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2.5D physics-driven, helicopter time-trial game

Rally Copters is a 2.5D physics-driven, helicopter time-trial game. It features a vibrant style that is reminiscent of a classic, vector-based arcade game. Twin-stick controls are easy to learn yet provide opportunities to perform advanced maneuvers to shave precious seconds from the track times. Guide your helicopters through a number of challenging obstacles and gauntlets; mastering the momentum of the vehicle will be crucial for overcoming some of the more difficult of the 27 levels offered.

The leaderboard system has a unique twist that will dynamically update how difficult it is to achieve a medal. The medals that you earn today could be lost tomorrow. In order to keep your medals you will need to consistently improve your track times!

We feel Rally Copters has a lot of entertainment value with four different helicopters to choose from, splitscreen two-player support (PS4), and a competitive medal system. We hope to convert you all into aspiring pilots and invite you to compete with each other for the best times in the world!

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