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Buying Guide by DMattsen

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/19/00

                      ____                            _
                     / __ ) __  __ __  __ ___   _____( )_____
                    / __  |/ / / // / / // _ \ / ___/|// ___/
                   / /_/ // /_/ // /_/ //  __// /     (__  )
                  /_____/ \__,_/ \__, / \___//_/_    /____/
                         / ____//____/ (_)____/ /___
                        / / __ / / / // // __  // _ \
                       / /_/ // /_/ // // /_/ //  __/
                       \____/ \__,_//_/ \__,_/ \___/

This document Copyright 2000 Darrick C. Mattsen

This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced 
electronically as long as you give credit to the author (me). Please contact me 
at WLDNCRZY14@hotmail.com if you wish to add this to your web page. Do not 
change this document in any way except possibly to add HTML in the form of 
banners or whatever is necessary for your site but you may not add HTML in the 
content of the document. Thank you.

Version 1.0
This is a small guide to the attributes of the items in Buy Mode. This makes it 
possible to plan what you may want to buy without jumping out of Live Mode. 
Hopefully it will come in handy. Odds are I will not add player created items; 
only ones released by Maxis. 

Guide to abbreviations
*-Items with a * preceding it can be downloaded from www.thesims.com
Any numbers following these symbols represent the item's contribution i.e. a 
chair with C2 has a comfort level of 2.
#x#-This represents how much room an item takes up. If it is 2x3, it takes up 2 
spaces in one direction, and 3 in the other


CHAIRS(seat 1)
     Werkbunnst All Purpose Chair--$80-C2-1x1--The cheapest chair in the game, 
but not bad for starting out. Best used as a seat at the table in the 
kitchen/dining room.
     Sioux Sity Wicker Chair--$80-C2-1x1--Tied as the cheapest chair, but this 
one is an armchair. This looks better in front of the TV or fireplace.
     Posture Plus Office Chair--$100-C3-1x1--Your typical office chair, great 
for in front of a desk.
     Deck Chair by Survivall--$150-C3-1x1--A step up from the older dining room 
chair, and also looks great outside for barbecues or other outdoor events.
     Touch of Teak Dinette Chair--$200-C3-1x1--Finally, a decent looking dining 
chair. Make it look like you have style by adding this to your home.
     Country Class Armchair--$250-C4-1x1--A nice comfortable, but purple, chair. 
Not too bad though.
     "Back Slack" Recliner--$250-C6 E3-2x1--At last, a recliner. Definitely 
better than the Country Class Armchair, unless you are still in a small room. 
This does take up an extra space since it reclines, unlike the previous chairs. 
     "Citronel" from Chiclettina Inc.--$450-C7-1x1--Wow, this is...yellow. 
Bright yellow. Despite the brightness, its still a great chair.
     "The Saarbach" by Werkbunnst--$500-C6-1x1--Ooh, a leather chair. Sleek, 
stylish, a great chair for relaxing with a book or channel surfing.
     Empress Dining Room Chair--$600-C4 R2-1x1--A dining room chair that's 
somewhat comfortable and makes your room look better. Make your dining room less 
dreary to your sims by adding this stylish chair.
     "Von Braun" Recliner--$850-C9 E3-2x1--This, my friends, is a chair. Very 
comfortable, but very expensive, it looks great in front of your television and 
is perfect for any lazy boy (or girl) out there.
     Parisienne Dining Chair--$1200-C6 R3-1x1--The ultimate dining chair. 
Elegant, comfortable, and makes your room look better. At $1200, you'd better 
hope that a promotion or the lottery is your reason for splurging.

LOVE SEATS(seat 2)
     Contempto Loveseat--$150-C3 E4-2x1--Cheapest loveseat, seats two people and 
if you don't have a bed yet, a nap on this comfy loveseat isn't too bad.
     Indoor-Outdoor Loveseat--$160-C3 E4-2x1--Basically a Futon. Looks great 
inside or outside as said in the title. Not too bad of a rest on this either.
     Parque Fresco del Aire Bench--$250-C2-2x1--250 bucks for something with a 
comfort rating of only 2? Well, at least it looks good. Possibly best for 
outside, especially if you have a garden.
     Country Class Loveseat--$340-C5 E4-2x1--Another loveseat and this one looks 
good with the Country Class Armchair.
     Pinstripe Loveseat from Zecutime--$360-C5 E4-2x1--It's blue, it's 
pinstriped, it's perfect. Looks great anywhere and is pretty comfortable too.
     Luxuriare Loveseat--$875-C8 E4 R2-2x1--Made of lambskin leather, this white 
couch isn't baaad (not nearly as bad as that pun). Not as tacky as some of the 
previous loveseats too.

COUCHES(seat 3)
     Recycled Couch--$180-C2 E5-3x1--Cheapest 3-seater in the game. Doesn't look 
too bad and is better for sleeping on than just sitting.
     Contempto Couch--$200-C3 E5-3x1--Slighty more comfortable than the Recycled 
Couch, and looks great if you already have the Contempto Loveseat.
     SimSafari Sofa--$220-C3 E5-3x1--Now this is great for a bachelor pad. The 
cliche zebra skin couch. Good addition to a rec room as well as the den.
     Pinstripe Sofa from Zecutime--$400-C5 E5-3x1--Looks like the Pinstripe 
Loveseat, but seats one extra person and gives you a little more of an energy 
boost when you nap on it.
     Country Class Sofa--$450-C5 E5-3x1--Need to finish your Country Class home 
set? Well here you go, now you can have the sofa too.
     "The Deiter" by Werkbunnst--$1100-C8 E5 R3-3x1--This is a wood couch with 
leather seats. Looks like something you'd find in the waiting room of a really 
nice building.
     Dolce Tutti Frutti Sofa--$1450-C9 E5 R3-3x1--Tacky is back and they've 
brought you this sofa. A fluorescent green sofa that goes great with the yellow 
chair. I can't complain though, as this is the best couch in the game.

SINGLE BEDS(sleep 1)
     Spartan Special--$300-C6 E7-3x1--Looks more like it belongs in a barracks 
than a house, but hey, at least its not your couch. This is the cheapest bed and 
it shows, but now you get a lot more energy from sleeping.
     Tyke Nyte Bed--$450-C7 E7-3x1--Multicolored bed, made for kids (obviously, 
once you see it) and is comfortable too. I believe adults can sleep in it too.

DOUBLE BEDS(sleep 2)
     Cheap Eazzzzze Double Sleeper--$450-C7 E8-3x2--Now you can have a nice big 
bed. It looks normal too and its comfortable and restores energy. 
     Napoleon Sleigh Bed--$1000-C8 E9-3x2--Nice cedar bed, a step up from the 
previous one. But also double the price.
     Modern Mission Bed--$3000-C9 E10 R3-3x2--The best bed in the game, and adds 
to the roominess of your bedroom. A must have if you want your sims to get a 
good sleep in less time.


     Pinegulcher End Table--$40-1x1--Cheapest end table. It doesn't have any 
special additions to your home, except that you can put stuff on it. 
     Wicked Breeze End Table--$55-1x1--Slightly more expensive, but this one is 
made of wicker. Looks much better than the previous one, but still has no other 
     KinderStuff Nightstand--$75-1x1--Really cheesy, but the best end table for 
a children's room. 
     "Anywhere" End Table--$120-1x1--This is the first end table that actually 
can be considered 'good.' It is wood and looks pretty nice, but still nothing 
     Imperious Island End Table--$135-1x1--Small wood end table. Again, nothing 
     Modern Mission End Table--$250-R1-1x1--Finally, an end table that adds to 
the room. Looks good with the Modern Mission Bed, when you can finally afford 
     Sumpto End Table--$300-R1-1x1--Nice Looking end table and the most 
expensive, although I still prefer the previous one.

     Mesquite Desk/Table--$80-2x1--A basic wood table, but doesn't look too bad. 
Good table for newbies.
     NuMica Folding Card Table--$95-2x2--In my opinion, this is the best table 
to buy when the game starts. It is relatively large and only 15 bucks more than 
the first table. Plus, it holds much more.
     "Colonial Legacy" Dining Table--$200-2x2--Another nice table, but there 
isn't much special about it.
     Backwoods Table by Survivall--$200-3x2--Good picnic table for the patio. 
Great for parties/barbecues and actually not too bad of a table.
     London "Cupertino" Collection Desk/Table--$220-2x1--Looks better as a desk 
with a computer and/or phone.
     London "Mesa" Dining Design--$450-R2-3x2--Big wooden table with a black 
border around it. Pretty nice and classy.
     The "Redmond" Desk/Table--$800-R2-2x1--A nice, simple computer desk that 
isn't very tacky.
     Parisienne Dining Table--$1200-R3-3x2--Very nice, classy dining table. At 
$1200, it had better be. Definitely a great addition to any home, as long as you 
have the money to spend.
     NuMica Kitchen Counter--$150-1x1--Formica counters that don't look too bad 
at all. Cheap, and a good surface for making food or keeping appliances on.
     Tiled Counter--$250-1x1--Green tiled counters with no special benefits. 
Look good in the kitchen or bathroom.
     Count Blanc Bathroom Counter--$400-1x1--Nice looking counters for the 
bathroom, but pretty pricy.
     "Barcelona" Outcurve Counter--$800-R2-1x1--Very cool looking counters, 
especially for a recreation room.
     "Barcelona" Incurve Counter--$800-R2-1x1--Looks great with the Outcurve 
Counters for a nice wave design.


     African Violet--$30-R1-1x1--Cheap plant that makes a room look better, but 
needs to be put on a surface.
     Spider Plant--$35-R1-1x1--Cool looking plant that does the same as the 
previous one. Needs a surface too.
     "Roxana" Geranium--$45-R1-1x1--Pink and green flowers that need to be put 
on a surface. What a surprise
     Rubber Tree Plant--$120-R2-1x1--This plant can simply be placed on the 
floor, preferably a corner, to increase the beauty of a room.
     Echinopsis Maximus Cactus--$150-R2-1x1--Another plant that can be placed on 
the floor, but this is a cactus. How can you not like a cactus?
     Jade Plant--$160-R2-1x1--Nice looking plant that can simply be placed on 
the floor somewhere. Don't forget to water.
     "Tragic Clown" Painting--$45-R1--Picture of the paradoxial sad clown. Put 
it on a wall, let it brighten up the room
     Watercolor by J.M.E.--$75-R1--3 vertical pictures of flowers. Nice addition 
to a room such as a bathroom.
     *Cuckoo Clock--$180-R2--A tacky cuckoo clock, what else could you want?
     Bi-Polar by Conner I.M.--$240-R2--2 Vertical designs: one red, one green. I 
like it.
     "Delusion de Grandeur"--$360-R2--I can't tell what it is, but hey, thats 
     Landscape #12,001 by Manny Kopees--$750-R3--Nice oil painted landscape, and 
a pretty big painting as well. Looks great in a living room.
     Snails With Icicles in Nose--$2140-R5--O...k, weird little picture, but 
with a Room rating of 5, I'm not complaining.
     Portrait Grid by Payne A. Pitcher--$3200-R8--Ooohh, aaahhh. Buy this=)
     "Still Life, Drapery and Crumbs"--$7600-R9--Room rating of 9, very good. If 
you've got cash to burn, buy this one.

     Pink Flamingo--$12-R2-1x1--At $12, this is the cheapest item in the game. 
But hey, if you like tacky plastic flamingos in your yard (or house) go ahead 
and buy it.
     Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium--$200-F1 R2-1x1--A nice little aquarium, 
complete with fish. Just don't forget to clean the tank and feed the fish or 
they'll be surfacing quick.
     "Fountain of Tranquility"--$700-F1 R2-1x1--Nice fountain for outside, but 
$500 more than the Aquarium even though it has the same benefits.
     Bust of Athena by Klassick Repro Inc.--$875-R3-1x1--A bust on a small 
pedestal that is great for any home.
     "Scylla and Charybdis"--$1450-R4-1x1--I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no 
clue what this is. It looks like a yard ornament of some kind, and I'd rather 
keep it outside anyway.
     Grandfather Clock--$3500-R7-1x1--What house isn't complete without a $3500 
grandfather clock?
     Blue China Vase--$4260-R7-1x1--Another item on a small pedestal, only this 
is a vase. Classy.
     "Large Black Slab" by ChiChi Smith--$12648-R10-2x1--I'm really hoping 
you've got money to spare if you want this. Really a good example of art though, 
especially with the price tag.


     FireBrand Smoke Detector--$50--Goes on any empty wall in a room. Use this 
in any room with a fireplace, stove, or anything that could start a fire. Note 
that this only covers one room.
     SCTC BR-8 Standard Telephone--$50-1x1--Needs to be on a surface, but it's 
still a phone.
     SCTC Cordless Wall Phone--$75--Only $25 more and goes on a wall so you 
don't waste surface space. Definitely the preferred phone in the game.
     Urchineer Train Set by Rip Co.--$80-F2-2x1--This can only be used by kids, 
but is also a group activity. If you don't have children, this is basically 
     Monochrome TV--$85-F2-1x1--Group activity as well. Then again, this is a 
tiny black and white TV, who wants to watch that with you? Huh?? =)
     "Down Wit Dat" Boom Box--$100-F2-1x1--Group activity and needs a surface to 
be placed on. But a good deal if you want music.
     SimSafety IV Burglar Alarm--$250--Place on a wall in a room for protection 
from burglars. Only covers one room.
     Trottco 27" Color Television B94U--$500-F4-1x1--A much better Tv with twice 
the fun, and this one has color.
     Zimantz Component Hi-Fi Stereo--$650-F3-2x1--Nice stereo, much more 
expensive than the boom box, though.
     OCD Systems SimRailRoad Town--$955-F4 R3-3x2--Nice large railroad set that 
is also a group activity. This one can be used by adults.
     Moneywell computer--$999-F3-1x1--This cheap, but useful, computer is a 
great addition to the home. You can play it or use it to find a job. This also 
needs to be on a surface.
     *Viva PGT Home Casino--$1750-F2-1x1--Bet $10 or $100, if you win you get a 
10:1 payoff. This can easily pay itself off or drive you into bankruptcy...fun!
     Microscotch Covetta Q628-1500JA--$1800-F5-1x1--A better computer that is 
more fun. But, go out and buy a desk as well because you need a surface for it.
     "See Me, Feel, Me" Pinball Machine--$1800-F5-2x1--Another good group 
activity, and who doesn't like pinball? Nice looking machine complete with puns 
from "Tommy."
     SSRI Virtual Reality Set--$2300-F7-1x1--Have plenty of fun with this 
Virtual Reality headset. Sure you'll look like a mental case while you're 
playing, but at least you won't have a big red fun bar. This also needs a 
surface to be placed on.
     Strings Theory Stereo--$2550-F5 R3-2x1--Sleek, futuristic stereo that is 
fun for everybody. In other words, it's a group activity. 
     The Brahma 2000--$2800-F7-1x1--An even better computer with a fun level of 
7. Yet again, it needs a surface to be placed on. Buy a desk yet?
     Soma Plasma TV--$3500-F6 R2-2x1--::drools:: This is the supreme TV, for the 
ultimate entertainment center. Now excuse me while I return to what I was doing. 
     Meet Marco--$6500-F9-1x1--This computer makes all the others obsolete. 
Heck, it even has its own personality. Too bad it doesn't come with a computer 
stand since it needs a surface.


     Mr. Regular-Joe Coffee--$85-B-1 E1-1x1--Normal coffee machine for people 
who didn't get enough sleep. Needs to be placed on a surface like many of the 
appliances, so consider some of the kitchen counters.
     Brand Name Toaster Oven--$100-Hu1-1x1--A good cheap way of heating up your 
food. Needs surface.
     XLR8R Food Processor--$220-Hu2-1x1--Better way of preparing food, making it 
slightly more filling. Don't ask me how. Needs surface.
     Positive Potential Microwave--$250-Hu2-1x1--Ah, the good ol' nuker, how 
could we survive without you? Needs surface.
     Wild Bill THX-451 Barbecue--$350-Hu4-2x2--Mmm, barbecue. Great for out on 
the patio for parties. It comes with its own stock of food so don't bother 
putting a refrigerator near it. This can only be used by adults.
     Junk Genie Trash Compactor--$375-2x1--Definitely buy this unless you prefer 
taking the trash out every 5 minutes. Long live laziness.
     Dialectric Free Standing Range--$400-Hu5-1x1--The stove, another useful 
invention. Just make sure that you have cooking skill before using it.
     Gagmia Simore Espresso Machine--$450-B-2 E2 F1--Exchange bladder room for 
energy. Worth it unless your carpool arrives in 2 minutes and you've chugged 3 
espressos. Only can be used by adults. Needs a surface as well.
     Dish Duster Deluxe--$550-2x1--A dishwasher for every adult, since only they 
can use it. Much better than washing everything in the sink.
     Llamark Refrigerator--$600-Hu6-1x1--Kind of a seafoam green refrigerator, 
but hey, it holds food. Get this if you actually want meals to fill you up, 
because you can't live off pizza forever no matter how much you may want to.
     Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher--$950-2x1--Another, sleeker dishwasher. The only 
difference, I think, is that this one is quicker to load.
     The "Pyrotorre" Gas Range--$1100-Hu7-1x1--Much better stove, but please 
make sure you have cooking skill unless you want a campfire in the middle of 
your kitchen. Note: Not as pleasant as it may sound.
     Porcina Refrigerator Model P1g-S--$1200-Hu7-1x1--Nice white refrigerator 
that goes with everything.
     Freeze Secret Refrigerator--$2500-Hu8-1x1--Sleek silvery refrigerator. Get 
this for really filling meals.


     Hydronomic Kitchen Sink--$250-Hy2-1x1--Cheapest sink. Use it to wash dishes 
or your hands. Make sure you have a counter to install this in.
     Hygeia-O-Matic Toilet--$300-B8-1x1--Necessary for a household unless you 
want puddles in your house. Note: Not as pleasent as it sounds either.
     "Andersonville" Pedestal Sink--$400-Hy2-1x1--Great bathroom sink and not 
too expensive. The ultimate in handwashing care..or something.
     Epikouros Kitchen Sink--$500-Hy3-1x1--Another sink that needs to be 
installed in a counter, but much better.
     SpaceMiser Shower--$650-Hy6-1x1--Get this or a bathtub because washing your 
hands 20 times a day isn't as healthy as it sounds.
     Justa Bathtub--$800-C3 Hy6-2x1--Like the name says, its just a bathtub. At 
least you get more comfort than a shower.
     Flush Force 5 XLT--$1200-C4 B8-1x1--This is the toilet of the future, my 
friends. You might as well stick a TV in front of it because it's more 
comfortable than many of the chairs.
     Sani-Queen Bathtub--$1500-C5 Hy8-2x1--Don't let the name fool you because a 
man can enjoy this just as much. Who wouldn't want a nice, relaxing bath after a 
long day of saving lives, making business deals, or pickpocketing?
     Hydrothera Bathtub--$3200-C8 Hy10-2x2--So good you might as well say you're 
clean before you even get in. Note that this does take up a lot of room so make 
sure you have a good-sized bathroom.
     WhirlWizard Hot Tub--$6500-C6 Hy2 F2-2x2--This is a group activity and can 
only be used by adults. Take into consideration that this is a hot tub and not a 
bathtub so don't count on your hygeine improving much.


     Bottle Lamp--$25-1x1--Your basic, cheesy, handmade lamp. Needs a surface 
like many lamps so start buying a few end tables.
     *White Globe Sconce--$35--A light fixture that can be placed on your wall. 
     Halogen Heaven Lamp by Contempto--$50-1x1--Nice little floor lamp. Nothing 
special, but at least you don't need a surface.
     Garden Lamp by Lunatech--$50-1x1--Small lanterns that are made for use 
outside. Good for lining paths and you don't need a surface for them either.
     Love n' Haight Lava Lamp--$80-R2-1x1--The lava lamp, not much else to say. 
You need a surface for it. Although you can't use it, the description says 
there's a secret compartment in the base. Hmm... medicinal use, right?
     Ceramiche Table Lamp--$85-1x1--Another lamp that needs a surface. Better 
looking than the Bottle Lamp.
     *Oval Glass Sconce--$75--Goes on the wall, but looks kinda funny in my 
opinion. I'll stick with the globe sconce for now.
     Lumpen Lumeniat Floor Lamp--$100-1x1--Doesn't need a surface and that's all 
you can say about it.
     *Top Brass Sconce--$110--Classier sconce that looks best in dining rooms, 
in my opinion.
     *Blue Plate Special Sconce--$135--Another wall light that lets off a nice 
blue glow.
     Elite Reflections Chrome Lamp--$180-1x1--Small lamp that needs a surface. 
Looks kinda like a flying saucer on a stick..really cool!
     SC Electric Co. Antique Lamp--$300-R1-1x1--Lamp that needs a surface. Looks 
like its from the really early 1900s. Not bad, but I don't really like it.
     Torchosteronne Floor Lamp--$350-R1-1x1--My idea of a lamp. Futuristic, 
metallic, great.


     Trash Can--$30-1x1--Basic trash can. Fills up quickly. I say go with the 
trash compactor.
     SnoozMore Alarm Clock--$30-1x1--Needs a surface, preferable a nightstand. 
Wakes you up in time to get ready for work.
     Magical Mystery Toy Box--$50-F2-2x1--Full of fun and toys. Can only be used 
by children.
     Narcisco Wall Mirror--$100--Put this on a wall. To bring up your Charisma, 
practice a speech in front of it. Can only be used by adults.
     Medicine Cabinet--$125-Hy1--Only difference between this and the previous 
one is that this gives you the extra option of brushing your teeth.
     Narcisco Floor Mirror--$150-1x1--Can't get enough of yourself? Buy this. 
Practice your speech here too. But can only be used by adults.
     Will Lloyd Wright Doll House--$180-F2-1x1--Group activity doll house for 
those of you who like controlling families in their homes. Hmm...sounds 
     "Dimanche" Folding Easel--$250-F2-1x1--Paint on this and bring up that 
Creativity. You can also sell your paintings.
     Pinegulcher Dresser--$250-2x2--Change into a wide array of clothing with 
     Cheap Pine Bookcase--$250-F1-1x1--Study up on Cooking or Mechanical with 
this bookcase.
     Kinderstuff Dresser--$300-2x2--Tacky dresser that allows children to change 
into all kinds of different clothes.
     Chuck Matewell Chess Set--$500-F2-1x1--Pull up a chair and bring up your 
Logic. This is a group activity too.
     Amishim Bookcase--$500-F2-1x1--Better looking bookcase with the same skill-
building books.
     Traditional Oak Armoire--$550-R1-2x2--Same options as the other dresser, 
but this one makes the room look more presentable.
     SuperDoop Basketball Hoop--$650-F4-3x1--Group activity, although it seems 
like all they do is shoot from a few feet back each time...and mostly miss. Oh 
well, at least it's bringing up their fun level.
     "Exerto" Benchpress Exercise Machine--$700-3x1--Start working for those 
buns of steel. Working with this machine gets that Body skill built up. Can only 
be used by adults.
     Bachman Wood Beverage Bar--$800-Hu1 F3 R2-2x1--Make and consume drinks. I 
just wish they didn't make that stupid glug glug glug sound when they drink.
     Libri di Regina Bookcase--$900-F3-2x1--Better, more expensive bookcase. 
Same skill abilities.
     Antique Armoire--$1200-R2-2x2--Still the same as the others, except it 
makes the room look even better.
     The Funinator Deluxe--$1200-F5-3x3--A very large, children only, group 
activity. Looks like a deathtrap, but it's perfectly safe for them.
     Chimeway & Daughters Piano--$3500-F4 R3-2x2--Another way to bring up that 
Creativity. Also a group activity. A nice looking piano too, no doubts there.
     Aristoscratch Pool Table--$4200-F6-3x2--Can only be used by adults, but is 
also a group activity. One of my personal favorites, by the way.

     I hope you have enjoyed this guide. I appreciate any feedback and if you 
find errors, please send them to me at wldncrzy14@hotmail.com. 

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