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Reviewed: 04/08/01 | Updated: 04/08/01

What about a little virtual Life?

The Sims, just like any other Sim games are LONG living. It will make you want to play on and on.... But to the review.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. You can recognize all (or most) of your sims actions without much trouble. Speaking of animations...there is a lot of them. And by lot I mean a LOT. Some areas are blacked out though (when going to the toilet. For obvious reasons. Also I have a very old video card (Matrox G100) and teh game runs fine with occasional slowdown!
Score: 7 1/2

Interface: Teh interfae could be considered the most important part of the game is great! You have 3 pannels for: Sims and their qualities, Shoping Time and Building Center. Everything from shoping to building is nicely categorized and easy to use because of the click and drag (drop) interface. Once again the Interface is great. Score 9 3/4

Music and Sounds: From teh start the music seems great. Sims chat in their very own tongue which (like most of teh sounds) gets tiresome after a while. Teh same goes with teh Shoping Time and Bulding Center Interface music. Teh Radio and TV music have a better quality level but still TIRESOME AFTER A WHILE. The only thing that saves this section from a score of 5 is the ability to import your own music.

Playability: Ok this is teh main part of teh game. You can tell your sims to do whatever they need. Go to the toilet, prepare food, call friends over, order pizza, play billiard. And on and on....BUT it gets a bit boring (after around 1 month) and so comes to save The Sims....
Score: 8

ON-Line: Yes, once The Sims get boring this is where you go! The online abbilities are great. You can dowload new skins as well as objects! Did you ever want your Sims to be able to play teh DreamCast you got yesterday? Well you have an option. You can download a HUGE ammounts of items for your Sims. The same goes with Skins. Did you ever want to take care of Batman or Han Solo? Well now you can all you need is to download a skin. Another feature includes posting and downloading other families fron/to teh web.As well as their houses. On-Line is really a strong point of The Sims.

Replayability: With teh immerse On-Line options avaible as well as the great playabilty by it self this CD will be in your PC for some time. Score: 9 1/2

Final Comment: This game is absolutely fabulous and you should by it right away!


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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