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Reviewed: 07/22/01 | Updated: 07/22/01

The Best Simulation Game Ever.

About a year and a half ago, I saw an advertisement for The Sims, a new simulation game created by the people at Maxis (The team that made Sim City). My birthday was coming up and I decided to ask for it for my birthday. It was one of the best present that I have ever received. In February 2000 The Sims was released nationwide. Over the next year it was one of the top 5 most sold PC games in America. Many gaming magazines and websites rated it as the best simulation on PC or the best PC game in all categories.

In The Sims, you completely control a family. You can create the family members (you choose the physical appearance and their personality). You can also build home for your family or move them into a pre-made home. The game is pretty fun once you learn how to play the game and what strategies to use. In the beginning it is hard because you don't necessarily have a stable income and most of the objects that you own aren't the top of the line.

You control the game using the mouse for the most part. It is pretty easy. There are keyboard shortcuts for your convince. The keyboard shortcuts are pretty similar to the ones in Sim City 3000.

The graphics in this game are above average. The graphics are not really the important part to this game. The detail is good enough that you can easily distinguish small objects from the farthest zoom.

The sound is awesome for this game. If one of your sims turn on the faucet you can here the water hitting the sink. If the TV is on, you can here it. The sims don't speak English though. The sounds are also helpful in reminding you to do things (like leave for work if the car horn beeps).

This game is fun. You can play it for many hours without getting tired of it. It is more addicting then any game of the Sim City series. When you get tired of it, you can buy the 2 expansion packs (Livin' Large and House Party) for many more hours of fun. I have spent more hours playing this game then any other game I own. You can also download houses, objects, skins, wallpapers, and floors from the official The Sims Site and the thousands of fan sites.

Should You Get This Game?
If you enjoy simulations like Sim City then you must get this game. If you like controlling someone's life then get The Sims. If you don't really like simulation games I suggest that you play this game at a friends house because you might like it.

You control every aspect of the story in this game. You choose which jobs your sims have. You buy objects for them. You decide what they eat. You get to choose how they have fun. Every so often a disaster will occur unexpectedly which adds a twist to the game.

This game is one of the best games that I have ever played and I suggest to you that you should play it. There are so many different things that you can do with this game. This game is not only fun, but very interesting and surprising.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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