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Reviewed: 12/31/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Why does everybody think this is GREAT, it sux.

Sorry, but for all those people who are going to buy this game, DON'T DO IT. It is fun in the beginning, but if you hate to play a game without a goal, don't play it, let alone to buy it. The graphics are good and the gameplay also, but what do you do when you're out of all your money, or already acheived the highest job. Using cheats doesn't make the game nicer to play. So let's start with the sexxionz:

Graffix 79/100
The graphics are the best part of the game, the Sims you control (or the ones that will visit you) really look well, and all the furniture you can buy is good. But that gets bored too. When you have your whole House full of stuff what's the point in having it. Try to marry someone, then you have to feed two people, MAN! It is really hard to take care of 'em. Oh, I was talking about the graphics. Well, they are good.

Sounds 61/100
Ever heard someone talk like the Sims, it is like someone with no tongue. GRMBL, SLNK IZHMIR, and that kinda stuff, it really is annoying, most of the time I played it, I turned of the sound and put on my radio. The musis is ripped of, they used that with SimCity3000 too, and even some of the samples of SimCity2000. I hate it. The CD-ROM isn't worth the $50, more like $2, for the cost of the CD.

Lastability 16/100
Like I said, this point is why I don't like the game, it hasn't got a goal in it. You are just playing if you are in some kind of labyrint or maze. At lat, you have all the friends you want and the perfect job, what then? Nothing, you are just walking around goalless. It IS really boring, I almost broke the CD, but my sister wanted to play it, so...

Gameplay 75/100
Well, this is also not bad. But a bit tooo NOT_ORIGINAL, every game uses this. And when you click on a object, you can choose what to do with it, it isn't good. Especially when you want to go somewhere and another Sim is in the way and he/she wants to go your way, it IS annoying. Then, when your Sim wants to shower, you can't stop him, he goes in, then you can stop him. Another really anooring thing is the WAKING UP, when your Sim wakes up and still hasn't got enough energy, he'll flip half an hour. Just stressing around.

I hope I've convinced you to NOT buy this game, it IS money wasting, you'd better give it to charity or something.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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