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"Kyoto Colorful Days" is a Visual Novel, set in the sightseeing hotspot of Kyoto.
This visual novel is populated by various different characters and the story can be enjoyed like a TV drama.

The story centers around the protagonist, a young man who is drifting by aimlessly in life, unable to commit to a job.
With no particular goal in sight, he visits Kyoto, a city to which his grandfather has connections.
In his meetings with the local people there, and two girls in particular, he will discover his own path in life.

- Romance visual novel
- Opening&Ending song with Japanese vocals
- Fully voiced in Japanese
 Most characters other than the protagonist (the player) will talk in the local Kyoto dialect to really bring the atmosphere of the area to life.
-Including a mode where players can learn greetings and phrases in both standard Japanese and the Kyoto dialect.

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