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FAQ by damian_s

Version: 1 | Updated: 10/09/07

                                           The Sims
By Damian S
Version 1.1


Part Alpha: The Basics In Your Hands
Sim Needs
 - Hunger
 - Comfort
 - Hygiene
 - Bladder
 - Energy
 - Fun
 - Social
 - Room
Friends and Lovers
 - Love and Marriage
 - Proposing
 - Accepting/ Rejecting Proposals
 - Moving In
 - Interactions
 - Losing the Baby
 - Losing the Child
 - Jealousy
Disasters and Failure States
 - Floods
 - Fires
 - Starvation
 - Electrocution
 - Burglars
 - Fights
Building Your Home
Furnishing Your Home
 - Basics First
 - Losing Items
 - Keeping It Clean

Part Beta: Working
Getting One
 - Carpooling
Career Tracks
 - Original Sims
 - Livin' Large
 - Unleashed Career Tracks
 - Jobhopping
 - Keeping/Losing One
Other Ways of Making Money
- Building Gnomes
- Painting
- Farming
- Making Preserves

Part Gamma: Other Areas of The Sims
- Going and Leaving
- Getting Company
- Dating
Vacation Island
- Going and Leaving
- Fees
- Awards/Souvenirs
- Bringing  a Date
Old Town
Studio Town
- Going and Leaving
 - The Tabloid
 - Awards
 - NPC's
 - Career Help
 - Acting
 - Fashion
 - Music
 - Butlers
 - Obsessed Fans

Part Delta: Extra Luxuries
 - Getting Ready
 - Buying A Pet
 - Adopting A Pet
 - Pet Moods
 - Pet Skills
Cheats and Tricks
 - Resetting Moods
 - More Money Cheat
 - Rocket Explosion Trick
 - Marry For Money
 - Use And Return
 - Cheat Code List

Part Epsilon: Conclusion
Contacting Me
Good Luck

Part Alpha
The Basics In Your Hands

| Sim Needs  |

Whether a Sim is under your control or not,everywhere, it always
has needs and motives. To see these motives and their levels,
click on live mode to get the bar to pop up, and they will be next to your
Sim's face. To keep your Sim happy, all of these needs must be fulfilled. Your
Sim has eight of these needs. Hunger, Comfort, Hygiene, Bladder, Energy, Fun,
Social, and Room.

Making your Sim use different items will have an effect on each need. For
example, eating will make the Hunger bar rise, but it will somewhat lower the
Hygiene bar. How high all of these bars are affect your Sim's mood. More green
bars signify a very happy Sim; more red bars signify an extremely unhappy

Your Sim's mood has an effect on anything they do. If they are extremely
unhappy, they won't want to do anything, saying they lack the motivation, and
they will most likely die. So, take care of them, and don't neglect them. It
can also have an effect
on their interactions with other people. For example, two unhappy Sims are
more likely to fight, while two happy Sims are more willing to get along.

Finally, there are objects which are essential to keeping these bars green and
keeping your Sim happy. I will talk about these in detail, but an example
would be how the fridge is essential to keeping the Hunger need high.

| Hunger |
This is one of THE most important motives. If this isn't fulfilled, your Sim
may die, and that's not fun, so feed them well, especially when the bar is low.
There are a few things I have to talk about here. First of all, you MUST have
a fridge. It has a few options to feed your Sim. When you click it, you can
have a snack, a quick meal, a normal meal, or serve a meal. If you select a
snack, your Hunger bar is not filled very much, and you've forked over §5. If
you ask your Sim to make a meal, you will give up §10, and your Hunger bar
will be raised, depending on your Sim's culinary expertise. A quick meal is
less filling for your Sim, but takes less time to prepare. Finally, if you
want to serve a meal, then your Sim (if they don't start a fire) will make a
meal that has 6 servings, for the cost of §20. This is usually the best option
for large families, but if you have a single Sim that eats only one portion,
then just click the 'Have Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner' option, unless they're

Also, you can satisfy your Hunger motive somewhat by ordering Pizza. You can
do this from the Phone pie menu. Simply click on Services...'Order Pizza'.
This isn't very filling, unless you eat the whole thing, but is good if your
Sim often starts fires or is just plain lazy.

Finally, when you do cook, and want maximum efficiency, make sure to follow
this order of items.
+--------+ +-----------+ +------++ -----------+
|   Fridge    |  Processor     |  | Stove   |
+--------+ +-----------+ +------+ +-----------+
|  Comfort |
Comfort, obviously, is how COMFORTABLE your Sims are. This is weighed pretty
heavily. The comfort bar can drop severely in some situations. It will lower
sometimes when the Sim is standing, but not as much as it would if they are
sitting on an extremely uncomfortable piece of furniture, or working out.

When raising it, you don't really have to be a rocket scientist. If your Sims
have a decent couch, then they can raise their comfort bar while watching TV
while also raising their Fun meter. See, you're already multitasking. Every
couch can raise your Comfort bar all the way, but it's just the time they
take. A couch with a 10 comfort rating can raise it in a few Sim minutes,
while a couch with a 1 comfort rating might take MUCH longer.

If you want to REALLY multitask, watch TV with a friend, while sitting on your
nice couch. So here, you're raising the Comfort, Social, and Fun bars. Just
thought I'd add that there.

|  Hygiene |
If you cannot keep up your Sims' hygiene needs, then many things can be
affected. Again, the meaning of this one is fairly self-explanatory. This is
how clean your Sims are. This can be raised or fulfilled by bathing,
showering, or washing your Sims' hands in the sink. If your Sim is not clean,
it affects their mood and their interactions with others. To illustrate my
point here, put yourself in another Sims shoes. Would you want to interact
with a Sim that hasn't taken a shower in two weeks? I didn't think so.
Finally, to maximize the efficiency of your bathtub or shower, clean it often.

| Bladder |
This one, if it is low, must be taken care of quickly if it's low, because
there is a consequence for low bladders. Your Sim, regardless of age, wets
themselves and the floor. Not a valuable use of their time. It also makes
the Hygiene bar go all the way down to zero. Not fun.

It doesn't matter what kind of toilet you have. All of them will fill your
bladder bar right up, no need to worry, and your Sim can go and do whatever
they were doing. However, the accidental wetting may come from something other
than an exploding bladder. If your Sim is tickled [Extreme], they may just
lose control and go, wherever they are.

|  Energy |
Everyone has a need for some shut-eye now and then, so your Sims deserve the
same. This is how much sleep they get. The more they sleep every night, the
higher their Energy bar is. This is lowered substantially as your Sim goes
about their business during the day, and can be fulfilled by many things.

First of all, it's the obvious bed. Your Sims, if they have a terrible
bed, can take up to all night to fully raise their Energy bar. They can miss
work if they sleep too long, still filling the Energy bar, so make sure that
you get them to sleep early. If they have a good bed, they can fill the entire
bar in a few Sim hours. Your Sim will get up automatically at 6 AM if their
Energy bar is full. If not, they will keep sleeping until you give them a

If the Sims need a quick energy boost before work, you can have them drink
coffee or espresso. Not very much of a boost, but good if you just need a
little bit and don't want the Sim to nap. The children cannot use the coffee
or espresso machine, be thankful.

A Sim, also depending on their active rating, can get OUT of bed in different
ways. They can either (if they're feeling REAL happy and active) literally
leap out. However, if your poor Sim got 1 hour of sleep, it can take up to 30
Sim minutes to fully rouse themselves, because they will be busy screaming
at you.

There is also a sleep difference between Child Sims and adult Sims. Your adult
Sims are pretty light sleepers. Any sound in the room will wake them. If you
have an appliance in the room, make sure they are turned off, and no child
Sim comes to their room in the middle of the night to use them. Place your
phone somewhere like the living room, because the sound of a phone will also
wake your adult Sims. If there is a weight bench in the room, and another Sim
is working on it, the sleeping Sim will wake. So, overall, for adult Sims, its
best to just have the bed and nothing else in the bedroom to ensure good sleep.

Kid Sims, however, are very different. They are EXTREMELY heavy sleepers. The
only thing that they can be woken by is an alarm clock. This way, you can be
cheap with your kids. They don't need a separate bedroom. They can sleep in
the living room, with the TV on and CD player blaring, it won't bother
them at all.

One of the easiest needs to fulfill. First of all, let's face it,
YOU don't like being bored with nothing to do. Therefore, neither do your
Sims. For fun, they can do many things to fulfill their need.

First of all, you can use any electronics that you may have at your disposal.
TV is nice, although I don't think it matters which show your Sims watch, and
so is the computer. Make sure, however, that you provide a seating area for
each of these uses. They can boost their comfort levels, too! Another
electronic appliance that your Sim can use is the virtual reality item. This
is a little pricey, and I usually don't have it.

Also, your Sims can read a book. If they have low Playful ratings, that is.
With other Sims, they can do anything from watching TV to tickling. However,
if you don't want a little bundle of joy added to your family,
I suggest you refrain from the Playing.

|  Social  |
Every Sim needs to talk to others and interact with them. This bar is weighed
HEAVILY, and should be filled once every day. This is very easy to do if you
have a family, or a house with two people. If you have a single Sim, you might
need to ask someone to come over or enjoy a night on the town.

Many things can affect this meter, but some can affect it more than others.
For example, talking for HOURS will only fill the bar a little bit. However, a
few kisses of the passionate variety will boost it up all the way. You can
talk to other Sims to fulfill this, or if there are none around and you have
the Unleashed expansion pack, you can talk to and play with your pet.

If, for some STRANGE reason, you want to bring the Social meter DOWN, and your
Sim is in a really bad mood, there is an option to 'Attack', and thus fight
with the opposing Sim.

| Room  |
Finally, the last need. Room. This is how spacious and decorated your Sims home
is. Sims
love space, and lighting. However, lighting doesn't seem to help anything, so
it's just optional.

Your Sim's room bar is filled all the way up if you have, for example, many
statues and paintings, because they all add to the room score of a house/room.
However, if a Sim's house has puddles, broken appliances, dirty dishes and trash
on the floor, the Room rating won't be very high.

If your house is very dirty, some cockroaches may show as well. These can be
gotten rid of by 'Stomping', which is really funny to watch. Or, you can spray

If the room is small, just buy lots of paintings (if you have the money) and
buy lots of expensive furniture to raise the room score. However, the Room
score still applies outside. You have space, but its up to you to
decorate it as you see fit. Lots of flowers and trees can boost the outside
room score. If you're rich and enjoy water, (and have Hot Date™ installed) add

| Friends & Lovers|
 There are many things associated with this. First of all, your Sims
can marry, cheat, marry multiple people, have babies, and deal with jealous

Any Sim can fall in love with any other Sim, except for a
child. Your girl Sim can fall in love with a man, or
her girl roommate. One setback of having Sims of the same gender is that
they cannot have babies with each other, and therefore must adopt.

The two bars beneath each picture in the Relationship section signify your
Sim's relationship with others. The top bar is the 'Daily' bar, and the bottom
is the 'Lifetime' bar (If you have Hot Date™ installed).
| Love and Marriage    |
With every single other Sim they meet, your Sim has a relationship. This can
be good or bad. If good, it will escalate into Sim love.

Now, if your Sim has a 'daily' relationship rating of 100 with another, that
doesn't mean you can immediately propose to the other. The 'Lifetime' bar must
be high as well. If they both are high enough, the Sims can fall in love. And
falling in love can lead to Marriage and/or Moving In.

+===== Proposing=====+
First of all, your Sims must have a wonderful relationship in order for
the 'Propose' option to even come up. The proposee, for a successful beginning
of a union, should be in a good mood. If they aren't in a good mood or they
just don't like you, they will refuse your proposal. However, if
they're happy, they will accept.

+===== Acceptances and Rejections=====+
In order for the proposee to accept the proposal, they must be feeling pretty
 good, and be in love with the proposer. They must be in a good mood, so
make sure that they have eaten and gone to the bathroom. If they do
accept, then they move in and--well, make a new room and up the expenses. But
they also make their own contributions. All of the money that they previously
had is now yours, as are the family friends. Also, if they had children, they
come along too.

However, should the proposee reject your proposal, they will probably leave
the house. The relationship will suffer and decrease, as will the proposer's
mood. Also, how they will react is random. They will often give you a reason,
such as "I'm in a bad mood today", "I can't make a descision like that on an
stomach", etc.
| Moving In        |
If your Sims are of the opposite-gender variety, and they want to live together,
they have to have a good relationship, for starters. If, for example, your Sim
asks the other to Move In, and they are in a bad mood, they will most likely
refuse. If they do so, they will give you a reason. Usually "We don't know
each other well enough."

However, if they DO accept: KAPOW! Instant roommate. This roommate can bring
many things with them, as discussed above in the Marriage section. First of all,
if they live alone, they bring all of their money and children. If they have
another person, all of this is left behind and all they bring is the family
friends. So your benefits depend on what the other Sim has at home.

Note: This option is NEVER available for opposite-gender Sims. They can only
marry if they want to live together.

|  Babies       |
Do you know those wonderful children that come with families? Well, they were
babies first! Yeah! So therefore, if you want your Sims to have children, you
must have a baby first, and there are a number of ways to do so. First of all,
your Sims must have an opposite gender for each one.

If you only have the original Sims, they can have a baby two ways. Many kisses
of the passionate variety can lead to a dialog box asking you if you want to
have a baby. Choose yes, and BOOM! There's your baby. Your Sims could also get
a phone call out of nowhere from the adoption agency asking them if they want
to adopt. Choose yes, and BOOM! There's your baby.

When and IF you have a baby, after it pops up its gender will be determined
FOR you, as will its personality, and the only thing you get to edit is their

While the baby is sleeping, NOTHING can be done to it. Its
bassinet can't be moved, and you can't interact with it until it cries.
However, unless you want to lose your little bundle of joy, you have to make
it be quiet. Unfortunately, you never know what's happening, or what the baby
wants, so you just have to do everything.

When the baby is crying, it can wake all of the Sims that are in the room,
except for children, so just make sure that, unless you want the Sims' moods
to plunge, that the baby is in a separate room. The interactions are as

Feed - Gives the baby a bottle.
Play - Tickles the baby, and holds it.
Sing - Holds the baby, and sings to it.

Feel free to sing your Sim to the stars, but a hungry baby won't get any
happier, no matter how many times it hears 'Rock-A-Bye'. So I just find it the
safest to do all three.

A baby needs an adult in the house to care for it at all times. If you have
more than one Sim in the house, this is very good. Just alternate days and
you'll be fine, but NEVER leave the baby on its own if you want to keep it.

+=====Losing The Baby=====+
Yes, it can happen. You can lose your adorable baby. If the
baby cries endlessly with no attention resulting from it, it will get very
very very hungry, and a social worker will give you a warning. If this
continues, the social worker will pay a personal visit to your home and take
the baby away.

|  Children     |
AFTER THREE HORRIBLE DAYS, your Sim Baby now grows to be a Sim Kid. They can get
money, §100 from Dad for good grades, but that's pretty much it. No
jobs, and they can't ever grow up.

They can't fall in love with anyone, but they can, of course, have good
relationships with their parents. They, as I discussed in the Energy section,
can't be woken by anything other than an alarm clock. They can't even be woken
by a baby crying, which is a miracle unto itself.

Your children go to school...forever. They can get good grades, but not on
their own. Another challenge for you. The kids have to study often in order to
keep good grades and keep bringing in the §100 from their parents every now and

The children of the neighborhood can play with one another, and another
(sometimes unwanted) child will sometimes drop by your house to play with your
kids. If they stay into the night, their parents will come and take them home.

+=====Losing The Child=====+
Yes, you can lose your children. Other than death. If they do SO bad at
school, and they never study, they can get sent to military school. Unlike
real life, they never return from this little scenario.
But by then, you may have gotten so sick of them you may actually be happy.

| Neighbours    |
Neighbours are just that. Neighbours. They start everything in your Sim's world.
Your Sim can develop relationships, good or bad, with neighbours, and these
relationships can lead to new roomies or marriages, which can lead to
children. Which can also lead to money, if the other neighbour is living alone.

|  Jealousy     |
If you are a mean, mean person, or just trying to get a laugh, Sims get jealous
when their loved one is in a love triangle. For example, if Bob is a
stud, and both Sim Betty and Sim Bonnie love him. Now, if Bob kisses
Betty, WHILE Sim bonnie is looking, Bob and Betty will get a
free slap courtesy of Bonnie. Their relationships will also take a dramatic

However, the jealousy will only unfold if the acts are acts of love (ie:
passionate kissing, romantic hugging), and not friendly hugs. Also, the other
person must only be in the same room to experience jealousy. If they are
somewhere else, they most likely will not know. But if they ARE in the same
room, watch out, sparks will fly.

Children don't get jealous.

| Disasters|
There are a few disasters in which your Sims can die, or not die, it depends
on how you handle them. You can create them intentionally just to get a kick
out of it, or they can just happen. I'll talk about each, how they happen
normally, how you can do them intentionally, how you prevent it.

|  Floods     |
Floods are not deadly. You have enough on your hands. They are,
however, a serious pain.

A flood happens when a toilet, sink, dishwasher, or any type of plumbing
breaks and water spills all over the floors in one giant puddle. It can spread
quickly, so clean it up and then call a repairman, or if you fancy yourself
Mr.Fix-It, fix it yourself. Be careful though, this can lead to death or damage.

This is one that you can't do intentionally. It just happens, and it happens
more if you have bad plumbing. So earn some money and get that dishwasher,
and study to get yourself those mechanical skills to fix it when it breaks down.

|  Fires      |
Fires occur in the following situations:

SITUATION A) Your Sim, with absent culinary skills, decides to cook a delicious
for his/her family. The Sim was clumsy, and let the stove burst into flames.

SITUATION Beta) Your Sim, a little cold, decided to warm up the living room.
The antique
painting, by the fireplace, unfortunately ignited by a spark, set the whole
room on fire.

Situation Gamma) Trying to raise their Fun bar, your Sim sets up the rocket set,
which comes in Livin' Large™ , and in the  middle of jumping for joy
watching those bursts of flame, a rocket hits them and they catch fire.

Situation Delta)The Sim, decides to clean that stained magic lamp. Suddenly,
the Genie appears, and asks them for either fire or air. The Sim selects Fire,
possibly, the Sim's most expensive possesion will ignite.

To intentionally start a fire, just put a Sim with no cooking skill near an
oven and watch the events unfold.

To prevent a fire, it's only a matter of studying. Brush up on your cooking
skills, and make sure you have nothing close to the fireplace.

If a fire does start, and you HAVE AN ALARM, the Fire Department will come
running and put it out. If you don't have an alarm, you there
are a few things you can do. You can call the Fire Department, and it will
take them a while, and your fire will probably engulf half the house by the
time you phone and they get there. If you have a death wish, you can click on
the fire, and try and fight it yourself.

|  Starvation |
This cannot happen on its own, because your Sims
autonomously eat. This can only be done intentionally,
if you are one mean person. To starve your Sim, just put them in a little
square room with no windows or doors, and watch them waste away. I don't
really need to tell you how to prevent it, do I?

|  Electrocution   |
This is one of the funniest to watch no matter how sick it is. This happens
when an inexperienced Sim tries to fix a broken appliance. It rarely happens
on its own, and it will mostly happen when YOU make it happen.

To make electrocution happen, you may need the "move_objects on" code.
First you need to wait until something breaks. To MAKE something break, use
the potion making kit (Livin' Large™) to make a purple potion, drink it, and
your Zombie Sim will break things.
Then use the Move Objects code (covered in Cheats section) to move a puddle
right in front of the broken appliance
Then, Simply have a Sim with no Mechanical skill fix the appliance. And sit
back and watch. It's rather funny.

To prevent it, don't fix things unless you have high Mechanical skills. If
something breaks, call a repairman.

|  Drowning   |
This, you also have to set up, and you also have to have a bit of Simoleans to
make happen. This happens when your Sim has NO ENERGY, and they decide to take
a swim, and obviously drown and die.

To make it happen, you need to get your Sim into the pool, and remove all
ladders leading out of it, so that they have no way to get out. It could take
as much as a whole day, but your Sim will eventually just sink down, and a
tombstone will appear next to the pool.

To prevent it, just make sure that you have exits leading out of your pool,
and that your Sims never get into the pool when they have extremely low

|  Burglars   |
In every single neighborhood, including your Sims', there will be a burglar
who tries to clean out your whole house and take all of your more expensive
items. For this one, I can only tell you how to prevent it, because it happens
randomly, and you can't MAKE a burglar come and rob you. I don't see why you
would want to, anyway.

Burglars walk right into your house and stuff anything and everything into a
tiny bag. You'd be surprised what they can get in there!

But anyway, to prevent burglaries, you MUST get a burglar alarm to every door
that leads outside. If you only get one to the front door, then the burglar
will Simply go around and enter through the back door. This way, the police
come running, and your Sims don't have their beauty sleep interrupted.

When a burglar is caught, you get §1000, and also you are reimbursed for
anything that they have stolen so that you can buy it back. But if they aren't
caught, they can just walk off with your things.

The funny thing about burglars is that the minute that they enter your
property, you're locked out of Buy and Build mode, so that you can't use ANY
cheat to get him off your property, so just save that money and buy an alarm,
it's a good investment.

| Fights     |
Your Sim, when they really hate another, can just choose to fight. This can
lead to moving out, among other things. Both Moods will suffer, and one Sim
might just up and leave because they can't take it anymore. Fights, though
strange, are very entertaining to watch.

When the active Sim chooses 'Attack', both engage in such a heated fight that
it looks like a ball of smoke, with little feet and hands poking out every now
and then. Should your Sims get in a fight, take a picture, it's something to

| Illness    |
Illnesses, just like for yourself, suck for your Sims. Most of the time, they
can't deal with them. But other times, they can just make it through the

Your Sim can, either intentionally or accidentally, can catch a disease from
an unhappy Guinea Pig. It's called the Guinea Pig Plague. If a Guinea Pig is
unhappy, and they bite your Sim, that Sim may catch the disease. To see if
they have the disease, look to see if your Sim is throwing fits, coughing, and
generally feeling upset. They probably have that disease then.

Now, to prevent this disease would be to Simply not get a Guinea pig, but if
your Sims do get it, there's a few things that you can do. First, you can have
your Sims drink plenty of coffee, and then have them read the poem on
the "Forgotten Guinea Pig" picture that you can buy. You can also (If you have
Livin' Large™) make a potion that cures it immediately.

| The Tragic Clown   |
This guy annoys me SO MUCH, it's not even funny. He appears when a Sim is
depressed, or they have the Tragic Clown Painting in their home. That hideous

Now, if you want to make him come to your house and annoy you, then you need
to buy that Tragic Clown painting and have your Sim view it. Then, that Sim
must get depressed.
When they do, the clown will arrive.

You cannot control him once he is there. He has good intentions, trying to
make your Sims feel better, but he ends up making things worse. You can
interact with him, by slapping him in the face. But this won't make any

To get rid of him, you can do it in two ways. One, you can raise your Sim's
mood to max, and then politely ask him to leave, and he will, seeing that
you're in a better mood. The next way is to phone the Clown Catchers. This
makes the Clown Catchers come, and shoot the clown with their Clown Gun.
This is quick and easy, but it costs money. §500 of your money, to be exact. I
find the mood-raising method better, but whatever you want to do.

To prevent this, just don't buy one of those paintings. If your Sims
get depressed, but there is no Tragic Clown painting, then he won't appear,
Simple as that.

| Death          |
This is slightly strange, and might require some explanation. First of all,
when a Sim dies, they just lie there for a bit, and then the Grim Reaper
appears and take their corpse, and all you will have is their ashes in an
urn. If the dead Sim was outside, then it's a tombstone.

But if one family member just CAN'T handle losing the other, then they can
plead with the Grim Reaper to leave the dead. If he's in a bad mood, he'll
just take them. If he's in a good mood, he let's you play a game of Rock,
Paper, Scissors with him. This is nice, playing rock, paper, scissors with
Death. Anywho, if your pleading Sim wins, the dead Sim is raised from the dead
to live again.

If your Sim loses the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, then he'll either just
take the body, or have mercy on you and make them a zombie. They live
normally, but have a nasty, see-through green tinge to them, and have NO
personality whatsoever. Literally.

If your Sim drowned, you can't save them.

You can place the Urn or Gravestone anywhere on your property, and the only
option that comes with it is Mourn. However, if you have one of these, a
zombie will scare people in the house and wake them. If you don't want
this, you can sell the urn or tombstone for §5 in Buy Mode. Cruel, but
sometimes necessary. Or, you can put the bed upstairs, and, the living dead
won't wake you.

You can cause this by doing any of the above things that I just talked about.
There. I just explained death and everything that causes it to you. Do you
feel any more knowledgeable now? I sure do. Now we can move on.

|  Building Your Dream Home      |
If you are playing this game without cheats, then your first home will not be
your dream home. In fact, it will probably be the furthest thing from it, but
there are a few tips to help save those necessary Simoleans.

However, before I begin, I just want to make sure that you newbies know how to
buy a lot and get going. In the Select a Family screen, Simply click on the
family that you want to move onto a lot or into a home, and then click on the
home. Every family starts out with §20,000 and each time you buy a home or a
lot, the money is taken away.

Usually, a lot is around §3000-5000. This leaves you with around §15000
to build the house AND buy the furnishings. This can be
expensive, but, as I said, there are a few tips to help you on your way.

ROOMS AND WALLS - Walls are around §70 per section. That can be REALLY
expensive, especially when you're trying to build a whole house. For your
rooms, you don't really need walls to separate all of them.  For this
example, let's say that your rooms are 5 tiles by 5 tiles. The rooms are
Kitchen and Living Room, as shown below.

|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
| Living Room |    Kitchen       |
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
This can be good, if you have the money, but then you need a door between
them, and that's even more, so you're wasting your Simoleans,
especially if you only have a few. If ALL of the walls that are in these two
rooms cost §2450 Simoleans, that's a lot for two rooms. Now, do this:
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
| Living Room        Kitchen       |
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |
|                      |                       |

See, now, you have one big room that's 10x10, but doubles as two rooms. It IS
big enough after all, and that wall that we took out will now save you §350,
which is enough to get a burglar or fire alarm. So we're all happy.

DOORS & WINDOWS - These are important because they allow your Sim to
get in and out of the house, and the windows allow light to get in. The tool
in Build Mode is a door, and if you click it you get many door
options. Just pick one, it doesn't really matter, and place it where you want.

One thing, though, with doors. If you have House Party, and the doors with the
Woman and Man on them, do NOT use these for your main door. The Woman's door
that only girls can go through it, and the same for Men. If a man is standing
outside a lady's door, he can't go through it, so he will just stand there. So
don't use those doors for your main ones. Use them for bathrooms all you want.

Windows are the light-bringers. For a 5x5 room, you will only need one or two.
For bigger rooms, you will need more windows. You can do a double whammy and
get a door with a window built in. They're more expensive, but they should be
for the 2-for-1 service.

WALLPAPER & FLOORING - Wallpaper is used to, obviously, decorate your home.
Like everything else here, it IS optional, but it just makes your Sim's room
look much nicer. There are outdoor and indoor ones, but there are no
restrictions. Meaning, you can put a brick wall inside, and a nice baby
balloon wallpaper outside. Whatever you think looks nice.

Flooring is important, unless you want your poor Sims walking on grass. A lot
of carpet really isn't that expensive, but once you start getting into tile
and hardwood, it gets more expensive.

To fill an entire room with flooring OR wallpaper, just hold Shift and click.

ROOF - Roof is Simple. Just click on the little Roof icon in build mode and
pick a roof that you think looks nice on your Sim's new crib. These don't cost
any money to change. You can also change the 'steepness' of your roof. You can
make it flat to look like a trailer, or very high to look like a church.

POOLS - Pools are excellent. Click the water tool, and then click and drag
to make a pool. These usually only go outside, but if you want to make an
indoor pool, do this. First make a pool outside, then build a wall around it,
because if you try to make a pool inside a room, it won't let you. Just make
sure that when you're building a pool, you make ladders so that your Sims can
get in and out.

|  Furnishing Your Home      |

|  Basics First |
For this, start Simple, then work your way up. But if you're using the cheat,
then you really have no purpose looking here. Start with the bare necessities
to fulfill your Sims' needs, then add the luxuries.

For hunger, and the kitchen, you should start with a fridge, processor, sink,
and microwave all on counters. This is the cheapest way to go. The fridge,
processor, and microwave help make the food. When you get some more money, you
can replace the microwave with an oven. The sink is for washing dishes, and
this can also be replaced later on with a dishwasher.

Room, Comfort, and Fun can all be fulfilled in the living room. Here, I
recommend a TV, couch (and chair if you want), a phone on a small table, and a
few small art items. The TV and couch fulfill Fun and Comfort, the phone is
just necessary, and the art items help the Room bar. If your Sim is more
serious, you can substitute the TV for a bookcase. This can also, in addition
to providing Fun, can help your Sim improve their skills.

A bathroom is needed for Bladder and Hygiene. Here, for starters, you have to
have a toilet, sink, and bathtub/shower. I recommend starting with a shower
instead of the bathtub. Here, you may also want to have a mirror and counter,
but save that for later.

Finally, buy a bed ONLY for the bedroom for starters. This fulfills Energy and

Some other items that you may want to have in addition to these are a burglar
and fire alarm. These help security, and don't really cost very much.

| Losing Items |
If you've spend more money than you're bringing in, you're not going to be
able to pay those bills that come in the mail asking for money. Yup,
bills! Bills are never fun, especially when they put a hold on that new Fuzzy
Logic Dishwasher you've been saving for.

Anyway, if you don't pay your bills, the 'Repossesion Man' will come and take
away one or a few of your items so that they will pay for the bills. This
isn't fun, and you can't delete him or anything.

To resolve this, just PAY those bills!

| Keeping it Clean  |
Keeping your house clean is important, especially to raise those room ratings.
If you don't, then your house can get flies, cockroaches, and will just look
very unpleasant to visitors. And trust me, no one wants to make children in a
house full of puddles and cockroaches.

Anyway, the cheapest way to get the house clean is to do it yourself. Tell
your Sim do to so, and they'll run around the house putting away dishes and
mopping the floor. The only problem with this is that it lowers Hygiene and
Energy. And it's just not very fun for your Sim. But if you're pressed for
cash, then this is your only method.

The second cheapest method is hired help. You can hire a maid by phoning the
maid service, and asking them to send someone. The maid comes every day at 9
in the morning, and cleans. She charges around §10 an hour, but it's well
worth it, because she's very effective and you don't have to lift a finger.
You can be as much a slob as you want, and the maid will clean it. She will
leave when there is no more work to be done, or after she's worked all day.

One of the most expensive methods comes with Livin' Large™. Servo the Robot
does the job of a maid, gardener, AND repairman. He is extremely efficient,
keeps the lot clean and beautiful, and saves you the trouble. You need some
extra money to get him, though, as he costs §15,000. Start saving up.

Finally, its the method that comes with the Superstar expansion pack. The
butler. He can be hired through the phone, and he arrives the following day at
9 in the morning. The only job that he will do himself is clean, but if there
are things to clean, repair, or water, he will call and hire the appropriate
people. He brings in the mail paper, and fills pet dishes (If you have
Unleashed). He will cook at every mealtime, so your Sims are saved the
trouble, and for your Sim superstars, he will slap the stalker that comes to
your property and spies on you. He, unlike the others, stays late, even though
there may be nothing to do. He will take care of babies during the day as
well! However, his problem is his cost. If you want a butler, you have to
pay §500 EVERY day! But if you can afford it, he really is the best
method of housekeeping.

Part Beta

Jobs are a necessary part of Sim living. Your Sims need them to bring in the
dough to support themselves and their families. If your Sim is only
concerned with the next episode on the Romance Channel, while their children
and their houses are wasting away, you better get them a job.

In this section I'll discuss how to get a job, keep one, what the career
tracks are in each expansion, and other ways that your Sims can bring the
money home. I'll also discuss losing a job.

| Getting One      |
This is the first think you need to know about working Sims. Before they can
be bringing down §1000 every day, they need to get that dream job first, and
there are a couple of ways to do this.

The first way is incredibly cheap. Your Sims get the morning paper every day
from the Nancy, the little paper girl. Once it is delivered, send a Sim outside
to get
it, and tell them to 'Look for Job'. The paper, however, will only have one
job offer per day. So if you don't like the one on that particular day, you
can always look tomorrow. Along with the job name, the paper will also list
the hours, carpool arrival, and a job description.

The next method is a little bit better. Your Sim can sit down at the computer
to look for work. Tell them to sit down and 'Look for Job' on the computer.
The computer will list THREE job options instead of just one, and you can
either accept one, or keep looking.

| Carpooling   |
When your Sim accepts a job, they will tell you that a carpool will arrive at
a  certain time. This means a car will arrive to pick up your Sim to take
them to work at a certain time.

When you want to go to work, and you want your Sims' needs to be all green,
make sure you go to sleep early and wake up a few hours earlier so that you
can fulfill their needs. Usually, if the carpool is coming at around 9 AM, I
will have my Sim up by 4 or 5 AM. I get them to sleep early, so their energy bar
is full, and so is everything else by the time they go to work.

When the carpool arrives, it will show in a small window at the bottom of the
screen. The car will honk until you get in. Thankfully, if you
aren't ready at the exact time that the carpool is there, your Sim has one
hour to get in the car before it leaves.

The carpools vary by jobs, eg: a Mail Room will have an old, dirty car, while a
CEO will
probably get a sports car, etc.

|  Career Tracks    |
When choosing a job, your Sim has plenty of choice. There were some choices in
the original Sims, and now there's many more thanks to the new expansion
packs. I will discuss all of these, along with their payments and rankings.
They will be arranged into their respective groups: Original Sims, Livin'
Large, and Unleashed.
The salaries are PER DAY.

|  Original Sims   |

††††††† Career: BUSINESS †††††††

Job                                 Salary

Mail Room                           §120
Executive Assistant           §180
Field Sales Rep.                  §250
Junior Executive                §320
Executive                             §400
Senior Manager                 §520
Vice President                     §660
President                              §800
CEO                                        §950
Business Tycoon                 §1200

††††††† Career: ENTERTAINMENT †††††††

Job                              Salary

Waitress                        §100
Extra                               §150
Bit Player                       §200
Stunt Double                §275
B-Movie Star                §375
Supporting Player      §500
TV Star                           §650
Feature Star                 §900
Broadway Star            §1100
Superstar                      §1400

††††††† Career: LAW ENFORCEMENT †††††††

Job                              Salary

Security Guard        §240
Cadet                         §320
Patrol Officer           §380
Desk Sargeant         §440
Vice Squad               §490
Detective                  §540
Lieutenant                §590
SWAT Team Leader §625
Police Chief               §650
Captain Hero            §700

††††††† Career: LIFE OF CRIME †††††††

Job                              Salary

Pickpocket                   §140
Bag Man                       §200
Bookie                           §275
Con Artist                     §350
Getaway Driver          §425
Bank Robber                §530
Cat Burglar                   §640
Counterfeiter               §760
Smuggler                       §900
Criminal Mastermind §1100

††††††† Career: MEDICINE †††††††

Job                              Salary

Medical Technician         §200
Paramedic                         §275
Nurse                                  §340
Intern                                  §410
Resident                              §480
GP                                         §550
Specialist                             §625
Surgeon                               §700
Medical Researcher         §775
Chief Of Hospital               §850

††††††† Career: MILITARY †††††††

Job                              Salary

Recruit                          §250
Elite Forces                  §325
Drill Instructor            §350
Junior Officer               §450
Counter-Intelligence  §500
Flight Officer                 §550
Senior Officer               §580
Commander                  §600
Astronaut                      §625
General                          §650

††††††† Career: POLITICS †††††††

Job                                     Salary

Campaign Worker            §220
Intern                                  §300
Lobbyist                              §360
Campaign Manager         §430
City Council Member       §485
State Assembly                 §540
Congressman                    §600
Judge                                   §650
Senator                               §700
Mayor                                 §750

††††††† Career: PRO ATHLETE †††††††

 Job                                Salary

Team Mascot                §110
Minor Leaguer             §170
Rookie                            §230
Starter                            §300
All-Star                           §385
MVP                                §510
Superstar                      §680
Assistant Coach          §850
Coach                            §1000
Hall of Famer               §1300

††††††† Career: SCIENCE †††††††

Job                                   Salary

Test Subject                      §155
Lab Assitant                     §230
Field Researcher             §320
Science Teacher               §375
Project Leader                 §450
Inventor                            §540
Scholar                              §640
Top Secret Researcher  §740
Theorist                            §870
Mad Scientist                  §1000

††††††† Career: X-TREME †††††††

Job                              Salary

Daredevil                              §175
Bungee Jump Instructor  §250
Whitewater Guide             §325
Xtreme Circuit Pro             §400
Bush Pilot                             §475
Mountain Climber             §550
Photo-Journalist                §650
Treasure Hunter                §725
Grand Prix Driver              §825
International Spy              §925

| 8.2 Livin' Large™    |
These careers are available ONLY if you have Livin' Large™ installed.

††††††† Career: HACKER †††††††

Job                               Salary

Daredevil                      §175
Support Technician    §150
Webmaster                   §200
Hacker                         §240
Security Consultant            §400
Game Designer                  §610
Internet Entrepreneur          §800
Software CEO                   §1100
Venture Capitalist             §1300
Information Overlord           §1550

††††††† Career: PARANORMAL †††††††

Job                              Salary

Psychic Friend             §100
Conspiracy Theorist        §130
Tarot Card Reader          §200
Hypnotist                  §300
Medium                     §375
Douser                     §480
Police Psychic             §600
UFO Investigator           §810
Exorcist                   §1000
Cult Leader                §1200

††††††† Career: SLACKER †††††††

Job                                           Salary

Golf Caddy                   §90
Convenience Store Clerk      §110
Lifeguard                    §150
Record Store Clerk           §180
Party D.J.                   §220
Projectionist                §280
Video Editor                 §350
Freelance Photographer       §400
Personal Tour Guide          §450
Professional Party Guest     §600

††††††† Career: MUSICIAN †††††††

Job                                         Salary

Subway Musician              §90
Piano Tuner                  §120
Wedding Singer               §190
Lounge Singer                §250
High School Band Teacher     §320
Roadie                       §400
Backup Musician              §550
Studio Musician              §700
Rock Star                    §1100
Celebrity Activist           §1400

††††††† Career: JOURNALISM †††††††

Job                                  Salary

Typesetter                   §120
Game Reviewer                §200
Tabloid Writer               §230
Papparazzi                   §340
Newspaper Reporter           §420
Meteorologist                §510
TV Reporter                  §660
Investigative Reporter       §850
National News Anchor         §975
Talk Show Host               §1200

| 8.3 Unleashed       |
These jobs only come if you have Unleashed installed.

††††††† Career: EDUCATION †††††††

Job                              Salary

Playground Monitor           §120
Substitute                              §180
Kindergarten Teacher         §190
Junior High Teacher          §210
High School Teacher          §290
Principal                           §310
Asst. Professor                  §490
Tenured Professor             §600
College Dean                    §700
Minister of Education         §900

††††††† Career: ANIMAL CARE †††††††

Job                              Salary

Dog Walker                    §100
Pet Groomer                   §160
Sheep Custodian             §185
Aquarium Technician       §250
Zoo Keeper                     §345
Dolphin Trainer               §435
Animal Acting Coach        §560
Alligator Relocator           §700
Veterinarian                    §780
Animal Magician              §1050

††††††† Career: CULINARY ARTS †††††††

Job                              Salary

Dishwasher                         §90
Drive Thru Order Taker        §120
Fast Food Shift Manager      §130
Sous Chef                          §180
Head Chef                         §220
Restaurant Critic                §335
Cookbook Author               §580
Restaurateur                     §690
Celebrity Chef                   §760
Candy Bar Magnate           §930

††††††† Career: FASHION †††††††

Job                                           Salary

Department Store Clerk       §130
Tailor                                          §190
Makeup Artist                         §210
Painter's Model                      §235
Fashion Photographer          §450
Tradeshow Model                  §600
Runway Model                       §650
Supermodel                            §875
Fashion Columnist                §1050
Fashion Designer                  §1350

††††††† Career: CIRCUS †††††††

Job                              Salary

Popcorn Vendor         §90
Ticket Taker                 §130
Midway Carnie           §140
Sideshow Barker        §180
Clown                            §200
Human Cannonball   §240
Acrobat                        §500
Trapeze Artist            §610
Lion Tamer                  §775
Ringmaster                  §815

|The Art of Jobhopping     |
First of all, you need to know what jobhopping is, and then I'll let you know
how it's profitable. Say that your Sim is very bored with their current
position, but has very high skills and family friends. This makes them easily
able to change career tracks. Jobhopping is, in a nutshell, changing from one
job to another for profit. You can also start over at the same job.

Why is this profitable, you ask? It is profitable because, once you start over
and are easily promoted, you get many bonuses. Starting over and over again
with high skills will let you enjoy these bonuses without much work, as well
as your daily pay.

|  Keeping/Losing Your Job  |
To keep your job, you just have to be there. If you are not there for two
consecutive days, you get fired and have to start all over again. However,
Simply being there may not be enough for you. To advance in your job, just get
the skills needed and the friends, and your status should skyrocket. To bring
in a little more money, see Jobhopping above. However, the most basic rule for
keeping your job is to keep your mood up and not abuse the carpool.

You can lose your job in one of two ways. First of all, you can quit by
changing career tracks. This is the less painless way, but you can also get
fired. You get fired if you miss two straight days of work. A phone call will
come after you miss your second carpool, saying that "YOU ARE FIRED!", and you
will have to begin again in your chosen career track.

| Other Ways of Making Money    |
If your Sim isn't the working type, you can have them do other things to bring
home the much-needed money. There's building, painting, cooking, and farming,
as far as I know. Each of these methods has their advantages and
disadvantages, and I will discuss those.

|  Building Gnomes   |
Using the new Workshop item in Livin' Large™, your mechanically-advanced Sims
can make little garden gnomes to sell. Just click on the item, and
click "Build Gnome". Your Sim will get to work. It won't take them very long
to build that gnome, but the money they get from it is different. To sell your
gnome, go into buy mode, and Simply sell it by clicking on it and
pressing "Delete". However, if your Sim has a very high Mechanical skill,
their gnomes will sell for much more (around §100, I believe, correct me if
I'm wrong) than a Sim with very low Mechanical Skill. The low-skilled Sims'
gnomes will sell for §1-2 Simoleans.

This can be a VERY GOOD money-earner, though it may not seem like it. For
example, put your Sim outside, and set them to work on gnomes. If your Sim has
10 Mechanical skill, they can boom out around 20 of the little wooden men.
Keep in mind that they have to be in a good mood upon beginning their work. At
the end of the day, sell all of those little men. They can make you a §2000
 if you make 20 and they each sell for §100. If you do this
for 5 Sim days, there's an easy §10,000! This is a great way to earn money
without having to get so many friends and skills.

|  Painting        |
If you believe that your Sim is the next Van Gogh or Picasso, you can get them
to paint. This may not be as effective as gnome-making, but you can live on it
sometimes, if your Sim has 10 Creativity. They can make around 2-3 paintings a
day, and each one sells for around §160. That can leave you with around §450
to spend. Gnomes are a much more effective way to earn money, but if you're
dedicated you can scape buy with just painting.

| Farming       |
This is one of my favorite ways to earn a living, though, without proper
garden care, it can be disastrous. If you have a huge farm and produce coming
in by the tonne, Simoleans flow.

To farm, you have to buy a plot to plant the plants on. I would start with
around three or four. These plots can be found in the Plant Tool section of
Build Mode for §65. Then, you have to buy the seeds. These can be found by
going to Custers Market . They're fairly cheap, and you should only
need a few packs to start with. If you talk to the resident farmer, you can
ask questions or buy his plant tonic. It can make your crops HUGE, which can
yield a large profit, or it can kill them. It's a judgment call.

To plant your crops, just click on your plot, and your active Sim will have a
choice of what to plant, depending on what seeds you bought. You should water
and weed the plants every day, and after a few Sim days, they will be ready to
harvest. After harvesting, you can store them in the pantry (available in the
Kitchen section) or go to Custer's Market and sell them. It makes more sense
to sell them to me, but again, a judgment call.

Now, it wouldn't be this easy to rake in the money, would it? No, there are
pests that often try to destroy your plants. Rabbits aren't that bad,
but gopher's are your worst nightmare. They can destroy your entire vegetable
garden. There are two ways to prevent this, one is the honest/expensive way,
the other is the dishonest/free way. You can either get a cat for §300, which
will hunt down and kill the animal, but this takes time. The other way is to
pause the game quickly as possible, and press Ctrl+Shift+C. Type
in "move_objects on" and you can go into Buy mode and sell those pests.

Finally, I will discuss the crops. Tomatoes are your dream crop, and I
recommend that you start with these. They're quick to grow and harvest, and
bring in good money. Carrots = DO NOT GROW THEM. They attract rabbits and
gophers. The other two, peas and cabbages, are fine, but take VERY long to
grow. So, overall, I recommend that you grow tomatoes. It will save you time
and money.

|  Making Preserves   |
This is an interesting way to make money, though not very good. You can buy a
preserve-making table, and if your Sim has high Cooking skills, can make fruit
preserves to sell, or give to other Sims.

As preserves don't sell for much, I don't recommend this method.

Part Gamma
Other Parts Of The Sims

The addition of being able to leave your Sims' home was a great idea by Maxis.
With the addition of new expansion packs, we can now go on vacation, on a
date, or go somewhere to become someone. In this section, I will discuss these
different Sim destinations, and what you can do while there.

|  Downtown            |
The Downtown area came with Hot Date™, and will not work if you do not have it.
With Hot Date™, your Sim can catch a cab and go downtown. Then can take a date,
or go by their lonesome.

When downtown, you can do anything you want, pretty much. You can eat, you can
shop, or scope for a new guy or girl. Wherever you are, there will always be
other Sims, no matter what time it is. A little strange, but true. But I'm not
sure that you want ot be hanging around at 3AM. (Don't you have other things
to attend to at that time?) Also, one important thing to note is that Sims
don't see other Sims from other neighborhoods. For example, Theresa from
Neighborhood 1 won't see Timothy from Neighborhood 2 downtown.

|  Going and Leaving  |
Going and leaving Downtown is Simple. From home, you have to have a phone
(obviously), and click 'Go Downtown'. For §50, a cab will come and take you
downtown. To go home, find a big yellow phone. With these, you can either go
somewhere else downtown for another §50, or go home for free.

|  Getting Company   |
Your Sim doesn't always have to be alone when Downtown. You can bring someone
as your date in a variety of ways. If you have someone at home (such as your
spouse) that you want to invite downtown, click on them and 'Invite Downtown'.
If your invitee is in a good mood, they will agree and you will both go to
downtown automatically for the §50 fee.

If you are already downtown, and you're talking to a Sim, there's two options
that you can take to ask them to join you. Click on them, and choose the
Ask... option. Then, you can either choose 'Let's Hang Out?' or 'Let's Date?'.
There will be different responses for each, as hanging out is for just
friends, and dating has more romantic implications.

Finally, you can phone your significant other to ask them to join you. Click
on the phone, and choose the Sim that you would like to join you. Then a box
will pop up asking you if you want to 'Talk', 'Invite Over', or 'Invite
Somewhere'. If you click Invite Somewhere, you will be given the 'Invite
Downtown' option. Click this, and your Sim will take action. The response of
the other Sim depends on their relationship. If they accept, you will meet
downtown at your chosen location.

|  Having a Date   |
If your date has successfully accepted your downtown invite, there are a few
things you should know. Firstly, you CANNOT control them while downtown. There
will be a small crystal above your date's head. This does not indicate that
they are the active Sim, but it indicates their mood. The bluer it is, the
happier they are, Simple as that. The only way you can make them happier is
talk and do fun activities.

If you are inviting your spouse downtown, you have a certain advantage,
because you can make them the active Sim at home, and make sure that they're
in a great mood before inviting them downtown. This way, their mood crystal
will stay blue for the majority of your stay.

Another thing about your date is that you can't really get rid of them, other
than saying goodbye, because they will follow you everywhere. If you are
partaking in a social activity, they will be there. For example, if you go to
the dance floor to get your groove on, they'll join you, and if you decide to
go to the bar for some alcohol, they will go too and you'll pay for their

If your date is in a fairly good mood, the 'Invite Home' option will appear
for use. Be very careful with this, because your invitation can be shot down
if not introduced properly. The date can end if your invitation home is
rejected, because your date may get very angry with you and decide that their
time is better spent elsewhere.

If you ask someone that is already downtown to hang out/date with you, the
crystal will appear and you can go on as normal.

|  Vacation Island™       |
Vacation Island™, introduced in the Vacation™ expansion pack, allows your entire
Sim family to go to an exotic destination for a few days and kick back and

|  Going and Leaving  |
To go to Vacation Island™, it's the same as going downtown. You use your phone
and Call Cab>Go on Vacation. If you click yes in the popup menu, you are
whisked off to Vacation Island™ for a price of §500, and you get to choose
where you would like to go in the "Neighborhood."

However, one thing you need to make sure when going is that the entire family
is home. You cannot go to Vacation Island™ if someone is at school or at work.

To leave, you should check out of the hotel/resort that you are at first. To
do this, Simply go to the main desk, click on it, and select Check Out. Then,
use the phone to call and leave, just like you would downtown.

You can stay on Vacation Island™ as long as you want, because job and/or school
status is not affected.

|    Fees         |
Although the island is a great place to go with many new things to do, it has
many fees that go along with it. First is the §500 transportation fee. This is
just to get there.

Checking in costs you around §120, but you'll only have to do this once, even
if you're planning on staying somewhere else! This is strange, but the key
that everyone in the family receives works for every hotel on the island! This
gives you the opportunity to switch resorts if you get bored. This is good
considering that all the key gives you is access to a bed, dresser, and

It will cost §20 for food per person, I believe. You can either grill your own
food (If there is a grill at your chosen destination), or you can grab some
munchies at the buffet table.

Overall, to stay on Vacation Island™ longer than two days, and be comfortable,
you should need around §2000 for your family. If you have a large family that
you want to accommodate for a week or more, try for close to §4000 extra.

|  Awards/Souvenirs    |
You can get many awards on vacation. These are rare, but you can get them if
your family is in a good mood over an extended period of time, and has fun
using the facilities. If you would like to learn what the vacation director
has to say about awards, click on her, and say Ask About>Awards.

Souvenirs are a fun item to get. These can be "purchased" with tokens, and the
tokens can be earned while playing arcade games. There are lots of games for
you to play as much as you want, though you need to be aware that they do cost
money. You usually receive good amounts of tokens at the chicken game and the
other, which is square shaped and requires you to smash things. I don't know
its name. You can redeem your tokens for souvenirs at the souvenir booth,
which is always near the games.

|  Activities   |
There are many activities at your disposal on Vacation Island™, and I've
already talked about one of them, games.

If there is a rental shack near you, you can rent a metal detector and go
treasure-hunting. You usually won't find much, but sometimes you just may
strike it rich. Or you could also find a boot. You never know.

Finally, a way to have fun while building relationships is volleyball. At the
beach resorts, there are volleyball courts that your Sim can play on, and
start a game with the others. It's pretty much neverending, and your Sim can
join and leave as they please.

|  Bringing A Date   |
Bringing a date on vacation is very Similar to bringing a date downtown. You
can phone them, or ask them while they are over. If they accept, which will
most likely be the case, then you will immediately phone the vacation shuttle,
and you will go.

An advantage to bringing a date on vacation is that your family won't go with
you. For example, if you have a single mother and a child living in one home,
and the mother decides to go for some R&R on vacation with her current
boyfriend, the child will not accompany her.

A disadvantage, however, is that your date has a ridiculously short memory.
Because of this, you must run the whole vacation as you would run a date: One
action at a time.

Finally, just like downtown, your date is out of your control and has the blue
crystal over their head. This is easy, just make sure that they're well-fed,
entertained, and rested. Entertainment should NOT be a problem while on
vacation, seeing as that is their specialty.

Relationships are a very easy thing to uphold and improve while on the island.
This is so because many of the activities are made for groups, and they can
really boost your social rating with your date.

|  Old Town         |
Unleashed is an interesting addition to the Sims. It allows for many more
activities. It has also made a whopping change to the neighborhoods. Now,
there are 41 LOTS in one neighborhood.

With Unleashed came Old town. Now your Sims can go shopping for a pet or just
take a walk in what is a rather different perspective on 'Downtown'.

I've already talked about Farming in section 9.3, but another addition with
unleashed is PETS! I will talk more about the furballs in section 14.

But one thing I will talk about in Old Town is the new NPCs (Non Playable
Characters). If you are eating, the saxophone player may come and play for
you. He is like the violin player downtown. You can request a song or you can
tip him. Also, there are pet judges that can judge your pets abilities and
grooming. I have yet to experiment with them. However, one of the most
interesting characters is Miss Lucielle. She can do three things for you; one
is reading your palm for a meaningless fortune. This isn't very important. If
you have a pet, she can really help you. She can read your pets' minds, and
find out for you exactly what they want. However, her most useful action is
that, for a fee, she will bring back the dead! If your friend/spouse/child has
been made into a zombie, she will revive them.

|  Studio Town         |
This is going to be one very large section, because the addition of Studio Town
in the Superstar™ expansion pack, your Sims can survive without jobs, and be
internationally recognized!

If your Sim is a dreamer, and wants to be famous, Studio Town is the place for
you. But before you can undertake a career, however, you MUST GET an agent.
The way to do this is reading the tabloid, which I will talk about soon, and
clicking 'Get an Agent'. This will kickstart you on your road to superstardom.

|  Going and Leaving   |
To go to Studio Town, all your Sim has to do is Call Cab>Go To Studio Town.
A car will arrive shortly to take you there. Leaving is the same, just find a
phone, call a cab, and you'll go.

One thing, though. After you get an agent and you decide to go to Studio Town,
the car that picks you up depends on your star level, which is located in your
Career section. It works just like work. If you have a very low star level,
you will be picked up in a beat-up green car. However, if you have a very high
star level, a nice stretch limo will take you to Studio Town in style.

Another thing that you need to know about Studio Town careers is that you
should treat them like your job. If you do not go every day, you will lose
things. I'll compare it with the job. If you miss going to work for two
consecutive days, you're fired. Studio Town isn't as harsh, but you lose one
star level if you do not go for two consecutive days. So you really need to
juggle relationships and trips to be successful.

|  The Tabloid    |
The SimCity tabloid arrives every morning just like your newspaper. With it
you can Read, Find an Agent, or find out Who's Hot. Reading is pretty self-
explanatory. Your Sim sits down and reads.

Finding an agent is fun, because it helps get your Sims' career moving. You
must do this before attempting any kind of Studio Town career. You click on
Find Agent, and your career is started for you. Now all you need to do is go
to Studio Town and build it.

The 'Who's Hot' feature allows you to see what your status is in Studio Town,
and it all depends on your fame. The Who's Hot section lists the top ten in
the business, and with some hard work, you may be one of them.

|  Awards     |
Awards are given only to the finest. There are two types of awards,
Achievement and Performance. If your Sim is getting an award, an award
presenter with a very high star power will arrive at your home in a limousine,
a Paparazzo in tow.

To receive Achievement awards, you need to have at least two and a half stars.
There are also two different kinds of Achievement awards, the Simmy and the
Sim's Choice Award. The Sim's Choice Award goes to a Sim that has a good
relationship with their many fans. Finally, the Simmy award goes to a
Sim with very high star power.

The Performance awards are divided into the three career categories: Fashion,
Music, and Acting. These are given once a Sim successfully completes enough
tasks and/or does very well in Studio Town. These are easier to win if you
only focus on ONE career track. Performance awards are given in Studio Town,
not at home, in bronze, silver, or gold.

|  NPC's           |
There are seven new NPC's (Non Playable Characters) in Studio Town, and I will
briefly discuss each of them.

LANA, Studio Town Production Assistant - Lana is extremely knowledgeable, and
can give you insider information about anything in Studio Town, including
managing your fans, getting awards, and name dropping. On your first visit to
Studio Town, Lana will automatically come and welcome you, but afterwards, you
need to visit her on your own. She is usually dressed in brown and black, and
carries a clipboard.

PAPARAZZI - This guy will take pictures of almost anyone, anywhere. He will
find you during good times, and unfortunately, bad times. However, any
publicity is good publicity. If your Sim isn't being noticed, he or she
may need to stage a little publicity stunt of their own, in order to get the
attention of the Paparazzi.

DEVOTED FANS - These are your key to superstardom, and don't forget them. Be
sure to remember when you were on the outside looking in when dealing with
your fans. It doesn't take much to make them happy, just a wave, or an
autograph when they ask for it. Basically, if you keep them happy, you will be
happy. Ignore them, and they'll go to any lengths to see you.

OBSESSED FAN -I'll explain this later.

STUDIO TOWN TEAM - These are the photographers, directors, producers,
designers, and choreographers that keep studio town working. Be nice to them,
because they can make or break your career. It doesn't matter to them if you
believe that you're the next Justin Timberlake, you have to have the talent to
back it up.

AWARD PRESENTER - These superstars of Studio Town may visit your home to
present your Sim with an award to rocket them to new levels of superstardom.
They usually arrive in a limousine, with a Paparazzo.

BUTLER - I'll explain this later.

| Career Help          |
These are little mini-walkthroughs and tips for each career in Studio Town.
Keep in mind that these are just tips, and that you should make your own
little twists and variations on them.

+=+=+=+=+ ACTING +=+=+=+=+

Before starting your acting career, build up some charisma and creativity
(around 3-4 each) by practicing in front of the mirror. After you've done
this, you can go to Studio Town and begin your acting career. The only item
that you can start with is the Open Mic. This is like a karaoke stage, only
you don't sing, you entertain. Keep using this until you reach 1.5 stars.

Once you reach 1.5 stars, you can use the Commercial TV Set. Here, you can act
a commercial. Do not act the inheritance or death scenes yet. Keep this up
until you reach around 2.5 stars. Keep an eye on your skill requirements.

Anyway, keep up commercial acting until you reach around 2.5 stars. Now, you
can act on the same set, but now you can begin the Inheritance and Death
scenes. Once you choose to act one of these, you get three options to choose
from. These options are ways to act the scene (Eg. Dramatic, Comedic). The
trick to getting paid is to get these in the correct order in THREE ATTEMPTS,
and I have a VERY good method for doing this.

Say that your options are Dramatic, Comedic, Seductive. These aren't the
actual ones in the game, but they're just my example. Keep in mind that you
have three attempts to get it in the correct order.

OK, the first time you try, choose Dramatic, Dramatic, Dramatic. If your
directors reaction is: Yes, No, No, that means that they liked your intro, but
not the middle and ending.

Next choose, Dramatic, Comedic, Comedic. If the director's reaction is Yes,
Yes, No, that means that they liked your intro and body, but not your ending.
To solve this, just add the Seductive option to the end, and there it is, your
winning routine: Dramatic, Comedic, Seductive. This method might sound
complicated, and if you have any questions about it or need help feel free to
email me.

Use the above method, and you should be pulling down around §300 a scene for
your acting.

Keep up the soaps until your rating reaches 4.5, and you can take your talent
from the small screen to the big screen with the movie sets. This is the very
large one with a set of stairs and a table. In order to act these, you need a
co-star, but all you have to do is wait and someone will show. As usual, you
will be given three options for how you want to act the scene. But here you
only get TWO chances to act out the scene correctly, but you only need to get
two out of three right. If you get the two out of three, then you should be
bringing down §700-§1000 a scene! Life is good.

The trick to every career is PATIENCE. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither
will your fame. Take it one step (and relationship) at a time, and you should
be basking in riches fairly quickly.

+=+=+=+=+  FASHION +=+=+=+=+

So you wanna be the next Tyra Banks? Well, you should have the funds to
back it up, or have a two-person family, which is what I usually do. Since
this choice is very money-dependent, I have one Sim go to work and bring in
the money, while the other pursues their fashion career.

To start this career, do the same thing you did in Acting. First build up
around 5 Creativity skill, and then go to the open mic and sing. Keep this up
until you reach 0.5 stars. Once this is accomplished, go to the set with a
Print ad shoot. This is a small set with a backdrop. Here, you should select
Model..Print Ad. Don't model swim or winterwear yet. You should earn around 70-
80 Simoleans for your print-ad troubles. Keep making these ads until you reach
2 stars.

Once you hit 2 stars, you can use that same backdrop to now model Swimwear or
Winterwear. Again, just like acting in soaps, you'll have three chances to
nail the scene. Use the method I mentioned in the acting section and you'll be
fine. If you get it right, you should get around §111.

Keep lookin' pretty until you hit 3.5 stars. For models, this is where the fun
begins! You can now use the runway, where you can earn up to 400 Simoleans per
walk. To use it, click on it and choose Model Clothing, at which point you
will receive three styles of clothing to choose from (in place of the acting
methods mentioned before). Use the elimination method. There are two catches
for modeling, though. Like the movie sets, you need a costar, for whom your
Sim will just stand and wait. And also like the movie sets, you only get two
chances to get two out of the three clothing styles, but you only need to get
two out of the three correct. Keep walking and strutting your stuff, and you
just may earn that coveted Simmy award.

Even though it may not seem like it, Fashion is the highest-paying of the
three careers, once you get to be a Superstar. Once you get to this highest
level, the runway people will pay you more to walk on their runway. I once got
§1000 Simoleans for modeling clothing, so keep on trucking!

+=+=+=+=+  MUSIC +=+=+=+=+
This is the easiest career to get into,  though it may not pay as much
sometimes. To start, do what you did for the past two careers. Sing at the open
phone. Make sure you have at least 5 Creativity skill in order
for people to really love you. If they hate you, your star rating plummets.
For each song you sing, you'll receive between §5-15.

Keep this up until you reach 2 stars. Now, you can sing jingles. To do this,
you need to go to a recording booth. Click on it, and choose Jingle. Don't
click anything else because you won't be able to do it. For each one that you
sing correctly (there are no options here), you should receive around §70. Do
this enough, and you should be up to three stars in no time.

What happens at three stars, you say? Well, now you can cut your first single,
and you can use the same recording booth as you did before. Just click on the
genre of song that you would like to perform, and as usual, you will be given
three ways to perform the song. Use my method mentioned in acting, and you'll
be fine. If you nail the song, you will get paid between §250-500, depending
on your star level.

Keep cutting these singles until you reach 4 stars, at which point you can
begin doing music videos. This is just like doing movies in acting. Again, you
will be given three options, but you only get two chances to get them correct.
You only need to get two out of three right, although you won't get paid as
much as you would if the song was perfect. Just choose the first choice for
all three parts, then change the wrong parts to the second option. This pretty
much guarantees you to get at least two right.

Your payment for music videos depends on your star level and your ability to
get the song right as mentioned above. You can get paid up to §1000 per video
if your star level is high and the song is good. If you get good at videos, a
music award just may come your way.

|  Butlers    |
There are certain perks to being a superstar, and the butler is one of them.
Once you're rich, you can afford this guy, but at §500 a day, he's worth it.

When he arrives in the morning, he can make you your breakfast, though his
meals aren't very filling. He can remove all visitors if you don't want them,
and he'll fill food dishes of your pets if you have them. They keep your house
clean and in working order. They call the necessary people, and makes your
house run smoothly. One of their good functions though is their ability to
take care of a baby. Whenever the baby cries, they pick up the baby
and give it what it needs.

His hours are from around 7 in the morning to around 11 every night. That
means that they can't take care of the baby at night, or do anything, but
that's that.
Also, if he's feeling a little bored with nothing to do, he'll have a vodka or
two from your bar or liquor cabinet, if you have one. He also won't follow you
to Studio Town/Vacation Island™/wherever you're going.

It's up to you if you want a butler, but one of his wonderful (and rather
funny) services is getting rid of the stalker, whom I will talk about next. He
walks up to him, and gives him a good old SMACK in the face, and that stalker
runs away screaming. He can, of course, return the next day. Now, I will talk
more in-depth about these stalkers.

|  Stalkers    |
These obsessive fans are the downside of fame. Though fun and interesting at
first, these slobs eventually get weird, and just downright creepy. These
weirdos (that always look the same) hang around around your house, and often
dig through your trash. They take out a soda can, but then take pictures of
your house.

They don't only stay on the outside, though. They'll break into your house,
WITHOUT setting off the alarm, mind you, and take pictures. Most prominently,
they'll steal your hard-earned awards. There are two ways to prevent this.
One, get a dog. The mere presence of a pooch will prevent him from entering
your home, but he can still hang around outside. Two, put a door with a star
on it (available in the doors section in build mode) as the entrance to your
trophy room. No one can enter through this door unless they have at least a 3
star rating.

To get him off your property during the day, get a butler. He'll calmly strut
up to the stalker, and samcks him across the face. Rather funny, but he does
come back the next day, only to get slapped again.

To entirely prevent getting one of these loonies, just treat all of your fans
well, give them autographs, and keep the annoyingness to a minimum.
||14. Magic Town  |

Here's the obligatory opening paragraph for this section. It should be familiar
to anyone who's read my last couple FAQs. Don't worry, I shouldn't have to
repeat it again... this IS the last expansion for The Sims.

You moved into SimCity. You built a small house that has expanded into art
rivaling architectural masterpieces such as the Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel
Tower. You're livin' large with items like your Servo robot and chemistry set.
You've thrown the best house parties on the planet, and Drew Carey is over
every night. Your bachelor Sim has gone on hot dates and met their spouse at
Downtown. Your growing family went to Vacation Island. You got a
pet in Old Town and unleashed him onto the public. You sent your Sim to Studio
Town and got him to become the biggest superstar SimNation has ever seen. You
are the SimCity god.

And you're still not satisfied?

Well, don't worry about it. I'm not satisfied, either. If I was, I wouldn't
have invested so much money into one computer game and its numerous expansion

The great thing about magic is that the game helpfully gives you a kick in the
right direction from the outset. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell
you about the basics first.

| Magic 101|

There are two basic magical thingys in SimCity: spells and charms. Spells are
executed via your magic wand, and are one-time uses. Charms are physical items
that sit in your house and can be used several times once it's made. Of course,
you can also sell the charm if you really want to.

Whether you use a spell or charm, you need the proper ingredients for it first.
Most of them can be bought, although some must be earned. All but one of the
ingredients will be found in Magic Town, and not the other extra areas. There
are three main ways to get ingredients: you can buy some, you quest for others,
and barter for still others.

When you choose to buy ingredients, you'll probably need to spend MagiCoins.
It's sort of like the tokens you get from Vacation Island: they're items in
your inventory. Only the Sim who currently has coins can spend them. That is,
MagiCoins are not shared among family members like the standard Simoleons are.
Some ingredients are food products that can be bought for standard Simoleons.
They also tie into cooking... but that's another matter I'll cover soon. To buy
ingredients, you must go to the appropriate vendor and choose "Redeem
MagiCoins..." There's a catch though: if you can't afford an item, it won't
appear on the list!

Some items are quest items. You go to a vendor as before, but you select "Talk
To." They'll send you on a little mission that takes no brains to perform.
Should you finish it, select "Talk To" again and you'll get a reward.

Finally, you can trade for a few. Go to the vendors and select the "Barter"
interaction. They'll ask for an item, and if you have it in your inventory,
you'll get a different item in return.

Here's a list of all the ingredients and how to get them...

Baking Mix ... §10
Butter ....... §20
Elderberries . §15
Grapes ....... §30
Honey ........ §20
Pet Treats ... §40 (only available in Old Town)
Sugar ........ §8

Diamond Dust .. MC199
Golden Thread . MC14
Pixie Dust .... MC31
Sands of Time . MC25

Dragon Chew Toy . MC8
Dragon Nest ..... MC49
Dragon Scales ... MC21
Dragon Tears .... MC24
Dragon Treats ... MC5

Beeswax ..... MC17
Llama Spit .. MC25
Magic Beans . MC27
Toadstools .. MC9
Toad Sweat .. MC21

Four-leaf Clover = Honey to Mara
Garlic = Beeswax to Vicki
Rubber Chicken = Elderberry Nectar to Todd
Snake Venom = Golden Thread to the snake charmer

Clown Confetti†
Glacial Glass
Pegasus Feather
Wizard's Eye Lashes

†You only get Clown Confetti if you quest on a lot that has clowns on it also.

Black Roses (Only available in Superstar™)

Most of the spells have targets other than the caster, so the whole magic thing
becomes much less fun if you're only using one Sim. If you have nothing but
bachelor Sims, then take the plunge and make a family with at least two adults.
One can be the mage, and the other can just be the guinea pig!

Spells greatly range from the silly to the helpful. Just be careful how much
you use; there's an organization that checks your use of magic.
If you get too spell crazy, or a non-magical Sim observes a spell being used,
you'll get fined. And children who use magic are not immune to fines either.

If you're greedy, you can make several ingredients at home.
Just like farming in Unleashed, you can buy seeds to plant in dirt plots that
buy in Build Mode. With some Tender Loving Care™, you'll be able to grow your
own elderberries and grapes! You can also buy the  spinning wheel to make
Golden Thread,
or buy the butter churn to make butter, among other examples.

|     Black Roses         |

Okay, first, as I mentioned before, you need Superstar™ installed to get them at
all. When you have a famous Sim in the family, the stalker will appear when the
Sim celebrity hits about 2.5 to 3 stars in star power. When the stalker
appears, he'll follow your Sim around like a sheep, including coming to the
Sim's home lot.

When the stalker trespasses, he'll do one of several things, like rooting
around in the trash or breaking and entering to steal a Simmy Award. One of the
he also does is that he leaves a black rose on your yard. If you have a maid or
butler or Servo or Bonehilda or whatever, the cleaner will IMMEDIATELY try to
clean it up. Try to stop the cleaner from doing so. Just walk up to the black
rose, interact with it, and select "Add to Inventory..."

The stalker will NOT leave black roses on Studio Town lots, so don't bother
looking there. He will only leave them at your Sim's house, and it's NOT
guaranteed that he will. It's only a chance; sometimes, the stalker walked onto
my lot only to walk off again without doing anything. You'll have to just have
patience and hope that he finally gets around to it. Of course, if you have a
butler, the butler will immediately eject the stalker, so he will never have a
chance to leave one for you.

| Your First Spell|

When the family first moves into the house (or when you first play an
established family after installing Makin' Magic™), a guy called the Mystery Man
will appear. He'll ring your doorbell and drop off a box, then walk away. You
cannot interact with him; that's all he does.

Have one Sim open the box. Inside is an introductory letter, along with a few
basic ingredients, and some starter's equipment. You get a Hole in the Ground,
an electronic spellbook , and a wand charger. You can move
those items around in Buy Mode, but remember that the Hole in the Ground has to
go outside. You also get a free wand, 35 MagiCoins, and three ingredients.
After you empty the box, it'll disappear.

Now, go ahead and redecorate as you want, then have a Sim check out the
spellbook. Make sure that the Sim carrying the wand is the one who does; when a
Sim without a wand touches it, he's in for a rude surprise. Go ahead and
explore the "Ask About..." options

Once you're satisfied, click Look Up Spells. You're presented with a recipe
book of sorts, divided into six pages. There are 21 spells and charms for you
to see, although what the specifics of each are are not shown yet. You have to
make the spell once before it's listed in whole. However, once ANY person in
the family throws down a spell, any family member (who carries a wand) can
access the spellbook and check it too.

All right, click the first spell in the list to highlight it, then hover the
mouse over the three ingredients. The list calls for butter, toadstools, and
toad sweat; not coincidentally, the same three items you got in the care
package. Head over to the Wand Charger, and add the three items to it. After
that, select the charger one more time and select Charge Wand. With that, your
wand can now cast a single shot of your new spell! Check out the spellbook
again, and it'll say that the spell is called "Toadification," which
temporarily changes the target to a toad!

Try it out on the other family member in your house. Click the other as if
you're doing a social interaction. Select "Cast..." (you may have to hit Tab to
make it show), then select the spell. No matter where the caster and target
are, the spell will fire, and you'll have an uncontrollable frog hopping around
for a few seconds. Congratulations!

Now that the first spell is unlocked, you can do a quick charge of it. You'll
still need the ingredients in your inventory, but you won't need to actually
mix them to make the Toadification spell; just head to the Wand Charger with
the items in your pocket, select "Charge...," and select the spell.

| Expanding Your Spellbook|

Once you get some money, you should focus on expanding your spellbook. To do
that, you need ingredients, and for that, you need MagiCoins.

You earn MagiCoins Simply by performing magic acts in Magic Town. The more
complicated the act, the more you earn. Even if you fail, you'll earn some, so
there's no excuse not to try. There are three places to perform: a little
table, a fairly generic stage, and a mystical stage. The success of the
standard stage acts are based on the Sim's mechanical skills, and the success
of the other two are based on the Sim's logical skill, so you may want to get
those skills high before going for it. I will say that it's EXTREMELY funny to
see failures, so check them out before actually giving it a true shot.

Once you get into charms, you'll need the item called the EverAfter Crafter. It
works the same way as the Wand Charger, needing three items to unlock a charm
in the book.

| The Complete Adults' Spellbook|

Every spell has a backfire, but I'm not going to say what they are. Experiment
on your own; trust me, some of them are worth the effort to see.



Toad Sweat

Turns one Sim into a frog temporarily. While the target is a frog, it can be
Kissed, which has a chance of giving the kisser a free bottle of toad sweat.



Beeswax 3x

Temporarily changes the user's appearance. Wears off when user does something
to trigger a clothes switch, like going to bed or taking a shower. Some of the
alternate appearances are EXTREMELY beautiful.



Honey 2x
Pixie Dust

Permanently increases the daily relationship between the target and caster BOTH
WAYS. Note that the relationship is still subject to the standard decay, but
this isn't just a five-minute spell. Fantastic way to get that last friend,
especially if your Sim is a superstar!



Golden Thread
Magic Beans 2x

Every time the Horn of Plenty is used, a bunch of food appears. It tries to
appear on available surfaces, but it'll start appearing on the floor of the
room the charm is in if everything gets taken up.



Pixie Dust

Animates a garden gnome. Once done, the garden gnome acts like a free gardener,
roaming through your lot and watering every plant. The caster can choose to
solidify it anytime, although it will eventually solidify on its own. Once it
solidifies, it's worth §100 to sell, no matter what its initial value was. You
can also enchant a pink flamingo, which will create a hottie to improve the
Social meters of your Sims.



Golden Thread 2x
Llama Spit

Immediately makes every dirty dish in the lot disappear, boosting room scores.



Pixie Dust

Adds a lot of green to all the target's mood bars (except room).



Rubber Chicken
Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust is pretty damn expensive, but you'll WAY WAY WAY more than make up
for it with this. You'll have a ridiculous sum of cash--we're talking 3K or
more per cast. If you're poor, make getting this charm your first priority. The
only problem is that this charm only lasts once... but what a spell to cast!



Beeswax x2
Sands of Time

Temporarily changes the caster into a Simulated ghost. Caster does not actually
BECOME a ghost (he/she still has to walk through doors and such), but merely
becomes transparent, which is kinda cool. FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE, ONLY CAST THIS


Toad Sweat

Permanently gets the target up to +50 daily (or so, depending on personality
and zodiac sign) both ways to enable both Sims to be friends. The altered
relationship bar is subject to the standard decay, however.



Dragon Scales
Llama Spit

I'm not entirely sure what this does, but here's my best guess. when activated,
every Sim in the same lot feels the same way toward the caster as the caster
does toward them. For example, let's say Jess feels +75 to Jim, but Jess
only feels +50 to Jim. If Jess casts the spell, Jess won't change, but Jim
will start feeling +75 to him.

If anyone has anymore information on this spell, or you can Simply confirm my
guess, let me know.

The Polar Attraction charm makes other Sims interested in
what the caster is interested in. I would guess that means jokes won't fall
flat, all subjects the caster talks about will be accepted, etc. Also from the
description, I'd say the backfire meant other Sims would hate EVERYTHING the
caster does.


BANISH (Spell)

Snake Venom

Ejects the target from the lot. If the target is a family member, he/she will
reappear sometime afterwards outside.



Sands of Time
Pegasus Feather

Creates an uncontrollable clone of the caster. Not sure what the point is,
because no one can interact with it like they can with a clone created via the
chemistry set. Although, when this clone leaves, it leaves.
The CLONE will go to work while the real Sim stays at home! That's a
perfect way to relax or work on skills while still earning a paycheck and not
risking being fired!



Golden Thread
Magic Beans
Four-Leaf Clover

You probably have already guessed what this one does. Every plant on the lot
immediately gets watered. This, as the description says, makes gardeners
obsolete. Still, I'm lazy, and I'd rather not have to actually CAST it. I'll
keep my gardener, thank you. Not only do plants get
watered, they also mature. This is a quick way to get crops for any farming
plots you've got going!



Magic Beans
Glacial Glass

A more powerful version of Get Happy, Magic Mood will ALMOST COMPLETELY
FILL six of the mood bars (Energy gets a moderate boost, and Room doesn't
change at all) of either 1) everyone on the lot, or 2) the caster only. The
target is the caster's choice, so the caster could be greedy if he/she wanted.
Wow... get this one as quick as you can.



Dragon Tears
Pixie Dust

Permanently raises the daily AND lifetime relationship bars of the target to
extremely high numbers, and creates a pink heart. The change goes both ways.
The relationship is, as always, subject to the decay. If you need that last
friend requirement, fire off this spell. When used in tandem with the Magic
Mood charm, a mage can pretty much marry anyone on the spot.



Toad Sweat
Clown Confetti

Once cast, a pop up box asks you to choose one of three things you want the
target to do to the caster. This will raise the relationship meters both ways a
bit (the choices are all romantic in nature). Not very helpful, but neat to do.



Golden Thread
Glacial Glass
Pegasus Feather

Creates Wally O'Wisp, who is basically a mystical Servo. He'll go through the
house and act as repairman, maid, and gardener all in one. He sticks around for
quite some time too.



Clown Confetti
Wizard Eyelashes

Makes the target and caster +100/+75 to each other, and the caster immediately
asks for marriage or a move in to the target. Don't use this if you don't want
a new rooomie.



Diamond Dust
Black Roses

Permanently puts the caster WAY up on the celebrity chart, and automatically
forces them to change into their High Fashion outfit. This is a great way to
quickly catapult a Sim to the Walk of Fame.



Pet Treats
Clown Confetti

This will PERMANENTLY change a pet into a human. The game will save immediately
too, so make sure you absolutely want this before you do it. Obviously, you
need to have Unleashed installed for this to work.


| Magical Kids      |

Who says adults get all the fun? Once you've got a kid in the family, feel free
to give him a wand too!

Now, kids and adults are different, obviously. First of all, they have entirely
different spellbooks (although their spells are accessed through the same
spellbook as the adults'). Think about it: kids can't fall in love, so it
wouldn't make sense to give them Hypnotize, The Big Question, or Love Struck.
Also, Sim kids can't buy ingredients, although they can buy a magic wand from
the Mystery Man in Magic Town. Oh, and they can use the Hole in the Ground to
go there by themselves, too.

But anyway, don't worry about Sim kids. They just need to use
alternate methods to get their ingredients. Luckily, they only need four
toadstools, pixie dust, dragon scales, and dragon tears.

Toadstools: Buy two toadstool chairs in Buy Mode. Tell the caster to sit on the
first, then the second, then the first, then the second, etc. The more times
you sit, the more toadstools start popping up all over your lawn. Simply
interact with them and select the only action, Harvest.

Fariy Dust: Buy the Visions of Sugarplums, a toy chest under the miscellaneous
sort of Buy Mode. Have a kid play with it, and just let him/her keep playing
until he/she is naturally finished. A bag of Fairy Dust will be dumped near
the kid's feet. Simply order him/her to add it to his/her inventory.

Dragon Scales: Groom your dragon repeatedly, and a jar of Dragon Scales will
appear on the ground near it.

Dragon Tears: Tickle your dragon to death, and it will produce a vial of Dragon
Tears on the ground for you.

For kids to use the items, they need their own spell maker. You need to buy a
MagiCo NeoMagical Newt in the magic subsort of the
miscellaneous sort of Buy Mode. Only kids can use it, but it's a cheap hundred
bucks and covers both charms and spells.

By the way, if you've downloaded the Magical Cabinet from the official Sims
site, you can let the adults buy or collect most of the items so the kids won't
need to. The only thing adults cannot possible get is Fairy Dust.

| The Complete Kids' Spellbook|

Like for the adults, I'll list every spell in a list format. If there's any I
missed, feel free to e-mail me.



Toadstools x3

Like the adults' version, this will temporarily change the appearance of the
caster. The effect will end after a certain amount of time passes or the caster
has to change clothes (for bed, or a shower, etc.)



Dragon Scales
Faerie Dust

Moderately boosts all of the target's mood meters, except Room.



Fairy Dust x2
Dragon Tears

Animates a garden gnome. Once done, the garden gnome acts like a free gardener,
roaming through your lot and watering every plant. The caster can choose to
solidify it anytime, although it will
eventually solidify on its own. Once it solidifies, it's worth §100 to sell, no
matter what its initial value was. You can also enchant a pink flamingo, which
will create someone to improve the Social meters of your Sims.



Toadstools x2
Dragon Tears

Maxes out the Hygiene meter of the caster.



Toadstools x2
Fairy Dust




Dragon Tears x2
Fairy Dust

Permanently gives enough of a relationship boost to the target, making him or
her an instant family friend. As always, the relationship boost is subject to



Fairy Dust x2

Temporarily creates a new kid who will shadow the caster. Only the caster can
interact with it. Excellent to get a kid's Social meter up.



Dragon Scales
Dragon Tears

Creates a clone of the caster. The clone will go to school in place of the
original to let the original study or work on magic or something.



Dragon Scales x2

PERMANENTLY changes the caster from a kid to an adult. The game will
immediately save, so there is no chance of reversing this spell. The new adult
gets a random head and random clothes out of your whole closet (which makes for
some very interesting combinations), although gender and skin tone remain the


| Dragons   |

Who hasn't wanted to own a dragon of their very own? In Makin' Magic™, you get a
Head to Magic Town and visit any lot with Vicki. Buy a Dragon Nest, and while
you're at it, go ahead and grab some Dragon Treats and a Dragon Chew Toy. The
moment you get home, your Sim will put down the "nest," a little bed with a
dragon egg. Move it in Buy Mode to get it out of the way, then interact with
the egg. You can cuddle the egg, rotate it, or play music for it.

After only a day, it will hatch and make a little tiny dragon. Now, there are
three versions of the dragon.

Purple dragons, called Torches, were they were cradled
too much, and are lazy. Whenever they try to breathe fire, they don't put much
effort into it and usually fail. They're pretty well behaved, making them my
favourite. To get them, cradle the egg at least six times.

Red ones, called Burnies, were not given much attention at all. They're un-loved
and they don't care who knows it. Your punishment for this will be a bunch
of things being set on fire. They're kinda well-behaved if they're happy,
but they're quick to get angry. When they spit fire, whatever
their target is will almost always be set aflame. To get one, cradle it five
times or less.

Gold ones, called Pyrities, are a balance: they're more active than Torches,
but less angered than Burnies. You can easily achieve gold status by
cradling the egg five times, then playing music for it and leaving the
headphones on until it hatches. Keep these guys; they'll pay for themselves in
no time. Their fire accuracy is pretty high though, so be careful.

Actually, I was led me to an interesting theory.
We had a conversation, and now I'm convinced that the number of times you
interact with the dragon egg is not the only variable to determine its type.
See, I found out that my magical Sim had to interact with the dragon 14
times to get the purple one. I think it has to do with personality, because my
magical Sim had a very high Nice stat... experiment and see what you come up

Dragons are fairly easy to take care of. Their cribs double as their beds, so
you don't have to worry about their energy; they'll sleep when they want to.
Room doesn't matter, and they don't go to the bathroom, need baths, or sit .
You can play with them,
but if you give them a Dragon Chew Toy, they'll entertain themselves. Socially,
they're pretty well off on their own and with each other. The only thing they
really need from you is food, which is in the form of flowers. Just make sure
you have at least six or so sets of wildflowers, which cost §5 a
piece, on your property at all times. Of course, this prevents having a pretty
garden, but any tree or shrub you have will be safe.

Having dragons is a little risky. If you end up putting it in a bad mood no
matter what type it is, it'll try to burn everything up in your house. Still,
as long as you have those wildflowers like I said, you'll be okay.

Dragons don't appear on your family list, but you can interact with it sorta
like a standard pet. You can get free Dragon Tears and Dragon Scales from him.
He also provides another big bonus for Unleashed owners: your dragon will play
tag with El Bandito until El Bandito leaves, which might prevent that
raccoon from waking everyone up.

If you ever get bored/sick of him, Simply interact with him and choose "set
free." One dialog box later, he'll walk off your property. If neglected, your
dragon may just leave on his own... after torching everything in sight, that

| Magical Growths |

When you have mages in the family, don't stop the magic flying! For every 15
spells or so that you cast, there's a chance a crystal will appear somewhere on
your property. This is a magic crystal, and when it matures (roughly 2 to 3
days after it appears), a magical Sim can touch it and gain an ability. The
abilities are mainly social interactions that are extremely funny to watch.

The color of the crystal that grows tells you ahead of time what ability it

RED - Hot Foot
YELLOW - Magic Trick
GREEN - Spook
BLUE - Hand Buzzer
PURPLE - Teleport
BLACK - Extinguish
WHITE - Levitate
Children can gain the Hot Foot, Magic Trick, and Teleport abilities, but not
the others.

In addition to Magical Crystals, several items will also grow. There are solar-
powered flowers, so you can have a pretty garden without needing to water
things every few days. There's also a beanstalk that takes some time to grow,
but once it does, your magical Sims can climb it to find a very unusual

If your family lives on a Magic Town lot, it takes less spells to make growths

| Cooking     |

Cooking has now been expanded (although it's only for adults)! With enough
people doing it, you may be able to make a living just cooking all day.

The first two things you need are a special oven and the Nectar Press. The
special oven can be found in the appliance sort and is a tall beige thing, like
what they used to cook pizzas in. Please note that this oven cannot be used for
standard meals, so you'll need a different oven too. The Nectar Press is in the
miscellaneous sort and looks like a giant barrel.

You can't cook without knowing how, so now you need a recipe book. Get an
end table or desk, then buy the recipe book, which is also in the miscellaneous
sort. If you're rich and don't want to keep buying ingredients, also buy the
honey maker and butter churn. You can also head to Magic Town and buy grape
vine sprigs and elderberry sprigs, which can be planted like the seeds from Old

Then check out the recipe book. Its interface is identical to the spell book,
but you don't have to unlock a recipe to read about it. Then, it's just a
matter of selecting the ingredients, throwing them in the oven or press, and
baking or stomping to your heart's content.

Anything baked is immediately served, but nectar can be sold. If you choose to
keep the nectar, you can buy a Nectar Bar from the miscellaneous sort. The
combination of the oven and Nectar Bar is PHENOMENAL for parties (except for
the fact that the chefs don't get to socialize). If you role-play your Sims
like I do, the Nectar Bar is a perfect addition to high-class parties, the kind
that have pianos instead of jukeboxes and charades instead of dancers.

Oh, and if the chef has high cooking, the baked goods are EXTREMELY filling.

| The Complete Recipe Book|

Here's a copy of the recipe book. If a recipe is marked as "Secret," then it's
not initially listed in the book, but after you make it once it will appear.
Trust me, I thoroughly test every "secret" recipe to make sure it works.



Grapes 2x



Elderberry 2x





RECIPE 4 (secret):

Grapes x2
Toad Sweat



Baking Mix 3x



Baking Mix



Baking Mix

¹Carrots can only be bought in Old Town, so you must have Unleashed installed
to get this recipe.



Baking Mix


RECIPE 9 (secret):

Pixie Dust
Baking Mix

²: THIS is the only way to make it.

²: Once made, the chef will eat it immediately. It will either boost
his/her moods, or temporarily turn his/head into a donkey's.

|  Dueling                      |
Think you got what it takes to compete? Grab a magical Sim, head to Magic Town,
and find a dueling platform. Win or lose, you'll get MagiCoins. But you don't
duel to lose, do you?

Start off by clicking the platform. You're given a list of all the magical Sims
on the lot that you can challenge. Pick anyone you want; dueling is wholly
based on personal skill, not the Sims' skills. It's not much more than a giant
game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with fireworks.

Here's the overview: the game lasts four rounds. There are five spells to
choose from, but when the game begins, one spell from each participant will be
taken away. Each spell beats two others spells, and is defeated by two other
spells. If both Sims choose the same spell, the round draws. Whoever wins the
most rounds out of the four wins the match.

You get to see what spell your opponent is casting, so you can plan around it.
Be quick though, because if you delay, your Sim will pick one for itself.

Here's a table that says what beats what...

| WHITE |   RED   |  BLACK   |
|       |  BLUE   |  YELLOW  |
|  RED  |  BLUE   |  WHITE   |
|       |  BLACK  |  YELLOW  |
| BLUE  |  BLACK  |  WHITE   |
|       |  YELLOW |   RED    |
| BLACK |  WHITE  |   RED    |
|       |  YELLOW |   BLUE   |
|YELLOW |  WHITE  |   BLUE   |
|       |   RED   |  BLACK   |

You'll be winning in no time!

Part Delta
Extra Luxuries

|  Pets                |
Pets can either be really fun, or really annoying. It depends on what your
opinions are on pets. Some are really useful, and others just lie there.
In this section, we'll briefly discuss them.

|   Getting READY!     |
This is an ESSENTIAL part of getting a pet. If you're not ready to have one at
home, then it'll most likely die. It's the cold, tough truth.

Focus on the basic necessities of the pet, then look at luxuries. If you're
getting a bird, iguana, fish or turtle, all you need to do is buy it the
appropriate cage/housing, and it's fine. For the birds, you can have a normal
cage or an aviary, etc.

The dogs and cats require more money, as well as more attention. To prepare
for these pets, you need to buy a bed, and a food bowl. If you have a cat, you
may want to get it one of those playground-like things available in the Pets
section of buy mode.

|   Buying a Pet     |
This is the most common way of getting a pet, but it's not the only way. I'll
discuss this more in a second. Go to Old Town by phoning a cab, and choose one
of the commercial lots that has pets for sale. Use the filter at the top of
the page to see which ones sell pets.

If you want to buy an iguana or a turtle, lock in a dimly lit room. This is
where they're usually housed in Old Town. An iguana will cost you §199, and a
turtle will cost §99. The fish are in that same room, in large aquariums, and
one of these will cost you §15.

The birdies are in big cages, and you can either buy a Budgie or a Love Bird.
I don't think there's a big difference between the two, but the Budgie costs
§35, and the Love Bird is §59. They each only require a cage and minimal

On the other hand, if you'd like to go buy a cat or dog, look in the square-
shaped stands that have little dogs or little cats in them. Once you click on
one of them, you will be given two options. You can either 'Adopt Dog/Cat'
or 'Play With Dog/Cat'. Adopting will cost you a nice sum of §399. Once you
choose to Adopt, your Sim will then have a choice of what color dog/cat they
would like.

Then, you will go to the cash register to pay for your animal, after which you
will have a chance to name it. After you name it, you can continue whatever
you were doing in Old Town, or you can go home.

|   Adopting a Pet     |
If you're cheap, then you can adopt a pet for free by helping one of the
neighborhood strays. This could be a pretty good way of getting a pet, because
you can get one with very high skills and/or abilities.

This method takes a long time to do, but it could pay off for you cheap
people. Now, to adopt a neighborhood stray, just feed it and interact with it
for a long time, until it decides that it wants to be part of your family.

To find out if a pet is a stray, then all you need to do is meet it, so it
shows up in your relationship screen, then click on it to see its last name.
If the last name is Stray, then it's a stray (e.g.- FiFi Stray).

|   Pet Moods    |
These are all the same that your human Sims have; Hunger, Comfort, Hygiene,
Bladder, Energy, Fun, Social, Room. To fulfil hunger, just buy a food dish and
fill it often. Pets fulfil Comfort on their own by sleeping.

Hygiene is different for dogs and cats. Cats care about how they look, so they
groom themselves. Dogs, on the other hand, don't care, so you have to bathe
them often with the pet bath object. Bladder is an interesting one. Cats,
being angels, will go in clean littler boxes. Dogs have to be trained to go

Energy is pretty self-explanatory. Buy the pet a dog/cat bed, and they'll
sleep whenever they want to. Fun can be fulfilled the same way as
social. You can play with your pet to raise both meters. Pets can also play
with other neighborhood dogs and cats. Cats also get a kick out of killing
mice and gophers.

Room is the same as your Sims' Room rating.

|   Pet Skills     |
Your pet has three different skills that you can help along: Tricks,
Obedience, and Housebreaking or Hunting. Housebreaking is only for dogs and
Hunting is only for cats.

You can train your pet to do a trick by clicking on it and going
Tricks...Train Trick. Your pet, much like the Sims, will have a blue bar over
its head to show progress. When it fills, it gains a point in the trick
category, again much like the Sims. If you don't want to take the trouble to
do this, talk to the pet trainer at the adoption agency, and he'll take care
of it for you.

Obedience is an easy one. Just keep asking your pet to 'Sit and Stay', and the
blue bar will fill up, and it'll gain a point, like it does when it learns

For cats, you can train them to hunt. It's very good for you, because the cat
will (happily) keep the house rodent and pest-free. Even if they have no
hunting skills, cats will, after a while, automatically find the pest and kill
it. However, a cat with a higher hunting skill will do it faster. After a
successful hunt, the cat gains a Hunting skill point.

Dogs must be housebroken, unless you want them making little mini-lakes inside
your house. Cats don't need to do this, because they'll do their thing in
litter boxes. To train the pups, just click on them and select 'Scold'
whenever you see a puddle INSIDE. This will give them a point. If they're
doing that outside, wait until they're finished, then click on them and
select 'Praise'.

|  Parties          |
If you have the House Party expansion, then you have the option on your phone
to 'Throw Party'. These can be really fun and crazy, but if you're not
properly prepared for them, it can be a disaster.

There are three NECESSITIES that your guests need fulfiled. These are food,
bladder, and entertainment. They must be fulfilled on a LARGE scale. That
means that one bathroom with one toilet CANNOT satisfy all guests.

For bathrooms, make a room separate from the rest of your house, one that has
toilet STALLS. Why is this? Because, even if your room has 50 toilets, Sims
won't go if there's other Sims there to watch. And if they hang out in the
bathroom, they won't leave, they just like to talk there. So if you get
stalls, then they'll go and be able to keep their privacy. Also add sinks.

In a room NEXT to this one, make all of your party stuff. Here, you must add a
buffet table. You can fill the table yourself, which will cost you $100, but
the best thing to do would be to call the caterer. He'll come, and fill the
table for you all day whenever it needs to be filled for a price of $350.

For entertainment, you can make things indoors and outdoors. Make a party
room, or you can just cram this stuff in your house. You choose. Have a fire
pit outside, and inside have pool tables, dance floors, dance cages, a stereo
or DJ table, and anything else that will make sure that everyone will be
entertained. You could also buy something that looks like a big cake, found in
the Misc Items section. When you click on this, you can hire a stripper, which
is great entertainment for everyone. Just make sure that when you do this, a
lot of people are in the room to watch.

If your party is horrible, then you will get an unwanted guest. The mime will
show up, and imitate the guests. This is an indication that your party is
awful, and you really don't want him there. Just check what you did wrong, and
fix it next time.

However, if you have a really really stupendous party, Drew Carey will show
up. He arrives in a limo, at which point all of your guests run to the street
with his face in a speech bubble. He just goes around and talks to people, and
really makes no difference whatsoever, but his arrival just means that you
hosted a really good party.

|  Cheats and Tricks       |
If you've had enough of honestly playing the Sims, earning your money and
toiling over your children, you can cheat and make things interesting.

Note: For all cheat codes, you must press Ctrl+Shift+C. A grey text box will
come up in the top left corner of your screen. There, you can enter the code.

|  Resetting Moods    |
If your poor neglected Sim's needs are all in the red, and you don't want to
bother fixing them honestly, use this cheat code.

In the cheat text box, (Ctrl+Shift+C), type move_objects on. Then go into buy
mode, and click on your Sim. Press delete to sell them. Now, in live mode,
your Sim should have a little red X in a circle on their picture. Click on
that little red X, and they'll pop back to life, in a REALLY great mood.

This cheat code works for pets and kids too. It does not work for visitors of
any kind.

|  Money Cheat     |

In the cheat text box, type rosebud. This will give you $1000. This is
probably not enough, and you don't want to keep typing rosebud 100 times. So,
now, AFTER you've typed rosebud, bring the box up again and type the following.


Notice that there is no semicolon between the last two exclamations. This
allows you to HOLD the enter key. Press it and hold it, and watch your money
soar. There will be a box that goes up and says "There's no such cheat", but
your money goes up anyway.

|  Rocket Explosion Trick    |
For this, use the move_objects on code, and have your Sim play with the
fireworks kit (this is from House Party, I believe.) Right when they set off
the rocket explosion, and its in the air, switch to Buy Mode. Enter the code,
and then select the rocket explosion. You can now sell it.

|  Marry for Money and Friends   |
This is rather fun, even if it is kind of cruel. Have your Sim meet a Townie,
and make them both fall in love. Then, marry them. Now, the Townie may not
have a lot of money, but he/she will have at least 30 friends. This is a great
thing for job promotions.

|  Use and Return   |
This is a popular method if you don't have a large amount of money, and
you only need to use something once. Just buy it, and use it, and return it.
And as long as the item is returned that SAME DAY, then you'll get the
same amount of money back as when you bought it. If you return it the next
day, they a certain amount of money is lost.

|  Cheat Code List   |

rosebud - §1000
rosebud; (copied and pasted)-§10,000
hist_add - Add new family history stat to the current family
Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed  (auto_level)
Automatically import and load indicated FAM file  (import )
Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked  (house )
Check and fix required lot objects  (prepare_lot)
Crash game  (crash)
Create-a-character mode  (edit_char)
Display personality and interests  (interests)
Draw all animation frames disabled  (draw_all_frames off)
Draw all animation frames enabled  (draw_all_frames on)
Draw colored dots at each person's origin  (draw_origins)
Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt  (core_dump)
Dump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions to a file
Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a file  (dump_mc)
Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions
End Sim logging  (Sim_log end)
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats  (cht )
Floorable grid disabled  (draw_floorable off)
Floorable grid enabled  (draw_floorable on)
Force an assert for testing  (assert)
Log animations in the event log window  (log_animations)
Map editor disabled  (map_edit off)
Map editor enabled  (map_edit on)
Move any object  (move_objects on)
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded  (tutorial off)
Prevent web browser crashes  (browser_failsafe)
Preview animations disabled  (preview_anims off)
Preview animations enabled  (preview_anims on)
Programmer stats  (tile_info)
Quit game  (quit)
Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt  (#import)
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch  (rebuild_cp)
Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writable
Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters
Restore tutorial  (restore_tut)
Rotate camera  (rotation <0-3>)
Routing debug balloons disabled  (route_balloons off)
Routing debug balloons enabled  (route_balloons on)
Invisible objects  (genable_objects off)
Run series of random operations on unhoused families  (fam_test )
Save currently loaded house  (save)
Save family history file  (history)
Say "plugh"  (plugh)
Say "porntipsguzzardo"  (porntipsguzzardo)
Say "xyzzy"  (xyzzy)
Selected person's path displayed  (draw_routes on)
Selected person's path hidden  (draw_routes off)
Set event logging mask  (log_mask)
Set free thinking level  (autonomy <1-100>)
Set game speed  (Sim_speed <-1000-1000>)
Set grass change value  (edit_grass )
Set grass growth  (grow_grass <0-150>)
Set lot size  (lot_size )
Set maximum milliseconds to allow Simulator  (Sim_limit )
Set time of day for unpatched game version  (set_hour <1-24>)
Set z offset for thought bubbles (bubble_tweak )
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path  ()
Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable flag. Requires rotation
Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects  (allow_inuse)
Show memory view window in debug builds of the game  (memview)
Start Sim logging  (Sim_log begin)
Swap the two house files and updates families  (swap_houses)
Ticks disabled  (sweep off)
Ticks enabled  (sweep on)
Tile information displayed  (tile_info on)
Tile information hidden  (tile_info off)
Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard  (visitor_control)
Toggle assets report  (report_assets)
Toggle camera mode  (cam_mode)
Toggle music  (music)
Toggle sounds  (sound)
Toggle web page creation  (html)
Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins  (reload_people)
Trigger sound event  (soundevent)
Write out an RTE file every time a route is found  (write_routes)
Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt  (#export)

Part Epsilon

This is to finish my FAQ. I hope you liked it, and that it helped you with the
Sims. KEEP IN MIND that this FAQ is ©2007. That
means that I WROTE it, and any people that contributed or that I got
information from are properly credited.

| Contacting Me           |
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Again, if you need more help, or want to contribute, feel free to contact me.
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Damian S

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