Review by Maniac06

Reviewed: 10/16/06

Caution: This game may be considered "Too addicting, and just too fun".

Here's an advanced warning for anyone ready to pick up this game: You won't put it down. This game happens to be one of the most addicting that I've ever played. You can do so many things, from have kids, burn your house down, get married (or live alone for that matter). You can even die in this game, as you would in reality. By not eating, living in insanely grotesque conditions, or just going crazy. You can start out single and get married, or start out with your spouse and kids. Build your house the way YOU want it, from the positioning of the walls, to the paint on it. Essentially, this game delivers. Anything you would need in life becomes incorporated into the game: You need to eat in real life, and you need to eat in the game. The same goes for using the bathroom/showering, having a social life and friends, and it even goes to having your own career. You can start out as a busboy and move your way up to owning a great chain of stores! Speaking of the word "store", lets see what this game has in store:

For their time, the graphics are excellent. Very smooth, no choppiness, and there is great detail put into many of the items. Maxis really tried hard with this one. The Sim's clothing looks great, as does water (when your toilet overflows, or even looking at your pool). Even the burglar, who comes to steal your items looks good. The downside is when said burglar can very easily fit your 50 inch television in his tiny little goody bag. Completely unrealistic, there.

Very workable. You can set the speed of your game, and the little things like positioning/rotation of the items you buy is very easy to do. No hard controls, as there aren't too many controls in the first place. Drop-down menus, etc. All accessible with your mouse. Not very much keyboard use at all in this game.

Some people may wonder why I gave sound such a high rating, considering your Sims don't speak english (They speak their own language, "Simolean" - Mostly just random gibberish, although there are many things said in english. Listen for your Sims to scream "I'M SO NAKED!" at you). The music on the stereo can get annoying, which also may hinder the rating, but not here. A good feature with this game is that you can add your own .mp3 file songs to the game, and they play on the in-game stereo with a click of your mouse. Don't leave the TV on, though, as that gets very annoying after a while.

If you ask me, there is no other rating for the gameplay. Like mentioned in my introductory paragraph, you can do just about anything in life, in this game. You can work out and improve your strength (or "Body Skills"), Practice your speech in your bathroom mirror, and, depending on your "Creativity" skill, you can even paint great paintings, such as the "Mona Lisa" and sell them for money. The higher your "Creativity" skill, the more you get for your paintings. There are 5-10 different paintings that The Sims create, and, just like in real life, they take some days to complete. Once, I made a family, with 4 adults living in the house, and worked their "Creativity" skills as high as they could go, bought 4 easels, and for a living, they painted and sold paintings. I was rich in no time. The game gets monotonous at times, but with just about any of the 7 expansions now released for this game, there are endless ways to expand your gaming fun. There are endless things I can say about this game. You have to pay bills, which seem to accommodate the way that you use them (For example, if you use less power, your bills seem to be lower), but this may be false, and your bills may become expensive solely on how much cash you have.

- Very fun, expandable game
- Endless little things in the game that keep it fun
- Very realistic
- Addicting, may keep you entertained for days

Cons (I hate doing this part)
- Addicting
- May get monotonous
- Gets frustrating at times

I give this game a 9 because it is at near perfection for a game of it's kind, but in today's society, nobody's needs can be suited perfectly, and this game doesn't suit everyone.

Definitely buy. If you rent this game for a few days to a week, you will end up renting it again, or buying it, anyways. You can pick this game up for about 10$ just about anywhere today, and all 7 of the expansions range in the same price. There are even a few bundles out nowadays, where you get the full original, and full expansions.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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