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InstaGib FAQ by Freezard

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/12/03

Unreal Tournament
Version 1.3
By: Pr0wLeR (Freezard@hotmail.com)


09/03/02: Version 1.3

- Advanced CTF Strategies #Supporter, #Attacker [completed]
- All info is in here, this is the final version! I think... ;)

08/31/02: Version 1.2

- Basic Strategies #Other Hints [completed]
- Advanced CTF Strategies #Defender [completed]

08/29/02: Version 1.1

- Basic Strategies #Aiming, #Tactics [completed]

08/23/02: Version 1.0

- All necessary stuff is in here!
- Basic Strategies #Movement [completed]

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to InstaGib
2. Who Are You??
3. Basic Strategies
  a) Movement
  b) Aiming
  c) Tactics
  d) Other Hints
4. Advanced CTF Strategies
  a) Defender
  b) Supporter
  c) Attacker
5. Credits
6. Legal Information

1. Introduction to InstaGiB

IntaGib or insta for short, is a mutator/mod to Unreal Tournament. You can 
play every mode on insta like CTF or LMS, and all regular maps aswell. Ok, if 
you don't know what insta is you've come to the wrong place. Anyway, in insta 
mode, you wear only 1 weapon, the Enhanced Shock Rifle. It's like the original 
Shock Rifle besides you only have the primary function, and it kills on 1 hit. 
The beam is usually orange or blue. You also got infinite ammunition. So 
what's so difficult about insta you may ask, it's just to shoot everyone you 
see, easy. Well, it's not really that easy (unless you don't want to win). 
Many people says insta is pure luck, no skills... but they have WRONG! Insta 
is so much more. Of course, luck is also important, but it's skills who counts 
in the end.

When you're playing insta, you usually play with a mod called ZeroPing (ZP). 
It lowers the time it takes for a shot to reach its destination to zero 
(therefore its name :p). But that's also all. You still telewalk when you got 
high pings. Also, if you hit an opponent, it will take some time before he/she 
dies (depends on your ping). So, if you got like 200 ping and an opponent 100, 
and both shoot eachother at the same time, the person with the lowest ping 
will win, and he/she will still be alive because your shot doesn't count when 
you're dead. Pretty annoying sometimes!

Anyway, this with ping isn't always blood important, but it's not fair if you 
play 1v1. Enough of this.

2. Who Are You??

I'm Pr0wLeR. And you know what? I play UT! Right now i'm in a clan named 
Warriors of Death }WoD{. I've been playing UT for years, and I think insta is 
a great style of playing. My first insta clan was [FBi], started by [-BurnZ-] -
 my old buddy! ;) (I don't want to talk about what's between me and him 
nowadays though...) We were elite in Gamespy Arcade! :D Really, we kicked some 
serious ass. Anyway, it was too much for Burnz so the clan died. Now I'm in }
WoD{, as I said. And it's a cool and good insta clan. No it's not a n00b clan 
anymore. It was in the beginning, but now we're training everyday and getting 
better and better.

You know why I'm writing this FAQ? It's to make you all guys over there better 
at insta! If you're better, then it's more fun to play. Ya, this FAQ is not 
just for newbies either. There are many useful hints for advanced players too. 
I promise...

All this text is based on my own experience. I've not looked in any other FAQs.
I'm not a very good insta player either, but I know what's important for BEING 
good. Of course all players can be good if they just train. Some can get even 
better... Maybe that's you?? ;)

I also appologise for my bad english. I'm from Sweden, and in Sweden we talk 

3. Basic Strategies

Here I'll write down all the basics of insta. Train on those and you'll play 
much better. They work for all kind of modes.

 a) Movement

¤) The most important thing of all is maybe the movement.
    Without any movement, no flag + many extra frags to the opposite team.

*) You should always try to move in a different pattern. That makes it hard
    for your enemie to kill you. If you don't, your enemie will learn how you
    are moving. Here are some good patterns for example:

        ¤) The classical left/right movement works very well. The problem is
            that if you press the left/right buttons very fast, you'll be an
            easy target for your enemie becauase it's almost the same as
            standing still. And if you hold em too long it's easy for your
            enemie to wait for the right time and then kill you. The best thing
            to do is to always hold the buttons different long times, and to
            add some sidedodging. This method is flawless if you're escaping
            with the flag and having an enemie behind you. Try backdodging to
            escape quicker.

	¤) Another one straight from Quake! If you've played it you surely know
            that circulating around your enemie is a great way to keep away
            from shots. This method works fine in UT too. But instead of
            moving around your enemie you move in an own small circle. Another
            thing is to do a sidedodge when you're in the middle of the
            circle, and then continue on. You can also try to dodge backwards
            as well. The problem is with this move that it's hard to do, and
            it can be difficult to aim at the opponent sometimes. But if you
            know this one it's great!

	¤) Ok, sometimes there are some really slow opponents that never
            sidedodge. What you want to do with them is to sidedodge around em
            and try to get to their back. They will get confused and you will
            have a clear sight. Oh, it's best used if you're close to the
            opponent. :)

*) As you have seen, dodging is a great way to avoid shots. You should always
    sidedodge when your opponent is just about to fire, because they don't
    know if you'll be standing still, leftdodging or rightdodging. If you
    dodge early your opponent may save it's shot and await your move. Also it
    takes some time to recover after doing a dodge... The forward/backdodges
    are also very good if you know when to use them. If not, the chances will
    be that you dodge right into your enemie and die. Dodging forward is also
    not very good if your opponent is right in front of you (far away or close
    doesn't matter), because you will remain at the same spot, not really at
    the same spot but still in THEIR aiming line.

*) This is a word I don't want to hear from you... JUMPING! This stupid
    bunnyjumping as it has been called lately, is not any good at all in
    insta, except for dieing. Why? Because, your enemie will easily see when
    you will land and if he miss you in the air, he won't miss you on the
    ground. Think about the recover time after a jump too, and you'll forget
    what jumping is. Hmm, but there are some good things about jumping too! :)
    If your enemie aims low at you, it's good to jump. But only when he's
    about to shoot. Also, I jump sometimes. In CTF when you got the flag it's
    pretty good. Or when you're surrounded by 4 enemies and your teammates
    are somewhere else, jump away! But try to jump as little as possible.

*) The last one, crouching. Many players doesn't crouch. But sometimes it
    saves your life. As with everything else, you should try to crouch exactly
    when the enemie is going to shoot you. It's better to crouch when you're
    close to an opponent. But when you're crouching, you're moving very, very
    slow. So no idea holding the button when you crouch. Just tap it when you
    think they're going to shoot. Hehe, you better not crouch EVERYTIME they
    shoot because then they will figure it out. :p Crouching is also a good
    way of avoiding many shots in a flat area. Like crouch so you're teammates
    at your back can have a clear sight.

¤) Ok, all these things work together. Try to randomly use them, and your
    enemie(s) know you as an anoying fly. Also, these hints are mostly made
    for plain areas. Stick with it!

 b) Aiming

¤) Aiming is as important as movement. Well, if you never shoot but move very
    good, you can actually capture flags. But aiming is super important for
    getting frags in DM/TDM... And for recovering flags!

*) Most important, as you've heard, is to save shots. You never know what your 
    opponent is going to do, but if you don't hold the fire button you can
    wait their move and shoot. I find it much better when I try to concentrate
    on my opponents movement instead of just shooting "where he/she is right
    now". Then i can blast him when he dodge for instance. On another note, if
    there are many enemies in the same place it's better to just shoot
    instantly. You'll surely hit.

*) Aim for the legs if your enemie crouch often. Then you won't miss them.

*) A good (and sometimes stupid) idea is to dodge forward when you're close to
    an opponent and try to shoot him at once. The problem is that if you miss,
    you are mostly dead. A little like gambling, 50% to hit... 50% to be hit.

*) Use a good angle when you aim. Like sidedodging. Then you have a greater
    chance to hit.

¤) That was all huh?? Yeah, just remember to save your shots, the rest is not 
    that important.

 c) Tactics

¤) Tactics, makes sometimes the diffrence between winning or loosing. The 
    tactics varies from map to map, but is basicly the same. Here we go!

*) For all those players who likes to hide and stand on one point (called 
    camping), it's not a great idea. Like standing on the top of the tower in
    Facing Worlds is sometimes pretty good, but mostly useless. I use it to
    shoot the enemie flagcarrier, that's it. If you try to hide in DM/TDM,
    like standing on one point and waiting for players, you loose a lot on it.
    You don't get any frags (of course, your enemies doesn't get any either...
    but), and that's no teamplaying. Unfair for your teammates. Instead, try to
    move over the whole map and seek newly respawned enemies. It's not as
    useful as in Regular Mode (all weapons) because there is no life, weapons,
    ammos or powerups to pick. But sooner or later your enemie will find you
    and kill you! Take it easy.

*) When in a close corridor and you got walls who give you protection,
    sidedodge from one side to the other and shoot straight into the corridor.
    That way you kill incoming attackers and you yourself are hard to hit. And
    it's nothing lame about it, just a little cowardish... :) Ah, I'm mostly
    thinking about Defenders in CTF with this.

*) Use all platforms on the map. For instance, on Linadri there are a lot of
    platforms. Jump and dodge on one platform to the other. And also use the
    teleports. Your enemie should never know where you are, and you should
    always have your enemies back in front of ya! ;)

*) It's better to be on a higher platform than standing on the floor. The
    higher up you are, the better. You can hide and attack your enemie, witch
    is an easy target on the plain floor.

*) If you find a very dark place, you can try to crouch and shoot the
    bypassing enemies. On Deck-16 there is such a place. It's not too
    effective but works time to time... Also if you kill an opponent and still
    stand on the same place where you stood before, you will be killed by him
    at once...

*) Uhm, water... I dunno about that. Try to swim left/right and shoot your 
    opponents head off. Or just keep away from the water. Your choise.

¤) These was just a few tricks I had on my mind. There are many, many more to
    find and learn. Just try to learn the best ones... In insta there are not
    at all as many tactics as in Regular Mode.

 d) Other Hints

¤) This section shows some other stuff you should know about to play better...

*) If you go into Options-->Settings-->Controls you can change the mouse speed.
    It's good to have high rating for turning around quick and shoot. I got 
    5.00, but somewhere around 4-6 will do it.

*) Learn the maps. Try playing on all different maps! There are some good 3rd 
    party maps aswell. Just go into a public server, download and play them.
    Some maps are more popular than others... Here's a list of some:

        ¤1vs1 Maps (3rd party)

	¤Eternal Caves
	¤Facing Worlds
	¤Diamond Sword (3rd party)
	¤Maelstorm (3rd party)
        ¤Rainbase (3rd party)

*) TRAIN! The most important thing of all is to train! If you want to be good 
    you better play around 3-4 games a day. Also don't just train on CTF but
    TDM also, although many thinks CTF is the funniest part... If you're in a
    clan, make some scrims with other clans 1 time a week or something.
    Excellent for the teamwork! ;)

4. Advanced CTF Strategies

Ok, now on to something else. I'm talking about Capture The Flag... A great, 
classic mode! :) Before I write some advices to all of you out there, there's 
one thing you should think about.

*) In Options-->Settings-->Sound there's a button called ?Input?, where you
    can assign voices to different keybuttons. I got my 5 voices set to the
    buttons over the arrow buttons (I use the Delete button in Reg CTF for the
    Translocator...), making it easier to quickly reach them. What voices you
    should set is up to you, but I got 2 "Acknowledge" voices, 1 "Orders"
    voice and 2 "Commands" voices. That's right, no stupid Taunt voices
    like "ha ha ha"! ;) Also you can set just plain words to your buttons. To
    do so, do like this: In your system dir there's a file named User.ini.
    Open it in notepad. A line may look like this: "A=". Now write "A=TEAMSAY"
    and you're done. Save and start UT. Now your message will appear if you
    press the "A" button in game. Also, TEAMSAY means that only your team will
    hear it. Wonderful isn't it?? :) Here is a list of some useful messages:

	¤Status: Defending/Attacking
        ¤Base is HOSTILE/CLEAR
        ¤I got the flag! Cover me!
        ¤Backuping FC!
        ¤Enemie FC going HIGH/LOW!

 a) Defender

¤) As a defender, you have 2 missions. One is to keep the flag clear of any 
    intruders. The second one is to recover the flag if someone took it. May
    sound pretty easy you think... well if you're good at it then it is! ;)
    Just kidding, but it depends a lot on the map you're playing on. In a team
    of 4, there should be 2 defenders. Or else you'll get into trouble getting
    your flag back all the time... Another stupid thing people says... If you 
    defend, you camp. I'll guess they say so just because you're good at
    defending. Sometimes they are right, but you don't have to be where the
    flag is all the time. Moving around in your base is enough. And it's
    better too, you got a better look when your enemies are attacking.

*) If an enemie dies and drops the flag, and another enemie comes, concentrate 
    on killing him rather than recovering the flag. Because you see pretty
    easy if the enemie is going to take the flag, and then you can just blow
    him up. Also, when the flag is dropped close to it's base position there
    is no idea taking it back, it will automaticaly return. Well, if you don't
    have anything else to do that is... But that's not going to happen. ;)

*) Important stuff is also to know where your enemie is approaching. On some 
    maps there's just 1 way leading in to the flag, on other maps there are 5
    ways. Learn the map, and move around the spots.

*) If your flagcarrier managed to get to your base but the enemie got your 
    flag, you are the one to defend him! Cover him until some attacker gets
    your flag back... Never go away from your carrier! Even if he's extremely
    good! :)

¤) Right, that was all I could come up with. Guard your flag with honor, 

 b) Supporter

¤) A supporter is a mixed combination of a defender and an attacker. Like 
    freelancing. You defend when you feel there are many enemies
    approaching, and you get the flag when you think it's the right time. The 
    supporter also got other things to do, as covering the flagcarrier and the
    attackers. If you don't want a position you can always support. Ah, they
    also try to get the flag back.

¤) Well, don't have much of this to say. But if you're good at attacking and 
    defending (does that have something to do with fragging?? :)) you're
    awesome at supporting. I usually support myself. Not in Regular Mode

 c) Attacker

¤) If you like harassing the enemie base all the time maybe you're good at 
    attacking. The attackers are mainly hunting the flag, but got other things
    to do as well. In a team of 4, there should be 1-2 attackers.

*) Sometimes you don't have to kill your enemis close to their base. The best 
    reason to not do this is that you can get the flag easier. If you see some
    enemies on their way to your base, let them go. Then the base is pretty
    uncovered and it takes some time for the enemies to get back to you. Also,
    in maps like Facing Worlds where the enemies respawn close to the flag,
    it's not necessary to kill them when you're going to take the flag.
    Because the enemies will just respawn and try to kill you again. Pretty
    weird, isn't it? I think they should add a "death recovery" so you got to
    wait some seconds before you can respawn...

*) On your way to the flag, try to move on many different passages. On the 
    high place, the low place or even the medium place. And when you're
    escaping with the flag take the safest way home (where you think there
    aren't 10 enemies camping... ;)).

*) When you got the flag, don't wait and hunt all the enemies you see. You 
    want to get to your base as soon as possible so just try to go backwards
    and shoot and avoid the shots. Jumping is pretty good too in some cases.

*) If your enemie got the flag and you got their, go to a safe place and hide. 
    If an enemie sees you move to another place. Tell to your friends so they
    see where you are and wait for cover. If you're lucky, your attackers
    return the flag and you score!

*) Being covered by another attacker/supporter is very good. So if you see an 
    attacker on his way to the base, cover him and go together. Then you got a
    guy on your back as well if you take the flag!

¤) Capturing a flag and score is a matter with tactics in, indeed. It can be  
    very hard sometimes, going alone to the base is sometimes useless. So try
    get a teammate to cover you everytime. Then you'll do fine.

Two things that a CTF-team needs is teamplaying and communicating. It's also 
good to have positions but it's not necessary in every team. And try to train 
with your clan/friends as often as you can, it's important to know how a team 

5. Credits

Thanks to:

*Willkill4kronik - for organizing }WoD{ throughout the years! :)
*}WoD{ - for all nice people who luvs to play insta! A great insta clan!
*MadMental/Mental-X - for teaching me how multiplayer works when i first 
entered GSA! Thx dude! :p
*[-BurnZ-] - because he learned me that running a clan is not easy. He fused me
to play insta too.
*[ViTa] - a very nice clan that counts fun/friendship before skillz. Way to go!
*[51] - my best friend plays in Area 51! His name is Snipe! O_o Haha, just 
kidding bro! ;)
*All clans - Who resists my words from my mouth. Especially |2nT| for all 
happy trouble I cause them... ;)

Think that was everyone. If not, tell me. Go to irc.progameplayer.com #WoD to 
talk to me, and maybe we can have a game or two.

6. Legal Information

If you are using my FAQ i know who you are. If you really want to use my
FAQ on your page, e-mail me first at Freezard@hotmail.com and make sure
you give me your site adress. I'll talk to you from there.

Sites that are allowed to use my FAQ:


If i see you using this FAQ without my permission, you can easily get into the 
biggest trouble you've ever gotten into in your life. And you'll regret it. 

Also, it's ok if you send this FAQ to your friends or burn it on a CD. No 
problem. But don't ever change my name to yours and don't edit any stuff. 
Don't make  money of this either. If you do, i got FBI at my homequarter.

Copyright 2002 Pr0wLeR. All rights reserved.
        \ \ || / /     _    <¤>
|) |) /\ \ \/\/ / |   [_ |)
|  |\ \/  \/\/\/  |__ [_ |\

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