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Reviewed: 02/24/01 | Updated: 01/18/02

Who knew real life was such a drag?

Before I got this game I had played the expansion pack,”Livin’ Large”, over my friends house. When I came home I was addicted. But, after a week, I finally got the game. Unfortunately, after about 3 hours, I was bored and had a headache. I tried the game again the next day and it as fun for a while. Then it got monotonous like the night before. I went on-line and checked some web sites for ideas to make it fun again. First I found some cool downloads for new household items, but then after using them for 20 minutes, I was bored yet again. I was getting desperate. I had only not liked 2 games I dad bought before, and didn’t want it to happen again. So I decided to try to spice up the game with some cheats. Sure, I then had infinite money, but then even with the others, it was still completely hopeless. I put up with the game for four more days, and then returned it and bought Paper Mario with the cash. Here are just some of my reasons for hating the game:

Graphics- 7 out of 10
One of the few good points of The Sims is the graphics. They aren’t sharp and choppy; they’re nice and smooth. The people look good, and Maxis went into decent detail with the objects. But still, the graphics are nothing special; in fact, even some Sega Genesis games have better graphics than this.

Sound- 4 out of 10
The Sims has average sound quality as far as music and sound effects go. The music is okay, but doesn’t ever change unless you change modes, and just drawls on. Plus, the music doesn’t seem to have anything to do with where it is played at. The sound effects though are just downright dumb. When people talk it’s just gibberish, and the little thought bubbles above their head aren’t very much of a help either because the symbols in them could mean multiple things. Also the sound effects that an object makes aren’t very good either.

Play Control- 3 out of 10
The play control is terrible. The cursor moves slowly, and you have to move the cursor to the edge of the screen to get it to move (the screen). And people move very slowly unless you put the game on hyper speed, which an hour in the game goes bye in half of a second, and if someone is in a bad mood, and you tell them to do something, they won’t and they just stay where they are. Also, to get a sim to use an item, all you have to do is click on the thing you want them to use. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. If anything is in the path of the object, it will think you re talking about the blocking one instead. So getting someone to use something can be hard.

Game Design- 3 out of 10
OK, so the idea of a game based on real life is original, so what? Harvest Moon, which is a much better game, does that too, only on a farm. Also, real life isn’t much like this either. I mean, who has a job, and gets picked up in a piece-of-garbage car for a carpool every day to get to work? Obviously these people do. Aside from that, The Sims takes up around 500 Megabytes of space, that’s half a Gigabyte, which is a lot, just so you non-computery people know. I had to buy a 20-Gigabyte expansion for my computer, because I didn’t plan on it being that big. For all that space, this game sure is a waste of time. I still can’t figure out how it uses it all. And if you have an old or small computer, The Sims runs *VERY* slowly. It also takes about 10 minutes to load up too.

Replay Value- 1 out of 10
After at the most four hours you’ll be sick of it. The only you’ll enjoy it is if you like doing the exact same thing over and over and over… Even with hundreds of downloads, every cheat, and a family of any size you want, the fun won’t last long.

Overall- 2 out of 10
Overall The Sims is a game, that is hyped up even though it’s terrible. It won the “Game of the Year Award” and now they have 2 or 3 expansion packs for it and are working on another one. From the makers of Simcity, such as the genius; Will Wright, comes the first ever bad Maxis game. It seems the other reviewers didn’t play for that long, or else the scores would be lower. I hope I have convinced you NOT to buy this game. It’s also rated “T” for Teen.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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