes, another with themes for a party, a dating theme, a holiday campaigne and most recently, a pet expansion pack. The entier collection will be expensive, it would have been better if they all were in this game.

The Light!

The Sims is a fine detailed game when graphics are concerned. The Sims are made up of many frames of animation, each and every single one is good enough to look it. The only flaw with the graphics and sound is that the sims do not speak english, rather a language resembling french mixed with spanish.


- A Great um... sim game
- Great graphics and gameplay
- Lots to do
- You can come back to it once tired


- Boring after awhile
- Limited gameplay


Graphics - 9/10
Music - 3/10
Sound - 5/10
Gameplay - 8/10
Enjoyment - 8/10
Challenge - 4/10
Lifespan - 9/10
Value - not good considering the amount of expansion packs
Overall - 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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