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Reviewed: 04/18/01 | Updated: 04/18/01

You now have two lives: The Sims life and Real Life. Prepare to lose one.

Well, you’ve made their islands, built their cities ground up, made their own world, Made their own creatures, built them towers, helped their ants, build their farms, and so much more. But do you really know the Sims like you should? I mean come on; you’ve only helped a couple billion of them. Well, Maxis is rolling out a new game to prove that you don’t know the Sims like you should. The Sims is the newest addition to the Sims games, and may I say it has to be the best Sims game out there yet, no matter what the system

You don’t own me!!!

In the Sims, you’re pretty much the god. In this game, there is no difference. You control their lives, only there is not that many lives to control? You can create families, build houses, make your own people, create your own clothes, make some more heads, create furniture (soon to be added), create wall paper and floors, etc. This game is entirely up to you for what you want to do. Want your guy to be an active neat freak? You got it. A playful nice girl? Of course master. An outgoing sloth? That can be arranged too. It’s all up to you. You decide what their personality is, and what they are going to like. For example, a less active Sim enjoys just sitting down in the old recliner and watching the boob tube for hours. However, and active Sim might just want to get up and play basketball or play pool. A less outgoing sim isn’t going to get as many jokes as a very outgoing Sim is, and won’t get friends that easily. But at least you can “fix” some of your personalities. If you not a neat guy, hire the maid. Not so outgoing? Take is slow with talking.

You can design their house from the bottom up. Tell them what wallpaper to have in their house, what kind of door they should have, the windows they see though, the floor type they should have, the furniture that should be in each room, just plain everything. You are the master of their destiny. Choose what jobs they have! Sure, they all suck at the beginning, but they get better very quickly. You can do everything from being a Businessman to a Sports Buff to a Criminal Mastermind, its up to you. But first, you got to start in the low class jobs. Want to be a businessman? You got to start in the mailroom. Want to be a Hall of Famer? Be a sports mascot. Criminal Mastermind? Got to pick some pockets. Dying to become Chief of Police? Got to work the night shift as a security guard. But in the end it pays off. Really pays off!

Sure its Sims, but what are the disasters?!

How could it be Sims without the classic Disasters (except for a bad player running a family…)? Here is how. Can you cook well on that stove? I guess not, the stove is on fire now. Try and put it out. Oops! You’re on fire! You’re dead! Should have called those Fire Fighters…

Hey, don’t let that Sim eat! He’ll beg you and beg you, sooner or later, there he goes! He just officially starved to death. Oh, how that must suck.

Hey, lets take a dip in the pool! Wait…. These ladders and sides are costing me money…. Maybe we should take them out. Oops, we just stranded a normal sims into the pool. There he goes, he officially drowned.

Hey…..What happened to the lights!? Replace the bulb. Oops! We forgot to unplug it! Looks like you’re a shocking guy!

All these and more are just ways you can lose the game. Sucks to be you, eh?

I’m not in a good mood.

Who would be if you weren’t good at this? Your gonna have to satisfy your Sims needs.

Hunger: Make your Sim eat something for god’s sake.
Not Satisfied: Your Sim Starves to death (Boo hoo)

Comfort: Sit your sim down, put those muscles to rest. Go to bed, sit in a chair, something!
Not Satisfied: He’s not going to do almost anything you say, he’s not comfortable.

Hygiene: Take a bath you dirty kid. Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. Take a shower.
Not Satisfied: Your Sim isn’t going to be social, he’ll smell too much.

Bladder: You can’t pee in the bushes you poor bum, make him go to the bathroom.
Not Satisfied: He’ll pee his pants! There goes his hygiene…seriously.

Energy: Go to bed, Drink some coffee, and do anything not to make you tired.
Not Satisfied: He won’t follow your demands, and pass out.

Fun: Isn’t it obvious that cleaning isn’t fun? Watch TV, play sports, play computer, etc
Not Satisfied: Won’t do anything unless it’s fun.

Social: Make them talk to others.
Not Satisfied: Won’t do anything until you help them out socially. Bye bye mood…

Room: Make your area….a pretty place. Decorate it, get landscaping, etc.
Not Satisfied: His mood will go down, very much sometimes.

Party Central: 10 Sim Lane

You just do your job right, you can move into another house! Throw the biggest party of the year and make everyone come to it. This is your time to make your people shine. Go ahead, add the furniture. Add a styling leather couch, Big Screen Plasma TV, Meet Marco Computer, Hot Tub, Pool, Deluxe Pool Table, etc.

Use all of your mad skills to satisfy your guests, too! Entertain them, tell them jokes, give them back rubs, challenge them in chess or pool, turn on the TV for them, serve them lunch/breakfast/dinner, make out with them, etc. Its all up to you man.

You can also create families with up to 8 people in them (sorry baby boomers, only 8.) When you start you can choose how many adults, just remember: 2 people, 1 toilet. 2 people, 1 bed (which you can probably take care of = P ), 2 people, 1 Fridge, 2 people and 1 everything. Unless you don’t want to impair someone from doing something, you got to build 2, and that’s gonna drain down your money man.

Now lets get to the Scores, shall we?

Graphics: 9
All the furniture has that “down to home style”, the wallpaper you make is usually duplicated with great detail, and your characters look great, especially in High-Res mode. What else can you say: This looks so much better than Sim City 3000 in many ways, although the tornado in Sim City 3000 looked pretty damn incredible…

Sound: 10
Just the sound of Sims talking their language is worth the price of this game alone man! They ramble really strange things, and little thought bubbles come above their heads to show you what the chats all about. The TV also has some weird commercials, but some of the coolest sounds come from the TV when you’re watching the Action Channel. All and all, this game has easily the coolest sounds. I just wish there were more sounds when I was building, but those sounds are really really soothing, but make you forget if your playing a cool funny game or at a band meeting…

Controls: 9
Controls are surprising simple, just a click and choose your action. Not much to worry about here. Sure there are sub-menus, but nothing as complicated as FF8’s junction system. The only thing I didn’t like: How you had to cancel something if you didn’t want it there instead of a little idea to “switch it around” with other commands. Why couldn’t I do that instead of deleting a whole list of things to do?

Creativity: 10
No one has ever tried a game like this….if they tried they did not get it right….but this…this gets it right. This game will take over your life when you buy it, the idea of running someone else’s life is just easily one of the coolest aspects ever created, and it is played out incredibly. Maxis has done its best job EVER on this one in my opinion! Only one thing has really changed: They went from a large-scale city god-game to a small neighborhood concentrated god-game. And trust me, the two worlds are completely different and completely challenging.

Depth: 10
There are so many different choices and designs, you got to choose one! Its going to be tough, but you’ll love every second of it. Creating rooms and new places is a breeze, and making yourself look rich is easier than ever before!

Problem Factor: 1
No problems that I can see except sometimes the Carpool doesn’t arrive sometimes….The Sims is bug free. But the patch is still online…check the site.

Fun Factor: 10
Just doing all this stuff to make and maintain your own family…sounds like a workout and boy it is. The Sims is one tough game to crack, but it’s so fun while your doing it. I’m scared that sooner or later this game WILL be my life. And with the ultra speed button, and after playing for a while, I sometimes just see everything in fast motion. Really freaks me out.

Overall: 10
Maxis has proved every single person wrong because of this game. What we have here is an absolute masterpiece: Nothing else even comes close for any system or any other Sims game. However you put it the Sims is a must have title. If you got the money, go out and make some purchases. Make the Sims one of them.


Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Controls: 9
Creativity: 10
Depth: 10
Problem Factor: 1
Fun Factor: 10
Overall Score (Not an Average): 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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