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Reviewed: 10/20/01 | Updated: 10/20/01

The most overrated PC game of the year 2000.

The Sims

+ It can be addicting at first to be able to simulate life.
+ Although Gamespot awarded this game with the Best Sound award in 2000, there isn't much to brag about this game's audio. Sure the sound effects are accurate and the gibberish that the sims speak is cute and funny at times but this game's sound is far from superior to that of many other games on the PC.
+ The Sims is a never ending game so there is tons of replay value but for how long can you actually enjoy playing this game?

- The Game clock moves at a very rapid pace so it is really hard to be able to have a social life and meet your needs which is a simple thing to do in real life.
- It is impossible to actually ''take part'' in conversations with other Sims. They just talk gibberish and have symbols over their head representing what they are saying. Whats so fun about that?
- The simulation is horrible and way off. Doing something like washing dishes takes like 20 minutes or so while something like taking a shower takes about the same amount of time.
- Although its supposed to be a simulation, it is nothing but basic. There really is nothing to hype about this game's life simulation aspect.
- You can't even go outside of your house.
- The Sims do not have much uniqueness. Sure they can either be nice or mean, neat or messy, outgoing or lazy, active or weak, different sex and look etc but other than that there is nothing else. They are all very whiny, they all have low-self esteem and they always complain like little children. In real life, those who are lone wolfs could care less if their social meter was hurting but in The Sims there is no such a person.
- Why would anyone want to simulate real life when they go through it everyday?
- While this game may be fun at first, it gets boring real quickly in about two days tops.
-The Sims doesn't cut it as either a simulation or a game, Its the most over hyped PC game of the year 2000.


- These graphics are al right. They aren't superb but they don't suck either. They are pretty basic and aren't too detailed but graphics aren't what make or break a game.

The Scores:

Gameplay- 2
Value- 2
Graphics- 6
Sound- 8

Overall- 3.2(Rounded to 3)
What is to be said? There is absolutely nothing about this game that makes it a decent Simulation nor Game. The sound and graphics save this game as well as the early thrill of getting to simulate real life but then that thrill wears off real quickly. The Sims has received lots of commercial and critical success but one shouldn't let that fool them. I advise you borrow this game from a friend before you try it out. My review seems to represent the minority of gamers who actually think this game is a waste of time so chances are you may think differently about this game. Try it yourself. However, I strongly advise you borrow this game off a friend and not buy the game at first. I learned this the hard way.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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