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    Weapons/Armor/Items Guide by BrakZero

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    Unreal Tournament (PC)
    Weapons/Armor/Items Guide
    By BrakZero
    Version 2.00
    :: Revisions ::
    v2.00 - Completely re-made the entire guide, making it more in-depth and
    changing the entire look of it. Also added codes that are related to weapons.
    v1.00 - First version
    == Table of Contents ==
     = Weapons
      - Impact Hammer
      - Chainsaw
      - Enforcer
      - BioRifle
      - Shock Rifle
      - Pulse Gun
      - Ripper
      - Minigun
      - Flak Cannon
      - Rocket Launcher
      - Sniper Rifle
      - Redeemer
     = Armor
      - Thigh Pads
      - Body Armor
      - Shield Belt
     = Items
      - Translocator
      - Health Vial
      - Health Pack
      - Keg O' Health
      - Damage Amplifier
      - Invisibility
      - AntiGrav Boots
      - Scuba Gear
     = Weapon Related Codes
     = Contact/Legal
    << Weapons >>
    Note: Some information on weapons can be viewed in the instruction booklet or
    when clicking Stats, then "Weapons".
    Some notes on auto-switch -
     If you are holding a weapon and pick up a more powerful one, you should
    automatically arm yourself with the stronger weapon upon picking it up. You can
    toggle this option by going to Stats -> Weapons and unchecking the "Auto-Switch
    Weapons" box. Or, you can switch the order of power. The default order is as
    Rocket Launcher
    Flak Cannon
    Sniper Rifle
    Pulse Gun
    Shock Rifle
    GES BioRifle
    Double Enforcers
    Impact Hammer
    So, for example, if you have a Ripper on hand and you pick up a Minigun, the
    Minigun will automatically replace the Ripper.
    If you want to change this order, you can do so by simply clicking on the
    weapon and holding your mouse button down, then dragging it anywhere on the
    list that you would like.
    Impact Hammer
    Classification - Melee Piston
    Primary Fire   - Hold down to charge it up, then touch an opponent to
                     kill them instantly.
    Secondary Fire - Weaker and more rapid shots. If your timing it good,
                     it may be able to deflect shots from projectile
    Ammo - None
    Techniques/Combos - If you face directly towards the ground and let go
                        while you jump, you will be able to jump very high.
    Comments -
     The Impact Hammer is rather difficult to work with. It makes a very loud sound
    when charged up, drowning out any shouts that may help locate people. Also,
    unless your opponent is very unskilled or stupid, it will be rather rather to
    them them directly. I recommend that you switch on the Chainsaw Melee mutator
    to use the Chainsaw instead of the Impact Hammer.
    Classification - Melee Blade
    Primary Fire   - Hold down to start it up, then ram it into opponents
                     to inflict lots of damage.
    Secondary Fire - Swipe the Chainsaw back and forth once instantly
                     cutting off the head of anyone that you touch.
    Ammo - None
    Techniques/Combos - None
    Comments -
     Though better than the Impact Hammer, the Chainsaw is still a
    less-than-stellar weapon. Luckily, if you manage to get close to your enemy,
    you'll surely cause big damage to them. Also, you let everyone know where you
    are with its very loud sound that echoes throughout the whole arena. =T
    Classification - Light Pistol
    Primary Fire   - Accurate normal bullet shot
    Secondary Fire - Hold the gun sideways to shoot twice as fast, but your
                     accuracy is greatly decreased
    Ammo                    - Standard bullets
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 30
    Amount Found in Pack    - 50
    Techniques/Combos - You may pick up a second Enforcer dropped from a
                        dead foe and use two at once.
    Comments -
     Your starting gun. The Enforcer is not a very good gun, but it still has its
    uses. You can inflict twice as much damage by firing twice as fast with the
    secondary fire, but because of its bad accuracy, its only a useful thing to do
    if you're very close to your opponent. In any case, it's best to switch to
    another gun when you get the chance.
    GES BioRifle
    Classification - Toxic Rifle
    Primary Fire   - Fires clumps of Tarydium waste that stick to any
    Secondary Fire - Hold down to make a much larger clump of the same
                     material, which will split into several smaller clumps
    Ammo                    - Tarydium BioSludge
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 25
    Amount Found in Pack    - 25
    Techniques/Combos - Use the sticking abilities to your advantage. For
                        instance, if you're running away from someone, try
                        running backwards and facing them while comvering
                        their path with the sludge.
    Comments -
     Not a bad weapon, really. I found that the best way to fight with it is to
    just fire it off anywhere around your enemy, and they'll eventually hit it and
    take damage. If used correctly, it can be quite deadly.
    ASMD Shock Rifle
    Classification - Energy Rifle
    Primary Fire   - A quick laser beam is shot
    Secondary Fire - A small ball of plasma is shot. Moves much slowly, but
                     has more power than the beam.
    Ammo                    - Shock Core
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 20
    Amount Found in Pack    - 10
    Techniques/Combos - You can use an excellent combo with this gun by
                        firing the slow plasma ball and immediately firing
                        the beam before the plasma ball hits anything. If
                        you successfully shoot the plasma ball with the
                        beam, it will cause a much larger explosion.
    Comments -
     A nice little rifle if used skillfully. These seem to always be put amongst
    more powerful weapons, so they're usually not used very often, but it can still
    help a lot if it's your only gun in your inventory.
    Enhanced Shock Rifle
     - The Enhanced Shock Rifle is a different version of the normal ASMD Shock
    Rifle, only available in InstaGib matches. These look almost exactly the same
    (just some color differences), but the enhanced ones can only shoot the beam
    and not the plasma ball. Also, your amount is unlimited, because there's no
    ammo to pick up, nor is there any other weapons in an InstaGib match. This
    enhanced rifle instantly blows a hit foe to bits, making it an 'auto-death'
    Pulse Gun
    Classification - Plasma Rifle
    Primary Fire   - Green fast-moving balls of plasma are fired at a rapid
    Secondary Fire - Hold down to use a green bolt of lightning.
    Ammo                    - Pulse Cells
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 60
    Amount Found in Pack    - 25
    Techniques/Combos - None
    Comments -
     A very nice gun here. The secondary fire is quite a nice weapon if your
    accuracy is good, and if it isn't, the primary fire can do plenty of damage.
    These also appear in almost every level, so you shouldn't have much of a
    problem finding one.
    Classification - Ballistic Blade Launcher
    Primary Fire   - Sharp titanium disks are launched that bounce off of
                     any surface.
    Secondary Fire - The same type of disks are launched, but these explode
                     upon impact rather than bounce.
    Ammo                    - Razor Blades
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 15
    Amount Found in Pack    - 25
    Techniques/Combos - Hit an opponent in the neck with a normal blade for
                        an instant head shot kill.
    Comments -
     An extremely useful weapon, the Ripper allows you to make around-the-corner
    kills and make explosions at the same time. It's often quite helpful if you
    fire the disks everywhere aimlessly if you're outgunned, since they like to
    bounce back and hit their target, occasionally even nailing them in the head.
    :) The downside here is that sometimes the blade bounce off the wall only to
    come back and hit you instead.
    Classification - Gatling Gun
    Primary Fire   - Accurate bullets are fired at a rather quick rate.
    Secondary Fire - Not-so-accurate bullets are fired twice as fast.
    Ammo                    - Standard bullets
    Starting Amount of Ammo - About 70 (I believe it varies)
    Amount Found in Pack    - 50
    Techniques/Combos - Use the rapid fire when up close.
    Comments -
     If you're good at aiming, this gun is fantastic. Just keep spraying your
    bullets forward to down your foe in seconds. If you like up close and personal
    fights, the alternative fire can kill twice as fast. Of course, if your aiming
    sucks, this gun is pretty worthless.
    Flak Cannon
    Classification - Heavy Shrapnel
    Primary Fire   - Scraps of white-hot metal is sprayed
    Secondary Fire - Throw a shrapnel grenade forward
    Ammo                    - Flak Shells
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 10
    Amount Found in Pack    - 10
    Techniques/Combos - None
    Comments -
     By far the best close-range weapon in the game, the Flak Cannon can easily rip
    apart an opponent in a shot or two with its metal chunks. A grenade also does
    huge damage, always pulverizing an opponent if they get hit. Only problem here
    is that because several chunks are sprayed (shotgun style), this is rather
    useless for long-range combat unless you get a good grenade shot in.
    Rocket Launcher
    Classification - Heavy Ballistic
    Primary Fire   - Heavy and rather slowmoving rockets are fired forward.
    Secondary Fire - An unpropelled rocket grenade is lobbed which explodes
                     shortly after thrown.
    Ammo                    - Rockets
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 6
    Amount Found in Pack    - 12
    Techniques/Combos - If you hold down the button for either of the
                        fires, you can load up to six rockets. So, if you
                        hold down the primary fire button, you can load 6
                        rockets and fire them all at once or you can throw
                        6 rockets at once with the secondary fire.
                        Another useful thing to do is to hold your
                        crosshair over an opponent for a while, and it will
                        change into a red circular crosshair, meaning that
                        it is locked on. When locked on, the next rocket
                        fired will home in on the target.
    Comments -
     One of the most powerful weapons in the game. The rockets are extremely
    deadly, and easily blow a target to chunks when hit. The bad part is that
    you'll probably kill yourself if your enemy is too close, and you'll need good
    aim. Luckily, that homing device is thrown in to make it simpler, and combined
    it makes the Rocket Launcher into one nasty litt... err, BIG weapon.
    Sniper Rifle
    Classification - Long Range Ballistic
    Primary Fire   - Fires an accurate high-powered bullet.
    Secondary Fire - Hold to zoom in up to 8x normal vision for perfect
                     accuracy even when far away.
    Ammo                    - High-powered bullets
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 8
    Amount Found in Pack    - 10
    Techniques/Combos - A rather obvious thing to do here is to zoom in on
                        your target if you're far away. Hit a foe in the
                        skull to instantly kill them.
    Comments -
     An extremely useful weapon. Once again, aim is the only real concern here, but
    the fact still remains that it's deadly. Hit the opponent in the head to kill
    them instantly (very useful), or just hit them anywhere else twice to fall
    them. Great stuff.
    Classification - Thermonuclear Device
    Primary Fire   - Fire a very large and slow moving nuclear missile that
                     explodes upon impact, vaporizing anything within its
                     huge blast radius.
    Secondary Fire - Fire the same missile, but take control of it and fly
                     it anywhere you wish from the view of the front of the
                     rocket. Click the fire button while flying it to
                     automatically make it explode. If the missile is shot
                     while being flown, it will explode harmlessly and it
                     will be wasted.
    Ammo                    - Nuclear Missile
    Starting Amount of Ammo - 1
    Amount Found in Pack    - N/A
    Techniques/Combos - None
    Comments -
     By far the most powerful device in the game, the Redeemer can pulverize
    anything close to it, no matter how well protected they are. It does have a few
    downsides, though. For instance, you'll surely kill yourself unless you stay
    quite far away, and it can only be shot once. Not to mention that it's not
    exactly a commonly found weapon. If you can pick up a Redeemer, make sure to
    use it wisely.
    << Armor >>
    *Things to know - You can view your armor points at the top-right portion of
    the Heads-Up Display. (HUD) The human model is shown here. If the human model
    is outlined in yellow, it means that a shield belt is being worn. If the chest
    portion is filled in red, the body armor is equipped. If the upper leg portion
    is filled in red, the Thigh Pads are being worn. As the armor wears down, the
    red filled space becomes dimmer and more transparent until it is eventually
    gone and the armor is worn out.
    Nearby this human figure are numbers. The numbers on the top represent armor
    points. This number can go up to 150. Keep track of this.
    Thigh Pads
    Armor Points: 50
    The Thigh Pads are equipped on your legs and provide fifty armor points. Since
    Thigh Pads are the least useful of the three armor accessories, they are always
    found out in the open and are easy to reach. If you can get some Body Armor
    when wearing the Thigh Pads, you can combine their armor points to make your
    total rise up to 150.
    Body Armor
    Armor Points: 100
    Body Armor is a green vest worn that protects you with 100 points. Like the
    Thigh Pads, the Body Armor is usually not very hard to find or reach, so it's a
    nice thing to grab during a match. If you wear Thigh Pads with your Body Armor,
    you can combine the armor point totals to recieve a total of 150 armor points
    and protection over almost your entire body.
    Shield Belt
    Armor Points: 150
    A very handy accessory, the Shield Belt covers you in a slick coating that
    provides an excellent 150 armor points across your entire body. Since it is
    quite a valuable item, it is almost always placed in a hidden, hard to reach,
    or hazardous area. Knowing the locations of Shield Belts is valuable knowledge,
    so try to grab one whenever possible for some helpful protection.
    << Items >>
    The Translocator is a very interesting little item that functions both as a
    transportation device and a weapon if used skillfully.
    Classification - Personal Teleportation Device
    Primary Fire   - Launch the destination module.
    Secondary Fire - After launching the destination module, the secondary
                     fire button teleports the user instantly to the place
                     where the module was thrown.
    Based on this, you will probably notice that this is a simple way of moving
    around and reaching previously inaccesable areas. However, it can be used as a
    weapon. It's tough to do, but if you manage to throw your module very close to
    a foe and teleport there, you can instantly kill your opponent with a
    'TeleFrag'. Due to the fact that you must be so close, it's not a very easy
    thing to do, but it may work sometimes if all else fails.
    If you ever see a destination module on the ground, you should shoot it. If a
    player tries to teleport to a corrupted module, they will automatically kill
    themselves. Granted, most players aren't stupid enough to leave their modules
    sitting there (or even use the Translocator for that matter), but hey. :)
    Also, if you try to teleport while holding an enemy flag in Capture the Flag
    games, you will drop the flag in the area that you teleported from.
    Health Vial
    Amount of Health Points Given - 5 (up to 199 maximum health)
    Health Vials are small health boosters that boost your health up by a measly 5
    points. However, the reason that they become useful at times is because they
    can surpass the limit of 100 health points, and can go all the way up to 199.
    They're ALWAYS found in clusters, so if you happen to spot some, they're
    usually worth getting.
    Health Pack
    Amount of Health Points Given - 20 (up to 100 maximum health)
    The basic health unit, restoring 20 points of your health, but only allowing
    your total health to reach 100. These are always found scattered throughout a
    level in easy to reach spots, sometimes in couples, and can save your sorry
    arse often.
    Keg O' Health
    Amount of Health Points Given - 100 (up to 199 maximum health)
    The big Keg O' Health is the best health item in existence in Unreal
    Tournament, replenishing a whopping 100 health points and also surpassing the
    100 point maximum. These are rarely found, and when they are, they are ALMOST
    always put in a dangerous area, so use caution when reaching out for one.
    Unless of course you find one that is easy tor each. (i.e. Peak Monostary
    Damage Amplifier
    Effect - User's weapon glows a shimmering purple for 30 seconds and
             during that time recieves a massive power-up.
    The Damage Amplifier is a extremely useful item that can be found in various
    levels. With it, you can pulverize virtually anything as a result of the
    enormous power-up. Grab one and knock down a few rocket launcher wielding foes
    with your enforcer. Unfortunately, because it only lasts for 30 seconds, you'll
    need to use it wisely. Try to hold off on taking it if there are no enemies
    nearby, and instead wait for some to come closer then take it and start
    wrecking. You'll be surprised at its power.
    Effect - User is almost completely invisible for a while.
    Quite a nifty item, the Invisibility is often found behind secret doors
    cleverly blending in with the surrounding wall that can be opened when shot by
    any weapon. During your invisible time, you can easily sneak up behind enemies
    and wreck them, for they'll hardly notice you until you get really up close and
    they look hard (unless you're dealing with computerized opponents, who spot you
    if you get anywhere close).
    AntiGrav Boots
    Effect - User can jump extraordinarilly high three times.
    A common item scattered around a majority of the levels. AntiGrav Boots often
    do more harm than good, though. True, they can allow you to reach previously
    inaccesible areas that hold powerful weapons and power-ups, but often screw the
    hell out of you if you just want to jump normally. Your control over your
    character is also quite limited while in the air, and it can become
    ridiculously frustrating at times. So if you come across any AntiGrav Boots,
    take a moment to think about if you really need them or not - and if you don't,
    don't take them.
    Scuba Gear
    Effect - Allows user to breath underwater.
    I'll be perfectly honest with you - I've never found this item anywhere. This
    means (in case you're rather slow) that it's quite a rare find. I didn't even
    know it existed until I saw it in the instructional booklet. I'm guessing this
    may be useful at times, but I really wouldn't imagine that someone would stay
    underwater long enough to lose breath and health, let alone die (as it does
    take quite a while for your health to begin draining).
    << Weapon Related Codes >>
    First of all, you must press the tilde (~) on your keyboard to open up the
    system console/log.
    I've heard that you must use a code to activate all other codes, but I was
    always able to use all the codes without doing this. Nevertheless, I'll include
    it just in case:
    Type 'iamtheone' into the console/log.
    Okay, now you can proceed to the other ones. These are the known codes that are
    related to weapons. Just type the given code into the system console/log and a
    message should follow it if a valid code is entered.
    All weapons              - 'loaded'
    999 ammo for ALL weapons - 'allammo'
    Yup, that's all. There are other codes relating to different matters, check out
    the rest of GameFAQs if you want them.
    << Contact/Legal >>
    This document is copyright (C) 2001 by Alex "BrakZero" Biedacha. Using it to
    make a profit, altering it in any way without permission of the author, et
    cetera is ILLEGAL. Just do yourself a favor - don't steal it.
    Contact e-mail: BrakZero717@aol.com
    First and foremost - DO NOT SEND ME AN INSTANT MESSAGE. People somehow get the
    idea that it's better to IM me on my AOL screen name. It's extremely annoying,
    so please, send me an e-mail.
    Second, if you're going to ask a question, make sure it's not found in the FAQ.
    If you ask a question that can be answered by reading this, don't expect for a
    reply - it'll be ignored.
    Third, don't waste your time trying to flame and insult me. All you do is make
    yourself look like a moron (and if you do, chances are that you ARE a moron).
    Of course, I always welcome suggestions and criticism, I'm just asking you not
    to send an e-mail that does nothing but flame me.
                     Copyright (C) 2001 by Alex Biedacha

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