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Reviewed: 03/01/02 | Updated: 03/01/02

How come real life isn't as good as this?

Wow. And I thought the Sim series couldn't get any better. Actually, I don't know how it can get any better than this, but Maxis always finds a way...

Gameplay: 10

Prepare to lose both track of time and sleep, because this is all you're ever going to do once you start playing. You'll spend hours on it without even realizing it. You'll forget all responsiblities and duties whilst playing this game. You'll have dreams about it. I know I have. This game is all you'll ever need...well, for a few weeks or so. The game is basically all about raising a family, which doesn't seem fun at all, right? Wrong. You build them a home, design it to your liking, and place tons of furniture anywhere you want. That part was the most fun. Now you have to keep your family going with regular daily activities and duties, such as going to work, eating, recreation, and even going to the bathroom. Bars indicate your family's hunger, comfort, fun, social, bathroom, room (personal space), sleep, hygiene, and must balance these out so your family is happy. It's a continuous job, and you won't want to break away from it!

Sound/Music: 8

I never really liked the music in this game, because I think it doesn't blend with the atmosphere of the game. This doesn't mean, however, that I turn the volume down. No way. The sound is the best part of the game. Half the fun is listening to the Sims' conversations, which I think are completely hilarious. They talk in their own ''Simmish'', which, surprisingly enough, isn't annoying. I also like how every single item has a sound that is the same in real life, such as the flipping of a page in a book, or the closing of a refrigerator door, or even the scooting of a chair. The sound definately makes this game more enjoyable.

Graphics: 10

The graphics are simply astounding. Everything has detail, from shag carpeting to the shingles on the roof. The Sims look like real people, walk like real people, do pretty much everything like real people would. If you like games with top-notch graphics, then this game is for you.

Story: 10

The game is the story, and it's bad or good depending on what you do. You are the God of the Sims' universe. You control their insignificant little lives. You decide if they should drown in their pool, or eat a bag of chips for breakfast. Sound good? Alright then...

Replayability: 9

The game never ends. There's always something to do. The Sims are never completely happy, so you never finish the game. You could always create a new family, which is also fun. The only problem is that you'll be completely bored with this game after 2 months (which is actually a long time). It becomes fun again after you wait 2 years.

Overall: 10

You should buy this game as soon as possible. If you like simulation games, then you'll be in heaven. If you hate any Maxis game, you should still try this. You may be in for a surprise...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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