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by Zoska

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zoska

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/03/18

General Info

GameState of Decay 2
TypeZombie Survival/Base Management/Open World
Real NamesJohnny and Sophie

Version History

1.0 - All Legacy Questlines and Base locations added.

0.8 - Added Warlord Legacy Missions

0.6 - Added Builder Legacy Missions

0.5 - Added Sheriff Legacy Missions

0.3 - Added all Skills

0.2 - Basic Gameplay and Mechanics explained. Still a lot of work to do. Feel free to email us with any information that could be useful for this guide.


Hi! Johnny and Sophie again. Welcome to our State of Decay 2 guide. State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival, base management game. The plot is minimal and the game's all about surviving endlessly.

Contact Us

Got any suggestions, critics, contributions, or spelling mistakes for us? Send them to us via our e-mails! Even if it's just to chat about the game. Any contributions made will be credited at the end of the guide.




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