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FAQ by JKaiser

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 09/08/00

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                           _                      /\
(^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)   /\ | |        __________   \/
(                  )  /  \| |       /  ________|  __   _  __ __    ____
 ^^^^^^^|  |^^^^^^^  /      |      |  /          |  | | |/  |  \  / ___|
        |  |   __   /__  ___|____  |  |          |  | |   |  | |  \___ \
        |  |  |  |  |  ||  ______|  \  \________ |__| |___|__|_|  |____/
        |  |  |  |__|  || |____      \_______   \
        |  |  |   __   ||  ____|             \   \
        |  |  |  |  |  || |______            |   |   Designed By Maxis
        |  |  |__|  |__||________|    _______/  /    Published by EA (Electronic Arts, Inc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                        
--------|__|-------------------------|_________/-----FAQ by MaxisMaster (Joe Kaiser)-----------

By Joe Kaiser
The Sims FAQ

Everything you'll need to know
-If you have anything to add, email me at Bigjoekaiz@aol.com with "The Sims FAQ" as the subject
-Everything I know about The Sims will be in this guide, and I will update as needed.
-The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com
-If you wish to put this FAQ on your webpage, email me at Bigjoekaiz@aol.com with "The Sims FAQ" 
as the subject
-Please refer to the Coming Soon section - I need suggestions!
-A list of all the downloads:

|Item                         |                                                 Other Comments|
|Cuckoo Clock                 | Cuckoos every six hours - 6AM 12AM 6PM 12PM                   |
|Moose Head                   | Antlers are an indicator of family happiness - the higher the |
|                             | antlers, the happier the family.                              |
|Weird Skins                  | Includes Warriors, a Detective, and Wizards                   |
|5 New Houses                 | A good variety                                                |
|Wall Lights                  | Very Useful                                                   |
|Slot Machine                 | Use it when you are depressed to get better odds.             |
|Guinea Pig                   | It may make you sick - make sure you clean it often.          |
|Plants                       | Some Miscellaneous Plants                                     |
|"Physical" Skins             | Very interesting.                                             |
|MTV Skins                    | Skins from MTV ads.                                           |
|Topiaries                    | Hedge Llama, Dolphin, Skyscraper, etc.                        |
|Coped Flowers                | Flowers inside a concrete border                              |
|Party Balloons               | Attracts people to your house                                 |
|The White House              | A Sim Model of the white house (but no toilet)                |
|New Trashcans                | Elephant's foot and Sleek Black                               |
|Flamingo Neon Bar Sign       | Really nice for the real man's den                            |
|Game Upgrade                 | Fixes lots of bugs                                            |
|Jukebox                      | Not actually for the game - desktop item. Get it at:          |
|                             | www.rankit.com/sims/simsoffer2.html                           |
|Art Studio                   | Your own artwork in the game


Version 2.6 | 9-08-00 | Added 1.5 Livin' Larger, Added 11 Contest. Boy, Livin' Large is sure worth 
Version 2.5 | 7-09-00 | Added Handy Dandy Download Chart Above, Added Chapter 7 Ideas for New 
Objects and Concepts
Version 2.4 | 7-05-00 | I'm baaaaack! Changed FAQ Layout, updated the Review/Overview, added 5.52 
Dealing with Death, added 5.32 Money Theory, added 5.33 Everyone's Favorite Strategy, Added "Joe's 
Comment" to the Complex Furniture Description Chapter, and added 5.6 Livin La Vida Loca in The 
Version 2.3 | 6-13-00 | Boy, it's been a loooong time. Added Horoscope FAQ in 4.5, Updated Job 
rankings, Finished on the furniture, changed ii. NOTES! to ii. NOTES AND NEWS!, added MUCHO FUN 
STUFF to it, added a new link (I highly suggest you visit it), added iii. Official Maxis Chat with 
Will Wright and iv. Chat with "The Sims: Livin' Large" Developers
Version 2.2 | 4-26-00 | Added 4.51 More on Marriage, added a new bug, added to 4.5, added more to 
3.8, started statistic deficiency on 4.35 (will change ratings soon), added to known bugs.
Version 2.1 | 4-12-00 | Miss me? Started Chapter 3.8 The Complex Furniture Description Chapter, 
Updated Codes
Version 2.0 | 3-29-00 | Updated Known Bugs
Version 1.9 | 3-25-00 | Updated codes, added 2.8 Cool Ideas, Updated FAQ
Version 1.8 | 3-12-00 | Did a much needed spelling/grammar check, started FAQ, added new code.
Version 1.7 | 3-09-00 | Added 1.1 The Neighbors, Added i. Review / Overview, (Please look at 
coming soon! I need your help!) Added 9. Last Time I Played...
Version 1.6 | 3-06-00 | Worked all week on this. Added 2.65 A Place For The Kids, Added to Table 
of Contents and Updated section i (You GOTTA See This.), Added 4.25 Sim Health, added 7 Known 
Bugs, and - it took a lot of time - ADDED 4.35 THE JOBS
Version 1.5 | 2-29-00 | Big Update! Fixed minor errors, Added more in Section 1, Added 4.4 School, 
2.25 A Very Nice Touch and 2.6 The Great Outdoors, Added 7 Coming Soon, Changed ASCII art slightly
Version 1.4 | 2-28-00 | Added 3.7, changed minor errors, added 4.3, changed old 4.3 to 4.4
Version 1.3 | 2-21-00 | Changed minor errors, added 4.3, added Cheats and other stuff
Version 1.2 | 2-20-00 | Added ASCII art, changed minor errors, added 3.6, started section 4!
Version 1.1 | 2-20-00 | Fixed Table of Contents, added 2.6, Wrote Section 3!
Version 1.0 | 2-20-00 | Everything's New!

Table of Contents
1. General Game Stuff
   1.1 Review / Overview
   1.2 NOTES & NEWS!
   1.3 Official Maxis Chat with Will Wright
   1.4 Chat with "The Sims: Livin' Large" Developers
   1.5 Living Larger
2. Building A Family
   2.1 The Neighbors
3. Building A Home
   3.1 Walls
   3.2 Doors
       3.25 A Very Nice Touch
   3.3 Windows
   3.4 Wallpaper and Flooring
   3.5 Bragging Rights
   3.6 The Great Outdoors
       3.65 A Place for the Kids
   3.7 Suggested Homes
   3.8 Cool Ideas
       3.81 The Apartment
       3.82 Casino
       3.83 Restaurant
       3.84 Bar
       3.85 Really Good Idea
   3.9 Final Words On Building
4. Furnishing your home
   4.1 Four Basics
   4.2 Living Room
   4.3 Kitchen
   4.4 Bedroom
   4.5 Bathroom
   4.6 Security
   4.7 Lighting and Decorations
   4.8 The Complex Furniture Description Chapter
5. Living the Sim Life
   5.1 The Basics
   5.2 The Eight Needs
       5.25 Sim Health
   5.3 Money and Jobs
       5.31 The Jobs
       5.32 Money Theory
       5.33 Everyone's Favorite Strategy
   5.4 School
   5.5 Love, Life, and Death
       5.51 More on Marriage
       5.52 Dealing with Death
   5.6 Livin La Vida Loca in The Sims
6. Cheats and other stuff
7. Ideas for New Objects and Concepts
8. Links
9. Known Bugs
10. FAQ
11. Contest!
12. Coming Soon
13. Last Time I Played...

The Sims is a Maxis game somewhere between SimCity and SimAnt. In my opinion, it is the best yet. 
It is a realistic simulation of family life, containing all the twists and turns you could ever 
hope to see. It covers everything from making lunch to making friends to making babies to making 
money. Yep, it's all about making. Your Sims (simulated people) can live in a shack or a mansion. 
They can have a pool or a pool table. And if you have the money, both!

1.1 Review / Overview

I officially was hooked in September 1998.

Maxis games grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I slowly became addicted to Maxis, after grabbing a 
copy of SimTower from Maxis's website and having a copy of SimTown lying around. But I was itching 
for more. I wanted SimCity 2000 like it was the apocalypse. But I had no cash at the time. So I 
waited until Christmas until a relative was thoughtful enough to give me SimIsle plus "The 
Ultimate Collection" - SimCity 2000, SimCopter and Streets of SimCity.

Then I was really hooked.

As I stumbled through the boxes, I saw an offer for $20 off SimCity 3000. I'd been watching the 
website for months, waiting for a release date. The sheet said Fall 1998, but that had come and 
gone. So I waited the month until late January, when I discovered... could it be... YES! SC3K 
(Maxis Junkie Slang for SimCity 3000) would be out on February 2nd! I grabbed every cent I could 
find and ordered it from Maxis. I would go to Best Buy every day and look over the box until it 

Then I was incredibly hooked.

I played for months, until mid June when my city building fantasies slowed. I got 4 months out of 
it, and a recent trip to the museum hooked me on RollerCoaster Tycoon. So I bought that and played 
it until it's expansion pack, which I bought and played some more. But in September, I vaguely 
remembered a video clip on the SC3K disk. The Sims, was it? Hmm. I grabbed the disc from the rack 
and watched the clip. Wow! I went to SimCity.com and found The Sims had a website. In almost a 
deja vu of last year, I checked the site every day. And soon I found that The Sims would be 
released exactly one year and two days after SC3K.

I was so hooked that I couldn't get out.

So on the first day it was out I hastily called Best Buy and checked if they had it in stock. No. 
Dang! The next day I checked Babbages. They had it, and for $40 too! It was an average price, but 
I went and checked Best Buy regardless. They had it for $50, but I wanted to use a gift card and 
got them to lower their price. I bought it and played immediately.

I am hopelessly hooked.

	For the past month I've been making families, from the family of a successful doctor to 
the family with two black brothers living together to a bachelor who ended up moving out to a 
family based on the three most known people at Maxis (Will Wright, Luc Barthelet, Lucy Bradshaw - 
maybe later I'll add Ocean Quigley as a neighbor.) It's an incredibly original idea, as it isn't 
like the millions of Doom clones out there. It keeps you hooked because you haven't done it 
before. You are the dictator. Hey, want to put a shower right by the pool, like at gymnasiuns? 
Whatever! I've explored so many of the possibilities in this game, and I'm hoping Mr. Wright has 
more in store for us. Or else I'll kill the Sim I made of him! Bwhahahahaha! But I still can't 
stop playing the game, regardless. There's always more motivation for me, like if I want to get a 
pool table, a big screen TV and a computerized toilet.

I'm going to be hooked for a long time.

Graphics: 9/10
Wow! This is something that I thought Maxis wouldn't ever do. The characters are 3-D, and look 
pretty good none the less. The furniture and architecture were obviously cared for greatly, as 
seen by the detail put into it. The people just look plain great, and their wardrobes are simply 
smashing (How would you like a blonde with a tube top and leather jacket on over it? Huh?). They 
even get you with lighting, as lights in one place will show up there more than further away.

Gameplay: 10/10
First of all, it just doesn't get old. I could have 8 families running and want more. The 
interface is simple, as you can select a character and click on the object you want to use. One 
thing I would've liked is a "house map" for easy navigation.

Sound: 10/10
Geez! These Maxis fellows were so articulate with the sound that my family thinks the doorbell 
rang when it's only the SimDoorbell. You can hear them "ouch"ing when they cut themselves, or the 
shower running in the bathroom. Best of all, it fades out as the view gets further away, like in 
real life. You don't hear a shower throughout the house, but it isn't silent either.

Wow Factor: 10/10
I play this the first time and say, "Oh. My. God." This game is like none other, and even a junkie 
like me who knew what to expect was shocked.

Overall Rating (Not an average): 98%. This game is the best I've ever played and I must recommend 
you GO OUT AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW (unless you already have it).	

In April or May, my interest in Maxis slowed. Then, I bought SimCity 3000: Unlimited. I played for 
a few days and I realized that I was slowly re-addicted to Maxis. Now I've started yet another 

1.2 NOTES & NEWS!!!

You can give your Sims free will or not using the options menu, but free will will let them do 
things themselves. No free will lets you be the absolute ruler of them.


How can I save more than one game? 
The Sims design is to play one neighborhood at a time.
If you want to save several different neighborhoods, you can copy the \\UserData folder located 
within \\The Sims folder on your hard drive. Copy this folder into a different location and that 
neighborhood will be preserved. When you want to play those houses, remove the current \\UserData 
folder and place the backed up folder into \\The Sims folder. 

You heard it here.

Will Wright recently discussed "The Sims" Multiplayer Prospects with a Computer Game Magazine. 
More to come...

1.3 Official Maxis Chat with Will Wright
Q: I'm 10 years old and I LOVE YOUR game!!! Thank you for making it, and I want to ask: How long 
did it take you to do this? 
Will Wright: Games take a long time to make. My first game took...about a year; the Sims took 
about 4.5 years. 

Q: When we Sim players are playing your game The Sims, what thought would you like us to keep in 
the back of our mind? Such as something important that you want to share to add our appreciation 
for your creation! 
Will Wright: I think the most important lesson to be learned for me was..and how we choose to 
spend it..has a big impact on our happiness. 

Q: Have you worked on all "Sim" games made by Maxis? 
Will Wright: No, probably less than half, the ones I worked on...are SimCity Classic, SimEarth, 
SimAnt...SimCity 2000, SimCopter and The Sims. 

Q: How long did it take you and your crew to create the Sims? 
Will Wright: I first started on the Sims about 7 years ago. I worked on it on and off...for a few 
years and then non-stop for the last 3 years or so...I probably spent 4.5 years total on it. 

Q: What will we expect in Simsville? 
Will Wright: I'm not really working on that project, however...it will sort of be between SimCity 
and The Sims. 

Q: What bands (of music) do you like? 
Will Wright: Enigma, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and many more. Vince Guarldi also. 

Q: When will the Sims expansion pack be out? 
Will Wright: The expansion pack should be out around the beginning of September. 

 Q: Are you working on making it possible to put windows, doors, so forth on wall that cut 
diagonally across a square? 
Will Wright: Not in the expansion pack, I really want that also though...so I'll be trying to find 
a way to get it in some future patch. 

Q: It seems the direction of the Sims is headed to the more kitchy/bizarre side of things in the 
expansion pack, etc., what will be done to make it more of a realistic imitation of life in the 
expansion pack and beyond? 
Will Wright: Well that has a lot to do with how you play...there will also be many new decorative 
style in the expansion pack...which should allow you to more closely model your own house, etc. 

Q: When are we going to get another download? 
Will Wright: I'm not sure, I haven't been keeping up with the downloads at all...sorry I don't 
know more. 

Q: Can there be wether in the expansion pack? 
Will Wright: I assume you mean weather. Not really but we're looking into...the possibility in a 
future object though. Maybe a weather controller. 

Q: How old are you? 
Will Wright: I'm 40. I don't feel 40 though (more like 34). 

Q: Mr. Wright, I think that The Sims represents not just a major stepping stone in artificial 
intelligence, but also as a demonstration that computer games CAN be commercial successes. Do you 
feel that with the recent introduction of  "high-end" consoles (like the PS2), the PC will no 
longer be the leading platform for more "experimental" games? 
Will Wright: It will always be easier to experiment on a PC than a game console for many 
reasons...The polish of the programming and art tools being just one example....So no, I think 
you'll still see most of the unique games on the PC first, because  costs are lower. 

Q: Who is your favorite Sim out of the ones that you start the game with? Such as the Goths and 
the Newbies. Also, what is your favorite object? 
Will Wright: Probably Bella Goth, I made the Goth family myself...and I feel a certain 
responsibility for them...my favorite object is a harder call...either the flamingo, hot tub, pool 
table, or clown painting. 

Q: Will there be a way to change the pictures and sounds on the Sims' TV sets? 
Will Wright: Actually I think you can change the sounds now by dropping .wav files...into the 
correct directory with the correct filenames...I forget the filenames off hand though. 

Q: What's Simsville? 
Will Wright: Simsville is a new "Sim" game we're releasing early next year. 

Q: How old were you when you came up with this? Or did I already ask that LOL 
Will Wright: I was about 33 when I first though of making a game like The Sims. That's a rather 
depressing thought.

Q: Are you married? 
Will Wright: Yes, I'm married and have a 13 year-old daughter. 

Q: Why don't they have sex in the game? 
Will Wright: We would have had to put a M rating on the game, which would have limited...the sales 
to about 1/2 of otherwise. And prevented many kids from playing it...that might really enjoy it. 

Q: Are there going to be any more pets/animals in The Sims Living Large? 
Will Wright: Good question, I can't remember if the parrot made the list or not. 

Q: How long until we get a coat hanger for our closets? What happened to: walking in the door, 
Honey I'm home then hang up coat: This is no way for a Sim to live. 
Will Wright: We though about an object that is like a door but has a closet...inside (without 
sticking out the other side of the wall)...I think this will be part of the expansion pack. 

Q: Will this game, with me being 13 years of age, lead to materialism when I'm older? 
Will Wright: No it will cause you to rebel against our capitalistic society...you will then move 
to India...and seek out the root cause of all suffering in life...high on a mountaintop, near the 
Tibetan plains. 

Q: Why is your nick name MaxisTurl? 
Will Wright: Turl was the friend and associate of Klapaucius. 

Q: Can u include more fat skins with the expansion pack? 
Will Wright: If we go too fat the characters start to poke through the furniture and such...that 
puts a limit on how big they can be. 

Q: When I get a job I want to do what you do...what advice do you have for me? 
Will Wright: Read a lot. Start simple, learn to program (maybe in Java)...make many simple games 
yourself and you will learn a tremendous amount. 

Q: What about Sims getting sick and then calling a doctor eg.. services menu. Is this possible? 
Will Wright: We have a new medicine cabinet in the exp. pack that will cure sickness. 

Q: How did you become who you are? 
Will Wright: Well, that's straightforward...I lived my life until I got to this point.????? 

Q: Do you think you are as smart as Bill Gates? 
Will Wright: No, I'm just very persistent. 

Q: What are your best tips for making the best out of your Sims time? 
Will Wright: Try holding the cursor over the selected Sim to make him/her walk faster...very few 
people seem to know this one. 

Q: Hi! Just curious, but do you play the games you created in your spare time? 
Will Wright: I play them a lot when I'm working on them...after I finish them I usually come up 
for air and play...the other games I was missing...to get a sense of what's popular and cool at 
the time. Popular that is.

Q: I heard that certain architect programs inspired your creation of the Sims, which ones and are 
there any you would recommend for the novice "arm chair" architect? 
Will Wright: Actually it was an architecture book...I would highly recommend...A Pattern Language 
by Christopher Alexander...as far as programs go...I would say that 3d home architect by 
Broderbund is the best I've seen. 

Q: Will, when did you figure out that you would get to play video games for a living? 
Will Wright: Well, when I was about 22 I decided to try making games for a living...it took about 
a year or so for me to make my first game...and sell it to find out that I actually COULD do it. 

Q: What was the first programming language you learned to start out? 
Will Wright: I learned FORTRAN in college and found computers boring at that time...later I 
learned BASIC and PASCAL on my first computer (Apple2)...then later taught myself assembly (6502) 
we I got serious about it. 

Q: What is your favorite game of all time? 
Will Wright: The board game of "Go". 

Q: Did you expect your game to become such a world-wide hit? 
Will Wright: Not really. I hoped it would do well...But I really didn't think it would do THIS 

Q: How are you tonight, Mr. Wright? 
Will Wright: I am just fine. I had a very nice day. Digging through piles of metal scrap. 

Q: Why isn't there a teacher career? 
Will Wright: We're adding a few new careers in the exp. pack...The teacher career was hard to 
populate with 10 different levels. 

Q: How many new disasters will the expansion pack have?? 
Will Wright: About 6-8 some are surprises. Not as bad as the guinea pig though. 

Q: When the expansion pack is released, will there be any new ways that your Sim will meet an end? 
Will Wright: I believe so. And ways to save a Sim who has meet their end. 

Q: Will, this isn't a question, but you are the best in the PC gaming biz. 
Will Wright: Thanks that's a nice thing to say, but Shigeru Miyamoto is far better. 

Q: Which game are you most proud of making? 
Will Wright: I'd probably say The Sims now, before The Sims I would have said SimEarth. 

Q: Do you personally handle the new stuff that you have at The Sims? 
Will Wright: If you mean the downloads no, not really. I'm rather busy on new projects. 

Q: Do you review Sim sites? 
Will Wright: I don't review them, but I visit them almost daily...I really like several of them 
MOTS, SizOnline, Sims Resource, Project Sims. etc. 

Q: Why is Maxis so crazy about llamas? 
Will Wright: Llamas are our company mascot. 

Q: What are the chances of later allowing SIMS to age? 
Will Wright: Maybe in a later version of The Sims. I would be very hard to add that to the 
existing...version of the game. 

Q: Will there be more cheats in the Sims expansion pack? 
Will Wright: There will be cheats of sorts (like if the genie can get his spells right). 

Q: Any more skins being made? 
Will Wright: Yes, we seem to always be making more skins (as are the fans). 

Q: What will happen to Sims abducted by aliens in Livin' Large? 
Will Wright: They will return some time in the future and then be very different. 

Q: Is the guinea pig really the source of a sickness? 
Will Wright: Yes, if the pig bites you when his cage is dirty you can get sick." 

Q: What is your favorite color? 
Will Wright: Black. 

Q: What will the nature of new activities, if any, allowed for children in the expansion pack? 
Will Wright: That's a long answer, pretty much similar to the adult things (telescope, chemistry 
set, etc.) 

Q: Is it very fun being a programmer? 
Will Wright: I don't do that much programming nowadays...I do mostly design...programming is very 
fun though if you have the...temperament for it (patient and meticulous). 

Q: Can you make superheroes in your expansion pack? 
Will Wright: Well we have new NPC's (genie, grim reaper, tragic clown)...I'm not sure I'd call any 
of them heroes though. 

Q: What's the longest you've ever played a Sim game in one sitting? 
Will Wright: Probably about 6 hours (when I was younger, and before I had a kid). 

Q: what is your professional title? 
Will Wright: It changes every month...this month it's Metaphorical Cartographer. 

Q: I have always wondered, what game designers have as personal goals, besides the material ones, 
what is a personal goal you have with your visionary games? 
Will Wright: To help alter the world in some slight way for the better...I know that's quite hard 
to measure...but games are a very Powerful new media...and it seems like they have the potential 
to do much good in this world. 

Q: Are you personally obsessed with The Sims like most of the fans? 
Will Wright: At this point I'm probably more obsessed with the fans...I spend a lot of time 
surfing the fan sites to see the new skins and walls and other stuff the fans are making for the 
game...I also spend time checking out the family albums on our site. 

Q: What do you enjoy more: Living, buying or building? 
Will Wright: Build. That's always been my favorite part of the game. I can spend hours ...making 
new homes. 

Q: Were you more hippy or disco? 
Will Wright: Much more hippy (in a sort of nerdy way). 

Q: is there a way to prevent or treat the guinea pig sickness? 
Will Wright: Yes, just get a little more rest than usual and it will go away over time. 
And keep to cage clean to prevent it entirely.

Q: I'd like to know your answer to the "dinner party question"...Which 3 people from history would 
you most like to have at a dinner party? 
Will Wright: Mmmmmmm...let me think....Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and maybe Galileo…or Ptolomy. 
No Turing. Definitely Alan Turing. 

Q: How well do you think you score as a husband & father? How do you juggle between work and 
Will Wright: I guess you'd have to ask my family. We all get along very well though...even though 
my daughter is officially a teenager. She still likes to spend a lot of time with us. 

Q: Why can't friends hug (or dance) without loved ones getting jealous? 
Will Wright: We were trying to really simulate...a caricature of real life...so we exaggerated 
many things like that. 

Q: I love The Sims! Can I ask in the Expansion Pack did you make it where the Sims can get hot or 
cold or is that yet to come? 
Will Wright: Yet to come. 

Q: Do you have a favorite user created skin? 
Will Wright: I like many of them, I use the Mulder and Sculley skins and some of the Trek skins 
quite a bit. 

Will Wright: Thanks everyone...for showing up. Sorry that I couldn't...answer all the 
questions...but with 2200 submitted questions that's inevitable.

1.4 Chat with "The Sims: Livin' Large" Developers
MaxisChris: Chris Baena, Associate Producer
MaxisPatrickB3: Patrick Barrett, Engineer
Maxis_AnimatorX: Eric Hedman, Animator 
MAXISean: Sean Baity, Assistant Producer

Is it true that in the expansion pack, Sims will be able to have sex!? 
MaxisPatrickB3: In the expansion pack The Sims will be able to play in bed on the vibrating bed. 
What play is, is up to you. 

What new objects will the expansion have? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The expansion pack consists of three distinct themes that can be mixed and matched 
with our current objects. Anything from a genie lantern to a chemistry set. as well as new rugs, 
couches, counters, etc. 

When will the expansion pack be released? 
MaxisChris: The Expansion Pack will be released in September.

I realize that the Sims game is not really a home designer, but it is good none the less. I know 
that some new stuff is being added to the build mode, could you please specify what is being 
added? As well, will the build mode bug be fixed? 
MAXISean: Build mode will have new windows, new doors, new floors and new walls. We are basically 
tripling the number of walls and floors and tightening up their compatibility with each other and 
the furniture. What bug are you talking about? 

What will the highest career level be for the slacker? 
MaxisChris:  You will have to wait and see.

Will the expansion pack just be game add-ons, like new furniture, clothes, etc. or also game 
enhancements like weekends or other engine enhancements/changes? 
MAXISean: The expansion pack will have very unique new game play additions in addition to the add-
on like features. You will get a vacation for instance. Tons of new furniture. I want to leave 
some room for surprises, but at E3 we showed off an egg shaped chair, the Velvet SofaSaurus Funk 
sofa, an wood burning stove, a coat of arms, stainless steel tables etc etc etc 

When will the expansion pack be available, and how much will it cost? 
MaxisChris: The Expansion Pack will be available in September for $29.95 
MaxisPatrickB3: $29.95 USD 

What is this genie that we have all been hearing about? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: The genie is a unique game play addition. A basic character addition that can 
increase your fun, affection...as well as accidentally bring in some new situations. Not unlike 
the guinea pig perse. 
MaxisPatrickB3: With Will Wright there are also some surprises in the objects. The Chemistry Set 
may turn a Sim into a monster for a while for example. There are a lot of normal objects as well. 

Will the genie grant wishes, and if so what kind of wishes? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The genie grants wishes but sometimes things don't always go the way you would 
expect. There are about 10 different wishes each with a couple different outcomes. 

What is your personal favourite new object? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Vegas Fantasy Motel Love Bed. Gotta love a padded head board and the magic 

Will there be castle designs? 
MAXISean: Yes. If you look on some of the game review pages like gamespot, you will see we have 
extensive antique floors, walls, furniture and windows. They don't have to be called "castle" as 
they can be used as expensive antiques too. But now you can make medieval stories easily. 

What do u think the coolest thing is in the new pack and when can we get it? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The coolest object has got to be the genie lantern. It is very well done. It is 
the first time we have mixed an object with a 3D NPC. 

What will the highest career level be for paranormal? 
MAXISean: Paranormal career.... well we wanted a career that fit in nicely with the crystal ball, 
genie, ghosts, etc... so we have the paranormal career. I won't give it all away, but you start as 
a palm reader and work your way up through things like "ghost buster" to well... I won't tell the 
top level... .to controversial. 

Will the limit to the number of walls and floors be changed? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The game is currently very limited with the amount of user created walls & floors. 
This will be corrected in the expansion pack to allow for 256 while still being compatible with 
the Exchange. 

Will there be anymore window designs? 
MAXISean: Lots of new windows...we made special efforts to increase the variety and style of 
windows. There is a boomerang shaped one, there are stained glass windows, we sort of got away 
from the square idea. 

Will there be any brand new interactions that will come out of the new objects? 
MaxisPatrickB3: All the new objects contain new interactions, such as clean on the genie lamp, 
make potion on the chemistry set, or launch on the toy rockets. 

Will there be implied sex in the game? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Sex and intimacy is implied in the game. I am of the opinion that as soon as you 
quit the game all the little sims are running around going at it anyway. There is a frisky new set 
of animations for the new bed. 

The Sims is currently in development for the Mac, will there be any developments for "Livin' 
Large" for the mac? 
MaxisChris: We will be looking into the Mac version, but no promises. 

Will the release date be the same for Canada? 
MaxisChris: The release date for Canada will probably be close to US. 

What are the two career tracks that haven't been mentioned yet? 
MaxisChris: You'll have to wait and see.... 

Is it true there is going to be alien abductions and roach infestations? And if so, what triggers 
these events? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Fox TV series? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The rumours are true, alien abductions are pretty rare, the Sims will have to 
watch the skies very carefully. Roaches are just an expansion of the trash system. They are 
spawned from leaving dirty objects around such as trash piles 

Are there any plans for future "The Sims" games past the expansion pack? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Are there plans? I hope so. 

Could you give us a summary of some of the new furniture included in the expansion pack? 
MAXISean: Furniture, guinea pig painting, Tiki dresser, ceramic elephant end table, head in a jar 
on pedestal. 

Will it be possible to place doors, windows and artwork on diagonal walls in the expansion set? 
MaxisChris: No. 

What are the three themes? 
MAXISean: I would not say we had three themes. We made three distinct houses out of the expansion 
pack objects we had available at the time. It looked like three themes as they are so different 
from each other. Those E3 themes were a castle with mad scientist, a futuristic house with high-
end designer furniture, and the trashy honeymoon hotel. 

Is it going to be an add on or will it contain the full game with it? 
MaxisChris: It's an add-on. 

There is a rumour that you can "Play With someone of the opposite sex is that true? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Yes darling. It is indeed true.. Playing in the Giant Hearted Headboard bed is 
very good but tiring. 

Will there be more surprises like the Guinea Pig (that we'd all like to see dead!!!)? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Yes...but even better. 
MaxisPatrickB3: First of all, the guinea pig only hurts when it is kept unclean. You have to take 
care of your pets. If you aren't going to take care it, don't buy one. ( Man, I sound like my mom! 
). There isn't anything hidden in the expansion pack but it depends on what you consider hidden. 

What ever happened to the in-game jukebox? 
MaxisChris: The Jukebox is available on the Visa website and will be available soon on our website 
to put in the game. 
Maxis_AnimatorX: The Jukebox is really cool. Look out for it. 

Will we have to load the whole thing up onto our hard drive or can we play off of the new CD? 
MaxisChris: Files will be put on your hard drive but you will need the new CD to play. 

What would you say is the best improvement to the game with the expansion? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: The expansion pack makes the game truly variety filled. Just so much stuff can be 
matched with so much other stuff. I like being able to put together a room that looks like a 
liveable room. With the expansion pack you can have complete sets of furniture as well as go 
eclectic and still make something awesome. 
MAXISean: Best improvement? We are trying to add multiple. If we pull that off it will make a lot 
of people very happy. 

Will there still be "Sim Days" where users can download new objects, etc. after the Expansion Pack 
is released? 
MaxisChris: Yes, Sim Days will continue after the Expansion Pack. 

How many possibilities do you now of with the chemistry set? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The chemistry can make about eight different potions ranging from personality 
altering, temporary invisibility, to changing into a monster for a while. Some are good though. 

I saw something about a Grim Reaper. Will he show up when you die and take you away, also how do 
you barter with him? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Don't fear the reaper. 
MAXISean: The current design of the grim reaper is that he shows up occasionally when people die. 
If you make the right bargain with him, or win a little game, you can come back from the 
dead...but with..uh, some...uh, drawbacks of course. 

Is there a way to change the personalities back once the aliens have gotten to them? 
MaxisPatrickB3: Well they could always try to get abducted again. Other than that, nothing can be 
done. See what happens if you get abducted. 

Any new electronics in the expansion? 
MAXISean: Yes there a couple new electronic devices. One being the handy dandy Robot. Use him and 
you will have more free time to amp up your creativity with our new electric guitar! 

What is the age rating recommendation for this new expansion pack? 
MaxisChris: The Expansion Pack will also have a T (Teen) Rating. 

Is the genie and alien abductions through chance cards? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The genie and alien abductions are generated from objects. Not chance cards. 

Will the genie be able to kill you? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: I don't think the genie will be able to kill you. Of course there may be a side 
effect of asking for something you can't handle based on your characters personality attributes 
MaxisPatrickB3: The genie cannot harm YOU. 

Aside from the Vegas hotel, and the castles, what is the last theme? 
MAXISean: Well, keep in mind those "themes" were just for E3 really...so the Vegas stuff, if 
combines with the right other furniture could look really classy...some of it will never be 
classy, like the black velvet painting. But there are "castle" things, there are "futuristic" 
things, there are "retro-glitzy" things. 

Since there's a new Musician Career, will there be new objects to go along with it? 
MAXISean: The musician can use the new guitar and new piano. 
Maxis_AnimatorX: So far we are designing and building a musical instrument. It's a beautiful 
guitar. Any character should be able to pick it up and play it. The Guitar is gonna be really 
cool. You will be able to play using different techniques 

How can a sim let the other sim know that they wanna do the nasty? 
MaxisPatrickB3: A sim can select the "Vibrate" interaction on the bed. While lying there, they can 
click on another Sim and "Play in Bed" will appear. 

Is there a new game all together or will we be able to add this on to our current game? 
MaxisChris: You add it to the original Sims. 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Add on. 

What are the other 2 career tracks? 
MAXISean: Careers are paranormal, musician, slacker, hacker and journalist 

Are there suits of armour for the Castles? 
MAXISean: Suit of armour...plus torture device for the uh, less than non-sadistic members of the 

What's the deal with the zombie? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The Chemistry Set may create a potion that will turn the Sim into a monster for 
time going around and wreaking havoc. 

AnimatorX, what do you mean by "...so much stuff can be matched with so much other stuff."? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: The furniture in the original game was cool, but in the expansion pack, we have 
designed full sets. Couches and chairs, etc etc 

What is the strangest "request" you've had for an add on item from players? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Bondage equip. 
MaxisPatrickB3: The oddest I have seen was for knitting. After a number of requests I finally 
asked someone in the chat why they would want that, turns out the chat censorship was replacing 
what they wanted. 
MAXISean: The strangest request? Gosh..let me scratch my head....I didn't get many strange one's 
really. People want guns...but that is expected, not strange. People want the kids to grow 
up...but so do I...I guess the strangest request was for a way to turn a sim into a plant. 

Will you ever release past Sim Day items on a CD - It's a bummer to re-download if your HD 
MaxisChris: Yes, the SimDay downloads will be on the Expansion Disk. 
MaxisPatrickB3: Gotta get that guinea pig around to those who couldn't download it. 

When the Aliens get you, do you die? 
MAXISean: Aliens don't kill....they probe. I think they seeing if the Sims are ready to "harvest" 
MaxisPatrickB3: No aliens do not kill the Sims. 

Is the release date purposely timed so that me and other students will have something to distract 
us from school just as it starts in the fall? 
MaxisChris: Of course! 
MaxisPatrickB3: Would you rather we released it just before finals? 

What the heck is reticulating splines? 
MAXISean: Reticulating splines was a process from Sim city by which points in space can be 
randomly generated using a fractal algorithm to generate game play randomization tables by which 
we can insert chaos into the game. Our animation architect ported it to the sims and it is used in 
randomizing terrain, personalities, baby occurrence, and a lot of hidden variables. It is also 
used to randomize the idles. 

What program do you use for animation? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: I do all my animation in 3DStudio Max. We use Character Studio which is an add-on 

Heard a rumour that the crying clown from the painting will be a NPC. Care to comment? 
MaxisPatrickB3: Yes it is true, the sad depressed clown will be brought to life as a NPC to try to 
entertain the Sims. Also do not forget that in the expansion pack the Guinea Pig gets a painting! 

So what does the crystal ball actually do? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Look pretty? Keep your whites their whitest? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The crystal ball offers challenges that if completed can help your personality but 
beware of disappointing it. 

With the new expansion pack coming out, will we be seeing any new simday downloads anymore due to 
the fact that all the new stuff is in the expansion pack? 
MAXISean: We are making more simday downloads, and they will also be on the expansion pack. 

Will the previous Simday downloads be included in the expansion pack? 
MaxisChris: Yes. 

What about ASIA? Will the expansion pack be available for the Asian region, and if so, when will 
it be due out? 
MaxisChris: Yes, we will try and have it out at the same time like we did for the original 

Will we be able to control the monster? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The monster cannot be controlled. The Sim will not respond to commands while in 
this mad mode. They do come back to normal though. 

Hey, any chance on getting some bagpipes for my Sims? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: It's possible. 

If playing in the Heart Bed makes you tired, does it also raise your Body levels? 
MAXISean: That's FAAAAAABulous Heart Bed. The heart bed will increase some motives and decrease 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Body fluid levels? It makes me tired just watching it. 

Will you make doors that take up more than one square? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The art director and I have been discussing doors that take more than two tiles 
for a while now. We are running some experiments to see if we can. If we can they would be 
downloads rather than in the expansion pack. 

How did you guys get your jobs? 
MAXISean: Jobs? I got the newspaper and did "find job" on it. A car arrived in the morning. I 
actually did answer an ad in the paper. 
Maxis_AnimatorX: I started out testing animation software. I have been working in videogames for 
about....holey moley...8 years. I have worked at 4 companies. 5 if you include Maxis. But I came 
to work here after it was bought by EA who was my first employer. 

Will there be pool toys or outside furniture in the expansion pack? 
MAXISean: We may have a new item for the pools. If we make it it will be a download objects and 
decorative only. 

What do you use to create the objects in the sims? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The objects are a complex system. We use a special programming language called 
Edith to write the code, the art is made in 3D Studio Max, and the sound guys use lots of 
equipment. It takes a team for each object. 

How does the guitar work. Like the piano? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: It is styled like standard solid body electric with a unique prong head. 

What programming language was used for the sims? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The game shell is written in C++, all the objects and the Sims themselves are 
written in a special language created for Maxis. 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Vizyool Sim++ 

Will there be new services (ie maid, gardener, etc) available in the expansion pack ? 
MAXISean: New npc's are like the genie, grim reaper, one other surprise visitor. 

How much of the add-ons are already finished-percentage wise? 
MaxisChris: About 80%. 

Is there any validity to the 'Evil Sim' rumour? 
MAXISean: Evil sim? There is a great tutorial at www.evialanvil.com...that is all I know. Being 
evil is up to players. 

So will the guinea pig painting kill people too, like fall down and bonk a Sim on the head or 
MaxisPatrickB3: No that isn't designed. It is a regular painting, though now that the idea has 
been planted in my mind, hmmmmm..... 

How many new jobs will there be? 
MAXISean: 5 new careers. 

Is there going to be more social interaction opinions in the sims livin large? 
MAXISean: A few social interactions depending on the new objects used. 
MaxisPatrickB3: "Play in Bed" sounds a lot like a new social interaction to me. 

When will it be released in the UK? 
MaxisChris: It will be launched in the UK at approximately the same time. 

Are there going to be any new Body/Mesh shapes in the pack? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: NPC's (Non-Character Player), guaranteed.  

Will this expansion pack be available for Brazil? 
MaxisChris: Yes, it will be available in Brazil. 

Are you going to make any locked doors for the game? Float toys for the pool? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Why bother locking doors. 
MAXISean: No locked doors, no floaties. But we are making some rather scary imposing dungeon 
doors...great for Goths like Alyssa. 

Can you have babies from fooling around in the vibrating bed? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Duh. 
MaxisPatrickB3: Well, yes. 

Will there be more expansion packs? 
MAXISean: Hopefully people will be making their own expansion packs by then. 

Will there ever be a slide for the pool? 
MaxisChris: No slides for the pool. 

What Games does maxis plan for the future of the company in the SimGamingseries? 
MaxisChris: We are working on a game called SimsVille. 
MAXISean: I proposed the SimMaximumSecurityPenitentiary...but got shot down in a meeting. 

Which one of you decided to put all the cheesy carpets and wallpaper in? 
MAXISean: Well I wasn't the one who PUT the cheesy stuff in, but I designed a lot of it. Cheesy is 
wrong word...kitchy is better. 

What are your 15 favoured social interactions and objects? 
MAXISean: 15 favoured interactions? Like I can even remember them all. Hug, backrub, kiss, slap, 
insult, joke, join-hot tub. I really like the Train sets and stereo's. 

Hi Eric Hedman what is it like to be the animator? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: It's a lot of work, moving the little computer puppets around, you have to plan 
out the interactions that are given to you by production and see if they actually accomplish the 
goals of the interactions. The best part is when something like the genie WORKS. Where the 
animator and the producer and the programmer all have something new to be proud of. Especially 
when someone like Bill Shatner likes it. I don't know if Spielberg saw it. 
MAXISean: Yeah he saw it...Steve's kids really like the game and so does he. 

As an expansion, or an add-on, is there any possibility of a single unit entertainment center, 
with both music, and tv potential? 
MAXISean: I don't think we showed any entertainment centers at E3. 
MaxisPatrickB3: No entertainment center. It is too late to add anything to the expansion pack. One 
never knows what will be available as a download though. 

Can you please give some details on that freaky "head in a Jar?" 
MAXISean: I can give you the description of the head in jar from the catalog...Found in the 
basement of the Sim City Scientific Society, legend now surrounds these specimens. While the 
identities remains a mystery, the heads appear on the record books as an anonymous donation to the 
SCSS in 1901. In 1897, the Society was scandalized by a failed exploration to the Peruvian 
interior. Searching for the headhunting Jivaro tribe, Professor M.I. Crane and his party were 
tragically lost. Or were they? 

How much the pack cost, and is it a separate cd? 
MaxisChris: The Pack is a separate CD and will cost $29.95. 

Will you have to have 'The Sims' to get Livin Large, or will Livin Large have the rest of the 
MaxisChris: Livin Large is an Expansion Pack. You will need The Sims. 

Why September? That's so far away! 
MAXISean: It takes a long time to make, add sound, test and write for all the objects and new 
characters...believe me we are full steam ahead. 

My Sims feel exposed inside their house with no curtains on the windows...will any new windows 
have curtains on them? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: No curtains. 
MaxisPatrickB3: I am working with our art department on the possibility of curtains in the future. 
There will not be any in the expansion pack though. 
MAXISean: All the new windows are pretty big. 

What are some of the new styles of decorations? 
MAXISean: New styles are loosely "future", "antique" and "50's glitzy. 
MaxisPatrickB3: The expansion pack contains new windows, doors, walls, floors, skins, and lots of 

Is there is all the team on the expansion pack here? 
MaxisChris: Sean and I are producers, Patrick is a programmer, and Irk is the lead artist. 

I have download many of things for my game, is the Expansion will delete them? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The expansion pack is fully compatible with the existing downloads. It will 
install any downloads that you missed as well. 

Will the sims be able to interact with each other in the pool? 
MAXISean: No changes to pool. 

What does the genie do? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The genie tries to grant wishes. 

Will there be any new car styles on the expansion pack? 
MAXISean: Cars stay the same. 
MaxisPatrickB3: No new cars. 

Eric what is your favourite item? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: Honeymoon bed, genie lantern, I really like the tiki torches too. 

For the hacker career what are some upgrades for the job? 
MAXISean: The careers are not finalized yet. 

Will there be a karaoke machine in the expansion pack? 
MaxisChris: No karaoke machine, but there will be a jukebox. 

Are there going to be new plants and trees? 
MAXISean: I think we already have enough new plants and trees in the downloads section. 

Are we still going to be limited on the amount of custom wallpapers we can have? 
MaxisPatrickB3: You will still be limited by a number of walls and floors but the new limit will 
be much higher, 256 is the new limit. 

Will there be any new objects for outside on the patio? 
MAXISean: New patio objects? Are there old patio objects? What is a patio object? There is nothing 
new for the pool if that is what you mean. And I can only discuss E3 objects. 

Will you ALWAYS get abducted when you use the telescope, and can you ever get those sims back? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The Sims do not always get abducted and they always come back. 

Will more cheat codes be added/removed? 
MaxisPatrickB3: No cheats will be added or removed by the expansion pack. 

Will there be more objects that you can train skills on, or is the chessboard for example still 
going to be the only way of earning logic points? 
MAXISean: Definitely more skill opportunities with expansion pack. 

Where can I send suggestions so that there's a chance they'll be considered for inclusion in the 
Expansion Pack? 
MaxisChris: Post them on the BBS. 

Are there going to be any drinks for the kids to energize off of.. like a 6 pack of pop? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The kids can already get soda from the wet bar. 

Any new *fun* objects you can reveal? like the pool table, etc... 
MaxisChris: There are approximately 125 objects in the Pack. 

Is there going to be any stained glass windows? 
MAXISean: Yes to stained glass windows. 

Will there be holidays and seasons in the new pack? I saw that there wil be holiday decorations. 
MAXISean: Holidays were not part of E3...BUT since I mentioned them at E3... we might have some 
holiday objects 

Will there be weekends? 
MaxisPatrickB3: Time does not pass in The Sims except for hours in the day, therefore there are no 
seasons or weekends. No weeks for that matter. 

When the sims talk what new things will they be able to do? 
MAXISean: Nothing planned for talk improvement. 

What happens when they DO get abducted? 
MaxisPatrickB3: The aliens perform some medical experiments on the Sims. The ones taken so far 
have not been quite the same when they returned. 

Will there be a way added for other families to adopt orphaned sim kids? 
MaxisPatrickB3: No, not in the Expansion Pack. 

Is it fun to work on this game? 
Maxis_AnimatorX: I have fun no matter what I do. 

I would like to see more child activities, are there going to be anything like science sets that 
if they have a bad grade it explodes in their face? 
MaxisPatrickB3: No but the children can interact with many of the new objects. They can even 
improve their grades using the telescope. 

Will there be curtains or shutters? 
MaxisChris: No curtains or shutters. 

Sean, are most of your ideas shot down a lot? 
MAXISean: Yes, but I have come to enjoy having them shot down...and typically there is a darn good 
reason they got shot down...it protects the consumer from ME. 

Can you name some skill building objects? 
MaxisPatrickB3: Yes there are new skill building objects in the expansion pack. The Telescope for 
example builds logic on adults, and builds study on the children. 

Will there be more services to call for? 
MAXISean: Services no...but new characters that will either annoy or help you. 

Will there be any behaviour/attitude altering sunstances? The wet bar only makes my sims go pee. 
MAXISean: There will be quite a few opprtunities for altering the personality for good, or temp. 
No drugs. No booze. No loose..well. 

What kind of holiday decorations will there be and when can you put them up? 
MaxisPatrickB3: Yes, there will be holiday decorations.

Any new things for the sims to eat? 
MAXISean: No new food but new things to make foods with. 

Is there still time to put more things on the pack? 
MaxisChris: We pretty much have a complete asset list of what's going to be contained in the Pack. 
A lot of it came from our fans!

1.5 Living Larger

Livin' Large is out! While I don't have the time to make a full update to all sections... yet... I 
will fill you in on all the new stuff.

Genie in a Bottle
The genie can offer you Money, Love, Friends, Entertainment, Skills, and even the occasional pink 
flamingo. But a flamingo also brings hate, fires, floods, roaches, dead plants, and debt. And you 
thought it was all good!

Roaches infest your house and crawl around near any mess. You have to break out the bugspray for 
this one.

Crystal Ball
You get challenges and if you meet them, you get a personality point free!

Servo Cooks, Repairs, Cleans, Gardens, everything! Beware, though. Servo cooks very badly. He 
can't set things on fire, but the food isn't very satisfying.

Chemistry Set
Make the potions, gain logic skills, and who knows what could happen? You could get a fine, a 
clone, invisibility, become a monster, or become totally refreshed! It's fun!

Vibrating Bed
Sims can get down and dirty with the vibrating bed.

Electric Guitar
Jam like Hendrix and get creativity, too!

UFO Abduction
This messes up a Sim's personality.

Tragic Clown
Down in the dumps? Have his painting? He'll come and try to entertain you... unsuccessfully.

Grim Reaper
Bargain for a Sim's Life.

New themes
Tacky Retro and Castle themes are new to the game. Castle is expensive, though.

New Jobs
Musician, Slacker, Journalism, Hacker, Paranormal. 5 new tracks!

New Neighborhoods
Four new neighborhoods to play with!
2. Building a Family

Unless you use the tutorial family or the pre-made one, the Goths, you can't operate a house 
without a family inside, even if it's only a bachelor. You can use the pre-made families, such as 
Pleasant, Roomies, or Bachelor, but it's so much more fun to create your own. When you go to the 
Family building screen (accessible from the neighborhood screen), click Create New Family and then 
add its members, one by one. You can change their name, gender, skin color, age (Child or Adult), 
and personality (or choose a pre-made personality by selecting their astrological sign - geez, 
everything's pre-made!) 

The Personality Points include:
Neat: This determines how likely your Sims are to clean up after themselves. If you find it a pain 
telling your Sims to put their dishes in the sink or to flush the toilet, put this up.

Outgoing: This is how well your Sims will be socially. If your Sims always decide against what 
they were going to do, like talking to someone, you might want to make your next Sims high in 

Playful: This will determine what a Sim likes to do. This isn't too crucial. A serious Sim will 
rather read a book than sit in front of the TV and a playful Sim the opposite.

Active: This will determine how long it takes for a Sim to wake up, and it will also affect how a 
Sim has Fun. A lazy Sim likes lounging on the couch watching TV more than playing basketball. But 
an active Sim will be a monster on the court.

Nice: This will also affect social. If your Sim is a nice Sim, they will have a higher success 
rate while talking or interacting with other Sims in general.

My advice is to keep everything leveled out when you have a bachelor. If you want to focus more in 
any area, my advice is to take a few points from Playful. Outgoing would be your next choice to 
pull from. My shy Sims had short conversations, and then as they liked each other more, the 
conversations lengthened, until the shyness was cancelled out. But in a family of two, you should 
have one of them very neat (though the other should be up there) Both should be very active, or at 
least the one who stays at home and cooks meals, etc. be active (can cook breakfast with little 
delay). Make them nice, too, so that they can get others to be friends and advance in careers.

So you don't WANT a leveled out person, hmm?

Here's a suggestion: first fill each meter about a third of the way. Then bring Neat and Active up 
to about 3/4 of the way up. Finally, add the remaining points to the other 3 equally. If you find 
you have an odd point left out, add it to nice or outgoing.

Another suggestion is to stagger on neat and put everything else up, and hire a maid.

2.1 The Neighbors

Well, there are two ways to go. First, you can make a feeder family. This is a family where you 
don't do things with them. Just make eight people and stick 'em in one family. Make their 
horoscopes agreeable with your Sims'. Build a home with a wall and a phone on that wall (or a 
phone and an end table - whatever.) Then use them to advance in your career. But if you're like me 
- restless - you're going to want to play these families too. A family of two is good to start out 
with. Later on they can have kids, get married or you can get really ambitious and make a family 
of eight right from the start.

Remember! Once you finish a family, YOU CANNOT GO BACK AND EDIT IT. You may, however, edit each 
individual family member during the process of family building. When you finish, you can select 
"Move In Family" to put them in a pre-made house, or try your hand at...

3. Building A Home

3.1 Walls
Walls are extremely important. Without them your Sims would have an extremely low room rating - 
more on that later. You could also not place fire alarms, paintings, the cordless phone, windows, 
etc. etc. etc. They also make the house a heck of a lot prettier. You will want several rooms - a 
bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Walls can be placed by clicking and dragging, 
or a complete room by shift-clicking and dragging. Delete walls by control-clicking. One thing I 
found which saved me money and made my Sims happier is to not place a door between the kitchen and 
living room - to connect them freely. So if it looks like this:

|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|    Kitchen          |    Living Room        |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |

Consider changing it to this or something similar.

|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|    Kitchen          |    Living Room        |
|                     |                       |
|                     |                       |
|                                             |

This will save you money on walls, smoke detectors, burglar alarms, and your Sims will have a 
higher "Room" rating. Be warned: you have to make this large room well lit by using windows and 
lighting frequently. You do, however, want to put walls / doors in between bedrooms and bathrooms, 
because if you're running the stereo and someone's trying to sleep, you could be in trouble. And 
Sims don't usually like other Sims barging in on them when they are on the john.

3.2 Doors
For your first home you will want 3 doors - Bedroom, bathroom, and front. Do not overdo it with 
too many doors because you ARE on a budget. After purchasing that expensive lot and building lots 
of walls, you need to spend even more.

3.25 A Very Nice Touch

If you're looking for a very nice touch to make you look rich when you have a second story and 
still staying economical, try this

If your front wall looks like this:

________________/______________ / = Door ___ = Wall

Try changing it to look like this

________|C  P   P  C|__________ / = Door ___ = Wall C = Column P = Potted Plant

You'll be surprised at what a small front porch can do for your house.

3.3 Windows
Windows don't do too much except light the room during the day. The bigger the room is the more 
windows you will have to build. Again, you are on a budget so stay economical and buy the cheapest 

3.4 Wallpaper and Flooring
Wallpaper is something you can do without, but it also makes your house unique and nicer looking. 
You should probably add wallpaper last, as if you run out of cash you can do it later when your 
Sim gets a job. Flooring is also unnecessary, unless you build a second floor - a task I recommend 
you approach when you have saved up for it. Then flooring is absolutely necessary, as you don't 
want your Sims falling through the floor.

3.5 Bragging rights - A Second Floor and a Pool
When your Sims start rolling in dough, you can build some spiffy add-ons to their house. First off 
is a second floor. The first thing you'll want to do is add a staircase and switch to second floor 
view. You can then build flooring around it - in front of and connecting to the stairs. After 
that, build walls surrounding the flooring and you'll have your basic second floor. You'll 
probably want to have a bathroom on the second floor, and at least one bedroom (give the kids a 
view). You'll also want to have some form of entertainment. But the staircase alone costs a lot, 
so you may want to wait to buy these. When you build a pool - rather expensive - you build it 
square by square - or in a large rectangle by holding down shift and dragging. You will then want 
to add a ladder into the pool, and optionally a diving board. I would recommend you go for the 
pool first, because it increases the aesthetic appeal of your house more, it's fun, it gives you a 
work out, and only the real rich people (or people who saved for a long time) have a pool (whereas 
even _I_ have a second floor.). And it costs less.

Let's say you have built a one room second floor with an area of a measly 6x5. We're going to stay 
cheap as we can here. Which means the wallpaper will be ugly. You give §900 for the cheapest 
stairwell. §1540 for the 22 walls needed to encompass it. §176 for 44 squares of very cheap 
wallpaper (inside and out). §150 for thirty squares of cheap flooring. §2776 WITHOUT FURNITURE! 
But with that same money, you could buy a 6x5 pool, a diving board and a ladder to get out with. 
And it's so much more useful. Adding a bed upstairs? Could be 4 more squares of pool.

3.6 The Great Outdoors

Your Sims may find that their room rating drops when they go outside. You need to add things to 
make the outdoors look nice, like plants, hedges, etc. Being the fool that I am, I did not build 
up my yard until more than a month after my Sims moved in. So they would always walk out and go to 
work in a bad mood all because of that one room rating. So, the first thing I did is described in 
"A Very Nice Touch" above (section 2.25). This did a little bit. But soon I added more. Here's a 
diagram of my patio.

HP              PH
HF            GGFH   F = Fence
HF     C  C     FH   G = Grill
HF     TTTT     FH   T = Table
HF     TTTT     FH   C = Chair
HF/_L__C__C__L__FH   / = Door
                     L = Wall Light (Downloadable from thesims.com)

It's very very very pricey - One hedge alone costs §150 - §180. You can ignore the hedges if your 
cash is limited, but it is a nice touch. 

Another lawn idea is the "Infinite Luxuries" Idea, inspired by a picture in PCGamer.

3.65 A Place for the Kids
Well, kids may find it's fun to go outside. Why not make things more accessible to them? You might 
want to try building them a playhouse or even put their room outside. Heck, you could have an 
entire little house for the kids to do everything in.

First Floor
  |       ____________
H |      |B   CCC     |   \ = Door          PC = Computer
o |      |            |   B = Burglar Alarm TV = TV
u |      \           S|   S = Stereo      SWSW = Stairway
s |      |C           |   C = Chair       JJ = Jungle Gym (Outside)
e |      |PC___TVSWSW_| CCC = Couch       JJ
  |            JJ
__|            JJ

Second Floor
  |       ____________
H |      |   CCC    BS|   \ = Door       P = Phone
o |______|            |  BS = Bookshelf     
u \______\ BBB        |SWSW = Stairway
s |      |           P| CCC = Couch
e |      |_BBB___SWSW_| BBB = Bed
Note that I added a passageway from the kids' house to the main house. This is for midnight 
bathroom breaks and passageway to breakfast when it's night and the room rating will fall if they 
walk outside. Plus, add a few big windows and you have a mock highway overpass.

3.7 Suggested Homes
Note: The intention of this is to give you an idea of how to build a house. You can work off these 
and change them or whatever.
x = Window
\ = Door
_ or | = wall

= = sidewalk

On A Budget

 |                          |       |
 |             |            |       |
 |             |            \ Bed   x
 |             |            |       |
 x Kitchen     |Living Room |_______|
 |             |            |       |
 |             |            \ Bath  x



|          |                    |          |
|          |                    |          |
|          |                    |          |
x Kitchen  |  Den               | Bath     x
|          |                    |          |
|          |                    \          |
| ______________\_______________|____\_____|
|                     |                    |
|                     |                    |
|                     |                    |
x     Living Room     \   Bed              x
|                     |                    |
|                     |                    |

Good to start with

 __x___        __x___
|      |      |      |
x Bed  x      x Bath x
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |
x Kitchen    Living  x
|              Room  |


3.8 Cool Ideas

3.81 The Apartment
Well, one thing which is hard to control and requires cheating is an apartment complex! That's 
right. My favorite idea: On the first floor, make a large room for the landlord - very lavish. 
Make a smaller room next to it - the "front desk" area, including a desk, a couch, an office 
chair, a computer, and some kind of decoration. Then add two or three rooms next to it. You can 
opt for their main doors to lead into a hallway, or outside. You'll want to furnish all these 
rooms with a bed, a chair, a TV, a phone, and a bathroom (shower, sink, toilet). You'll want to 
put in a dining room and an expensive kitchen. The key in furnishing these rooms: When the rooms 
are public, like a game room, a dining room, a front desk or a kitchen, make them costly. Private 
rooms should be cheap and only the bare essentials. The second floor should have a couple private 
rooms too. I also added a game room. When you make more money, you can call this a hotel by adding 
a pool, a casino, a restaurant, and a bar. I'll cover those later. But you might want to turn on 
Free Will for a while. It's hard to control 8 people.

3.82 Casino
You could try playing with the apartment - instead of putting a front desk and private rooms 
downstairs, put the front desk in this room and put the apartments upstairs. Make the downstairs a 
casino. Download the slot machine off thesims.com and make rows of slot machines in the room. Then 
call a party and have everyone go gambling. You could probably ever add the touch of public 

3.83 Restaurant
Well, if you want to get adventurous, make the first level a restaurant. Place a grid of tables 
and then put down a row of counters to separate the dining from the cooking. Then create state of 
the art cooking facilities. Serve dinner and invite everyone over. So everyone takes a plate and 
sits and eats.

3.84 Bar
Put in a row of counters and put seats in front of it. Then put seats in front of it. Make a drink 
bar behind this row of counters and you have a bar. You could even put a TV nearby like all bars 

3.85 Really Good Idea
Combine all 3 of these into one room! Put a casino-restaurant with a bar and watch how sweet it'll 
get. Then add a wood floor and a stereo and you have a stage. Have people dance to the music and 
you have entertainers.

3.9 Final Notes on Building
To delete a wall control-click when the tool is a wall, To delete wallpaper do the same with the 
wallpaper tool, etc. Shift-click using the wall tool and drag to create a rectangle, as well as 
with fences, pools, etc. Shift-click with wallpaper, flooring, etc. to cover a whole room. And 
don't overdo it! You have to buy furniture, pay bills, and eat, among other things.

4. Furnishing your home

4.1 Four Basics
There are four basic things to remember when furnishing a house. Eat, Sleep, Poop and Polish. You 
must have a refrigerator (or a phone to order pizza), a bed, a toilet, and a shower (or a bath - 
you get my drift). By the way, After I list something here, I won't list it elsewhere.
Starting Out - one person:
Llamark Refrigerator (Eat) §600 plus food costs (§20 for Serve Meal, §10 for Meal/Quick Meal, §5 
for Snack)
Spartan Special (Sleep) §300
Hygeia-O-Matic Toilet (Poop) §300
SpaceMiser Shower (Polish) §650
Total: §1850
Recommended - one person:
Porcina Refrigerator Model P1g-S (Eat) §1200 plus food costs
Spartan Special (Sleep) §300
Flush Force 5 XLT (Poop) §1200
Sani-Queen Bathtub (Polish) §1500
Total: §4200

4.2 Entertainment and Accessories
For Entertainment, you should have a stereo, a TV, a computer, or something else like that. Start 
off with only one of them; then you can go back later and get more if you have enough money. You 
should also have a chair, or if you have more than one person in the family, a couch or two. Be 
aware there may be hidden costs, such as a couch for the TV or a desk and chair for the computer.
Starting Out - one person
Monochrome TV - §85
Sioux Wicker Chair - §80
SCTC Cordless Wall Phone - §75
Total: §165
Recommended - one person:
Trottco 27" Color Television - §500
Zimzants Component Hi-fi Stereo - §650
Indoor-Outdoor Loveseat - §160 (For TV)
Moneywell Computer - §999
Posture Plus Office Chair - §100 (For Computer)
London "Cupertino" Collection Desk/Table - §220 (For Computer) 
SCTC Cordless Wall Phone - §75
Total: §2704

Suggested Layout:
| S           P             |   P = Phone
|                           |   TV = TV
|                           |   PC = Computer on Desk
|                           |   C =  Chair
|                   C      T|   CO = Couch
|                   O      V|   S = Stereo
|                           |
|                           |
|             C             |

4.3 Kitchen
Sure, You can live with JUST a fridge, but you'll be so much less hungry if you buy other things. 
You need to cut the food (you can use the food processor or just the Sim's hands, a cutting board 
and a knife) and cook it too (Note: I never use a stove for risk of fire. A microwave will do you 
well). Now you sit at a table and eat (Note: When the food is cooked, it is brought to the closest 
possible counter/table space. If you have a serving table, put it nearer to the 
microwave/stove/whatever than the table). Then you need to dispose of any trash and wash the 
dishes. Ahhhh, a chef's life.
Starting out - one person:
Numica Kitchen Counter (x3) - §450
Brand Name Toaster Oven - §100
Hydronomic Kitchen Sink - §250
Mesquite Desk/Table - §80
Werkbunnst All Purpose Chair - §80
Recommended - one person:
Tiled Counter (x3) - §750
Positive Potential Microwave - §250
XLR8R Food Processor - §220
Epikouros Kitchen Sink - §500
Colonial Legacy Dining Table - §200
Touch of Teak Dinette Chair - §200
Total: §2120

Suggested Layout:
|   S F M R| T = Table
|          | C = Chair
|   TT     | S = Sink (on counter)
|   TT     | F = Food Processor (on counter)
|    C     | M = Microwave (on counter)
|          | R = Refrigerator (on counter)

4.4 Bedroom
The Bedroom is easy. All I ever put in there is a bed, although you may opt for a lamp, a dresser, 
or an end table
Starting out - one person:
Recommended - one person:
Anywhere End Table - §120
Love 'N' Haight Lava Lamp - §80
Pinegulcher Dresser - §250
Total: § 450
Suggested Layout:
|             | B = Bed
|     BBL     | L = Lava Lamp (on end table)
|     BB     D| D = Dresser
|     BB     D|
|             |

4.5 Bathroom
Once again, The bathroom is easy, because there are only 4 items you need.
Starting out - one person
"Andersonville" Pedestal Sink - §400
Total: §400
Recommended - one person
Medicine Cabinet - §125
"Andersonville" Pedestal Sink - §400
Total: §525

Suggested Layout
|      T        | B = Bathtub
|             BB| T = Toilet
|S            BB| S = Sink and Medicine Cabinet
|             BB|

4.6 Security
The next two things you'll need is 1 fire alarm (§50) and a burglar alarm (§100). Place one 
burglar alarm by each door out of the house and a fire alarm in every room with a fireplace, 
barbecue, or stove(if, for example, there is a half wall between the living room and kitchen, you 
don't need to put an alarm in both).
Total: §250

4.7 Lighting and Decorations
Not only do these two increase aesthetic appeal, but also the room rating. Other furniture such as 
dressers and pianos increase this, not to mention windows, but these two categories in general are 
all about room. Outside you may choose to use plants, hedges, and trees to increase this (along 
with the fountain and some statuary fron the decorations section and some wall lighting 
downloadable from thesims.com). Indoors you may want to place decorations in places where you 
could not place a window, or even lighting. Have a place in the middle of the room where your 
Sims' room rating plummets, it's nowhere near a wall and you're on a tight budget? Buy yourself 
some lighting that doesn't need a wall or a table. And remember: While a fire alarm may cover a 
whole room, one light fixture won't. The bigger the room, the more lights (or windows) you'll 
need! And spread them out. If you have a large, well-lit room, the room rating will still be 
higher nearer those lights. Decorations are a nice touch, but sometimes get pricey. If you're an 
art dealer, it could be a smart move to invest in these, for, as normal items plummet in value 
after you use them, these will rise in value and bring you a nice profit after you wait for their 
value to rise. Room and cash. A nice deal, if I do say so myself.

Total - One Person - Starting Out: §3625
Total - One Person - Recommended: §10249

4.8 The Complex Furniture Description Chapter

4.81 Seating
4.811 One Person (Chairs)
Name                            Price Stats Area           Joe's Comment
Werkbunnst All Purpose Chair      §80   C2  1x1     This looks like it's worth §2
Sioux Sity Wicker Chair           §80   C2  1x1     Ugly!
Posture Plus Office Chair        §100   C3  1x1     Nice looking computer chair
Deck Chair by Survivall          §150   C3  1x1     Looks good inside too.
Touch of Teak Dinette Chair      §200   C3  1x1     Looks very classy.
Country Class Armchair           §250   C4  1x1     Blue and Flowery. Mmmm...
"Back Slack" Recliner            §250   C6  2x1     Retro Alert! Retro Alert!
"Citronel" from Chiclettina Inc. §450   C7  1x1     Very... Bright.
"The Saarbach" by Werkbunnst     §500   C6  1x1     Sleek.
Empress Dining Room Chair        §600   C4  1x1     Expensive. Looks Modern.
"Von Braun" Recliner             §850   C9  2x1     Futuristic.
Parisienne Dining Chair         §1200   C6  1x1     Ritzy.
4.812 2 Person (Loveseats)
Contempto Loveseat               §150   C3  2x1     Ick.
Indoor-Outdoor Loveseat          §160   C3  2x1     Very nice looking for the price.
Parque Fresco Del Aire Bench     §250   C2  2x1     A little expensive considering stats.
Country Class Loveseat           §340   C5  2x1     Ooooh... more blue flowery... <drool>
Pinstripe Loveseat from Zectuime §360   C5  2x1     Stripey.
Luxiare Loveseat                 §875   C8  2x1     Nice looking.
4.813 3 Person (Sofas)
Recycled Couch                   §180   C2  3x1     Looks like it's from a mountain lodge.
Contempto Couch                  §200   C3  3x1     Ick.
SimSafari Sofa                   §220   C3  3x1     Bachelor Pad!
Pinstripes Sofa from Zecutime    §400   C5  3x1     Stripes!
Country Class Sofa               §450   C5  3x1     Oooh! Triple Blue Flowery!
"The Deiter" by Werkbunnst      §1100   C8  3x1     I love it.
Dolce Tutti Frutti Sofa         §1450   C9  3x1     Bright!
4.814 Single Beds
Spartan Special                  §300   C6  3x1     Blah.
Tyke Nyte Bed                    §450   C7  3x1     Kid's room. Definitely.
4.815 Double Beds
Cheap Eazzzzze Double Sleeper    §450   C7  3x2     Okay.
Napoleon Sleigh Bed             §1000   C8  3x2     I like it!
Modern Mission Bed              §3000   C9  3x2     I love it!
4.82 Tables and Counters
4.821 End Tables
Pinegulcher End Table             §40       1x1     Ick.
Wicked Breeze End Table           §55       1x1     Yecch.
KinderStuff Nightstand            §75       1x1     Kid's room, no doubt.
"Anywhere" End Table             §120       1x1     I have the same thing. It's nice.
Imperious Island End Table       §135       1x1     Nice as a serving table
Modern Mission End Table         §250   R1  1x1     Oooh! For the modern house.
Sumpto End Table                 §300   R1  1x1     Pretty nice.

4.822 Tables/Desks
Mesquite Desk/Table               §80       2x1     Not half bad.
NuMica Folding Card Table         §95       2x2     Eeew.
"Colonial Legacy" Dining Table   §200       2x2     Yessir.
Backwoods Table by Survivall     §200       3x2     Works inside too.
London "Cupertino" Collection... §220       2x1     Classy.
London "Mesa" Dining Design      §450   R2  3x2     Modern.
The "Redmond" Desk/Table         §800   R2  2x1     Snazzy.
Parsienne Dining Table          §1200   R3  3x2     It's nice.
4.823 Counters
NuMica Kitchen Counter           §150       1x1     Goes with the card table - 'nuff said.
Tiled Counter                    §250       1x1     Works well with the matching walls/floors.
Count Blanc Bathroom Counter     §400       1x1     For the bathroom, definitely.
"Barcelona" Outcurve Counter     §800   R2  1x1     Snazzy!
"Barcelona" Incurve Counter      §800   R2  1x1     Works well with it's cousin.

4.83 Decorative
4.831 Plants

African Violet                    §30   R1  1x1     Nice
Spider Plant                      §35   R1  1x1     Okay.
"Roxanna" Geranium                §45   R1  1x1     Getting better
Rubber Tree Plant                §120   R2  1x1     A tree!
Echinopsis Maximus Cactus        §150   R2  1x1     Mmmm... Cactus.
Jade Plant                       §160   R2  1x1     Nicely planted.

4.832 Paintings and Other Decorative Wall Stuff
"Tragic Clown" Painting           §45   R1  1       Yecch!
Watercolor by JME                 §75   R1  1       Real nice.
Cuckoo Clock                     §180   R2  1       Classic!
Bi-Polar by Conner IM            §240   R2  2       I enjoy it.
"Delusion de Grandeur"           §360   R2  2       Nice looking.
Landscape # 2001 by Manny Kopees §750   C9  2       Looks like a city.
Snails with Icicles in Nose     §2140   R5  2       Ooooooookay...
Portrait Grid by Payne Pitcher  §3200   R8  2       I like this one.
Still Life, Drapery, and Crumbs §7600   R9  2       A masterpiece

4.833 Etc.
Pink Flamingo                     §12   R2  1x1     Spiffy.
Posiedon's Adventure Aquarium    §200   R2  1x1     Fun! Fish!
Fountain of Tranquility          §700   R2  1x1     Splashy Splashy!
Bust of Athena by Klassick Repro §875   R3  1x1     Museum Quality.
Scylla and Charybdis            §1450   R4  1x1     Sounds greek.
Grandfather Clock               §3500   R7  1x1     Excellent.
Blue China Vase                 §4260   R7  1x1     Nice vase!
Large Black Slab by ChiChi...  §12648   R12 1x1     Creative name...

4.84 Electronics
Firebrand Smoke Detector          §50       1       Only if you have a fireplace or stove.
SCTC BR-8 Standard Telephone      §50       1x1     Out of the 50s.
SCTC Cordless Wall Phone          §75       1       Mount on any wall.
Urchineer Train Set by Rip Co.    §80   F2  2x1     For the kids.
Monochrome TV                     §85   F2  1x1     Yeccch.
Down Wit Dat Boom Box            §100   F2  1x1     Nice for the party room.
SimSafety IV Burglar Alarm       §250       1       A must have!
Trottco 27" Color Television     §500   F4  1x1     Pretty.
Zimzantz Component Hi-Fi Stereo  §650   F3  2x1     Retro.
OCD Systems SimRailroad Town     §955   F4  3x2     All aboard!
Moneywell Computer               §999   F3  1x1     Good first computer.
Microscotch Covetta             §1800   F5  1x1     Good second computer
"See Me, Feel Me" Pinball Machine1800   F5  2x1     Party! Everyone! Pinball!
SSRI Virtual Reality Set        §2300   F7  1x1     Futuristic.
Strings Theory Stereo           §2550   F5  2x1     Streamlined Stereo.
The Brahma 2000                 §2800   F7  1x1     Another computer?
Soma Plasma TV                  §3500   F6  2x1     Mmmmm... Big screen.
Meet Marco                      §6500   F9  1x1     Expensive, eh?

4.85 Appliances 
Mr. Regular-Joe Coffee            §85  B-1  1x1     Need an extra jolt?
Brand Name Toaster Oven          §100   H1  1x1     Go with the nuker.
XLR8R Food Processor             §220   H1  1x1     A good buy.
Positive Potential Microwave     §250   H2  1x1     Good value.
Wild Bill THX-451 Barbecue       §350   H4  2x2     Need cooking skill.
Junk Genie Trash Compactor       §375       2x1     Beats a trash can.
Dialectric Free Standing Range   §400   H5  1x1     Not til you can cook, young man!
Gagmia Simore Espresso Machine   §450  B-2  1x1     Mmmm... java.
Dish Duster Deluxe               §550       2x1     Oooh! Dishes!
Llamark Refrigerator             §600   H6  1x1     Blue?
Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher           §950       2x1     Shiny.
The "Pyrotorre" Gas Range       §1100   H7  1x1     Again, wait til you can cook.
Porcina Refrigerator Model P1g-s§1800   H7  1x1     Good buy.
Freeze Secret Refrigerator      §2300   H8  1x1     Shiny! I like shiny.

4.86 Plumbing
Hydronomic Kitchen Sink          §250  Hy2  1x1     Breaks often.
Hygeia-O-Matic Toilet            §300   B8  1x1     Ahhhh...
"Andersonville" Pedestal Sink    §400  Hy2  1x1     For the bathroom.
Epikouros Kitchen Sink           §500  Hy3  1x1     Two basins!
SpaceMiser Shower                §650  Hy6  1x1     Cheap and compact.
Justa Bathtub                    §800   C3  2x1     A good buy early.
Flush Force 5 XLT               §1200   C4  1x1     Mmmm... Auto-flush.
Sani-Queen Bathtub              §1500   C5  2x1     Maxis likes shiny things.
Hydrothera Bathtub              §3200   C8  2x2     Like a hot tub, only... not.
WhirlWizard Hot Tub             §6500  Hy2  2x2     Don't use it as a bathtub - just a luxury.
4.86 Lighting
Bottle Lamp                       §25       1x1     Made at a craft sale.
Halogen Heaven Lamp by Contempto  §50       1x1     Good for a ground lamp.
Garden Lamp by Lunatech           §50       1x1     Outside.
Love 'n' Haight Lava Lamp         §80   R2  1x1     Retro... Groovy...
Ceramiche Table Lamp              §85       1x1     Pretty nice.
Lumpen Lumeniat Floor Lamp       §100       1x1     Retro again?
Elite Reflections Chrome Lamp    §180       1x1     Then again, I like shiny things too...
SC Electric Co. Antique Lamp     §300   R1  1x1     Antique, like the name says
Torchtosteronne Floor Lamp       §350   R1  1x1     Modern.

4.86 Misc.
Trash Can                         §30       1x1     Get the compactor.
SnoozMore Alarm Clock             §30       1x1     I want more shiny!
Magical Mystery Toy Box           §50   F2  2x1     For kids.
Narcisco Wall Mirror             §100       1   + charisma   I see you!
Medicine Cabinet                 §125  Hy1  1   + charisma   Brushin' the teeth...
Narcisco Floor Mirror            §150       1x1 + charisma   Retro AND shiny! fun!
Will Lloyd Wright Doll House     §180   F2  1x1     Adults like it too.
"Dimanche" Folding Easel         §250   F2  1x1 + creativity Makes money!
Pinegulcher Dresser              §250       2x2     Uggggggly!
Chear Pine Bookcase              §250   F1  1x1 + cooking, mechanical Ick.
Kinderstuff Dresser              §300       2x2     For kids only.
Chuck Matewell Chess Set         §500   F2  1x1 + logic      Get the pun?
Amishim Bookcase                 §500   F2  1x1 + cooking, mechanical Nicer.
Traditional Oak Armoire          §550   R1  2x2     What I call a dresser!
SuperDoop Basketball Hoop        §650   F4  3x1     He scores!
"Exerto" Benchpress Exercise...  §700       3x1 + body       Love it.
Bachman Wood Beverage Bar        §800   H1  2x1     Glug glug glug... Aaaah. Hiccup!
Libri De Regina Bookcase         §900   F3  2x1     Ritzy
Antique Armoire                 §1200   R2  2x2     Nice dresser.
The Funinator Deluxe            §1200   F5  3x3     For the kids.
Chimeway & Daughters Piano      §3500   F4  2x2     Tickling the ivories.
Aristoscratch Pool Table        §4200   F6  3x2     A must have for high income families.

5. Living the Sim Life

The best part of life is living, and the best part of The Sims is also living. Although it may be 
a bit frustrating at times, it's gonna be fun.

5.1 The Basics
The main thing you'll want to keep your eye on is the mood meter. At first, my Sims were unhappy - 
i.e. the mood meter was at 0 (5 being highest, -5 being lowest.) But as I got the hang of the 
game, their mood soared to 3, and at times even 4! In The Sims, it's all about the mood. With a 
good mood, things move faster, you get promotions at work, and you make more money to buy more 
items to increase your mood. And up it goes, until you're so attached that when your Sim is happy, 
you are happy, and when he's sad, you feel like beating the computer. But the one main thing to 
keep the mood up is to satisfy all your Sim's needs.

5.2 The Eight Needs
Hunger is satisfied by a meal, whether it is a snack, meat and potatoes, a can of beans, or pizza. 
Usually meat and potatoes, whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (Beans and pork chops for 
breakfast. Mmm.) will be the most satisfying, especially if the person who cooked it has a high 
Cooking skill. As their skill gets higher, the meals they prepare will fill them up more and more 
until one plate will be enough food for 12 hours. Pizza is for people who: a) don't have the money 
for appliances b) will set something on fire if they cook or c) just think pizza is cool and don't 
care how it doesn't fill their Sims up. A snack could be for when the kids are hungry and their 
parents are at work, or if they just need a little more on the hunger meter. Word to the wise: DO 
the stove. I use the microwave or a toaster oven.

I've always noticed that sitting in front of the TV replenishes fun and comfort, which are often 
the only two that are low, and sleeping boosts comfort and energy, which, for me are also very low 
often. But those are the best solutions if any of those two are problems. What to do if Comfort is 
the only thing low? Study. Go to the bookcase, get a book and study cooking, mechanical, or, for 
kids, study for school.

After a while, The Sims do get dirty. (And if they're real dirty for a long time, they start 
sniffing themselves and saying, "eeew") There are sinks and showers and tubs to solve this. When I 
wake my Sims up (quite early - SimRob has a 9 to 5 job and gets up at one to get ready) I send 
them to the bathroom, where they use the bathroom and hit the shower. No sink in between. When 
everyone gets up, Hunger, Bladder, Hygiene and Fun all are low for everyone, So I'll have my Sims 
switch off between the TV, the dining room and the Bathroom. One by one they come out sparkling 
fresh. The shower and bath do seem to leak a lot, so be ready to grab the mop. If you wash your 
hands frequently you can spend less time in the shower, though.

When you have to pee, you have to pee. Out of the eight needs this is the easiest to keep up 
because a run to the toilet will relieve you in ten seconds (real time, not Sim time) while it may 
take five minutes of the TV to boost the fun rating to the max. Once again, Sims in my house take 
a shower after "going". Don't let your Sims have "accidents", or else their Hygiene rating will 
fall like a muffin dropped from 30,000 feet. You can have trouble when Sim after Sim doesn't 
flush, as I only had one Sim who would ever flush out of four.

This is a tough one. Although it seems like my Sims never have the energy to have fun after 
school/work (I guess they shouldn't be waking up at 1!) I can't change it around. First off, 
energy can only be replenished by Naps, Sleep, and about 40 cups of coffee. The coffee is so 
insignificant that I hardly bother (unless I want to hear the funny noise they make). Naps often 
last for merely an hour, and that isn't nearly enough time to regain energy. And sleep is only 
once a day, and if your Sims wake up too early (like mine) they'll have to go to bed at 3 or 4 
(like mine). NOTE: Since the original publication of this section, my SimKids have learned to get 
ready quicker (watch that TV at night!) and have been waking around 4. They now stay up until 
eight, if I push it. SimRob the same - He temporarily got a 10 PM - 4 AM Job and took it easier - 
when that 9 to 5 job came back, he was waking at 3 and 4

There's one way to relieve your bladder - pee. There's one way to relieve hunger - eat. And 
there's one way to relieve energy - sleep. Fun is the most diverse, as there's so many you can do, 
and so many other needs that can be relieved while having fun. For example, the Espresso maker has 
a little bit of fun and a little energy put together. Sitting down and using the computer, 
watching TV, or reading a book boosts comfort too. You can grab a friend and play basketball and 
get the social up too. And the most diverse of them all is sitting on the couch watching TV with a 
friend while chatting, bringing up the Fun, Social, and Comfort ratings. It seems that different 
kinds of Sims will like different kinds of fun, as the more playful may jump at the dollhouse and 
the serious one will like a book. And a serious Sim will enjoy that Romance show on the tube, as a 
more playful one may prefer Action or Cartoons.

The phone can call the cops, the pizza guy, the maid, or the repairman. But most importantly your 
friends. (LET ME STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF A PHONE HERE!) For example, imagine SimJim and SimKim. 
SimJim calls SimKim one day and asks her to come over. SimKim is busy so SimJim tries the next 
day. SimKim seems excited at the prospect of seeing SimJim and comes over. They talk for a while 
until SimJim gets tried and asks SimKim to leave. SimJim and SimKim are now great friends, but 
don't talk for a while until SimJim gets lonely and calls SimKim. SimJim gives SimKim a hug and 
finds the social rating goes up quicker than while just talking. Soon they compliment each other 
daily and start kissing, and their Social ratings rocket up. SimJim is never lonely with SimKim.

Room is something that happens automatically. If you step into a large well lit room your Room 
rating skies, if you step into a dark bathroom it falls. Decorations help, as do windows and 
lighting. But trash and broken items and other messes make it lower. Room is basically the Aura of 
your house - how good it feels just so sit there. Surprisingly, my Sims do not like being outside 
as much as inside. But the better the house is, and the better it is kept, the higher the Room 
rating will be.

5.25 Sim Health
Although it was previously thought to be left out from the game, your Sim CAN get sick. Here are 
the words directly from Maxis.

My Sims are coughing and sneezing a lot. How can I cure them? 
When Sims get sick, they need lots of rest and hot liquids. Keep their energy bars really high. 
They'll get better in a few days. You might need to take a sick day off from work. It's also a 
good idea to keep sick Sims away from healthy ones, or they might infect them. 

You heard it here.

5.3 Money and Jobs

You need money to pay the bills, eat, and buy new stuff. And the only ways to get money is selling 
things, getting an important phone call, or working at your job. Now, selling things will not get 
you the money you started with, as a used coffeemaker isn't worth as much as a new one. Important 
phone calls are very random and you can't rely on them (but if you get one, you get lots of money 
- often more than a job gets in a day). But a job is the best way to let those Simoleons roll in.

There are a variety of jobs - Law Enforcement, Medicine, Science, X-Treme, Athlete, Politics, 
Military, Business, Entertainment and Life of Crime. Most of them are the same thing - i.e. you 
don't get a VCR or something like that if you enter the Entertainment career track. But things 
like skill points needed, uniforms, pay, amount of different jobs in the career track, or job 
descriptions change. First you have to get a job - look in the paper or try the computer (If you 
have one). You'll get a window that pops up that tells you the job opening and it asks you if you 
want to take the job. If you're searching online, you can look again for a better job. So you take 
the job. Always have one person be a stay-at-home mom/dad/husband/wife to make friends, do chores 
and get IMPORTANT money making phone calls. You have to be up from bed in order to catch that 
carpool. It will be a very very ugly old car. Of course, the carpool doesn't have to leave until 
your shift starts - exactly one hour after it comes. So you have about one extra hour to do your 
thing. You can miss the carpool for a day off (no pay, though). Don't miss two days in a row, 
though, or else you'll be fired.

If you want a promotion, improve your mood and get the requirements you need. You can find them in 
the Job screen. The requirements could be getting more friends or increasing skills.

This comes in handy around the house. It makes it easier to fix that shower that's been plaguing 
you or that burnt out bulb that needs replacing. Plus it saves the cash you spend on the 
repairman. You read books about mechanical stuff to increase this. It's often needed in careers 
like Medicine (Mechanical work on bodies).

The only other one that helps around the house - cooking is crucial to filling that Hunger meter 
and preventing fires. Once again - you're reading a book. One career that likes this is Military 
(KP duty).

It's all in the talk. Don't stutter and others will look at you better. Practice speech in front 
of the mirror and it's smooth sailing. Politics seems to like this, as public speaking is 

New, unique ideas are the key to success in careers like Crime (I guess there's more than one way 
to snatch a wallet). Play the piano or Paint to work on this. Personally, I recommend painting 
because: a) It's fun - as is the piano b) it's cheaper c) you can make money by selling those 
paintings. The first few are worth 5, 6, and 7 Simoleons, but soon my paintings went for 
§40 or more!

Looking good and being strong come in handy when you're an athlete, among other jobs. You can work 
out on the exercise machine, or swimming in a pool. Myself, I like the pool, but you can use the 
exercise machine if you have a low budget. In the pool, your Room rating plummets while the Fun 
rating rises. Plus, Speedos and Bikinis! The exercise machine keeps your stats the same as they 
would be if you stood around doing nothing for a while - most stats slowly dropping. One quick 
drawback to the pool - It takes four times as long to work out there than on the exercise machine.

Playing chess increases Logic - valued in Science among others. This is another job where there's 
only one way to increase it.

When you get a promotion, your carpool gets better, your hours change, and, most importantly, you 
make more money.

5.35 The Jobs

How The Jobs Will Be Ranked
I will take into account wage, hours, stats lost (i.e hunger, energy, etc.) and overall 
skills/family friends needed. I will determine wage, stats lost, and hours by how much money you 
made/how many hours you worked if you made it all the way up, spending 2 days at each job.

FF - Family Friends
M - Mechanical
Co - Cooking
Ch - Charisma
Cr - Creativity
B - Body
L - Logic
How They're Listed
Campaign Worker.........9 AM - 6 PM|§220|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Intern..................9 AM - 3 PM|§300|0|0|0|2|0|0|0
Lobbyist................9 AM - 3 PM|§360|2|0|0|1|0|0|1
Campaign Manager........9 AM - 6 PM|§430|2|0|0|1|0|1|0
City Council Member.....9 AM - 3 PM|§485|2|0|0|1|1|1|0
State Assembly..........9 AM - 4 PM|§540|3|0|0|0|1|1|2
Congressperson..........9 AM - 3 PM|§600|2|0|0|1|1|1|1
Judge...................9 AM - 3 PM|§650|3|0|0|1|1|1|2
Senator.................9 AM - 6 PM|§700|3|0|0|3|1|0|1
Mayor...................9 AM - 3 PM|§750|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Mechanical: 0
Cooking: 0
Charisma: 9
Creativity: 5
Body: 5
Logic: 7
Total Stats: 26
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 140
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days): §10,070
Stats Lost (Worked at each job 2 days): 1946

Waiter/Waitress.........9 AM - 3 PM|§100|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Extra...................9 AM - 3 PM|§150|0|0|0|2|0|0|0
Bit Player..............9 AM - 3 PM|§200|2|0|0|0|0|2|0
Stunt Double............9 AM - 4 PM|§275|2|0|0|1|1|1|0
B-Movie Star............10 AM- 5 PM|§375|2|1|0|1|1|1|0
Supporting Player.......10 AM- 6 PM|§500|2|0|0|2|1|1|0
TV Star.................10 AM- 6 PM|§650|2|1|0|1|1|1|0
Feature Star............5 PM - 1 AM|§900|2|0|0|1|3|1|0
Broadway Star...........10 AM- 5 PM|1100|2|0|0|2|3|1|0
Superstar...............10 AM- 3 PM|1400|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Mechanical: 2
Cooking: 0
Charisma: 10
Creativity: 10
Body: 8
Logic: 0
Total Stats: 30
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 136
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days): §11,300
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1776

Law Enforcement
Security Guard..........12 AM- 6 AM|§240|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Cadet...................9 AM - 3 PM|§320|0|0|0|0|0|2|0
Patrol Officer..........5 PM - 1 AM|§380|1|2|0|0|0|0|0
Desk Sergeant...........9 AM - 3 PM|§440|1|1|0|0|0|2|0
Vice Squad..............10 PM- 4 AM|§490|2|0|1|1|0|1|1
Detective...............9 AM - 3 PM|§540|2|0|0|1|0|0|2
Lieutenant..............9 AM - 3 PM|§590|2|1|0|1|0|1|1
SWAT Team Leader........9 AM - 3 PM|§625|2|0|0|1|2|1|1
Police Chief............9 AM - 5 PM|§650|2|0|0|2|2|0|3
Captain Hero............10 AM- 4 PM|§700|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Total Stats: 33
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 128
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §9950
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1954

Mail Room...............9 AM - 3 PM|§120|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Executive Asst..........9 AM - 4 PM|§180|0|2|0|0|0|0|0
Field Sales Rep.........9 AM - 4 PM|§250|1|0|0|2|0|0|0
Junior Executive........9 AM - 4 PM|§320|2|0|0|0|0|0|2
Executive...............9 AM - 4 PM|§400|3|0|0|1|2|0|1
Senior Manager..........9 AM - 4 PM|§520|2|0|0|1|0|2|1
Vice President..........9 AM - 5 PM|§660|2|0|0|1|1|0|2
President...............9 AM - 5 PM|§800|2|0|0|1|2|0|1
CEO.....................9 AM - 4 PM|§950|2|0|0|2|1|0|2
Business Tycoon.........9 AM - 3 PM|1200|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Mechanical: 2
Cooking: 0
Charisma: 8
Creativity: 6
Body: 2
Logic: 9
Total Stats: 27
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 140
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §10,800
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1776

Life Of Crime
Pickpocket..............9 AM - 3 PM|§140|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Bagman..................11 PM- 7 AM|§200|0|0|0|0|0|2|0
Bookie..................12 PM- 7 PM|§275|2|0|0|1|1|0|0
Con Artist..............9 AM - 3 PM|§350|1|2|0|1|0|0|0
Getaway Driver..........5 PM - 1 AM|§425|1|1|0|1|0|1|1
Bank Robber.............3 PM -11 PM|§530|2|0|1|0|1|1|1
Cat Burglar.............9 PM - 3 AM|§640|2|2|0|0|2|0|1
Counterfeiter...........9 PM - 3 AM|§760|2|0|0|3|1|1|0
Smuggler................9 AM - 3 PM|§900|2|0|1|2|2|0|1
Criminal Mastermind.....6 PM -12 AM|1100|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Mechanical: 5
Cooking: 2
Charisma: 7
Creativity: 8
Body: 6
Logic: 4
Total Stats: 32
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 134
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §10640
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1886

Medical Technician...... 9 AM- 3 PM|§200|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Paramedic...............11 PM- 5 AM|§275|0|2|0|0|0|0|0
Nurse................... 9 AM- 3 PM|§340|2|0|0|0|0|2|0
Intern.................. 9 AM- 6 PM|§410|1|1|0|0|0|0|2
Resident................ 9 PM- 4 AM|§480|1|0|0|1|0|1|2
GP......................10 AM- 6 PM|§550|1|1|0|1|1|1|0
Specialist..............9 PM - 3 AM|§640|2|2|0|0|2|0|1
Surgeon.................10 PM- 4 AM|§700|2|1|0|1|1|1|2
Medical Researcher......9 PM - 4 AM|§775|2|1|0|2|1|1|1
Chief of Hospital.......9 PM - 4 AM|§850|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Mechanical: 8
Cooking: 0
Charisma: 5
Creativity: 5
Body: 6
Logic: 8
Total Stats: 32
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 136
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §10440
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1846

Recruit................. 6 AM-12 PM|§200|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Elite Forces............ 7 AM- 1 PM|§325|0|0|0|0|0|2|0
Drill Instructor........ 8 AM- 2 PM|§350|0|1|0|1|0|0|0
Junior Officer.......... 9 AM- 3 PM|§450|0|0|1|0|0|2|0
Counter-Intell.......... 9 AM- 3 PM|§500|1|1|0|2|0|0|1
Flight Officer.......... 9 AM- 3 PM|§550|2|1|0|0|0|1|2
Senior Officer.......... 9 AM- 3 PM|§580|2|3|0|1|0|0|2
Commander............... 9 AM- 3 PM|§600|1|3|0|0|0|3|1
Astronaut............... 9 AM- 3 PM|§625|2|1|0|2|0|2|3
General................. 9 AM- 3 PM|§650|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Mechanical: 12
Cooking: 1
Charisma: 7
Creativity: 0
Body: 10
Logic: 9
Total Stats: 32
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 120
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §10440
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 2036

Team Mascot.............12 PM- 6 PM|§110|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Minor-Leaguer........... 9 AM- 3 PM|§170|0|0|0|0|0|2|0
Rookie.................. 9 AM- 3 PM|§230|1|0|0|0|0|3|0
Starter................. 9 AM- 3 PM|§300|2|1|0|1|0|1|0
All Star................ 9 AM- 3 PM|§385|2|1|0|1|0|1|0
MVP..................... 9 AM- 3 PM|§510|2|0|1|1|0|1|0
Superstar............... 9 AM- 4 PM|§680|2|0|1|1|1|1|0
Assistant Coach......... 9 AM- 2 PM|§850|2|0|1|1|1|1|0
Coach................... 9 AM- 3 PM|1000|2|0|1|3|1|0|0
Hall Of Famer........... 9 AM- 3 PM|1300|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Mechanical: 2
Cooking: 4
Charisma: 9
Creativity: 3
Body: 10
Logic: 0
Total Stats: 28
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 120
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §11070
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1854

Test Subject............ 9 AM- 3 PM|§155|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Lab Assistant...........11 PM- 5 AM|§230|0|0|0|0|0|0|2
Field Researcher........ 9 AM- 3 PM|§320|1|0|1|0|0|0|1
Science Teacher......... 9 AM- 4 PM|§375|2|0|0|1|1|0|1
Project Leader.......... 9 AM- 5 PM|§450|1|2|0|0|2|0|0
Inventor................10 AM- 7 PM|§540|1|2|0|0|1|0|2
Scholar.................10 AM- 3 PM|§640|2|1|2|1|0|0|1
Top Secret Researcher...10 AM- 3 PM|§740|1|1|0|0|3|0|2
Theorist................10 AM- 2 PM|§870|2|1|1|1|3|0|1
Mad Scientist...........10 AM- 2 PM|1000|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Mechanical: 8
Cooking: 2
Charisma: 5
Creativity: 10
Body: 0
Logic: 10
Total Stats: 35
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 128
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §10640
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1766

Daredevil............... 9 AM- 3 PM|§175|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Bungee Jump Instructor.. 9 AM- 3 PM|§250|1|0|0|0|0|2|0
Whitewater Guide........ 9 AM- 3 PM|§325|1|1|0|0|0|2|0
Xtreme Circuit Pro...... 9 AM- 4 PM|§400|1|1|0|0|0|0|1
Bush Pilot.............. 9 AM- 3 PM|§475|1|2|0|0|0|2|0
Mountain Climber........ 9 AM- 3 PM|§550|1|1|0|2|3|0|0
Photo-Journalist........ 9 AM- 3 PM|§650|2|1|0|1|1|1|2
Treasure Hunter.........10 AM- 5 PM|§725|2|0|0|2|3|0|2
Grand Prix Driver.......10 AM- 4 PM|§825|2|0|1|3|2|1|1
International Spy.......11 AM- 5 PM|§925|0|0|0|0|0|0|0
Mechanical: 6
Cooking: 2
Charisma: 8
Creativity: 9
Body: 8
Logic: 9
Total Stats: 32
Total Hours (Worked at each job for two days): 124
Total Pay (Worked at each job for two days) : §10600
Stats Lost(Worked at each job for two days): 1898

Here are the results for the jobs' rankings:

10. Politics - Score.........15.8
9.  Law Enforcement - Score..19.4
8.  Medicine - Score.........19.5
7.  Life of Crime - Score....20.3
6.  Business - Score.........25.5
5.  Science - Score..........28.1
4.  Entertainment - Score....31.5
3.  Military - Score.........31.7
2.  Xtreme - Score...........32
1.  Athlete - Score..........45.6

After the recent addition of stat deficiency, not much changed, but some did! Xtreme took over the 
military's #2 spot, Entertainent almost toppled the military, and law enforcement lost two places, 
from #7 to #9.

If you want reasoning behind these scores, email me.

5.32 Money Theory
Ever wonder why a meal costs §10? Or why you can bring home §16 an hour as a waiter? Here's my 
theory. I figure a simoleon is worth §0.25 American. In this way, A meal costs 2.50, you make 
minimum wage as a waiter, and many more prices make sense.

5.33 Everyone's Favorite Strategy
Well, I talk to some "strategic" Sims players, and they all have a similar strategy. If you've 
gotten to the top of a job and have lots of stats, go for another job. Everyone's favorite is 
Entertainent, due to short hours and high pay in the top level.

5.4 School
Just as adults have to work, kids must go to school. Every morning that you have kids, a school 
bus will come to pick them up. Now, kids don't get fired from school after skipping 2 days, but if 
they slack off and their grade goes down, it's off to military school. Those kids will be gone. To 
keep their grade up, they should study on the computer or in a book and you have to keep their 
mood up. So don't be a tyrant and make them spend every moment studying and doing chores - all 
work and no play equals no more kids. But don't think that this isn't like a job - If they do well 
in schoolwork, grandparents will be generous in rewards for good grades. 

Kids are a tax deduction: For every kid you have, your bills are 10% less.

5.5 Love, Life, and Death
There are three big things that define the life cycle after one is born. One falls in love, has 
kids, and dies. Then it starts over again with the kids. The same thing happens with your Sims. 
Let's take the story of SimJim and SimKim above. Now, they fell in love with each other by 
chatting all the time, kissing, etc. (Other social actions include Fight, Tease, Brag, Compliment, 
Tickle, Give Back Rub, Play, and Tell Joke). If SimJim proposes to SimKim (in the same way that 
they would talk to each other previously), and SimKim accepts, then SimJim and SimKim move in with 
each other. Now, If SimLynn becomes very good friends with SimKim, then SimKim can ask her to move 
in with her. It's like propose, just with same-gender Sims. But when SimJim moves in with SimKim, 
or vice versa, then all their money is pooled together, and, if either is living alone but with 
kids, then the kids come too. If there's another adult, then the kids stay with him.

This From Austin Muldoon:

Zodiac Sign    Most Compatible         Least Compatible
Aquarius      Capricorn Sagittarius     Scorpio Virgo
Aries	        Gemini Taurus             Cancer Libra
Cancer        Taurus Scorpio            Gemini Aries
Capricorn     Aquarius Taurus           Leo Gemini
Gemini        Pisces Virgo              Capricorn Aries
Leo           Sagittarius Cancer        Capricorn Gemini
Libra         Virgo Cancer              Pisces Scorpio
Pisces        Scorpio Gemini            Leo Aries
Sagittarius   Pisces Capricorn          Libra Scorpio
Scorpio       Pisces Leo                Libra Aquarius
Taurus        Aries Libra               Virgo Cancer
Virgo         Aquarius Sagittarius      Leo Taurus

In The Sims there is an incredible amount of jealousy. If SimLynn and SimKim both love SimJim, 
then when SimLynn sees SimJim and SimKim kissing, SimLynn will go up and deliver a great big smack 
across SimKim's face and they won't like each other very much. SimLynn's social rating will fall. 
But if your couple makes a quick escapade to the bathroom to smooch, the possibilities could be 

Now, SimJim and SimKim are married. They are so happy together that they now can sleep together. 
One day you may get a window asking, "Do you want to have a baby?". A good idea would   be to 
smooch several times. If they just live together, are two same-gender Sims, or just SimJim living 
alone the window will ask, "Do you want to adopt a baby?" Babies are a real pain in the but, but 
you can manage them effectively. If you only have one adult (assuming there are two) tending to 
the baby at a time, and you let them alternate, things will work out. While SimJim is tending to 
the baby, SimKim could be watching TV, cooking dinner, or taking a bath. And Later, during 
SimKim's turn, SimJim could repair that fussy sink, shoot hoops, etc. If it's bedtime, let SimJim 
sleep on the couch and keep SimKim in bed by that fussy little monster. When the baby's crying, 
everyone (except kids) in the room wakes up from their naps and complains about him. So let SimJim 
get a good night's sleep and SimKim can tend to the baby (But let SimJim watch him tomorrow). 
Don't neglect the baby! My first kid cried all night in the living room while Rob and Jean (my 
Sims' names) snoozed away upstairs. Pretty soon, El Social Workero came and busted us and took 
little baby away. But I learned better and now it's a family of four, with Joanna (looks like she 
likes Barbies) and Allen (Ultra-Nerd. He has a pocket protector and thick glasses!). When tending 
to babies, there are 3 options. Feed, Play, and Sing. When the baby wakes up crying you should 
probably feed him, play with him and sing him to sleep. If he's still awake, feed him again and 
sing to him again. Feed and sing until he falls asleep. After exactly 72 Sim Hours, your baby will 
have grown up. He's now a kid. Kids don't require much looking after by the parents. All you have 
to do is let adults cook for them (they can only grab snacks from the fridge) and they do the 
rest, sleep themselves, have fun themselves, etc.

Finally, there's death. Death occurs when: A)You starve B) Your oven sets on fire and kills you 
C)You get electrocuted from attempting to fix something D)You drown in a pool. If they die then an 
urn or a tombstone (depending whether they die indoors or out) is placed. There is 24 hours of 
mourning by the family, and then they're free to do whatever. But they can go back and mourn if 
they want. But if there's death, there's a ghost who'll come around the house randomly and spook 
whoever comes near...

5.51 More on Marriage
I tried to get married, and it's a hard thing to do. You have to fulfill your fiancè's every need 
and you must love each other. But just remember: Marriage costs money. When Jim Webeley married 
Bella Goth, it cost §1000.

5.52 Dealing with Death
A death in the family can be horrendous, especially if it's the moneymaker of the family. What to 
do? Let's say "Steve", the moneymaker of the family, dies. "Lynn" a housewife who makes friends 
and cleans the house all day, is devastated. She gets a job to support herself. The first thing 
she buys with any money left? An espresso machine. She uses lots of energy working and has little 
time for romancing a neighbor, so this boost really helps. She invites another guy over and pretty 
soon, gets hitched. Then the working structure is back on its feet.

5.6 Livin' La Vida Loca in The Sims
     This is the story of a sim living an excellent, wealthy, life in a simhouse. Take a hint from 
Tim. Tim lived in a small house which he designed himself. He had a Trottco 27" TV for fun, an 
Amishim Bookshelf to study, a folding easel for some extra dollars, a microwave, a fridge, and a 
food processor for cooking, a dishwasher, a trash compactor, a telephone, a nice big couch from 
Werkbunnst, a bed, a Justa Bathtub for hygiene, an ordinary, everyday toilet to relieve himself, a 
pedestal sink to wash, and a dining room table and chairs. He had everything he wanted for a Sim 
just starting out.

     Tim took the first job he could - a career in politics. But he didn't want bribes and 
scandals, and knew much better because he read this very FAQ. So, as soon as he got a promotion, 
he put that money to work with a Moneywell Computer. He started looking for a job. He decided on a 
career in the military. He would get home early enough to do things and would stay up til 6 or 7 
at night - longer with coffee. What did he do with that extra time? He had fulfilled all his needs 
in the morning. He had a good mood and almost every need he had was satisfied. So he took that 
easel and painted. Soon, his good mood resulted in promotions. With his bonuses, he bought all he 
needed to get new promotions - a weight machine, a mirror, and a chessboard. He got his skills up, 
because when he started working, time just flew by... or perhaps the speed was turned up. Well, in 
his free time he painted a lot and fixed any needs that needed fixing. His next big project was a 
second floor. To be continued...

6. Cheats and other stuff

From www.gamewinners.com

The Sims Cheat mode: Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display a prompt in the upper 
left corner of the screen. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
function. Note:, enter [Exclamation point] at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered. Enter a 
[Semi-colon] between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time.
1000 Simoleons (unpatched game version) - klaupicus
1000 Simoleons (patched game version) - rosebud
Add new family history stat to the current family - hist_add
Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt every time a route is found - write_destlist
Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed - auto_level
Automatically import and load indicated FAM file - import <FAM file>
Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked - house <house number>
Check and fix required lot objects - prepare_lot 
Completely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT - flush
Crash game - crash
Create moat or streams - water_tool
Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files - shrink_text <font_size> <text>
Create-a-character mode - edit_char 
Display personality and interests - interests
Draw all animation frames disabled - draw_all_frames off
Draw all animation frames enabled - draw_all_frames on
Draw colored dots at each person's origin - draw_origins
Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt - core_dump
Dump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions to a file - dump_happy
Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a file - dump_mc
Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions - debug_social
End sim logging - sim_log end
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats - cht <filename>
Floorable grid disabled - draw_floorable off 
Floorable grid enabled - draw_floorable on
Force an assert for testing - assert
Log animations in the event log window - log_animations
Map editor disabled - map_edit off 
Map editor enabled - map_edit on 
Move any object - move_objects
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded - tutorial off
Prevent web browser crashes - browser_failsafe 
Preview animations disabled - preview_anims off
Preview animations enabled - preview_anims on
Programmer stats - tile_info
Quit game - quit
Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt - #import
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch - rebuild_cp
Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writable - refresh_faces
Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters - refresh_textures
Restore tutorial - restore_tut 
Rotate camera - rotation <0-3> 
Routing debug balloons disabled - route_balloons off
Routing debug balloons enabled - route_balloons on
Run series of random operations on unhoused families - fam_test <opcount>
Save currently loaded house - save
Save family history file - history 
Say "plugh" - plugh
Say "porntipsguzzardo" - porntipsguzzardo
Say "xyzzy" - xyzzy
Selected person's path displayed - draw_routes on
Selected person's path hidden - draw_routes off
Set event logging mask - log_mask 
Set free thinking level - autonomy <1-100> 
Set game speed - sim_speed <-1000-1000> 
Set grass change value - edit_grass <number>:
Set grass growth - grow_grass <0-150> 
Set lot size - lot_size <number> 
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator - sim_limit <milliseconds> 
Set sim speed - sim_speed <-1000 - 1000> 
Set time of day (unpatched game version) - set_hour <1-24>
Set z offset for thought bubbles - bubble_tweak <z offset value> 
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path - <directory path>
Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable flag. Requires rotation - lot_border <tl> <tr> 
<bl> <br> 
Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects - allow_inuse
Show memory view window in debug builds of the game - memview
Start sim logging - sim_log begin 
Swap the two house files and updates families - swap_houses <house number> <house number> 
Ticks disabled - sweep off 
Ticks enabled - sweep on
Tile information displayed - tile_info on 
Tile information hidden - tile_info off 
Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard - visitor_control
Toggle assets report - report_assets 
Toggle automatic object reset feature - auto_reset
Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop - sim_peek
Toggle camera mode - cam_mode 
Toggle display of unavailable interactions in person control menus - all_menus
Toggle music - music 
Toggle object compression in save file - obj_comp
Toggle quaternion transformations - quats
Toggle sound log window - sound_log 
Toggle sounds - sound 
Toggle web page creation - html
Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins - reload_people
Trigger sound event - soundevent 
Write out an RTE file every time a route is found - write_routes
Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt - #export
Information in this section was contributed by Chris Mitchell <mailto:wolf33@telusplanet.net> and 
Jonny Hansson <mailto:spiken86@hotmail.com>.   

Quick money: Enable cheat mode and enter the klapaucius code. Display the cheat prompt again and 
type !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;! (up to sixty total commands 
may be entered). Information in this section was contributed by Jonny Hansson 

Easier repeat cheats: To make it easier to repeat a code, such as the money code, first enter the 
code, then make a mistake after what you have repeated. For example enter the money cheat, then 
enter !;!;!;!;!;!: (note the colon at the end instead of a semi-colon). The game will respond 
"Sorry, invalid cheat" but you will have the amount that you requested. When you click "OK", the 
cheat will still be at the prompt. Press [Enter] again and click "OK" for another repeat of the 
cheat you entered.  Information in this section was contributed by ZambordaWizard 

Hint: Easier relationships: Create a family with a male and female adult that are of the same 
category (such as Virgo and Virgo) and move them into a house (or created house). Immediately 
after selecting live mode make them kiss approximately ten times in a row to set their 
relationship meter to be 100. If you continue kissing the female should ask to have a baby.  
Information in this section was contributed by Bills656 <mailto:Bills656@aol.com>.  

Hint: Selling the dead: This is a useful trick if you had a Sim die. When Sims die, they leave an 
urn or a gravestone behind them which your Sim will mourn for 24 hours. After this time you can 
pick it up in furnish mode and sell it. You only get about 3 to 10 Simoleans for it, but it is 
better than turning your garden into a cemetery.  Information in this section was contributed by 
Howard Blanchard <mailto:madasalorry@hotmail.com>.  

Hint: Magic garbage bag: The following trick saves the time needed to take the garbage to the 
street. Buy the 30 simolian garbage can. Order your Sim to empty it, then cancel the order just as 
they remove the bag from the can. Then, order them to pick up the mess that they just created. 
Your Sim will return the full bag to an empty can. Repeat this each time it fills and trash will 
never have be brought outside again.  Information in this section was contributed by Jonny Hansson 

Hint: Double phone message: Place more than two phones in your house and wait for the phone to 
ring. Direct two of your Sims to answer different phones. By doing this, two messages will appear 
for each of your Sims. Sometimes the game will even offer some generous amount of money. 
Information in this section was contributed by Razzpberry <mailto:Razzpberry@aol.com>.  

Hint: Never take out the garbage: Buy the small blue 30 simolian garbage can. Whenever it is full, 
sell it for 30 simolians. Then, just buy a new one, and you will never have to take out the 
garbage again. Information in this section was contributed by Matt Stokes 

Hint: Less bills: Keep an unpaid bill until the mailman delivers the next set of bills. Pay the 
original bill when your mailbox is filled with the next set of bills. This should cause the bills 
inside the mailbox to disappear. Information in this section was contributed by Jonny Hansson 

Hint: Less time needed to pay bills: When you get the bills, your Sim will normally walk inside 
put it on a table before they can be paid. Cancel the table action and that person will put it on 
the ground. Click on the bill and pay for it immediately.  Information in this section was 
contributed by ETsnookie4u <mailto:ETsnookie4u@aol.com>.  

Hint: Never pay bills: Enable the "Move any objects" code. Then, pick up the mailbox and erase it. 
Bills cannot be delivered if you do not have a mailbox. Information in this section was 
contributed by Metallicat1313 <mailto:Metallicat1313@aol.com>. 

This code from slynx@singnet.com.sg (slynx)
I had a bachelor (been playing bachelor from the start.) with 10 in all stats except creativity. 
How? move in a house, build, lets say, a workout gym, and work the day away! when tired and upset, 
save, go to neighbourhood, evict, re-move in, work again. repeat as needed. can be done with all 
activities! ALL!!!
7. Ideas for New Objects and Concepts

"The Sims will probably come in for more petty criticism... because it simulates something about 
which everyone can claim to be an expert... I have a pretty good feeling that Will Wright... 
already has much of this stuff laid out for a sequel or expansion pack..." 
-PC Gamer, April 2000

Well, the expansion pack is coming, but this focuses on the wacky sides of our Sims. One night, I 
lay in bed awake and thought up all sorts of stuff that isn't on everybody's wishlist. Sure, you 
see "seeing what happens at work" and "more jobs" and "buying a car" on everybody's Sims ideas. 
But lets take some other ideas...

A. Disasters
Weird. Everyone wants more disasters in SC3K, but no one thinks of these ideas. I would like to 
see floods, Carbon Monoxide, Labor Strikes, and other disasters.

B. Varying Jobs
This may be a more popular idea, but I have ideas. 
Job                           Upside                                     Downside 
Life of crime   Free Stuff!                                    You could get caught...
Athlete         Contract Negotiations can make you more $$$    Can be waived anytime.
XTreme          Many Competitions                              Injuries Frequent.

You get my drift.

C. Future Technology

At randomized dates, new furniture can come available to people. Futuristic stuff. Or even: If 60 
days have passed, this is available, etc.

D. Degrading and Upgrades
Tell me, do you ever play the computer and get bored with a game (besides The Sims)? Do you think 
watching one video over and over would bore you? Incorporate this in The Sims. A TV's fun rating 
slowly goes down. Buy a VCR and tapes and the rating will be enhanced. A computer gets games, etc.

E. Hang up those paintings!
Take the paintings your sims paint, hang them up, and let them appreciate in value.

F. Skillz

Charisma helps relationships. Creativity lets you get bonuses at work. Logic lets sims move about 
the house quicker. Body makes them faster. Cooking and Mechanical already do things.

G. Sports!

More than basketball. Tennis. Baseball. Soccer. Let the youngsters join a weeklong after-school 
league and tournaments, depending on how much they practice determines the prize.

H. The Newspaper

Use the paper for more. Have the occasional skill tip, contests, coupons, but not to mention bad 
news like tax hikes and droughts.

I. More customizable skins

Be able to choose shirt, pants, hat (if any) and shoes instead of a full body outfit.

J. Miscellaneous Items

What it is                             What it does
Ceiling Lights                         Functions as a normal light
Air Conditioners/Fans/Heaters          + Room
Internet Access                        + Fun, Social
Curtains                               + Room
Toasters                               + Hunger, Fun (I love toasters!)
Video Game Systems                     + Fun

8. Links
The Sims Homepage - www.thesims.com
GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
GameWinners - www.gamewinners.com
The Sims Fan Page (I work there!) - www.geocities.com/the_simms_ca/
9. Known Bugs
All These Bugs can be fixed with patches on thesims.com

Sim Twitches and Melts into Ashes
Sim Walks Around Nude
Sim Permanently Censored
Sim Killed by Guinea Pig
Sim Changes Clothes due to Guinea Pig
Repairman Dies
Neighbor tells Sim to come visit
Can't Delete Desks
Can't Take Night off for jobs without being fired
Staircase Says "In Use" when it isn't
No Comfort from Recliner
Carpool Doesn't Arrive
Can't Clean up snack from floor

These from apieper@vt.edu (Aaron Pieper) (No Patch)
Repairmen can't walk up or down hills to repair things, only to repossess things. So if your 
entire house is elevated below or above the sidewalk (I know one lot starts out like this, lot 2 
I believe), and you call a repairman, they will just stand in place for 8 hours, bill you, and 

If a sim "Sam" is watching TV on a couch, and another sim "Stanley " tries to interact with 
them, then Stanley will simply stand in front of Sam waiting for Sam to stop watching TV. 
However, Sam will be blocked from standing up, because Stanley is standing in front of 
them. Even if you cancel Stanley's "interact with Sam" action, Stanley won't be able to move. 
They will be stuck doing nothing for a few hours - possibly missing work, or urinating on 

Similarly, if a Sim, "Escher" is painting and another sim "Dopey" is standing behind them trying 
to interact with them, Dopey will block Escher again. However, this time Escher will be able 
to stop painting, and he will occupy the same square as Dopey, so that neither of them can 
move under any condition. The only way to resolve this situation is to evict everyone in the 

Not done yet! If you have guests, and they are swimming in your pool, you can't ask them to 
leave, or even to stop swimming. They will swim and swim and swim, sometimes until they 
just climb out of the pool and collapse in front of the pool ladder. If there are any sims in the 
swimming pool when the pool ladder is blocked, they will all die.

If you have an angled wall on top of a carpet, you can't remove the carpet without removing 
the wall.

Oh! And a HUGE glitch. If you delete any picture in a scrapbook, then the caption for the 
picture is automatically overwritten.

From Joseph Pietler (megnetto@hotmail.com)
on the neighborhood option site, when I highlighted one of the family friends/financial stats, it 
said I have 13 friends.  Yet, when I go into that family playload, it said I only got 11.

This one is similar to the ones Aaron Pieper described, but not as bad.  
Sim"Jim" was working out, while the visit sim "Tim" was walking towards him, 
to speak to him.  I cancelled Jim workout order, but not before Tim was 
standing over him, blocking the workbench exit.  You know the character 
finishes his workout, his arms drops and he says "WHEW!"  Well, Jim was 
doing that 5 times before Tim moved away to a distance.  He was a visitor, 
so I couldn't control him at that time. 
One of the floor lamps burned out, so I made my character call the 
repairman.  He came over, touch the lamp and got electrocuted.  Thanks for 
the patch, he didn't die (there is a joke in there, somewhere).  He finish 
it and went on as usual.  It was funny seeing him light up like a Christmas 
tree, though.

 I have 8 sims in a household.  One works at night.  Four starts work at 
8, the last three at 9.  When 8 o'clock carpool arrived, the four got to 
work with no problems and the work pictures showed up on their face photos.  
When the 9 o'clock carpool arrived, the first one went at 9:30, the second 
one at 9:45.  I had trouble getting the third one out of the swimming pool 
(It seems that I had to click on the "get out" order before the "go to work" 
order, because she kept swimming and swimming, ignoring the "go to work" 
order).  By the time she went towards the car, it was 10:10, the car went 
This is not the first time it happened.  It seems that whenever any one sim 
misses work, the other sims who work the same or close to it job time, who 
is already at work appears back home.  This also happens to my other 2 sims 
in a different house (in the bathroom, this time), but not as much as the 8. 
  I got the version 1.1 patch when this happened.  The bad news is those 6 
sims won't get paid, even though they went to work.

10. FAQ

Q: What is The Sims?
A: A new game from the creator of SimCity simulating life.

Q: How can I find out more?
A: Read my FAQ, or go out and BUY IT! NOW! Support Maxis Games.

Q: Is it worth my $34.99?
A: YES! It's on the top of the charts. It got 96% from PC Gamer. It got an A- from Game 
Revolution. A 9.1 from GameSpot. And it got a 98% from me.

Q: Hey! I spent $50.00 on this game! Where did you get it for $34.99?
A: Best Buy. It was on sale the first weekend.

Q: Weird things have been happening in my game...
A: Check Section 7 Known Bugs and check if your problem is up there.

Q: I have a male and a female Sim. How can they have kids?
A: If you continue to have them talk, they will like each other more. When their rankings with 
each other are over about 75, they fall in love and you can get with the real Romantic stuff. The 
higher they are, the more likely you'll be to have a baby. It won't happen right away, but with 
patience, it will come.

Q: How can my Sims get married?
A: First, get their stats up to 100 with each other. Then get her in a real good mood, and 
propose. If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying.

Q: Do kids or adults age?
A: Nope.

Q: Can you take custody of a kid from a neighbor the same way you ask a 
neighbor to move in/propose?
A: Nope. But if you ignore their SimParents, you can keep em for days.

Q: Why don't you update the FAQ as much as you used to?
A: I'm running out of new ideas, but I'm doing my best to add new stuff.

11. Contest!

We're going to play "Who Wants to be a SimMillionaire?". Here's how we play. I'm going to give you 
15 The Sims or Maxis questions. If you can get all of them right, here's what you get!
A) Your name and E-mail (If you prefer) posted on the FAQ.
B) Advertising for your website, If you have one
C) A personalized message, as long as its clean.
D) Glory.

Let's play Who Wants to be a SimMillionaire

How many houses are pre-built in the original version of The Sims?
A)1 B)3 C)6 D)8
What skin color is Mortimer Goth?
A) Light B) Medium C)Dark D) Hispanic
How much money does a family initially start with?
A) $15,000 B) $20,000 C) $25,000 D) $30,000
How much does the Pool Table cost?
A) $3600 B) $4200 C) $4800 D) $5400
What is the British name for Livin' Large?
A) Livin' Large B) Livin' It Up C) Livin' La Vida Loca D) Livin' Wild
Who originally published Maxis?
A) Broberund B) Mecc C) Microprose D) Atari
SimTheme Park is not, in fact a Maxis Game. Who made it?
A) Bullfrog B) Westwood C) Microprose D) Firaxis
Who is Elwood?
A) The Original Name of Bob Newbie B) The Repo Man's Name
C) The Cofounder of Maxis D) The star of a Maxis Ad for The Sims
Which of these Maxis employees is the company's GM?
A) Will Wright B) Luc Barthelet C) Lucy Bradshaw D) Ocean Quigley
How far apart were the releases of SimCity 3000 and The Sims?
A) 364 Days B) 365 Days C) 366 Days D) 367 Days
In Livin' Large, the Genie gives you a choice of Earth or...
A) Air B) Fire C) Water D) Electricity
What happened on April Fools Day, 1999, on the SimCity Website?
A) There were Sims on each page B) Sims sprayed the main page with grafitti
C) The first page had the message "The Sims are Coming" on it
D) Sims were hanging out all over it
What was the article on gamespot.com about the history of Maxis?
A) SIMply Fantastic B) SIMply Incredible C) SIMply the Best D) SIMply Divine
In which picture on "The Sims Livin' Large" can you find a tiny "The Sims" logo?
A) Servo (Robot) B) Guitarist C) Fortune Teller D) Tragic Clown
What was the original name for The Sims?
A) Little Computer People B) Dollhouse C) SimPeople D) SimHome


I don't know. I'll update on Livin Large.

13. Last Time I Played...
Servo Cometh!

Copyright 2000 MaxisMaster (Joe Kaiser)

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