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FAQ/Strategy Guide by RawIsJericho

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 06/08/00

FAQ/Strategy Guide for The Sims by RawIsJericho
(toocoolandrikishi@hotmail.com) on 4/20/00
Last Updated: Version 0.6  6/08/00


      S S S          IIIIIIIIIIIII      M M        M M           S S S
    S      S               I            M  M      M  M         S
     S                     I            M   M     M  M          S
       S                   I            M    M    M  M           S
         S                 I            M     M   M  M            S
          S                I            M      M M   M             S
            S              I            M       M    M              S
            S              I            M            M               S
             S             I            M            M               S
              S            I            M            M                S
      S  S  S S            I            M            M                S
                      IIIIIIIIIIII      M            M           S S S

Hey, I know what you're thinking.  Don't LAUGH!

Whats New:

Version 0.1 4/20/00- The release of this FAQ.  Whew, I'm exhausted!
Expect more in a few days.

Version 0.2 4/24/00-  Added some more Frequently Asked Questions. Also
added a Patches/Skins/Interesting Facts Section. Fixed some errors too.

Version 0.3 4/27/00-  Added the new SimDay Item.  Also added a lot of
Frequently Asked Questions and some glitches from Joseph Peitler.

Version 0.4 5/05/000- Added the new SimDay Items The WhiteHouse and a
jukebox..  Also added another load of Frequently Asked Questions.

Version 0.5 5/18/00-  Yep, I know its been a while but I've been very
busy lately.  Added some new stuff from Joseph Peitler.  Added a couple
more frequently asked questions.  Also dug up some info on the Sim's
ExPansion Pak.

The Sim's Expansion Pak was displayed at this year's E3 last week.
Apparently it will be called The Sim's: Livin' Large.

There will be a ton of new situations.  Here are just a few:

Alien abductions
Roach Infestations
Exploding Garden Gnome
Crystal Ball

There is even Castle Atchitecture Available.

Version 0.6 6/08/00-  Yeah I know its been almost an eternity since my
last update.  I have been very busy lately.  And you can expect another
large gap in between updates again.  Well anyway, I Added some
interesting facts and glitches from Joseph Peitler.  And some new
Frequently Asked Questions.

Table Of Contents:

(1.)  Introduction/Review

(2.)  Personality

(3.)  Needs
*3.1- Hygiene
*3.2- Hunger
*3.3- Bladder
*3.4- Social
*3.5- Room
*3.6- Energy
*3.7- Fun
*3.8- Comfort

(4.)  Furniture

(5.)  Services

(6.)  Building a House
*6.1- Getting started
*6.2- Why needs walls?
*6.3-  Kitchen
*6.4-  Bathroom
*6.5-  Living Room
*6.6-  Outside

(7.)  Relationships

*7.1-  Friendly Social Actions
*7.2-  Mean Social Actions
*7.3-  Multiple Romances

(8.)  Death
*8.1- The AfterLife

(9.)  Getting A Job
*9.3- Careers
*9.2- Missing Work
*9.3- Quitting your Job

(10.)  Moving Out Of The House
*10.1- Kicking other Sim families out of the house

(11.)  Disasters

(12.)  FAQ

(13.)  Patches/Skinz/Interesting Facts
*14.1- Downloader Beware (special thanks goes out to Joseph Peitler)

(14.)  Codes/Cheats

(17.)  Bugs/Glitches

(16.)  Credits

(17.)  The End/Legal Stuff and Info

(1.) Introduction

This is a FAQ/Strategy Guide for The Sims.  It may only be reproduced
electronically with my permission.  It may not be printed in a magazine,
formatted to a CD, or Diskette!  If you are going to put this FAQ on
your site then please e-mail me at toocoolandrikishi@hotmail.com

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please e-mail me at

Brief Review:

Gameplay: 10/10- You guide your Sim's through life.  You have to get
them something to eat.
You have to get them a job so they can buy things to expand there own
house and to move them in to a better house.  You will guide them
through relationships with other Sim's.  And you can cause all the chaos
you want in their lives!

Graphics: 8-  The graphics are pretty good and most of it isn't even

Sound: 10-  The talking might sound like total gibberish but the music
very realistic.  If a bad thing happens a bad sound happens, if a good
thing happens then you will hear a good sound.  All depending on the

Difficulty: 9- You control a Sim's needs.  Even controlling just one Sim
is tough.  Try controlling eight at a time.  Nearly impossible.

Lasting Appeal: 10- With all the new skins you can download at
www.thesims.com and all the chaos you can cause you'll be playing this
game for a while.

OverAll: 10/10

If you haven't bought this game yet, BUY IT NOW!

System Requirements:

OS (operating system:  Windows 95 or 98.

Processor: Pentium II or AMD 233 MHZ

RAM (memory) :  32 MB

Hard Drive Space:  300 MB saved games will require more HD space.

3D Accelerator:  No

Video Card:  High color capable 2MB PCI AGP Video Card with DirectDraw
compatible drivers.
CD Rom speed:  4X CD-Rom Speed
Sound:  DirectX 7 using 32 bit Windows (98 or 95) compatible sound card,
keyboard and a mouse.

My computer ran the Sim's well (with Maximum detail) on my 450 MHZ.  I
have heard that P133's and AMD133'S can run the game smoothly.  So if
your system doesn't meet the requirements you can still play the game at
a nice smooth rate.


Neat-  Does your Sim care about how his house looks?

Outgoing- Does your Sim go outside and do outdoor activities?

Active- Is your Sim energetic or just a lazy bum?

Playful- Does your Sim like playing games/sports like pinball,
basketball, pool, etc.?

Nice- Is your Sim a nice person?  Or is he a mean ruthless person?

(3.)  NEEDS

Us people have needs in life.  We need to keep clean, have fun, sleep,
relax, talk, eat, exercise, go to the bathroom, etc.  The same thing
goes with the Sim.  They have needs to ya know.  And it is your job to
guide them through life.

2.1* Hygiene- To maintain this just take a shower and wash your hands.
If you do not do this your Sim will die from disease (by cleaning up
garbage with flies hovering over it without washing hands.)

2.2* Hunger- The hardest field for a Sim to maintain.  First your Sim
will eat dinner then a few minutes later his hunger bar will be red and
you will have to get him a snack or something.  Just get your Sim to
order a pizza or to serve dinner to keep this bar in good shape.

2.3* Bladder- Everyone has to go to the bathroom, even Sims!  If your
Sim does not go to the bathroom for a long period of time and his
Bladder Bar is red then he will probably piss his pants and it will get
all over the floor.  If you order your Sim to the bathroom when his
bladder bar is at its peak then he will dash toward the bathroom, which
is pretty funny.

2.4* Social- Your Sims need to talk to people to make friends and
lovers.  Once you start to develop a relationship more options will come
up.    With a same sex relationship your relationship bar goes to 100 %
or close to it you will get the option of asking him to move in with
you.  Sometimes he will get annoying and you will have disagreements
which will lead to eventually a fight.  Same thing with a female/male
relationship you will propose to he/she and he/she will say yes
depending on his/her mood.  Once that happens you will have a baby (no
you will not have sex) by a lot of kissing.  Eventually the option of
having a baby will come up.  If your Sim is not social he will be insane
and depressed and won't listen to your orders.

2.5* Room Rating- Your room rating is how neat and tidy the room that
your sim is in.  If you are in the bathroom or outside the room rating
will go down.  You can always put a mirror in the bathroom to bring it
up but you have to look at it first.  The room rating also affects
proposing.  It will bring down the other Sim's mood if he is in the
bathroom or outside if you propose to him/her.

2.6* Energy- This is pretty hard to maintain too, especially with work.
You need to get a lot of sleep.  If your energy bar is still red then
you didn't get enough.  So miss a day of work (or more, but not
consecutively or you will be fired, unless you want to).  If your Sim's
energy bar is fully red he will likely fall a sleep wherever he is
standing.  He will just fall to the ground and sleep.  This might bring
your energy back up but you will lose a lot of comfort.

2.7* Fun-  There are a lot of ways to have fun.  But the richer you are
in this game the more fun you are going to have.  Because you can afford
basketball courts, swimming pools, computers, pool tables, hot tubs, and
other things to bring the fun bar up.  If your Sim;s fun bar is low then
get him/her to watch TV.

2.8* Comfort- This is another hard one to maintain.  Make sure your Sim
sleeps on a bed or the comfort rating will drop dramatically.  Sitting
on the sofa watching TV also helps.  Also buy a hot tub to increase this
rating dramatically.


If you have enough money buy the Hot Tub.  The Hot Tub will increase the
comfort, hygiene, fun and social if someone is in there with your Sim.
In my opinion it is the best piece of furniture in the game.  Here is
what I recommend buying:

Note:  If I have a star beside the item then it is a must.

*TV Set(any size, whatever you can afford.)






*Bed (twin size bed, recommended for a relationship)



*Something to shower in.


*Burglar Alarm

*Smoke Detector




Dish Washer (beats the sink for washing dishes)

Book Shelf

Alarm clock


Note:  I will add more in the future once I figure out there useful.


You can only get services by phone.  The services will help you keep
your house clean and safe from disasters.

Pizza- Costs 40 bucks but is worth it if hunger bar is low.  Also good
if you have a guest.

Repair Man-  Will fix things and will sometimes clean your house. He
will also take stuff.  He could be at your house forever if you get him
stuck (like put a table somewhere blocking something he needs to

Maid- This is a good service.  It will cost you $10 per hour and you can
fire her if you feel she is not doing her job or stealing things.  If
you're like me and have a lot of trash, dirty plates, and spills laying
around then the maid is a must.

Fire Department-  The use of a smoke detector comes in handy because it
will contact the fire department when there is a fire and they'll be
right over immediately.  If you call them as a prank you will get a $100
Dollar Fine.

Gardener- Don't care about my plants much.  Some dude will come down and
water all the plants around your house.  It took her about the whole day
with my mansion.  She gets really annoying.  Every time she waters your
plants it'll load a PIP every few seconds.  She'll charge $5 per every
plant she waters.  I fired her the same SimDay I hired her.

Police-  A burglar alarm comes in handy when a burglar comes in to steal
stuff.  Make sure your alarm is toward the outside so the burglar can be
spotted.  If you call the police as a prank the officer will scold you.


6.1- Getting Started

If you do not feel like moving into an already built house, then select
an area of grassland and start building.

6.2-  Who needs walls?

The only reason you need walls for is privacy.  The only really good
place to put walls is the bathroom.  Another place would be a private
place where you and another lover will have some romance and you don't
want anyone to see it.  Other than that just start building floor tiles.

6.3-  Kitchen

Just buy a table, a fridge, a stove if you have the money, a microwave,
a smoke detector, and a dishwasher if you have the money.

6.4-  Bathroom

Buy a toilet, something to shower in, a sink, and a mirror.

6.5-  The Living Room

Buy a sofa, TV Set, Pool Table, Lamps, a telephone, a computer if you
have the money and if you want, a bed.

6.6-  Outside-
This isn't required.  If you want to have your house look good then I
suggest you use this.

Buy a basketball court, hot tub if you have the money, a burglar alarm,
a swimming pool if you have the money, and a table.


All the Sim's need to be social in order to not go insane and die.  Once
you meet someone and things are going well you will receive a good
relationship rating.  If you do not socialize with your friend for a day
then your relationship rating will go down two points.  One way to stop
this from happening is to call your friend by the telephone.  If the
rating is high enough he will come spend some time at your place.  The
more socializing that you do, the more your rating will increase with
your friend.

When you first start out a relationship just keep it simple by talking.
It will bring the rating up and you will have more options to choose

7.1- Friendly Social Actions

Talking-  The best thing to do when you first meet a Sim.

Compliment-  This will likely increase your ratings with another Sim.
Sometimes it will go the wrong way and you will lose ratings.

Joke-  If things are going well then this will increase your
relationship rating.  It will also increase your fun rating.

Entertain-  Your Sim will juggle a bunch of balls.  If it increases your
relationship rating once, it will do it again.  It will also increase
your fun rating.  If the other Sim did not like it don't try it again
until a little while.

Hugs-  Will bring up your relationship rating.  Works with friends and
lovers.  Your relationship rating will go down if the other Sim shrugs
you off when trying to do this action.  Will make other Sim's jealous.

Dance-  This is pretty cool.  It will increase your fun rating.  Dancing
will also make others jealous if you want to stir up trouble between the

Flirt-  Before you are going to kiss you better flirt first.  This will
also make others jealous.

Kiss- The best sign of affection.  You know the relationship is going
well if you kiss her.  Rather hilarious rejecting scene if this fails.
The rejecter will take the other Sim slap him and then shrug him out of
the way.  If this fails try other actions.  Then try again.

Note:  And yes Sim's can seek homosexuality if you make them!

*7.2-  Mean Social Actions

Insult-  Make fun of the other Sim.

Tease-  Will bring the social rating up for the teaser but not for the

Brag-  Sometimes will bring a relationship rating up but it is very
rare.  Will bring up the braggers social rating.

Slap-  If things get too heated you can just slap the other Sim.  This
will bring the social/relationship rating down for your Sim and will
pave the way for a Fight!

Fight-  This will lower the relationship rating down dramatically.
Usually the loser of the fight will be so depressed and heartbroken that
he/she will not listen to orders.  If this happens and you care about
them then move them into a new house.  If the winner of the fight calls
the loser, the loser will say "I have a list of things to do and seeing
you is at the bottom of my list."

* 7.3-  Multiple Romances

Yes your Sim's can "cheat" on other Sim's.  But if you get caught
hugging, dancing, flirting, or even kissing another Sim.  The other Sim
partner that you are involved with  will get jealous.  Your 1st partner
will slap or even fight the other Sim that you are involved with.

How do I avoid having getting my other partner jealous?

If you are going to avoid the jealously problem then get romantic in a
good private place.  Do not socialize outside.  The last thing you want
to do is be seen by all the other people.

Get your 1st partner a job.  So when he/she is away, call the 2nd
partner and romance.  Then tell your 2nd partner to leave before your
1st partner gets back and he/she won't notice a thing.

Do your socializing in a private place.  The best place is the bed room.
Once your alone romancing your relationship will improve and your 1st
partner won't know a thing!

With enough planning your Sim's will have a big love life.

7.4-  Mean Sim's

Whenever a mean Sim does a bad action to you and you do not want it
take place, simply go to the top of the screen where hers/his face is
and delete the action.

If a mean Sim teases you or brags to you he/she will gain relationship
points with you but you will lose relationship points because he/she
teased you.  To stop this from happening simply follow the steps above.

(8.)  Death

The only way death can occur in this game is when you do not take good
care of your Sim's.  Your Sim's cannot die by themselves.  It is your
responsibility to get them to fulfill there needs each day.  But what if
your Sim/roomate is getting annoying?  You have no choice but to kill
your Sim.

*8.1-  The Afterlife

After a Sim dies a box will appear and it will say "Bob (whatever you
name him) has died.  He may be gone but his spirit will forever remain."
Or something like that.  The ghost of the Dead Sim will appear at 11
P.M. every once in a while.

Whenever your Sim dies he/she will leave a marker (tombstone outside,
urn inside) whenever he dies.  The surviving Sim will have to mourn for
24 hours.  After that 24 hour period is over you can mourn anytime you


There are two ways you can get a job, one way is the newspaper.  You get
the newspaper everyday.  There is one job offer available each day in
the newspaper.

For more job availability, buy a computer if you have the money.  You
will have about 5 job offers available at one time.

*9.1-  Careers

Law Enforcement:

Security Guard:
Hours: 12AM-6AM
Pay:  $240

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $320

Patrol Officer:
Hours: 5PM-1AM
Pay: $380

Desk Sgt.:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $440

Vice Squad:
Hours: 10AM-4PM
Pay:  $490

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $540

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $590

S.W.A.T. Team Leader:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $625

Police Chief:
Hours: 9AM-5PM
Pay:  $650

Capt. Hero:
Hours: 10AM-4PM
Pay:  $700


Hours: 9A.-3PM
Pay:  $175

Bungee Jumping Instructor:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $250

WhiteWater Guide:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $325

XTreme Circut Pro:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $400

Bush Pilot:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $475

Mountain Climber:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $550

Photo Journalist:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $650

Treasure Hunter:
Hours: 10AM-5PM
Pay: $725

Grand Prix Driver:
Hours: 10AM-4PM
Pay:  $825

International Spy:
Hours: 11AM-5PM
Pay:  $925


Test Subject:
pay: $155

Lab Assistant:
Hours: 11PM-5PM
Pay: $230

Field Researcher:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $320

Science Teacher:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay: $375

Project Leader:
Hours: 9AM-5PM
Pay:  $450

Hours: 10AM-7PM
Pay: $540

Hours: 10AM-3PM
Pay:  $640

Top Secret Researcher:
Hours: 10AM-3PM
Pay: $740

Hours: 10AM-2PM
Pay: $870

Mad Scientist:
Hours: 10AM-2PM
Pay:  $1000


Team Mascot:
Hours: 12PM-6PM
Pay: $110

Minor Leaguer:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $170

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $230

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $300

All Star:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $385

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $510

Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $680

Assistant Coach:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay: $850

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay: $1000

Hall Of Famer:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $1300


Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $100

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $150

Bit Player:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $200

Stunt Double:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $275

B-Movie Star:
Hours: 10AM-5PM
Pay:  10AM-6PM

Supporting Player:
Hours: 10AM-6PM
Pay:  $500

TV Star:
Hours: 10AM-6PM
Pay:  $650

Feature Star:
Hours: 5PM-1AM
Pay:  $900

BroadWay Star:
Hours:  10AM-5PM
Pay:  $1100

Hours: 10AM-3PM
Pay:  $1400


Medical Technician:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $200

Hours: 11PM-5AM
Pay:  $275

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $340

Hours: 9AM-6PM
Pay:  $410

Hours: 9PM-4AM
Pay:  $480

Hours: 10AM-6PM
Pay:  $550

Hours: 9PM-3AM
Pay:  $640

Hours: 10PM-4AM
Pay:  $700

Medical Researcher:
Hours: 9PM-4AM
Pay:  $775

Chief Of Staff:
Hours: 9PM-4AM
Pay:  $850


Mail Room:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $120

Exec. Asst.:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $180

Field Sales Rep.
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $250

Junior Exec.
Hours:  9AM-4PM
Pay:  $320

Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $400

Senior Manager:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $520

Vice President:
Hours:  9AM-5PM
Pay:  $660

Hours: 9AM-5PM
Pay:  $800

Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $950

Business Tycoon:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $1200


Campaign Worker:
Hours:  9AM-6PM
Pay:  $220

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $300

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $300

Campaign Manager:
Hours: 9AM-6PM
Pay:  $430

City Council Member:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $485

State Assembly:
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Pay:  $540

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $600

Hours:  9AM-3PM
Pay:  $650

Hours:  9AM-6PM
Pay:  $700

Hours:  9AM-3PM
Pay:  $750


Hours: 6AM-12PM
Pay:  $200

Elite Forces:
Hours: 7AM-1PM
Pay:  $325

Drill Instructor:
Hours: 8AM-2PM
Pay:  $350

Junior Officer:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $450

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $500

Flight Officer:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $550

Senior Officer:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $580

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $600

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $625

Hours:  9AM-3PM
Pay:  $650

Life Of Crime-

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $140

Hours: 11PM-7AM
Pay:  $200

Hours: 12PM-7AM
Pay:  $275

Con Artist:
Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $350

Get Away Driver:
Hours: 5PM-1AM
Pay:  $425

Bank Robber:
Hours: 3PM-11PM
Pay:  $530

Cat Burglar:
Hours: 9PM-3AM
Pay:  $640

Hours: 9PM-3AM
Pay:  $760

Hours: 9AM-3PM
Pay:  $900

Criminal MasterMind:
Hours: 6PM-12AM
Pay:  $1100

*9.2  Missing Work

If you miss work 2 days back to back you will get fired from your job.
If you are sick, then by all means miss work that day.  And if any of
your bars are red (besides room) and can't get them up within the amount
of time that you have then miss work.

*9.3  Quitting Your Job

There are 2 ways to quit your job.  The most fun way to quit is to skip
work.  You can do what ever you want for a whole day.  After 2 back 2
back days of skipping work your boss will call you and tell you your
fired.  If you do not want to get fired then do not answer the phone.

The other way is to look for a new job by computer or newspaper.

(10.)  Moving out of the house

To get your Sim's to move out of a house, move your mouse cursor to the
bulldozer button and select the house with the family you want to evict.
The option, "Do you want to bull doze this house" will come up.  It is
up to you on that one.  Now select the house that you want your Sim
family to move into.  Or you could just build them one.

*9.1-  Kicking the other Sim families out of the house

If you want to move into a house and it is occupied simply kick 'em out.
Just evict the family and they'll hit the bricks in no time!

(11.)  Disasters

There are disasters that occur every now and then.  Some can even cost
your Sim his/her's life.  I will tell you the best way to prevent them
and how they happen.

Fire-  Usually started by cooking or a fireplace.  Can even kill your
Sim's if your not careful.  Fires can also burn your whole estate down
to the ground and kill your Sim's at the same time.

Prevention:  Buy a smoke detector.  Using the phone will take too much
time.  By the time the firefighter comes the fire will already have
spread to other places in your house.

Floods-  Usually started by bad plumbing (broken toilets, pissing your
pants, broken dishwashers, sinks, etc.).  If you do not clean them up
when you see them they will slowly but surely spread and will flood your

Prevention:  Clean up the puddles on the floor and get your appliances
repaired (call the repairman).

Failure States-  If your Sim is not balanced and you are not balancing
his/her moods then this will cause failure states.  If your Sim's energy
bar is low and you send him/her off to go play basketball when you
should send him to sleep.  There are consequences for this.  Some are
even serious.  Your Sim could fall into a deep depression and will not
listen to your orders and will probably die.

Prevention:  Manage your Sim's moods and needs

No Energy-  Not a major disaster but still a pretty important one.  When
your Sim's energy bar is full red your Sim will collapse on the floor
and fall a sleep.  His/her's energy bar might go back to normal but  the
comfort meter will drop dramatically.

Prevention:  Unless that particular Sim is getting annoying and you are
trying to kill them, send your Sim to bed.

Bladder-  When you have to go, you have to go.  But if your Sim delays
going to the bathroom he will piss his pants and it will get on the
floor eventually causing floods.  If your Sim's bladder bar is fully red
and if you send him to the bathroom, he will run like crazy toward the
bathroom.  which is pretty funny.

Prevention:  When your Sim's bladder bar is red, send your Sim to the

Burglary-  If you are really rich the bigger the chance is you are going
to get burgulars.  The burglars will take all of your valuable items
when you are sleeping late at night.  You can try to call the police but
it will take too much time and it may be too late.  If you are lucky the
burglar will get caught and you will receive a reward.

Prevention:  Buy a burglar alarm and place it on the OUTSIDE!  That way
the police will be notified and they'll be right on it.  Another way is
to put tables in front of all of the doors so the burglar will be
trapped and the police will be there just in time to catch him.  Or you
could build a fence around your house when the burglar arrives he'll be
trapped just in time for the police to nab him.

"R. Hathaway" sent this in:

When a Burglar comes to your house, you can't get into build or buy
mode. My personal favorite method of keeping burglars out is to just
build a fence in front of all my doors before I go to sleep, so nobody
can get in or out. I just have to remove it in the morning.

Joseph Peitler Sent this in:
On burglars:
The more sims you have in your family house, the less chance your house
would likely be burglarize. One house had 8 sims and after 100 days,
their house was broken into only once. While the houses that had 1 to 3
sims got broken into 3-4 times in less than 70 days.

Death-  The big one.  Your Sim's can die by many ways.  They could die
by accident, by trying to fix some appliances then they'll get

They could die in a fire from severe burns.

They could also die heinously from starvation.  If your Sim is poor and
he/she has no jobs to put food on the table then your Sim will die.
This is also a good way to kill roommates.  Just kick them out of the
house and turn off free will.  Another way is to build a fence around
your house so your Sim is trapped outside and will die after a few days
from hunger.

Prevention:  Take good care of your Sim's.

(12.)  FAQ

This is the Frequently asked questions section.  This section
deals with the most frequently asked questions of the game.

Q:  How Do I change my Sim's clothes?

A:  Buy a dresser/armoire.  You can change your Sim into formal attire,
normal attire, swimsuits, and other pajamas.  If you are going to work,
some jobs will make your Sim change his clothes (like military, science,
medicine, law enforcement, etc.)

Q:  My wife/husband is getting jealous because I am hugging
and kissing another partner.  Can I Divorce?

A:  Nope!  The only way to get your 1st partner to move out is to
propose to your 2nd partner and the 1st partner will get the boot.

Q:  How Do I get the propose/move in option to come up?

A:  Keep doing social things that have a positive impact.  Eventually
it will come up.

Q:  How Do I stop a burglar?

A:  Place a burglar alarm on the OUTSIDE of your house so when the
comes in he will be detected.  You could also build a fence around your
Or you could put a table directly in front of the doors so the burglar
is trapped.

Q:  Can my Sim's seek homosexuality?

A:  Yes, but you have to control them and make them do it.

Q:  My Sim's bar is really low.  He/she is about to die.  What do I do?

A:  Move them into a new house.  All there bars will be restored except
fun levels.

Q:  Is this game worth getting?

A:  Yup.

Q:  How do I kill a Sim unpurposely?

A:  There are many ways.  You could just kill them by starvation.
Simply turn off free will and don't order them to go to the fridge and
they'll die.  Another way is to kick them out of the house and build a
fence around your house so they can't get in (with free will on.)

Q:  A Sim is dead.  What happens after that?

A:  The dead Sim will turn into a ghost.  Whenever he dies it says
"He/she mat be gone but there spirit remains."  The spirit will haunt
that house at 11:00 P.M. if he/she is going to haunt that night.

Q:  I am trying to propose to another Sim but I keep getting rejected.
What should I do?

A:  Work hard to get there mood (like, give them food and stuff) in
decent shape.   Then make sure you are in a room with a good room
rating.  Then propose.  The best place to do it IMO is the living room.
The worst places to do it is the bathroom and outside.

Q:  My Sim is sick!  What do I do?

A:  Your Sim can die from this.  And whenever your Sim gets sick it is
contagious.  Take plenty of rest and do not go to work or school.

Q:  How do I remove walls?

A:  Go to build mode and hold CTRL.  Then drag the mouse to the across
the junk wall that you want destroyed.

Q:  How do I type in a code?

A:  Type in CTRL ALT SHIFT AND C anywhere.  But some depend on the
screen where the game is at (neighborhood, live mode, etc.)

Q:  I no longer want to play with the neighborhood I have.  Is there a
way I can delete the saved file?

A:  Nope.  The only way is to uninstall then reinstall the game.

Q:  Can you see Sim's naked?

A:  No.  Depending on the position of your screen you are at when your
Sim is naked you might get to see some of it in the shower.

Q:  Do Sim's Have Sex?

A:  Nope.

Q:  Is it true that you can get a skill point by swimming in the
swimming pool?

A:  Yes.  Keep swimming, it may take a while.

Q:  Is there a way to get more items to purchase in buy mode?

A:  Yes there is but you're going to have to download them at

Q:  How do I get my Sim's to sleep together?

A:  It can only happen when you are married. Your relationship rating
must be at least a 95.

Q:  Is it possible to buy a car?

A:  Nope it isn't possible.  Sad isn't it?

Q:  Do Sim's get old?

A:  Nope.

Q:  My Sim keeps doing what he wants to do even though I give him
orders.  What do I do.

A:  It might be some sort of a risk.  The best time to do this is when
you are only controlling one Sim then I highly suggest you turn off Free
Will in the options mode.  If you are controlling two or more I highly
suggest you have Free Will On.

Q:  I recently downloaded the patch and I tried to do the money cheat
and it didn't work.  What happened?

A:  Maxis changed the code to rosebud.

Q:  Are there any other Sim skins out there?

A:  Yes at www.thesims.com http://www.thesims.com

Q:  Can I leave my house to go to another Sim's house?

A:  Unfortunately, No.  The only way you could is if you control another
Sim and call them over.  They'll come over if they feel like it but you
will not be able to control them.  Hopefully if there's a sequel (which
is very likely, thanks to the great success of this game) then we'll be
able to do this.

Q:  Do SimKids ever grow up?

A:  Nope.

Q:  If I move my Sim's to another house will they still have the same

A:  Yes.  But you will lose a few thousand from the purchasing of the
new house.

Q:  How do I increase the room rating outside?

A:  Recycle your newspapers everyday.  And water your flowers.  If you
are lazy like I am and do not feel like doing that just hire a maid and
a gardener.  They'll do the work for you.

Q:  I have some tech problems.  What should I do?

A:  Go to www.thesims.com If you Can't find any help there then e-mail

Q:  How do I evict a SimFamily?

A:  Click on the bulldozer icon at the top of the screen.  If you want
to bulldoze the house then that is up to you.

Q:  How do I increase the room rating of a bathroom?

A:  First, clean up all the messes in there.  Then add a mirror.
Looking at that will give you a charisma point.  Also add a painting if

Q:  My Sim won't go to sleep.  My Sim keeps getting up in the middle of
the night.  What is wrong with my Sim?

A:  The TV or Radio is on.  Turn them off.  Or your Sim has to go to the
bathroom.  After you do all that put your Sim back to sleep.

Q:  Can I control My Sim's at work?

A:  Unfortunately, No.  You cannot leave your property while controlling
one Sim.  Maybe if there is a sequel (which is highly likely due to the
great success of this game) we'll be able to.

Q:  Can I put my house on an island?

A:  Yes, with the water tool code.  Or you could go to www.thesims.com
and download the island house.  Make sure you move in at least 2 people
in there to keep your social meter up.  Or have a piece of land
connecting to your house so it won't be completely isolated.

Q:  How do I get to the game options?

A:  Go to the 3 dots on the bar on the left hand side.

Q:  Are there any trainers?

A:  I think there is a money trainer you can download at www.thesims.com

Q:  I go to buy mode and buy something but the game won't let me place
it anywhere.  What am I doing wrong?

A:  You are putting it in a bad place.  The object is intersecting
another object.  Either that or you put it right through a wall.  Just
keep moving the object until it changes into a bright color.

Q:  Can I win the game?

A:  Nope.  Like SimCity, just keep playing and taking care of your Sim's
until you get bored of it.  But that'll be a while, trust me!  It's all
about playing the game.  Not completing it.  You can't lose either,
really.  But you could kill all your Sim's.  That could be losing.
Depends on how you think of losing
Q:  My Sim got fired.  Can I get a better job after that?

A:  Nope.  You'll have to go back down to RockBottom.

Q:  Do Sim's ever get a day off of work or school (like a weekend or

A:  Nope.  Your Sim's will have to work everyday without even one day
off.  You could get them a day off but too many times will cost you your

Q:  Can I kill off my Maid, Repairman or gardener?

A:  Trust me, the Maid is indestructible.  I would build a wall around
her but then I went to live mode and she GOT OUT OF IT somehow.
I have never tried it with the gardener.   My Repairman did die when he
tried to fix a lamp but was electrocuted for his efforts.

Q:  Can you take custody of a kid from a neighbor the same way you ask a
neighbor to move in/propose?
A:  Nope.

Q:  How do I win the slot machine?
A: Just lower your fun rating.  I know it sound weird, but the lower
your fun rating is, the better chance you have of winning!

Q:  There is a marking on the lower right corner of one of my
character's face photo. A red plus with a circle around it. I got it
when both of my characters reached the final job levels. What does it
A:  It means that your Sim is at the top job ranking level.

Q:  I've heard about if two people who live in the same house get in a
fight, one of them leaves. What if they were neighbors who live in
different houses. Suppose my character want to get Sim "lowlife" out of
the neighborhood. Can the same action work on this as well?
A:  No, your Sim's will never leave the neighborhood unless you delete
them.  You could evict them, but they'll be still on the Neighborhood
Family Screen.

Q:  I set my game on English when I first installed The Sim's.  But when
they talk I can't understand a word they're saying.  What is the

A: You have no control over it.  They are supposed to talk in just plain
gibberish.  What they meant is what language the text should be in.

Q:  Can you sell an urn after you are done mourning over it?

A:  Yep.  You won't make very much off of it though.  About 4 bucks off
of it.

Q:  Does the Maid cook food?

A:  NO.  She just cleans the place up for several hours until it gets
dark which is usually at 6PM in the game.

Q:  Is there a Demo to this game?

A:  Nope.

Q:  At the beginning of the game when I first activate the game, I click
play and these two numbers come up: 800X600 and 1024X728.  What do these

A:  The resolution of the game.  At 800X600 the graphics will look good
but not as good as 1024X728.

Q:  How do I go back to the Neighborhood, without quitting?

A:  Go to options (...) and click on the house.

Q:  Help!  I have just ran out of food.  What do I do now?

A:  If you run out of money, you also run out of food.  To simply avoid
this, just get a job.  You should have enough money to have food in the

Q:  My Sim has a night job.  Can I take the day off without getting

A:  It is a bug if your Sim gets fired after just missing one day of
work.  Simply download the Patch Version 1.1 to fix this problem.

Q:  Help, time goes too fast!  Is there a way to slow it down?

A:  Yep.  Look under the Mode Bar and they'll be a bar for game speed.

Q:  Can I get MP3 files to play on my radio or stereo?

A:  Yes!  Place the MP3 Files (or shortcuts) in C:\Program
Files\Maxis\The Sims\ Music\Stations\

Q:  My Repair Man keeps getting killed.  How do I stop this from

A:  If you aren't in the mood for funny glitches, then download the
patch 1.1

Q:  Should I download the patch?

A:  Depends if you crack up whenever a glitch occurs.  I do but I still
downloaded the patch after watching those glitches over and over again..
Once you get tired of the glitches then it is is time for you to get the

Q:  I lost my serial number, can I have yours?

A:  No.  Just e-mail Maxis or look in the Frequently Asked Questions
Section of thesims.com under technichal problems.

Q:  Only two people have visited me and I'm a good way into the game.
How do I get more people to visit me?

A:  Pick up that phone and call people.  As long as you've met some
people you'll be able to call them.

Q:  How long does it take for a Sim Ghost to appear?

A:  The ghosts come out after every two days, after 11:00 PM (mostly
12AM-1AM) and go back around 6AM or sooner.

Q:  I know that a sim must ask a visiting sim with any kids to move
in/propose in order to adopt the sim kid. But suppose the kids DON'T
have any Sim adults? Can a simkid ask any adults to move in if he has no
A:  No, they can not. They do not have the option to move in/propose
with other kids or adults, nor can adults ask a visiting kid to move in
with them. In other words, no adults can adopt any older sim kid in the
neighborhood. This could be bad if all the sim parents die, leaving the
kids to fend for themselves. This means they'll spend the rest of their
"lives" eating pizza and potato chips and getting money only from
"grandpa" and selling their artwork.

(13.)  Patches/Skinz/Interesting Facts

Check www.thesims.com Every Thursday for new updates on skins and
patches.  You'll have to spend a few minutes registering your game first
before you can get in on the goodies.

The newest patch out for the Sim's is Version 1.1.  It'll fix the
glitches/bugs when you first bought this game.

The skins out so far are:

Professional Trash Can

Elephant Foot Trash Can

Visa's Desktop JukeBox

The White House (mansion for yout political Sim's!.)

Flowerbeds (purple, orange, white)

Topiaries (animal statues made out of vegetation, like chia pets)

The "MTV" Skins

Elwood Skin

New "Fit" Skins

New Plants

Guinea Pig

Wall Lights

Slot Machine

5 New Skins

5 New Houses

Moose head Decoration

Cuckoo Clock

Money Trainer

The Sim's outsold Sims City 3000 in first month sales.  SC3K was the no.
1 sale grosser in 1999 (didn't beat tycoon in sales, but made more money
than tycoon).  The Sam's will definitely be a top seller in 2000.

The Sim's has just recently hit 1 Million Sales!  Congrats to Maxis.

The Sim's Expansion Pak is coming out soon.  It was recently displayed
at E3.

From INCITE PC # 7, June 2000:

Joseph Peitler sent this in:

Game BRIEFS:  "You've played THE SIMS enough times by
now to notice those scary progress messages that
appear while loading.  So just what is the program
doing when "Reticulating Splines," "Inserting Chaos
Generator," and "Balancing Domestic Coefficients"
flash across the bottom of your screen?  Absolutely
nothing, actually.  "They're inventions of (Creator)
Will Wright's imagination," says a Maxis spokesman.
Speaking of the SIMS, expect Maxis to release an
expansion pack this fall...

From the magazine INCITE PC #5 April 2000, under the article: "The
inside scoop from the real experts".
Who better than the folks that THE SIMS to dispense a little gameplay
wisdom? We go straight to the source at Maxis to give you the best

Don Hopkins, Software Engineer
1. Here's an interesting way to subtly "tilt" the game by distorting
time, one person at a time:
If you point to the selected person while they're walking, they will
speed up. If you point to an unselected person (or a visitor) while
they're walking, they will slow down.
Applications: you can follow the selected person around with a cursor to
make them more efficient! If a hot babe comes over and two wild and
crazy guys are racing over to her for some one-on-one social
interaction, you can give one guy the advantage by slowing the other guy
Rationale: The "real" reason for this feature is to make people easier
to select for social interaction: they slow down when you point at them
so they won't slip out from under the mouse as fast. The slowing down
when you point at deselected people was such an interesting way to
subtly effect the game that we decided to make it speed up when you
point at the selected person too (since you don't need to click on the
selected person).

Snakeyex7@aol.com Sent this in:

Okay, well, i read about that Virus deal, and i noticed something. The
only way you can contract a virus from a gerbil is if it bites you, i
had a family going on with a scrapbook and everything heh, a whole gerby
the gerbil murder mystery. But i can't upload it because the whole
family has died/moved out.
anyway, besides that, Here's a neat fact i found out the hard way, all
status effects remain in a household, IE i had Martha Mayor of the
gerbil infected house move in with Michael Bachelor, i then moved in The
Roomies to the house to see if the urns still remain in the house,
inside was Martha Crying still, then she sneezed and fell asleep, she
woke up and died in the house, i then returned to Michael Bachelor's
home, Martha's ghost was taking a shower then proceeded to watch TV and
talk with Michael as if she wasn't dead. I kinda thought that was neat,

Downloader Beware

Joseph Peitler Sent This in:

The guinea pig virus!  "Oh my god, it killed SimKenny!"

I also found an article in the Monday May 1, 2000 of
the St. Petersburg Times.  It was in the Tech Times
section.  It was also in the New York Times.  It might
be in the TIMES website.  The article was titled:
"Something's killing the Sims"  and it explains that
Will Wright created a virus and put it in the guinea
pig, so that when someone downloads it and uses it,
their Sims get sick and possibly die.  Some people had
mixed feelings about this, from shock (" I spent
dozens of hours developing my Sims and now they keep
getting a cold and dying.  Has someone something to
this game or is this possible?") to acceptance ("I had
a family of eight who all came down with thing, and
through common sense game playing they all survived
quite well and only one even missed a day of work.").

Special thanks goes out to Joseph Peitler.


From www.cheatplanet.com

Cheat Screen

You push and hold the following buttons:
Shift, control, alt, c
That will get you to the cheat screen.

Also. You can enter multiple cheats at once by typing a; between cheats.
such as the following for money "klapaucius; !; !; !; !" etc

Now enter a code below
KLAPAUCIUS-gives you 1000 dollars
WATER TOOL-you can put water around your home
CAM_MODE - Camera Toggle
MUSIC - Music toggle
SOUND - Sound toggle
HTML - Web page creation toggle
SOUNDEVENT - Toggle sound event
RELOAD_PEOPLE - Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people
SET HOUR-set (1-24) what time you want to get up
SIM_LIMIT <milliseconds> - Set max milliseconds for simulator
SETSPEED-(-1000 to +1000)
SIM_SPEED <-1000-1000> - Set sim speed
INTERESTS-it will let you change your personalities and interests
AUTONMY-let's the sims to think on their own (0-100)
GROW GRASS-make the grass tall or short
MANSION - The Best House
BUBBLE_TWEAK <Z offset> - Set thought bubble z offset
ASSERT - Force assert to test
SIM_LOG END - Stop sim logging
SIM_LOG BEGIN - Start sim logging
DEBUG_SOCIAL - Show social dialogue choices
DRAW_ORIGINS - Show person's origin
DUMP_HAPPY - Send person's recent interactions to file
DUMP_MC - Send person's motive contribution curve to a file
EDIT_GRASS <number>- Make grass change value
LOT SIZE <number> - set lot size
EDIT CHAR - Create a character mode
DRAW_ROUTES ON - Show person's route
DRAW_ROUTES OFF -Show people's Route off
HISTORY - Save family history file
HIST_ADD - Add new family history stat to family
IMPORT <FAM File> - Import Family file
VISITOR_CONTROL - Toggle to control visitors with keyboard
LOG MASK - Set event logging mask
DRAW_FLOORABLE ON - Enable floorable grid
DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF - Disable floorable grid
MAP EDIT ON-self explanatory on
MAP EDIT OFF-self explanatory off
MOVE_OBJECTS - Move any object
PREVIEW_ANIMS ON - Preview animations on
PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF - Preview animations off
PREPARE_LOT - Fix required lot objects
ROTATION <number 0-3>- Rotate camera
ROUTE BALOONS ON - Enable basic tutorial
ROUTE BALOONS OFF - Disable basic tutorial
LOG MASK - Event logging mask set
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON - Draw all frames
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - Disable draw all frames
TILE INFO ON - Show tile info
TILE INFO OFF Hide tile info
SWEEP ON - Enable ticks
SWEEP OFF - Disable ticks

Repeats Last Cheat Typed In

Press shift+ctrl+alt+c then ! - Repeats last cheat code entered. To do
more than one repeat type in !;!;! , etc. As many as you like
Credit:  Francis (f_maxwell@hotmail.com

Trap Burglars:
All you have to do is pause your game and build a fence around the
burglar/roomie. For Burgler:Trap and call Police. Roomie:Lure out side
far away from house and trap.(they get sorta annoying)
Credit:  Lionel

(15.) BUGS/Glitches/Tips

Carpool doesn't come.
Sim walks around naked.
Sim will be permanently censored.
Repairman will die.
Sim gets killed because of a Guinea Pig.
Can't delete tasks.
Neighbor asks YOU to come to there house.
Kissing without contact (just a graphical glitch)

Drowning other Sim's.

Place Sim's in your swimming pool and then go to buy mode and remove the
ladders.  Your Sim will keep swimming until he eventually runs out of
energy and falls a sleep in your pool and drowns.

Stopping a Burglary

Whenever a burglar comes in simply go to buy/build mode and put tables
in front of all of your doors or put a fence around your house and the
burglar will struggle and keep trying to get out and will be eventually
be caught by the police if you call them.

"R Hathaway" Sent this
Hi. I just finished looking over your Sims FAQ. It looks pretty good,
except for the part about the burglars and keeping them fenced up. When
a Burglar comes to your house, you can't get into build or buy mode. My
personal favorite method of keeping burglars out is to just build a
fence in front of all my doors before I go to sleep, so nobody can get
in or out. I just have to remove it in the morning.

"Joseph Peitler Sent This:

Here are three glitches I recently saw:
This one is similar to the ones Aaron Pieper described, but not as bad.
Sim"Jim" was working out, while the visit sim "Tim" was walking towards
him, to speak to him. I cancelled Jim workout order, but not before Tim
was standing over him, blocking the workbench exit. You know the
character finishes his workout, his arms drops and he says "WHEW!" Well,
Jim was doing that 5 times before Tim moved away to a distance. He was a
visitor, so I couldn't control him at that time.

2. One of the floor lamps burned out, so I made my character call the
repairman. He came over, touch the lamp and got electrocuted. Thanks for
the patch, he didn't die (there is a joke in there, somewhere). He
finish it and went on as usual. It was funny seeing him light up like a
Christmas tree, though.

3. I have 8 sims in a household. One works at night. Four starts work at
8, the last three at 9. When 8 o'clock carpool arrived, the four got to
work with no problems and the work pictures showed up on their face
photos. When the 9 o'clock carpool arrived, the first one went at 9:30,
the second one at 9:45. I had trouble getting the third one out of the
swimming pool (It seems that I had to click on the "get out" order
before the "go to work" order, because she kept swimming and swimming,
ignoring the "go to work" order). By the time she went towards the car,
it was 10:10, the car went off. When that happened, ALL OF THE SIX
HOUSE WITH THEIR WORK PICTURES GONE. This is not the first time it
happened. It seems that whenever any one sim misses work, the other sims
who work the same or close to it job time, who is already at work
appears back home. This also happens to my other 2 sims in a different
house (in the bathroom, this time), but not as much as the 8. I got the
version 1.1 patch when this happened. The bad news is those 6 sims won't
get paid, even though they went to work. If this happens again, I'll see
if I can make them miss work the next day to see if they get fired. See
if I can make them miss work twice and not get fired using this glitch.

I have an idea that you can use. Why not make a SIMS HOROSCOPE FAQ.
Unless Will Wright made this game simple that not only the characters
with similar signs can mate, but practically everybody. You can make a
list of which star sign is compatible and, more importantly, which are
not. You might want to look into those Zodiac novels or mini-books in
libraries or supermarkets to compare notes.

1. If you have 8 sims and decided to bring in a kid or ask marry/move in
option and the visiting sim says yes, the game will crash.  When my 8
sims raised a baby, I took photos.  When the baby became a kid, the game
stopped and revert back to the PC choice option (the one with all
objects shown when you first turn on your PC).  Even though it didn't
save the events that happened, the photos of the baby still remain.

2. I had my sims purchased some party balloons one time. There are five
balloons tied together on a weight to be put on the floor. Every hour or
so, one of the balloons pop, leaving confetti on the floor. In the end,
it leaves a pile of confetti in less than five hours. Something for the
maid to do. Kind of waste of time and money, really.

I discovered another speaking action that a sim can use. When a sim
starts flirting with sim mate 1 and is seen by sim mate 2 (that's when
you hear the trumpet sounds of the "Woody Woodpecker" theme), that sim
can over and "apologize" to sim mate 2 after the damage is done. It
doesn't eliminate all the negative relationship points, but it does get
rid of sim mate 2's negative reactions, such as slap, shove, and fight.

Simkids are not a waste of space. They can make a lot of friends for
your sim family while adult sims are busy doing other things, such as
cooking, working on their skills, or sleeping after work. One thing I
noticed is that alarm clocks doesn't go off for the sleeping simkid. Is
this a glitch or has this happen to anyone else? Also, since simkid
don't "love", they can't go to the bathroom with another sim without
being "shooed off" or shooing them off.
Answer: sim 1's photos will disappear when he moves in with sim2's house
and change his last name to his.

An update to the glitch about 8 sims going to work and suddenly
appearing back in the house. This mostly happens when a sim is already
in his work clothes and misses his car pool. The car will stay there
until around 10 minutes after the departure hour (even a bit longer if
the sim is already on the street and on command to "go to work"). Also,
If the sim get delayed or "bumped" into standing still, delaying him
from going to the car, the car will leave. If he still has the command,
he will go to the street where the car was and then disappears. Then, he
will reappear back in the house in his regular clothes, If he was
wearing work clothes at that time.

This also happens if you sent your sims to work, then save within a
"sim" hour and went into another house, where they ask one of the
working sims to move in or purpose and he said yes. When you go back to
the working sims' house, you would find that all the working sims appear
in a room except for that one sim that moved out.

Dead Sim Walking

It takes a lot longer to kill a sim by isolate and starve him off then
it is to drown him. On a full stomach, it takes 4-5 days for the hunger
gauge to reach zero and red and another 1-2 days for him to die from. It
is even longer if it is a visiting sim, although I don't know you can
actually kill a visiting sim that way (you can drown them). Drowning is
quicker, by it doesn't show any devatating effects like screaming or
gurgling sounds the way a starving sim before he dies. The most
disturbing death of a sim is from a flu by a GPV (Guinea Pig Virus),
because even with energy and hunger guage at halfway, the sim could die
when you least expect it.

It doesn't matter where a sim dies, if you move he's "death marker"
outside, it becomes a tombstone. Move it in a house, it's a urn. But
suppose you want the urn outdoor? Place the urn on any
desk/table/counter (no end table), then move the table out of the house.

(16.)  CREDITS

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Questions and the giant load of glitches.  Thanks A lot!

Snakeyex7@aol.com- For the Interesting Facts

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a burglar.

Gremlin397@aol.com- for a faq question

GameFaqs-  (www.gamefaqs.com)-  For putting up this FAQ

CheatPlanet (www.cheatplanet.com)-  For the codes

Maxis (www.maxis.com)- For making this great game.

The Sims (www.thesims.com)-  Go there if you want patches/skins and
other stuff.

(17.)  THE END

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