Review by AVexer

Reviewed: 08/30/00 | Updated: 08/30/00

Good game.

I thought the sims was gonna be a stupid game. To my supprise, it was pretty good. Although it wasen't easy, it was still an excilent game. Eventhough, it really isin't a great game for kids, I really can't see much that would be too maure for a mature eight or nine year old.

Gameplay:7:This factor isin't your ace factor. It could be better, but it's not like the game is bad. It's really a great game. But sometimes it's hard to keep your sims in a good mood. The Sims is a good game no matter what. Weather you talk about the bad things, or the good thing, it's still a great game.

Sound:5:This factor kept it from getting a nine. The sound is very, very unclear, but you really don't care about the sound when your playing a cool game like the Sims.

Fun Factor:10:The fun factor of the game is great. It's addictive(just like most other computer games). I think it would be better on a 2000 Gateway or Mac(rather thain my 1998 Compaq). The Sims is so much fun to play. And the ideas of making the beds and stuff is really good.

Graphics:10:This is another excilent factor. If you have a newer computer, the graphics will be excilent. My computer is older, but the graphics are still very good. The people are clear and so are all the objects. But, my favorite part of Time Sims is how it is so colorful.

Overall:8:Well, people may say I'm nuts giving this game an eight. Anyway the game is too good to give a seven, but not an extreamly great game, like other computer games). But, it still is an excilent game. It would be great if The Sims came out on a platform system.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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