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Domination FAQ by MorpheusDV

Version: Final | Updated: 04/04/05

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#    #  #    #  #     #    #    #   ##  ######    #      #    #    #  #   ##
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                             UNREAL TOURNAMENT FAQ

DV Morpheus
Last Update: 4.04.05
Version: 2.2 FINAL

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Updates Information
3. The 10 Commandments of Domination
4. Unreal Tournament Weapons
   A. Translocator
   B. Impact Hammer
   C. Enforcer
   D. GES Bio Rifle
   E. ASMD Shock Rifle
   F. Instagib Rifle
   G. Pulse Gun
   H. Ripper
   I. Minigun
   J. Flak Cannon
   K. Rocket Launcher
   L. Sniper Rifle
   M. Redeemer
5. Unreal Tournament Items
   A. Health Vial
   B. Health Box
   C. Big Keg 'o Health
   D. Thigh Pads
   E. Body Armor
   F. Shield Belt
   G. Damage Amplifier
   H. Invisibility
   I. Anti Gravity Boots
   J. Scuba Gear
6. Maps and Strategies
7. The Scoring System
8. Conclusion
9. Legal Information
10. Credits
11. Contacts


1. Introduction

You're probably asking me, "Why do you keep making FAQs for Unreal Tournament?"
The answer is simple: I love Unreal Tournament, but that doesn't mean I don't
love other games as well *cough* Doom 3 *cough*

I've been playing this game for about a year ago. Yes, I realize it's an old
game but with over 2000 servers with tons of players and still growing, no
one would mind a lot of extra help, especially the new players. FAQ writing
is fun, actually. I enjoy helping all the new people out whenever they need
help. That's the only way to learn, is it not? 

Anyways, for my third FAQ of this excellent game, I'm writing about my third
favorite game mode: Domination. Domination is a game unlike any other game
modes you've seen in any games. It operates in a different manner, yet it's
very fun. Before I started to play Monster Hunt, I played Domination all my
Unreal Tournament career. It's amazing in what you can learn in pub games.
Sadly, as I decided to take a break from Domination, all the pro players that
I used to know and love, left Domination, except for Mephi|Tic|, and even
he is rarely seen, leaving only the new players playing Domination. I'm here
to save the day for all you new players.

This FAQ will be exactly like my Capture the Flag FAQ, except that I focus 
strongly on Domination and its gameplay elements.

Without further interruptions, let's get started.


2. Updates Information

Updates go from top to bottom, newer updates appear at the bottom.

1.25.05 - The first publication of this FAQ. Most likely there will be more
updates in the future as I explore the maps, revealing important bits and
chunks of info. I need to add DOM-Lament to the maps list. I'll do so
when I get around to it, which will be in a few days.

1.26.05 - Since DOM-Lament was a very small map, it took only a few minutes
of my time. All of the maps for Domination in which you get from install are
completed. The only time I will update this FAQ is that if someone requests
a custom map done.

4.04.05 - Last version of this FAQ unless people want me to write a map
strategy for a custom-made map.


3. The 10 Commandments of Domination

Some of these will be repeats of my Capture the Flag FAQ, and with good reason.
Although some of the gameplay elements in Capture the Flag are exactly the
same as Domination, there are also different elements as well. These will
tell you what you what you need to do to stay alert.


COMMANDMENT 1: Keep Moving, Lest You Get Mowed Down.

This is pretty obvious so to speak, but I see tons of people just stand still,
like they feel they're invincible. Let's face it people, a moving target is a
harder to hit target. The only time you should ever have to stand still is to
snipe someone down with the Sniper Rifle while you're camping for example. If
you find someone from the opposing team who's standing still, let them pay for
their mistake and let them think twice. 

Although you may be forced sometimes to stand still in Capture the Flag, very
rarely will this happen in Domination. The enemy will always be on the move - 
looking for you. Be on your toes and do the same to avoid catastrophe.


COMMANDMENT 2: Take Advantage Of The Redeemer.

Let's face it: The Redeemer is big, powerful, and just plain badass. But
unfortunately, it's a very rare sight on Domination. I can only think of two
times where I actually seen and shot a Redeemer, and one was in DOM-Metal 
Dream. So yeah, the Redeemer is a rare sight, and getting access to its
holiness is unbelieveably rare.

On the hand you do get the Redeemer, remember that you only get one shot, no
remakes, redoes, anything whatsoever. 

There is a big emphasis on stress here. If, for example, you are on DOM-Metal
Dream and you see your teammate that is making a beeline to take over that 
Domination point and is getting chased by 10 million people (Not literally), 
assist your teammate by blowing them all  to hell. It's really ignorant to 
just stand there, Redeemer in hand, and watch your buddy get gunned down like 
it's Vietnam. I see this happen too many times.

Beware, however, that your Redeemer missile can be destroyed by small arms
fire. It's really hard to pull off, but if you hit the Redeemer missile in
flight, it will blow up. If you're near the missile when it blows up, you will
blow up along with the warhead. Since there are so many objects in the map
DOM-Metal Dream, this can make fly-by-wiring the Redeemer missile difficult,
and odds are great someone will shoot it down before you even crash land it.


COMMANDMENT 3: Dark Areas Are Your Best Friend.

Dark areas are fun to hide in, aren't they? They act as an Invisibility in some
situations and keep you hidden from harm's way. Unfortunately, in Domination,
this doesn't work most of the time. You see, unlike Capture the Flag, people
in Domination will be running frantically around the arena like chickens
with their heads cut off. sooner or later you are bound to be discovered.
Sometimes you can hold out a well foritied position for the rest of the match,
sometimes not. Play it out. If the heat gets too hot for you to handle,
don't go into that area anymore as that will be most people's guess on where
you are.


COMMANDMENT 4: Camping Can Be A Good And Bad Thing.

Don't you love camping? Awesome for when you have to defend that Domination
point, laughing as you rack up the points. In this game mode, however, people
gradually get smarter and smarter as the game progresses. Let me explain the
Good and Bad of camping.


As I said before, camping is really useful for forifying that Domination point.
If most people can't see where the shots are coming from, they will have a very
hard time trying to kill you, let alone taking over the point. If you find a 
really good camping spot, most people will not even attempt to pinpoint on 
your location, mainly because they can't find you. 


About a good 80% of the time, camping does go bad, and for a good deal of 
reasons. One of these reasons would be ammo consumption. Face it, you aren't
going to camp someone on top of something high with a Flak Cannon, it just
isn't possible. The Sniper Rifle only holds 50 rounds, that's it. Use your
ammo wisely. It's a bad thing to go collect ammo and risk getting a bullet
lodged in the back of your skull because you're too careless about where you're
bullets go.

If you are on a skilled server, you will piss off many people if you decide to
camp. In some servers I've been to, you will get kick banned from the server
if you decide to camp. Why? Camping requires very little skill to do and
it's a very bad manner thing to do. Most people, while camping, will try to
"spawn kill" you, meaning putting their sniper scope over an area where people
respawn. No one likes that and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't either.

If you get discovered camping, do not go into that same place again. 80% of the
time people will watch that area for where you were last seen camping and will
shoot you on sight with amazing skill. Instead, find a new spot and take
advantage to teach them a lesson.

Camping in Domination really gets tough. Domination was made to be a frenzy
to see who can rack up the most points by taking over the points. If you find
camping really successful in some aspects, go for it. Otherwise, lay off the


COMMANDMENT 5: Constantly Look For The Good Items.

It's a definite fact that all maps, regardless of the game mode, have some
power-up that will give you the biggest advantage. Domination is no exception.
You will be forced to go out and blast anything that comes in your way, taking
no survivors. Doing so will eventualy yielding you into taking heavy damage.

Most people wised up to where the good items are and such, and you wonder where
in hell these guys are getting them. Most of the time it involves looking
around and constantly moving. Most power-ups are hidden in a very hard to reach
place that you would never expect them to be in. Sure, Thigh Pads and Body
Armor provides you with some protection and are found in the open, but they 
won't protect you for long from all the riot going on. Better yet, find a
Shield Belt.

Basically what I'm trying to say is this: If you see a suspicious looking
area in which power-ups might be hidden, go there and look. You'd be amazed
at what you can find. The suspicious player is the one who rarely dies. That,
or the one with the Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher :P


COMMANDMENT 6: Always Be On The Lookout.

If there's anything bad you should do, it's not paying attention to your 
surroundings. Just by not looking around can end you up dead with a Sniper
Rifle round upside your head, with your head rolling around like a bowling
ball in a bloody mess.

Even if you think you're the only one in the premisis, always take a few
seconds or so to look around and check for suspicious behavior. Your 
surroundings can change within the blink of an eye.


COMMANDMENT 7: Be An Ammo Hog.

In Capture the Flag, I said for you to leave ammo for your buddies because
everyone needs to work as a team to capture the other team's flag or to
defend yours. The same is true in Domination but on a different scale.

Do not leave any ammo lying around. It only takes 2 seconds for an enemy 
opponent to find a Rocket Launcher and kill you, while he laughs and takes
the control point, and wanders off in the map. What's better? An enemy with
an Enforcer or a Flak Cannon? Well now you see my point. Be ruthless: Don't 
let anyone have the ammo.


COMMANDMENT 8: Abuse The Translocator.

This is the weapon of choice for most people who are attempting to get the
flag. Mostly used by LPBs (Low Ping Bastards, these are people with a good 
internet connect with very low ping), they will be seen zipping across a map,
one Translocator shot after another.

One of the most miraculous things about the Translocator is being able to
Telefrag people. Telefragging means "to occupy the same coordinates of where
someone else is, killing him instantly. Let me clear this up a bit if it sounds
confusing. If you shoot a Translocator disc into someone or teleport into the
same exact coordinates of where someone is, you will kill them instantly, 
mainly because only one person can occupy the coordinates he is in. This
tactic is really frustrating for the novice player that gets telefragged by
the expert player.

If you have a very low ping, don't be afriad to use the Translocator. It's a
very useful tool mainly because you can cover large distances in a very short
period of time. Translocators make it very hard on campers to kill you unless
they're godly at sniping.

You can leave a Translocator disc wherever you want to come back to the place
when the going gets tough. Some good places are right by Shield Belts and
Big Keg 'o Healths. Beware though of one factor. It is possible for you to kill
yourself while using the Translocator beacon that you left somewhere to come
back to. If someone from either team shoots your Translocator beacon to where
the little flashing color on top of it disappears, this will scramble the
Translocator beacon and disrupt the signal, meaning if you translocate into
a disrupted beacon, you will automatically kill yourself. Try not to leave your
beacon out in the open.

If you so desire, leave a Translocator beacon close to a control point. If
someone decides to come along on the other team and take that point, teleport
there and frag them. They won't know what hit them.


COMMANDMENT 9: Play Offensive and Defensive.

Kind of obvious, but I'll give you a few pointers to start out with.


First of all, how many of you have ever heard of to never shoot someone when
their back is turned? Forget what you heard. If you see someone walking, paying
absolutely no attention to their surroundings, cap them in the back. After all,
it's their own fault for not even paying attention in the first place. Maybe
now they'll develop some common sense.

If you are absolutely sure someone is around the corner, go into there with
guns blazing. Chances are you'll kill them before they can kill you. Laugh
and take that Domination point.

Use strafing if all is possible. A strafer means less injuries and even lower
chances of getting killed. Many players fail to do this, thinking they're
Rambo, until it's too late.


"He who runs, lives to fight another day". If you're low on life, RUN. Find 
some healing items and restock on ammo if you need to. Get revenge on who
has damaged you severely.

Most of the time if you're wearing headphones and you have the sound effects
turned way up, you can hear the sound of people's footsteps. This is perfect:
Hide behind a wall. As soon as they come out, suprise the enemy. Most of the
time their reactions will be delayed. Might as well call it a frag here and

If you're a new player, one of your first instincts of when you're under
heavy fire is to find cover. Don't go thinking your Rambo and go in assaulting
the enemy head on. If you're a new player, chances are you will die before you
even damage him. Instead, run for cover. This helps in a pinch, and may just
give you the upper hand of the battle.


COMMANDMENT 10: Closed Corridors Are A Big No-No.

There will almost always be a closed corridor. Try to avoid these as much as
possible. If you really suck at Domination, or any game mode for that, you
will get killed five times before you hit the ground.

One of the best things to do in closed corridors if you know someone is coming
is to shoot Ripper blades down there. Since Ripper blades bounce off walls,
this will make it a very deadly hallway. 90% of the time people do not make it
out alive if you madly shoot Ripper blades in there. Very good odds.

If you absolutely must go down the corridor and there's no other choice, bring
a Flak Cannon along with you. Since the area is closed, The spread from the
Flak Cannon has to bed reduced to that area, and thus, result in more damage.

Another sneaky tactic is to shoot grenades from the Rocket Launcher's secondary
mode down the hall. These are easier to avoid than Ripper blades for the most
part, mainly because the move so slow and preload so slow. Sending 6 grenades
down a closed corridor doing 70 damage a piece is just asking for death to


4. Weapons

Just like in real life, we have weapons to help defeat our enemies in Capture
the Flag. Instead of using water guns and water balloons, we'll be using
Miniguns and Rocket Launchers :) These weapons and items come directly off
of my Monster Hunt FAQ.

Each weapon will go like a layout of this:

Name (...Do you need an explanation?)

Primary Mode (Self explanatory).
Secondary Mode (Again, self explanatory).
Power (What's the damage? Scale of 1-10, 10 being the most powerful).
Accuracy (How accurate is it? Scale of 1-10, 10 being very accurate).
Maximum Ammo (How much ammo can you obtain and what ammo does it use).

Notes and Description (General techniques, descriptions, and other stuff).


A. Translocator

Primary Mode: Sends out a teleportation beacon. Can be destroyed.
Secondary Mode: teleport to the spot of the beacon.
Power: N/A.
Accuracy: N/A.
Maximum Ammo: N/A.

This is arguably the best item in Capture the Flag, let alone any other game
mode. The primary mode will send out a flashing beacon to anywhere you desire.
When you use the secondary mode, you will teleport to that location. This
doesn't always have to be used to get those hard-to-reach items, but it can
also be used to Telefrag someone, as mentioned in my 10 Commandments up above.
Just launch the beacon into someone and teleport into them or wait until
someone steps on it and teleport to them. It's the best thing for an instant
kill. Beware, though, as people can destory your beacon. This will scramble
and disrupt the beacon. If you teleport to a disrupted beacon, you will
automatically die.


B. Impact Hammer

Primary Mode: Charges up to do a lot of damage.
Secondary Mode: Short single attack capable of deflecting ranged attacks back.
Power: 7/10 Primary Mode, 1/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: N/A.
Maximum Ammo: N/A.

If you're out of ammo, this can be used as a last resort weapon. It's really
hard to even nail someone with this, but if you do, you have the potential
to kill someone in one hit, if not kill them, then damage them pretty badly.
The secondary function can be used to deflect rockets off course and other
stuff, but it's really slow and requires ungodly timing to pull off.


C. Enforcer

Primary Mode: Single shot action.
Secondary Mode: 'Gangsta mode'. More damage at a big cost for accuracy.
Power: 4/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, 2/10 Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 199. Uses Bullets.

One of your two starting weapons. Every time you respawn, you will always have
this gun in your hand. It isn't the best of guns but it does get the job done.
You can dual-wield these guns, giving twice the damage and speed of just
having one Enforcer. The secondary mode of the Enforcer does more damage and
has faster speed, but has horrible accuracy, so good luck hitting anything at
long range. 


D. GES Bio Rifle

Primary Mode: Shoots Tarydium sludge forward. Explodes shortly after.
Secondary Mode: Charges up to shoot a big ball of sludge that splits in pieces.
Power: 4/10 Primary Mode, 6/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: N/A.
Maximum Ammo: 75. Uses Tarydium Sludge.

Slightly better in terms of power than the Enforcer, this is basically one of
your "Fire and Forget" guns, meaning once you shoot it, don't worry about it
because somoene will get damaged by it if they're that dumb. But be careful,
as you can be that dumb person to run over it and hurt yourself also. This
weapon is very effective at taking out a hallways or room with ease, because of
the splash damage it does. The secondary mode just hurts more. When charged up,
not only will it do a mass amount of damage when you hit someone head on with 
it,b ut when hit on a surface, it will split into other small blobs of 
Tarydium, kind of like a "mine field" effect. Tarydium blobs shortly blow up 
after a while, doing damage to anyone nearby.


E. ASMD Shock Rifle 

Primary Mode: Shoots a blue stream of plasma forward.
Secondary Mode: Shoots a blue ball of plasma forward.
Power: 5/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, 10/10 Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 50. Uses Shock Cores.

This is a neat gun in terms of speed and power. It's your average gun, yet it
has some good damage to it. the primary mode of it instantly hits, even though
the stream of plasma seems to move slower. The secondary mode is a lot slower,
yet slightly more powerful. Most people, if smart enough, will simply dodge
this, but there is a hidden technique associated with ASMD Shock Rifles.
First off, press the secondary mode fire. Once the ball is far enough where
you want it to go, press the primary fire and make it hit the ball. This will
cause a reaction of occur, which will create a pretty decent splash damage
range, and do very nice damage. You can easily kill a group of Pupae or Flies
with this. The drawback? It uses four ammo off the ammo reading when you do
this, but still, that's a pretty sweet deal.


F. Instagib Rifle

Primary Mode: Shoots an orange stream of plasma forward.
Secondary Mode: Same as above.
Power: 12/10 both modes.
Accuracy: 10/10 both modes.
Maximum Ammo: Unlimited.

You may ask what's so special about this weapon since the primary mode and
secondary mode are exactly the same. Well, if you looked at the damage, it's
astronomical. This weapon can kill anyone IN ONE HIT. Plus, it has unlimited 
ammo, sweet deal.The drawback? It shoots 2x slower than your normal 
ASMD Shock Rifle, and there's no secondary mode. If you do manage to get your
hands on one of these puppies, make sure to not die with it, as this 
can be a very big help . Its power will increase EXPONENTALLY when you have 
the Damage Amplifier. Not found in Capture the Flag maps naturally. It's
unlocked by selecting it as a mutator.


G. Pulse Gun

Primary Mode: Shoots plasma bolts forward.
Secondary Mode: Shoots a short ranged plasma beam.
Power: 4/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 199. Uses Pulse Cells.

Not exactly the best gun in the world in terms of power, but it does get the
job done to a point.The accuracy is correct, even though you may see the shots
veer off a little in every direction. The bolts hit the dead center. The 
secondary mode is a little more powerful, but the beam doesn't extend very
long, so you need to be in an acceptable range for it to hit. The primary
mode can also be used as a flashlight to illuminate dark hallways.


H. Ripper

Primary Mode: Shoots a titanium blade forward that can richochet off walls.
Secondary Mode: Shoots an explosive titanium blade that has knockback.
Power: 7/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: 10/10 both modes.
Maximum Ammo: 75. Uses Blades.

One of my favorite weapons for quite a few reasons. The secondary mode lacks
in power, so as a result, it isn't used a whole lot, but the real power of the
Ripper comes from the primary function. First, the titanium blades richochet
off walls, making this a great weapon to scan out an area for people before
you enter that area. Second, this weapon has the ability to decapitate, but
you need to aim a little above the head for it to happen, which isn't too hard.
This is another "Fire and Forget" weapon, as all you do is shoot it and wait
for it to kill. Don't get too cocky though, the blades can come right back at
you and decapitate you as well. Note that before using it.


I. Minigun

Primary Mode: Shoots bullets forward at a fast rate.
Secondary Mode: Shoots bullets faster at faster rate at the cost of accuracy.
Power: 5/10 both modes.
Accuracy: 9/10 Primary Mode, 4/10 Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 199. Uses Bullets.

This is what's considered your assault rifle in Unreal Tournament. The bullets
the Minigun uses have the same power as the Enforcer, only it spits out bullets
at a much faster pace. The only flaw about this weapon is the secondary
function. When you hold down the mouse button, the accuracy drops like a used
body bag, unless you're at close range. However, when combined with a Damage
Amplifier, this can be very deadly at close range. It will easily take down the
formitable players in only a few hits. Use this to your advantage.
Try to make your shots count, butut if there's more than 4 monsters in 
front of you, spraying bullets can only help you.


J. Flak Cannon

Primary Mode: Shoots hot, metal shrapnel forward in a shotgun spray manner.
Seconday Mode: Launches a shrapnel grenade that explodes on impact.
Power: 8/10 Primary Mode, 9/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: Depends in Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 50. Uses Flak Shells.

This is what's considered your Shotgun in Unreal Tournament. One of the most
deadly weapons in the game. The accuracy in primary mode really depends on how
far you are or how close you are to that player. So basically, the farther
away you are, the more the damage is going to suck. On the other hand, if you
are very close to a monster with it, then this is your best friend. This will
easily rip a player in pieces in 1-2 shots. The secondary mode is even better.
A perfectly aimed shrapnel grenade will do over 100 damage, and even release
shrapnel pieces all over the place to add insult to injury. Very deadly if you
combine this with a Damage Amplifier, as it can kill almost anyone in one
hit if you are within close proximity of the player.


K. Rocket Launcher

Primary Mode: Shoots 1 rockets forward or preload 6 at a time before launch.
Secondary Mode: Bouncing rocket grenades, can preload 6 before launch.
Power: 9/10 Primary Mode, 9/10 Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 48. Uses Rockets.

What FPS game wouldn't be complete without a rocket launcher? This is a nice
rocket launcher as you can preload up to 6 rockets at a time. The secondary
mode is useful in its own respect. You can preload up to 6 grenades at a 
time, and the bounce off walls as well. The grenades will explode about 4
after launch or until they hit a player. Use this secondary mode if you
know someone might be waiting for you around the corner. There are a few
techniques with the primary mode also. First, you can lock onto a target with
it, you will know this when your crosshair turns into a red circle. The rockets
will now home in on your target. Second, you can release 6 rockets into a 
bundle if you choose to as well. To do this, preload your rockets as you
normally would, but hold down the right click button down as well. When your
rockets launch, they will be in a bundle, causing even more damage. Also,
you can lock onto a player while shooting a bundle off to add insult to
injury. Rocket launchers - deadly in the hands of an expert, suicide in the
hands of a novice.


L. Sniper Rifle

Primary Mode: Shoots a high powered caliber round.
Secondary Mode: Zoom in to an 8.3x magnification.
Power: 8/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
Maximum Ammo: 50. Uses Rifle Rounds.

The Sniper Rifle is easily one of the best weapons in the game, and for good
reasons. First, the accuracy is PERFECT unlike other games, it will ALWAYS
HIT DEAD CENTER. Second, unlike other games, it isn't half as bad in up close
combat. Third, the Sniper Rifle can cause decapitation quite easily. Combined
with a Damage Amplifier, this can decapitate anyone with ease, . The zoom in 
magnification is also pretty good, able to get up to 8.3x magnification 
to sniper monster down from insane distances.The Sniper Rifle takes a 
while to get used to,but once you do, it  will easily be your best friend.


M. Redeemer

Primary Mode: Shoots a warhead forward which creates a cone of damage.
Secondary Mode: Fly-by-wire.
Power: 14/10.
Accuracy: N/A.
Maximum Ammo: 2. Ammo cannot be picked up for the Redeemer.

A 2-handed thermo nuclear warhead launcher, what else can be better? When shot
from the primary mode, this will launch a warhead forward. When it explodes,
it will create a "cone" of damage, which will send anything to hell within
a 500 meter radius because it does over 1000 damage. You this to clear out
rooms full of players or monsters that think they're smart. Be careful
though, as you can kill yourself easily if you are within the cone of damage.
You only get one shot when you first pick it up, so if you screw up the shot,
there's no redos. You can, however, hold 2 shots, but these instances are rare.
Fly-by-wire mode lets you guide the missile to whereever you want, just be
sure you point it AWAY from the wall. Yes I seen it happen, some stupid person
will use the secondary mode when they're facing a wall. Use a Damage Amplifier
to increase the Redeemer's power EXPONENTIALLY. You can take out a boss monster
with ease using one in conjunction with the Redeemer.


5. Items

Besides weapons, there are also items that you can pick up. All of these items
will help in situations, some will help only in certain situations. Learn
what they are and how to use them right in the right situations, and you will
rarely die.

NOTE: If there are a few items I am missing out of here. If you find something
that I missed, please E-Mail me or IM me over AIM (See contacts).


A. Health Vial

When you see these, they look lie blue, skinny flasks. These will recover 5
Health everytime they're picked up. With these, you can go over the limit
of 100 Health, up to a maximum of 199 Health. These are usually found in
bundles of 2-5 flasks, but this isn't always the case.


B. Health Box

These will recover 20 Health back to your meter only up to the limit of 100
Health. You cannot go over the limit of 100 Health with these, sadly.


C. Big Keg 'o Health

A rare sight indeed. These will give you an ungodly 100 Health, which can put
you way over the 100 Health limit, up to the maximum of 199. When you find
one of these, be sure to pick it up before anyone else.


D. Thigh Pads

These are the most type of common armor. These are usually found in the open.
They supply you with 50 Armor Points and will protect your thighs as the name 
commonly says. Armor takes 75% of your total damage, the other 25% coming
from your health.


E. Body Armor

This is the other type of armor, it's a little less common than the Thigh Pads
but it's still fairly common to pick up. This will provide you with 100 Armor
Points and protects you from damage you take from the chest and head region, 
and give you a lot of riot control, for example, from Flak Cannons.
You can combine this with the Thigh Pads to give you a grand total of 150
Armor Points.


F. Shield Belt

The most powerful protection item you can find in the game. This will give you
150 Armor Points, AND absorb ALL damage that you take until the shield wears
off. Most people don't know this, but if combined with the 150 Armor Points
from the Thigh Pads and Body armor, it will absorb all of those points before
damage starts draining your Shield Belt. Use this to your advantage. These
are usually well hidden or in a very dangerous place.


G. Damage Amplifier

One of the best pickups you can get in Monster Hunt, this will increase your
arsenal's power EXPONENTIALLY. Use this all you can because the effect only
lasts for 30 seconds, and they are slow to regenerate back. Still, increasing
your weapons' power exponentially is a really good deal as you can rip through
palyers with ease, turning them into gibs :)


H. Invisibility

This will make you invisible to all enemies for 30 seconds or so. During this
time, be sure to use it to its full effect. Try not to get close to the enemy,
as they will see you. During your invisibility time, you will have very faint
white lines surrounding you.


I. Antigravity Boots

These make it possible to jump to places where you can't normally jump. The
only catch is that you only get 3 jumps out of it, so make it worth your while.


J. Scuba Gear

This makes it possible for you to breathe underwater for one minute. Doesn't
make a while difference as it takes a while for you to drown.


6. Maps and Strategies

I'm only going over the preset maps Unreal Tournament gives you as a default
from installing. If you would like me to review a custom made map, however,
E-Mail or IM me the map name and I'll go over it in detail. Thanks to
Apathetic Aardvark for letting me use his item quantities for the maps!
Appreciate it man.

I will also provide the in-game description of the map, that is, when you
see the description when you play Tournament Mode. If there is no in-game
description of the map, I'll make one up to the best of my creative mind.

For you people wanting to know the Domination points, I will have them listed
as they appear in arenas.



After dozens of broken legs and incinerated employees, the Cinder Foundry was
finally shut down and placed upon the auction block, where it was promptly
snatched up by a savvy Liandri location scout.

Scoring Switches: 



1 GES BioRifle 
2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
1 Pulse Gun, Ripper 
3 Miniguns 
1 Flak Cannon 
1 Rocket Launcher 
1 Sniper Rifle


2 Biosludge Ammo 
4 Shock Cores 
2 Pulse Cells
2 Razor Blade Packs 
3 Boxes of Bullets 
5 Flak Shells 
3 Rocket Packs 
2 Boxes of Sniper Shells

Support Items: 

7 Health Vials 
6 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg of Health 
1 Thigh Pad
2 Body Armors 
1 Shield Belt 
1 Damage Amplifier

A medium sized arena, most people in this arena favor the Minigun for one 
reason: Ammo is plentiful.

Expect there to be a lot of close up front and personal confrontations. Most
of the hallways are small and cramped, with very little room to maneuver except
to the front and back of you. This is perfect: Use the Ripper. If you're lucky,
you will get a headshot, let alone killing someone without a headshot. Use this
to your advantage.

The one control point in which there will be pandemonium is the Lava point. I
don't know what it is, but people from teams love to camp in the corners and
use the ASMD Shock Rifle combo to instantly kill you when you step foot
right through that door. You need to be really fast to avoid it because it has
a pretty large blast radius.

There are many healing items around if you need them, so you shouldn't have
any trouble finding any. One of the main healing items found in this map is
the Big Keg 'o Health. This can be found by the Nook control point. To find
it easier, look for the Flak Cannon room. If you look up, you'll see the Big
Keg 'o Health and all of its glory sitting there, waiting to be picked up.
If you don't see it, chances are someone else already beat you to it.

The Damage Amplifier is hidden by the Top control point. Stand by the Top 
control point and look up to see a very small beam with a light fixture on it.
Translocate to that spot to get it. Watch out for other players. It is a very
common item to be picked up and most of the time you will be killed if you
attempt to get it. There is also Thigh Pads across the way from it in which you
can jump to get it, and a Body Armor is right down the hall along with a
Sniper Rifle.

The Shield Belt can be found in the Lava control point. Due to the amount of
people that will camp directly in the corner by it, you will most likely get
killed in a horrible, bloody death. If the area is cleared for an actual
change, Translocate on the narrow beam you see on the ceiling. There will also
be some Health Vials to increase the amount of life you have.

Do watch your back on this map, as it's so easy to get killed in many places,
right around the control points especially.



The many gang-related fights that ravaged this particular area have already 
proven this section of the city slums to be a bloody battle ground.  The 
Liandri organizers are expecting this to be the case once again, only this
time, as a tournament domination arena.

Scoring Switches: 



1 GES Bio Rifle 
2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
1 Minigun 
1 Rocket Launcher


2 Biosludge Ammo 
4 Shock Cores 
2 Boxes of Bullets 
2 Rocket Packs

Support Items: 

6 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg 'o Health 
1 Shield Belt 
1 Anti Grav Boots


Another map I hate for all the wrong reasons.

First of all, this map is very small. Being it a small map there will be many
team battles to come. Second, the area in which you have room to maneuver about
is so small you will barely have any breathing room. Enemies will be coming
from left to right and never seem to stop.

The controls points are the most hated on this map by me. First of all, you
may think this map is easy. In reality, it isn't. The Garage and Arturo's
are home to many campers who love to use the ASMD Shock Rifle Combo on you
to kill you instantly. First, they take over the control point. Second, they
gather up an ASMD Shock Rifle and Translocate to an upper ledge, like a bunch
of crows. They will wait and defend that point from anyone who comes. About 95%
of the time you will end up dying just going through there. If the other 5%
involves you actually making it out alive, you wouldv'e suffered so much damage
that you would die in one shot to anything. 

The Rooftop is where a lot of the action comes into play. Tons of people will
be scrambling around the control point, trying to take it over, it's insane.
That's another deathtrap to go in. If you're not good enough, you will die,
and that's a guarantee.

The weapons are a serious hinder for this map. Sure, you get a Rocket Launcher,
but you may never get to use it. People love to camp right by it and blast you
away to hell before you even get to depress your fire button. Ouch. The only
advice I can give you is to try and get a Minigun. It's a very effective
weapon to use in almost any firefight.

The Big Keg 'o Health is largely overlooked, mainly because it's tucked away so
nice. If you go on the rooftop, look for a broken window with a very small room
which will house the Big Keg 'o Health. This will give you somewhat an upper
hand on the battle field.

The Shield Belt will be located on an air conditioner right by Arturo's.
Most of the time campers will end up getting this since they have the chance
to see it respawn.

As always, Anti Gravity Boots are located around the map to give you immediate
access to jump on the rooftop for the control point.



One of the few 'Manufactured' Tournament arenas, this ancient seeming ruin was
built by the legendary Tournament Master Kilbragh as a personal training 
facility.  After his death, the property reverted to Liandri, who now make full
use of it.

Scoring Switches: 

Iron Star


1 ASMD Shock Rifle 
1 Pulse Gun, Ripper 
1 Minigun 
1 Flak Cannon 
1 RocketLauncher


2 Shock Cores 
2 Pulse Cells 
2 Razor Blade Packs 
2 Boxes of Bullets
2 Flak Shells
2 Rocket Packs

Support Items: 

1 Health Vial 
5 Health Pods 
1 Thigh Pad 
1 Body Armor 
1 Shield Belt

Ammo is very scarce on this map, so make good use of it and make all of your
shots count.

This is actually one of the easiest maps, despite the lack of ammo. All of
the rooms are very big, enabling for a lot of maneuvering room. There is
a lot of good weapons and items in this map, especially around the
Demonhead control point.

An occasional time you will get a camper around the Iron Star control point,
but due to there being two ways of killing him by directions, it shouldn't be
much of a challenge.

Two control points are close to each other, while another one is lonely by
himself. Thus, the two control points are the main highlights of interest as
they're only a hop, skip, and a Translocate away.

The long halls connecting the two large rooms are a good candidate for the
Ripper. With its richocheting titanium blades and the fact a lot of people
respawn in the tunnels, half of the time you will score a kill. Go ahead
and launch a few blades.

As I said before, the Demonhead control point has all the goodies. It has
a Shield Belt, which is located on top of the metal ramp, and the Flak Cannon
is located under the wooden board. The Rocket Launcher isn't very far away
either. There will be a big struggle for power for the items. Try to get these
as fast as you can.

The Body Armor can be found in the sliding door room, along with healing
items if you need.



New peace treaties by the NEG have resulted in many abandoned military
facilities.  Gearbolt was once an underground storage base for military
weapons and inventory.

Scoring Switches: 



1 ASMD Shock Rifle 
1 Pulse Gun 
1 Ripper 
1 Minigun 
1 Flak Cannon 
2 Rocket Launchers 
1 Sniper Rifle 
1 Redeemer


4 Shock Cores 
1 Razor Blade Pack 
2 Boxes of Bullets 
2 Flak Shells
3 Rocket Packs 
2 Boxes of Sniper Shells

Support Items: 

4 Health Vials 
6 Health Pods 
1 Thigh Pad 
1 Body Armor
1 Shield Belt

I like this map. It's laid out very nicely, and the control points are easy
to find. The halls are easy to navigate also. This is also one of the places
where the Redeemer can be found in.

The Lift is by far the best control point. If you respawn there, you get
immediate access to the Rocket Launcher, and a Shield Belt is located on the
metal walkway once you board the lift. Sometimes there will be an occasional
camper but they're really easy to take out most of the time.

The Ramp control point contains a Flak Cannon. As you move along the area,
you will notice that there will be a Minigun with ammo and a Body Armor in
a small hole in the wall with a small bridge extending over toxin. This
is a good way to fortify yourself if you manage to respawn there. 

The Ramp control point also leads to the Bridge control point. This area isn't
commonly run through with people too often, because there isn't many good 
items around it. A very easy control point to take.

If you desire the Redeemer, it can be found in the big room with all the
pillars. For reference, it's the next big room right by the Ramp control point.
The Redeemer is located into a little foxhole. Most people don't pay attention
to the Redeemer much, but it comes in handy when clearing the area out to
take over a control point.

Many areas can be accessed via the Translocator, so remember that. If you need
healing, there is enough around to keep you healthy.



A newly constructed explosion testing facility, Ghardhen Labs houses two blast
chambers.  Unfortunately, one of the silent investors was a Liandri location
scout, and Ghardhen fell to Liandri.

Scoring Switches: 


1 GES BioRifle 
1 ASMD Shock Rifle 
1 Pulse Gun 
1 Ripper 
2 Flak Cannons 
1 Rocket Launcher

2 Biosludge Ammo 
2 Shock Cores 
2 Pulse Cells 
3 Razor Blade Packs 
4 Flak Shells 
2 Rocket Packs

Support Items: 

9 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg 'o Health 
1 Damage Amplifier 
1 Anti Grav Boots

Another favorite map of mine, whereever you go, it seems there's always action
happening at every nook and cranny. 

The control points are some of the most overused points in the game. You will
find, as the map progresses, that the control points will change repeatedly
from team to team, especially by the Center control point. A lot of people
try to take over this point because most people respawn in the semi circular

The Rocket Launcher and Flak Cannon can be found in the semi circular hallways,
inside a small room where the door rolls away. Ammo for the weapons can be
found on the outside of the room as well. Don't walk away with your prize just
yet - A Big Keg 'o Health and Damage Amplifier will be found in the room,
one big power-up to a specific room. You will need the Translocator to access
it. They are located on top of a light fixture in their respectful rooms.

There are many places to hide in this map, so be aware of that fact. There
are a lot of dark corners in which you can conceal yourself in the shadows,
waiting to strike at your next victim. 

In the Bottom control point, it is possible to access the raftors you see
on top of the room. These make for great defense positions. They contain ammo
for the Flak Cannon and you can just throw down grenades to whoever passes
by (Remember, a direct hit will do a good solid 125 damage, killing almost
anyone in one hit).

The Ripper also works wonders when it comes to the semi circular hallways.
You can easily kill people as most of the time they walk through it to get
from point A to point B. 



A small factory used for a weapons testing facility, Liandri bought this
factory out and used it for their Tournament. Combatants will fight in
a cramped factory.

Scoring Switches:



1 GES BioRifle
1 Flak Cannon
1 Rocket Launcher


2 Biosludge Ammo 
2 Flak Shells 
2 Rocket Packs

Support Items:

1 Body Armor
4 Health Pods

Since this map doesn't have very many weapons or support items, this map is
to be completed in only a few minutes. Not a whole lot of weapons, but they
do give you the best ones. Ammo for the weapons is extremely scarce. Use
them only when you need to.

The Lower control point is by far, a deathtrap. There is only one way to enter
it and only one way to leave. Furthermore, it's a very small space, leading
to a circular room. Get the control point taken over there and leave as fast
as you can, as it's not worth taking over. Body Armor and some health items
can be found in the main room of the map, right near the control point. A
Flak Cannon, one of the map's best items, can be found in a small room
across from the Body Armor.

The Central control point is one that most battles will occur over. A lot of
human players will make a mad skirmish to take over the control point. Thus,
a lot of deaths will occur. If you feel lucky, go in and take the point,
leaving no survivors.

The Upper control point leaves very little option. The hallways leading to it
are very cramped, with only two entrances. Most people tend to die here, as
well. Take the control point and get out. A Rocket Launcher can be found by
taking a path on your way out of the room with the control point.

There's not too much to talk about on this map, mainly because it's so small.
Just watch out that there will be many deaths.



An old Leadworks on the wrong side of the tracks is an excellent place for war.
You can expect molten lead still pooled in some areas of this facility.  Step
lightly if you plan on being effective.

Scoring Switches: 



1 ASMD Shock Rifle 
2 Pulse Guns 
1 Ripper 
2 Miniguns 
2 Flak Cannons 
2 Rocket Launchers


2 Shock Cores 
2 Pulse Cells 
2 Razor Blade Packs 
3 Boxes of Bullets 
4 Flak Shells 
4 Rocket Packs

Support Items: 

10 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg of Health 
1 Body Armor 
1 Shield Belt 
1 Damage Amplifier
1 Invisibility

This is another fun map. Hidden power-ups? Close and upfront battles? I'm 

The only problem with this map is that the control points are all surrounded
by some kind of lava nearby. If you fall in your dead as it's impossible to get
out alive unless you Translocate out of there really quick. Take caution
to avoid getting knocked in by players camping up on the raftors, mainly by
the Bridge control point.

You should have very little trouble defending the Tower control point. It has
a Minigun and some Health Pods, perfect for camping and gunning down whoever
comes though the doors.

The Bridge control point contains raftors as I said in the last paragraph.
There's also Flak Cannon ammo in the vicinity, so you know what to do. Camp
on the raftors by the control point and knock someone unsuspecting to your
presence in the lava, practially killing him in a very brutal death. Be 
careful as people can knock you down from there and you may actually be the
one landing in the lava.

The Storage control point contains a Flak Cannon and ammo for it. This is by
far one of the most bloodiest battles for the control point ever. Most people
battle it out on different teams, just to take over the control point. Also,
be careful about the lava river. One wrong jump can make you land in the lava,
its happened to me a few times.

Going up the stairs from the Storage control point, there will be a big
rectangular point. Inside will be a few weapons with ammo, but most
importantly, the Damage Amplifier and Invisibility. You will see the Damage
Amplifier housed in an air vent. Use the Translocator to access this place.
The Invisibility will be on a small hanging island. You can either jump or
use the Translocator to get it.

For people who are concerned with finding the Big Keg 'o Health and Shield
Belt, those are located in the rooms with the Rocket Launcher and Minigun.
They are small rooms that are connected by a small series of very narrow 
hallways. Look up in one of these rooms to see an air vent. Isn't it obvious?
Use the Translocator to reach these areas for your reward.

About the very narrow hallways: Use the Ripper. It's impossible to dodge the
blades unless they're traveling very close to the floor - in which case, you 
can simply jump over them. Don't be suprised if you manage to get a headshot.


Metal Dream

This oil rig has been converted into a Domination Arena.  It is located near
strange meteorological phenomenon in the northern reaches of Kryllia.  Use the
architecture to dominate your opponents.




1 GES BioRifle
1 ASMD Shock Rifle
1 Pulse Gun
1 Ripper 
3 Miniguns 
1 Flak Cannon 
2 Rocket Launchers
1 Sniper Rifle 
1 Redeemer


2 Biosludge Ammo 
2 Shock Cores 
2 Razor Blade Packs 
3 Boxes of Bullets 
5 Flak Shells 
4 Rocket Packs
2 Boxes of Sniper Shells

Support Items: 

5 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg of Health 
1 Body Armor 
2 Shield Belts
1 Damage Amplifier 
1 Invisibility 
2 Anti Grav Boots

A very fun map, so to speak. It's a very reasonable size with lots of action
everywhere, especially around the control points.

The Crane control point is going to be the point where the control of it will
change from one team to another constantly. There's a hidden power-up, so to 
speak, by the Crane control point. It is located on top of the crane itself.
It's the Big Keg 'o Health, but it's out in open to where you can see it.

Moving along to either the left or right will take to yet another control
point. If you decide to take the route with the big tower, this will take
you to the Boxes control point. By far most people like to sit on top of
the stack of Boxes and camp with the Rocket Launcher, but this isn't as common
as you might think. Most of the time you won't even have to worry about it.

If you decided to take the other way, this will lead you to the Helipad
control point, which is another point that will strong fluctuate among the
teams. There will be a Rocket Launcher by the boxes, and most importantly,
the Shield Belt is located on one of the boxes, so make sure you pick it up
if you see it. This will help in many ways. 

Moving past those boxes will take you to two alcoves. One has a pair of Anti
Gravity Boots and Body Armor, the other has a Minigun and a box of ammo for it.
Be sure to pick these power-ups and the weapon up as you pass through here.

If you would like the Redeemer, Invisibility, and a Sniper Rifle, go into
the teleporter in the room with an elevator. You will know if you're in the
right place when you see the number 4 boxed with caution colors all over
the walls, right by elevator lift 3. Beware as you enter this. People like
to camp with the Ripper, using the secondary mode to throw you off the very
high platform to your death, since the Ripper has a very big knockback

The Damage Amplifier can be found on top of the buildings. You will need a 
Translocator to reach it. It will be found on top of a Helipad.

Play your cards right and you will come out victorious in this map.



This ancient temple was sacred to the race that built it, but not to the
Liandri.  Upon discovering it nestled in the mountains above the Eternal Cave,
desecrated it for battle.




1 GES BioRifle 
1 ASMD Shock Rifle 
1 Ripper 
1 Minigun
1 Flak Cannon 
1 Rocket Launcher 
1 Sniper Rifle


2 Biosludge Ammo 
5 Shock Cores 
2 Razor Blade Packs 
2 Boxes of Bullets 
6 Flak Shells 
3 Rocket Packs 
1 Box of Sniper Shells 
3 Single shot Sniper Shells

Support Items: 

10 Health Vials
6 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg 'o Health 
1 Body Armor
1 Shield Belt

Only one of each weapon can be found on this map, so it can be hard to find
which weapon you want. I won't go into very much detail on this map as there
isn't much to talk about. It's pretty much linear.

The Lower control point is one of the hardest points to defend, mainly because
it lies in a big open area where many people will be. Try your best to control
it, if not, don't worry about it as it's not a big loss.

The Mid control point is one of the easiest, as it's in a very dark corner
with a Minigun and a couple boxes of ammo. Hide yourself in the shadows
and wait for people who might be coming to take over the point for their 

The Upper control point is hard, mainly because it's really easy to get knocked
off the edge from weapon fire. If you do get managed to knock off, Translocate
back to the top and be more careful.

The Big Keg 'o Health can be found in the room with the lift and the ASMD
Shock Rifle. When you go up on the lift, look for a small alcove with it
in there. Use the Translocator to access it.

The Shield Belt can be found all the way at the top of the map, right on the
ramps of the raftor.



Despite worldwide protests, this historical landmark is now owned by Liandri.
Jeri Liandri, President Liandri Mining Corporation: "We owe it to the people to
ensure quality cultural events.  We won't settle for less."


Red Ankh 
Blue Ankh 
Hall of Pillars


2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
3 Pulse Guns
4 Miniguns 
6 Rocket Launchers


5 Shock Cores 
5 Pulse Cells 
7 Boxes of Bullets
9 Rocket Packs

Support Items: 

34 Health Vials 
6 Health Pods 
1 Big Keg 'o Health
1 Shield Belt 
1 Damage Amplifier

You shouldn't die all that much on this map as the amount of health items is
staggering. It's very easy to get up to 199 health without any effort.

Your weapon of choice for this map should be the Rocket Launcher. The ammo
is fairly common for it, and there's tons of ammo to go around. You will need
the firepower anyways for the pandemonium you will face.

A very straightforward map indeed, the Blue and Red Ankh control points
are mirroring each other. Each will have ramps that will lead up to the
middle of the map with a Big Keg 'o Health, so make note of that.

The Hall of Pillars control point is where there will be a major bloodbath.
Most people think they're smart to camp on the pillar with the control point
on there, but they only find themselves dead within 10 seconds of them
camping on there. There is very adequate protection from the pillars and some
areas of this large room are dark, so there's a few good places to hide until
the heat dies down a bit. To take this control point if you are down in the
room, use the Translocator to reach the pillar. Dont be suprised if it gets
taken only a few seconds later.

For those who want it, a Shield Belt can be found in one of the tallest pillars
on the outside of the map. Use the Translocator to reach for your prize. Watch
out for other people who may want to take it though.

With only two teams on this map, this arena can be done in 6 minutes flat.


7. The Scoring System

Here's how scoring breaks down in Domination.

Suicide (Falling off a high cliff, dying in lava, toxins, etc.) -1
Suicide (Killing yourself with weapon fire) -5
Dying (Someone killing you) +0
Frag (Does not count towards team score) +1
Holding a control point for 5 seconds +1


8. Legal Information

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8. Credits

Myself, I took the time to write a detailed FAQ for you guys, so you better
be thankful.

Apathetic Aardvark. I appreciate it so much that you let me use your item
list for each map. It would take me a long time to do it, but I'll have
to do it on my own for some maps. Thank you very much yet again.

CJayC here at GameFAQS. You made a really nice site, I love it. Always keep
up the hard work.

Marshmallow here at GameFAQS. He's known for making FAQs from Goldeneye 007
and Perfect Dark for the N64, among other names. Thank you very much for the
legal information section.

The Domination community. Keep on fraggin' :)

The readers who read this.

That's really about it. If I haven't mentioned anyone (Does happen, my brain
fails to work 75% of the time), let me know and you'll be added. People who
send in user tips will surely be added here as well :)


9. Contacts

If, for some reason you want to contact me, maybe about getting to know 
Capture the Flag, or just basic information on how to play, or user 
submissions. You can contact me two ways. Either:

1. AIM me @ Agentzero90. This is probably the best way, even though I do have
my away message on most of the time, but I will get your message.

2. E-Mail me nick.novak@comcast.net. The second way, but I usually only check
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3. Rules About IM or E-Mail:

* No spam. Heaven help you if I find spam...

* Don't come E-Mailing me saying "Hey, I noticed a typo in section...". It's
fine if you send me an E-Mail or IM saying I got a couple errors, but don't
go rampant finding errors. I don't have Microsoft Word so spellcheck is out
of the question.

* If you have a question that is not already answered in this FAQ, please, go
ahead and ask.

* If you want to set up a server in which you want to learn how to play, I'll
be glad to help you. See Contacts above for more information.


This document is © 2005 DV Morpheus.
All rights reserved.

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