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Reviewed: 08/09/01 | Updated: 08/09/01

Reality bites, play The Sims!

A very lovely game that took five very, very long years of Will Wright's (the games creator) life. I'm sure that he probably loved every minute of it. This game has probably been one of the more anticipated ones of last year. It finally came out, and in style. But, there is only one drawback for those people who prefer specifics. There are really no specifics to some actions. Along with a few more things that people who love specifics will hate about this game. The fridge is permanently full. The art canvas appears to always be in stock, and for some reason, the plates seemingly come out of the air. But, those were probably all things that would have taken up too much hard drive space. (400 megs was obviously enough) But, sooner or later, (probably) there will be some sort of updates to improve upon these ''needed'' specifics. But, enough with me complaining about drive space and things, like that, here is the review you really came here for.

Graphics-9-Very good graphics here. Hardly any trouble for me and my trust Pentium 3 750MHZ, runs smooth even with about a P1 or 2. So, even if you barely meet the minimal requirements, you'll usually run smooth at ''bare-bones'' action. But, when there are things like the smoke detector, everyone running, and a fire, of course you'll experience some slow down. But, overall, the graphics probably won't slow the slowest of processors down too much.

Gameplay-9-Pretty fun. You get to control a family or a bachelor or bachelorette. You get to do everything from torture them by putting them in a 4x4 room with just a toilet and sink to letting them get a job and start an affair with the girl next door. Everything is here, (except for the ''specifics'' that I mentioned in the first paragraph) from the dumpy looking §80 chair to the §12,500 ''Black Slab'', you can do pretty much anything.

Sounds-6-A bit lame. There is the what I call the ''other mode'' music. Which is good to catch a nap to 'cause it sounds like a piano...or a flute, can't really tell which. But once you hear ''Sim talk'', you'll not be the same. It sorta sounds like someone without a tongue attempting to talk. Considering that the ''May I have this dance'' sounds remotely like the real thing, but other than that, it just sounds tongueless. Overall, it's good.

Overall-9-Well, I would rate this the best thing for a very bad day. Your boss fired you, build him a 1 by 1 ''house'' and watch him suffer! It's pretty fun for all you strategy fanatics.

To buy or not to buy-Buy it. Happy Gaming!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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