Additional ArtistAdam Attew
Additional ArtistNiki Broughton
Additional ArtistJoe Cavalla
Additional ArtistMike Green
Additional ArtistJohn Kershaw
Additional ArtistIan Lovett
Additional ArtistAndy Pang
Additional ArtistDarran Thomas
Additional ProgrammerMartin Bell
Additional ProgrammerDavid Bryson
Additional ProgrammerDene Carter
Additional ProgrammerSimon Carter
Additional ProgrammerAustin Ellis
Additional ProgrammerMark Feldman
Additional ProgrammerMartin Griffiths
Additional ProgrammerMark Huntley
Additional ProgrammerAlistair Milne
Additional ProgrammerJarl Ostensen
Additional ProgrammerDavid Picon
Additional ProgrammerJan Svorovsky
Additonal ProgrammerAndrew McDonald
ArtistPete Amachree
ArtistSimon Britnell
ArtistRichard Castle
ArtistDrew Cattanach
ArtistAdrian Crofts
ArtistIan Faichnie
ArtistSteve Leney
ArtistMark Machin
ArtistJohn McCormack
ArtistRoger Mitchell
ArtistGary Welch
Online ProgrammerAndy Buchanan
Online ProgrammerBen Deane
Online ProgrammerMark Lampart
ProducerKarl Fitzhugh
ProducerJeff Gamon
ProducerGraham Johnson
ProducerRichard Leinfellner
ProducerAndy Nuttall
ProducerJon Taylor
ProducerNichola Weatherup
ProgrammerBen Board
ProgrammerPaul Brooke
ProgrammerMatt Chilton
ProgrammerRobin Green
ProgrammerAndy Kerridge
ProgrammerWill Leach
ProgrammerMorten Pederson
ProgrammerBjarne Rene
ProgrammerRajan Tande
ProgrammerMike Willis
Sound and Music StaffJames Hannigan
Sound and Music StaffRichard Joseph
Sound and Music StaffAdele Kellet
Sound and Music StaffMark Knight
Sound and Music StaffNick Laviers
Sound and Music StaffBill Lusty
Sound and Music StaffRebecca Parnell
Sound and Music StaffElaine Williams
Voice of the AdvisorLewis MacLead


Data and credits for this game contributed by Fenriswolf, yugiboydragoon, Ubersuntzu, chrono trigger fan, and odino.

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