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Reviewed: 06/08/01 | Updated: 09/22/01

The best game I've ever played!

This is a review for the PC and Macintosh game The Sims. But this is just for the PC version. I will take Gameplay, Story, Audio/Video, etc. etc. and give it a fraction. It will usually be a range from 1-10. But I will simply not give this game anything less than an 8! I got this game 3-4 weeks ago. I got it at price club for about 50 bucks. I can't remember. Well here's my review:

Gameplay: 10/10 As I said before the best game ever. I wasn't lying. This game isn't like each time you play again the exact same thing happens like other games. This is completely differnt and will never end. You control sims. What's that question I hear? What's a sim? Oh. A sim(s) is a normal person. No aliens or anything like that. You make people at the create a family screen and boy it's sometimes easy and sometimes hard. You can have many differnt jobs. You can have a baby, you can get fired, etc. You also have the time which goes a tad faster than the regular time. You can have 3 speeds for the game. Speed one, two, or three. 3 is when a sim day passes within 20 seconds. 2 is a little bit faster than speed one. Plus speed 1 is just the regular day. Plus the installation make take a little bit. It also takes up about 300 megabytes of memory but it's for a good cause.

Story: There isn't a real story to this game so there is really no story.

Audio/Video: 10/10 The audio and video in this game is great. I can't survive without 1 second of it! You can hear sims speak the ''unknown'' language. You'll figure out what it is once you play the game. You can hear a phone ring, you can hear a sim eating, you can hear the sim snoring, you can hear the sim talking, and you can even hear the sims footsteps!!!

Replayability: 10/10 There is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH replayability to this game. Each day is differnt! Each second is differnt, each everything I mention is differnt.

To buy or rent: Well, for one thing you can't rent a PC game. It's a great game and I strongly urge people to get it. 3 friends have it and one friend of mine is getting it. It was game of the year in 2000!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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