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by ExtremePhobia

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/21/19


Welcome to my guide for Katana ZERO by Askiisoft. Thank you for reading!

This guide uses a formatting system to hopefully help you find the information you need quickly. Here's what it all means:

  • Actions
  • Locations
  • Items
  • Key Items and Interactable Objects
  • Enemies
  • Important Destructibles
  • Collectibles and Unlockables
  • Achievements or Trophies

We did our best to try to make these styles as visually identifiable to as many people as possible, including those with the most common forms of color blindness. If these styles are difficult for you to distinguish between, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for reading! These guides take a huge amount of time and effort (this guide is already at 70 pages). If you like our work, feel free to reach out by:

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  • Twitter: @QuestMappers or @MegaBranZero
  • Email: QuestMappers@gmail.com (for Legal or in-depth contact)
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For more details, check the Contact and Feedback section to learn how your money and recommendations can help create more guides like this!