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Reviewed: 12/27/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Can you say 'Sim Addiction?'

After all these years of various 'Sim' games, starting with SimCity, and then going through games like SimEarth, SimAnt, SimLife, SimFarm, and so forth, you would have thought that Maxis had thought of everything, right? Well think again!
If you remember in SimCity, the people who inhabited your town were called the 'Sims.' Now, SimCity creator Will Wright has taken those people and given them their own game!

Whereas the other games were more self-explanatory, The Sims may require a little more explanation. Basically, you take control of a family living in a virtual neighborhood, and it's up to you to take control of their life and help them live each day however you want. Whether you want them to be lazy slobs who do nothing but sit around in a house that would seem fitting in a SimSlum (sorry, I couldn't resist!) or live their life to the potential, meeting their neighbors and making friends, getting well paying jobs, and becoming a well-respected socialite, it's all up to you.

Graphics: 10/10
Simple, yet effective. Each Sim has their own set of animations, including things like shaking hands with neighbors, swimming, running, and so forth. You can customize the look of each Sim so that he or she resembles a real person. Although there are some elements that might be a little inappropriate, they took the liberty of adding a mosaic effect (blurring it out) when this happens. It's a feast for the eyes, indeed.

Sounds: 10/10
The Sims don't utter anything intelligible, but it's still interesting to listen to them speak their SimLanguage. You will see a speech balloon above their head indicating what topic they are chatting about. When you do something like play with a pinball machine, watch TV, or listen to music, you hear the appropriate sound effects, including screams for a horror flick, funny sounds for a cartoon, and so on.

Controls: 10/10
You control one Sim at a time, but it's a piece of cake to do so. You can click on something to make them do something, such as take a bath, watch TV, have a bite to eat, etc. Some actions must be performed with their moods in consideration. For instance, if a Sim's bladder level is running low, they may need to get to the bathroom ASAP! If they're feeling hungry, odds are they'd probably want to eat. Energy can be perked up with a nap or some espresso!

You can also build their attributes by doing special activities. Reading can teach your Sims how to do things like cook, fix items, and improve their knowledge. Give them a pool to swim in, or some exercise apparatus, and they'll improve their body. It's all up to you.

Of course, you don't just get money any time you please. Your Sims have to find jobs. While the younger Sims go to school every day, the adults must find a job and then make sure they meet the carpool. Otherwise, they could be fired.
(Man, how these reviews turn into a SimEssay (sorry, I just had to!) is beyond me!)

Replay: 10/10
There are some pre-made families, or you can create your own, build a house, move them into the neighborhood, and meet other SimFamilies (How many times do you expect me to use the word 'Sim' in this review? Quite a few! :) ) The way you live is completely up to you. If you remember, this is a Maxis game, meaning there is no 'Game Over.' Meaning that you could be spending a lot of SimTime (grin) on your computer!

Overall: 10/10
It's simply amazing. Even if you don't know what the Sim series is about, I strongly suggest giving the Sims a try. I'm sure you'll find a SimReason (extremely big grin) to devote your time to it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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