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Reviewed: 09/07/01 | Updated: 02/04/03

The greatest game for PC

Hi everyone ! I'm a gamer and of course I can't fail to explore the world of PC games. I dislike PC games. After playing Resident Evil series, Alone in the Dark 2 for PC, I see that to control by keyboard is such a terrible nightmare. I haven't seen the advantage of PC games until I play ''The Sims'' of Maxis. This game series is made with a completely new style and type that it's rather new for gamers. But I was fascinated and I changed my mind : PC games are not so bad as I thought.

Gameplay 10/10
The Sims deserves to be the best game cast by every contest and players in the press, magazines or websites. Its style is simple that appreciates every class of people. The game runs as if we are living in very our lives and we must know what to do to keep ourselves living. All the actions and work of characters are designed well and lively that is mixed with some funny or sad situations. The game displays the lives with various styles and various events that no other game types can show all. There have been a lot of games about life and work such as Hospital Theme or Zeus. I don't mean they are not good, but most of them don't show all what people really want or what they really need to do (This is just my opinion about those games). Of course, The Sims can't be similar to our entire lives in reality, but it almost lets us see the elaborate images about how a life is.

People's needs 10/10
This is funny but a good point of this game. Most of the people's habits are all here, in this game. All of what people must do every day are held well and spirited: The own life, relationships, loves and work, etc. Everything seems to be gathered in a simple game. The game gives you a modest sum of money and you must begin everything from it. Each characters with various personalities have their own actions that sometimes we can't control them as we want. I think is a good point. Why ?... If we can control them as what we want following our personalities, this game is not lively and interesting anymore. Other types of game most have their stories connecting with the characters' personalities decided by the creators, but this game doesn't. Not only the creators, we players and even the characters themselves can happen to do any changes. The game always keeps a rule : We must do something to live and we must know how to do. Just see what would happen to you when you can't keep a good relation with everybody. Or you can make the person whom you want to marry angry just because you don't tell the right thing in time. There are a great deal of other troubles if you are not a good player of this game.

Things and Items 8/10
People's needs can't lack things and items. The Sims is good enough to make a lot of various items and tools to use for various professions in the life. Beside, there are a lot of other works that involve the life such as building houses, making gardens or moving etc that are arranged very suitably in this game. But they are not perfect...
This game has many versions. But it seems that the newest version also doesn't collect all the good items of the previous ones. I think the creator of this game should have a better combination of all the versions to make the most perfect. I'm not very satisfied at this point.

People's jobs
This is funny either. We can't live without working and studying. Children must go to school. Adults must have something to do to earn money. First, we have to find a jobs from communication transport such as newspapers or computer. Then we must practice the suitable characteristics to promote our work. We can have more things we do well. But we would lost something in the opposite. What a mess when we don't go to work on time or our living time isn't arranged in order. It's too real that I can't deceive myself that this game is not a life.

Graphic 9/10
Although it's not perfect, it's good. It's good enough to play this type of game. I won't tell much about this point because I think this is not remarkable.

Sounds 10/10
Yes, very lively. The background music is gentle and happy. The sounds of lives in the town are made variously just like a real town : noisy, quiet, happy, lament, etc. I like the sounds of this game either.

Imagination 9/10
I have insisted that The Sims is successful at its real life. But a real life would be very bored without imaginations and a few fantasies. Let's see. If you don't respect your graveyard or dead people, some ghosts could play with you in midnight. Or if you are a people of virtue, you can have your own god to wish something.

Replayability 10/10
This is what I'm honest to tell you. There are a lot of situations that you can't anticipate if you just play this game too simply following an unchangeable routine. I don't have enough words to express the variety of this game for you. It is made by creations and you would be creative to play it. And then, you would be fond of it.

Buy or Rent !
I always try to let you free in your decision. But now I remind you to buy. Rent time isn't enough for you to drill this game, except you just play to know what it is.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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