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Voted iOS Game of the Week on Pocket Gamer!Sequel to the hugely popular strategy game Tank Battle: 1944! Take command as the British Commonwealth and U.S. forces fight the Germans in the North African theatre and lead your battalion to victory in challenging tactical battles.Fight for control of North Africa during WWII. Utilize new mechanics, such as flanking, 'move and shoot', troop transports and veteran units. With 36 unit types Tank Battle: North Africa is an epic strategy game including detailed battles that will keep you coming back for more!Key Game Features:- 5 Mission First Strike Tutorial Campaign.- 8 Mission Hope and Glory British Campaign.- 8 Mission Stars and Stripes American Campaign.- 36 Unit Types including: - M3 light and Medium tanks - British Crusader II and III - British 2pdr anti-tank gun and 2pdr Portee - Jeeps and LRDG trucks with 0.5" MG - American Bazooka Team - German Panzer I, II, IIIJ and IVf1 and IVf2- Features British, American and German forces.- Flank Attacks- High Definition World War II Graphics.- Hours of Gameplay.- 6 Pass & Play Multiplayer Scenarios.- Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.- Universal App (Works on iPhone & iPad)- Purchase Extra Campaigns.Purchasable Extra Content:- 8 Mission Lightning War! German Campaign.- 8 Mission Sledgehammer! British Campaign.- 8 Mission Resurrection German Campaign.Find us on Facebook - facebook.com/tankbattlenorthafricaFollow us on Twitter - @TankBattleNAGame Forum - forums.huntedcow.com/tankbattlenaThank you for supporting our games! 2013 Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. 2013 HexWar Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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